Entre Dos Amores Thursday 1/17/19 #58

Hour 1

Some reports Pelin wanted are being delayed because of Sahika’s firing.

Macit’s in his office moping about Neriman. Ösgür asks how it went with Neriman. Macit whines that they didn’t really talk. Ösgür reminds him when they’re out of trouble, he can ditch Pelin.

Macit refuses to let go of Neriman. She has to listen to him!

Kerim and Inci have a romantic dinner. He tells her Figen quit.

Sahika still can’t figure out if getting fired was her fault or not. Because Macit’s the one who got engaged to Pelin. She decides it’s Neriman’s fault. Because Macit thought he could string them both along. Neriman’s upset at her, isn’t she?

Neriman says she’s not–all Sahika did was tell the truth.

Sahika says she got a call from work about some files she was responsible for, so she has to go in (no clue who actually called her). Faiz stops her–he figures she knows about Neriman’s prospective husband’s family.

Um…yeah, they’re really nice people.

Sinasi gets home angry about seeing Nezahat with a stranger at a café. Zehra and Nezahat get a good laugh over it before they explain Asím’s her suitor. Nezahat changes the subject to the potential sex of their nibling. Sinasi insists he has to have their dad’s name: Ilyaz. Nezahat doesn’t think Kader’s going to like that.

Kader’s constant attacks on Asli are starting to spill over onto Emre. She tells them it’s no big deal that the baby is a boy and Asli certainly doesn’t need to rest so much for him to grow strong. And Emre shouldn’t be spoiling her by bringing home her favorite dessert.

Neriman tells Gulter the engagement is off. Macit’s engaged to someone else and they should probably tell her dad now before he finds out some other way. Now it’s Gulter’s turn to do the “but he looked me in the eyes! I was convinced!” Yeah, we know.

Cihan’s looking at engagement rings online.

Sahika’s secret hot date is with Pelin. Pelin wants to re-hire Sahika, this time as her assistant…and her spy.

“Neriman scares you that much?” Sahika’s amused. OK, she’ll do exactly what Pelin wants.

Sinasi’s angry-composing. He doesn’t think he can meet his deadline. Rüya tells him to relax.

Macit calls Fahriye. She yells at him about being engaged, not ever bothering Neriman again…it’s satisfying. And then Neriman walks into her office and Macit hears her voice.

Neriman tells Fahriye about her dad wanting Macit to come over for coffee. And Gulter’s still in shock about finding out the truth. And Neriman doesn’t feel like she “fits” anywhere. She never wants to see or hear from Macit again.

 Faiz keeps bugging Gulter about talking to Neriman and she gives him a bunch of excuses and suddenly realizes she’s supposed to go over to Zehra’s. Even Faiz isn’t buying it, but he doesn’t argue.

Rüya walks into Fahriye’s office and finds Neriman there. Things get awkward. Sinasi comes in and starts talking to Neriman about teaching lessons. Fahriye thinks that’s a great idea too. Rüya’s face: “Am I invisible?”

And then Macit walks in. Neriman throws him out. Rüya’s annoyed at Sinasi for getting threatening, but it does get Macit to go outside.

Rüya is further annoyed that Sinasi follows Macit out there and tells him to stay away from Neriman.

At Zehra’s Gulter is falling asleep. They’re both happy that Nezahat should be engaged soon. And both sad about Asli and why did Gulter mention Neriman…? Oh, uh, because she was thinking about her.

Rüya’s pissed that Sinasi has been so distracted lately. He’s paying too much attention to what Neriman and Macit are doing. This is about building their future. She needs to know if she can count on him or not.

Macit’s pissed to see Sahika at work again. Pelin informs him that since the company is nearly bankrupt thanks to his dad, they can’t afford the luxury of firing someone. And HE especially, can’t afford to make decisions without consulting her.

Figen comes over to Inci’s studio to warn her that she won’t be gotten rid of so easily. She gave her entire life to that company and she knows everyone’s dirty little secrets. She’s not afraid to spill them.

Inci: Whatevs.

Cihan shows up for work and complains to Cemal about how expensive gold is.

Sinasi swings by, pouting about Rüya not being understanding and Cihan’s like “Seriously? She’s done nothing BUT be understanding since you met her. Don’t screw this up, bro.”

