Entre Dos Amores Friday 1/18/19 #59

Neriman gets to the café and damn, her hair looks shiny. So Macit had her come all this way to see him in person just to confirm that Faiz came to the company, met him, Pelin told him about the engagement, and Selim was there.

Neriman’s like “Great. I’ve lost my father. Thanks.” (And why Macit doesn’t say “I’m doing this so I don’t lose my father,” is beyond me.)

While Fahriye and Rüya are making tea, Zehra scolds Sinasi. There was a look on Rüya’s face…he’d better be nice to her! Just because…you know…they’re business partners.

Macit really wants to talk to Faiz, but Neriman tells him “Sometimes love isn’t enough” is not an argument that’s going to work on him. He gave up everything to be with her mother (I thought it was the other way around, but OK) and he holds on to the memory of their love to get him out of bed every morning. No one in their family would do what Macit did.

Her phone rings. Gulter tells her to come home right away–Faiz is back.

Kader’s cast is off. Nothing else has changed with her. Emre offers to take Asli out tonight, to go check out her brother’s school.

But no, Kader’s bored and wants Emre to take HER out.

Nezahat meets Asím. She tells him Sinasi found out about them, but it’s all OK. He’s excited to meet Asím. Tonight, maybe? Asím acts like he might have something else going on, but he eventually agrees with Nezahat that it’s just nerves.

Pelin thanks Selim for defending her in front of Faiz. Something about him hugging her and saying she’s his favorite daughter wipes the smile off her face. And then she goes back to pretending it’s all gonna be OK and Macit’s eventually going to figure out he should be marrying her or something. I tuned her out.

Kerim made Inci a cake? He is really laying it on thick. And he wants to go on vacation–just the two of them. But Inci remembers Figen’s threat and says now isn’t a good time.

She says she’s worried about Macit and Pelin getting along better and she thinks they can’t just wait for that–they have to do something. They’ll start with a dinner.

When Neriman gets home, Faiz asks Gulter to leave so he can talk to her alone.

At Zehra’s Gulter says she’s anxious about Faiz going to Sahika’s job. There’s been tension in the house for days. Zehra tells Gulter that Nezahat’s out with her suitor again.

Faiz bought Pelin’s story that Neriman’s been the one chasing Macit around. At least he seems more embarrassed than angry?

Neriman says she didn’t know about the engagement. She accepted Macit’s proposal and she was devastated when she found out he was engaged to Pelin.

But Faiz is only embarrassed for HIMSELF because he confronted Macit and Selim made fun of him and it’s all her fault. (Mentally kicking Faiz in the shins.)

Macit’s boycotting the dinner. He says he’ll be working late.

Gulter’s staying at Zehra’s for dinner. Sinasi’s supposed to be meeting with Asím.

Sahika gets home and starts teasing the Cenicienta again…and then Faiz walks in.

“How can you work for my enemy?!” Dude, seriously? He tells Sahika she’s brought shame on the family or some crap like that.

Hey, she’s just trying to earn a living. His daughter’s the one dating his enemy’s business partner. And then she claims Neriman’s the one who got her the job. Which is a radical interpretation of the text.

Faiz calls Gulter and tells her come home already.

Pelin’s being super understanding about Macit not joining them for dinner. I’m amused that she has to do this now so her dad won’t change his mind and cancel the wedding. She wants to come by in the morning and fix Macit breakfast.

Ösgür heard about the scene earlier. Macit wants his advice, but Ösgür’s more of a feelings guy. He’d run over there sneak in her window…wait! He’s not suggesting Macit do that! It would be awful for Neriman! They don’t do things that way in her neighborhood! (I’m touched that he realizes that. At least somebody’s been paying attention!)

Macit says he knows someone who will help him.

Gulter gets home and finds out Sahika left after arguing with Faiz. Faiz comes out of his room and gripes about Sahika saying “imprudent” things and when she comes back he wants an apology. Gulter and Neriman go out to look for Sahika.

Sahika ends up at Cihan’s store whining about how awful it is at the house because of Faiz “and Neriman”‘s attitudes.

Kader, Emre, and Asli are at an outdoor café. A group of young women who look like they’re around Asli’s age sit down at a nearby table and she can’t help staring at them. Kader places everyone’s drink orders for them and then complains that her shoulder hurts. She insists on Asli giving her a massage immediately. The women at the other table start snickering.

Sinasi and Asím seem to be getting along, despite not going for the same fútbol