Cihan won’t tell Sinasi where he was last night, but he did buy Asli’s baby a Beşiktaş onesie.

It’s party time at Arcaoglu. Sahika gets a look at Pelin’s engagement ring. The pictures of Pelin behind Kerim’s head make it look like her hair is green. Like Pelin could ever be that edgy. Pelin starts off this press conference thingy announcing her engagement with Macit. A reporter asks Macit when the wedding will be and all he says is “Soon. Excuse me.” And he’s off.

Sahika gets home, bragging about getting re-hired. And what did Neriman do all day?

Neriman mentions Macit was in the ‘hood earlier and Sahika puts it all together…Macit’s engaged to Pelin for the money.

She explains to Neriman that Kerim nearly bankrupted the company. So what was the heir and prince going to do with a bankrupt company? Pelin’s family is rich enough that Macit could get back everything his family lost. Plus Pelin was wearing a big ‘ol rock. They couldn’t afford a rock like that even selling the whole neighborhood!

Sahika doesn’t think Macit’s trying to rescue his family–she thinks he’s trying to rescue himself. Because money is the most important thing to him. That’s why she told her the two of them live in completely different worlds.

Cihan calls Sahika to ask her out and insists she has to show up.

Macit gets home and has to listen to his parents praising him for this farce with Pelin. Soon things will be better for “them.”

Neriman looks through her sketches and crumples up the one of Macit. Sahika comes back to the room to let Neriman know she’s going out. Neriman wants her to quit her job.

Hell no! She’ll totally tell Neriman what Macit’s up to, though.

Neriman doesn’t want to know! Can’t Sahika tell she’s upset?

Yep, she can, and that’s why she’s talking to her like this. She realizes Neriman really loves Macit.

Hour 2

Sahika shows up to meet Cihan. Could he really not wait? He’s going to have to explain to her “guardian” because she told SO many lies to get out here! Cihan laughs.

Then he gets serious and puts a ring box down on the table. He tells her to open it.

He went with gold. He thought this would help resolve their uncertainty.

Wait, he’s proposing?

Cihan just nods.

Sinasi brings Asli the present from Cihan.

Kader complains about him not bringing Cihan. Isn’t the entire family always here anyway?

Sinasi angrily says his mom and sister are there to help Kader. Kader says it’s only because they’re the ones who did this to her.

Ismail thinks Asli should open the gift. But as soon as she does, Emre complains that HIS SON is going to go for Fenerbahçe.

Kader tells Emre to get used to it. She told him Asli’s family would always be around.

Sinasi leaves before he can punch out Emre. Ismail asks Kader if she can’t just shut up for a minute.

Asli walks Sinasi to the door. He asks about her not being at the inauguration of the school and she lies and says the doctor said she needed lots of rest.

Sahika says she knows her place. Who does he think he’s talking to? What if they did get married–are they going to have a profitable life thanks to his store? Will they rent a house with his tips? Look, it’s good to dream, but life isn’t just dreams. This can’t happen. She’s sure they’re not going to have a happy ending.

Cihan says he understands. But when Sahika leaves he says she doesn’t know what he’s capable of and his dreams no longer belong to her.

Inci assures Macit that she doesn’t expect him to completely get Neriman out of his mind right away.

“Thanks for being so understanding, mom.”

She’s so proud of him for deciding they were more important.

Well, he’s not proud of himself. He’s living a nightmare. He and Neriman won’t ever be able to be happy. But maybe they shouldn’t give up so easily.

Sahika and Neriman are already out then door when Gulter comes downstairs with the folder of stuff Sahika tried to hand to Pelin that Pelin handed back and Sahika somehow came home with.

Sinasi shows up at the studio with a CD of his latest song. Rüya’s still pissed off at him. Sinasi assures her he’s not going to screw this up. They’re building their dreams and he won’t give them up.

Neriman gets to the studio…changes her mind…and then Macit pulls up. Annnnd he’s kidnapping her. So they can talk.

Faiz knocks over Sahika’s folder and sees all the pictures of Pelin along with some kind of report. With “Arcaoglu Tekstil” on the top. He’s out the door.

Macit parks the car and tells Neriman he’s only marrying Pelin out of obligation.

OK. She gets it. He had to choose between love and money and he chose money. She gets that being poor sucks. She just never thought he’d do that. Here she had convinced her dad and now she doesn’t know what to say to him. “We’re not getting married anymore because our family’s too poor”?

Neriman says their worlds and priorities are different. She thought she was getting a guy who would love her no matter what. She asks him to unlock the door so she can get out.

When Sahika sees Pelin, she tells her Macit showed up to see Neriman yesterday, but Neriman told him to leave. Sounds like it’s over, at least for Neriman.

Selim shows up…and then Faiz. Faiz is pissed Sahika’s been leaving the house every day to work for the Demirhans. Selim: “You never change.”

So the guy who’s in love with Neriman is Macit, isn’t he? And he’s the partner of the Demirhans, right?

Sahika: “I just work here.” (I’m dead from laughing!)

And then here comes Macit, just when Faiz has demanded to see him. (Quick, demand a sandwich!)

So Macit is the Demirhans’ partner. And Neriman knew it. Well, Macit had better stay away from his daughter! He refuses to stick around and talk to Macit, but Macit convinces him. So Pelin goes over and asks if Macit has told him he’s engaged to her.

“You’re engaged?”

Sahika looks like she’s worried Faiz’s head is literally going to explode. Meanwhile, her phone is ringing on her desk. Gulter’s trying to call her and looking for Faiz.

“You’re engaged to the Demirhans’ daughter? And what about Neriman?”

Pelin tries to make it sound like Neriman was the one chasing after Macit.

Macit tells her to shut up.

Selim turns on Faiz now, for “never” understanding things no matter how many times they’re explained. Pelin and Macit are engaged and that has nothing to do with him. He should leave before he makes the kids any more uncomfortable.

Macit asks Sahika if she told Faiz to come here. She says she wouldn’t have–and deal with the embarrassment?

Well, Macit’s watching her. It’s only a matter of time before he fires her again.

Neriman tells Fahriye about her meeting with Macit. She interpreted the whole thing as “I can lose you, but not the company. I can be without you, but I can’t live without money.”

Fahriye’s still convinced things can’t end like this. She’s about to “write” something, but Neriman begs her not to.

“But still….” OK, she’ll drop it.

Macit’s calling Neriman and Fahriye wants her to answer. Neriman’s too pissed off. And she doesn’t want to hear Fahriye defending him anymore. He’s got a ring on his finger and he’s going to marry Pelin–that’s reality. (Screw it, Fahriye! Call Macit yourself!)

Neriman’s on her way out when Sinasi arrives. He asks her again about teaching, but she’s too confused right now–she needs to think about it.

Rüya gets off the phone with someone and waits at the gate for Neriman to pass before she goes over to tell Sinasi she has great news for him.

The designer has sketches for Pelin to review. Macit interrupts and throws the designer out to ask Pelin WTF she’s doing.

What? She told Faiz the truth. Is that what he’s upset about? Isn’t it true that they’re engaged? She was trying to help him–they’ll believe him more if there are no more lies between them. They’re just playing by the rules of the game. Maybe he’ll save the company and want to end the relationship, but until then they’re engaged.

Gulter thinks Faiz is coming home, but it’s Neriman. She tells her it’s over–he saw Sahika’s folder with the company name and he’s probably on his way over to talk to Macit.

Faiz replays the scene at Arcaoglu as he looks out at the water.

Gulter and Neriman are still waiting for Faiz to come home. Neriman tries calling Sahika while Gulter says it’s all Neriman’s fault and she tried to tell her, etc.

Sahika’s in Selim’s office and ignores the call. Selim wants Sahika to explain what’s going on and she turns it into a “Poor me, my uncle showed up and embarrassed me!” And Selim falls for it–or maybe not.

Gulter wants Neriman to call Macit and ask if Faiz showed up or not. What? She’d do it for any other reason!

Instead, she gets a message from Macit. “We need to see each other right away at the café.” Gulter tells her to go and find out what happened.

Zehra gets to the studio just in time to celebrate the latest contract with Rüya and Sinasi (that we didn’t get the details of).

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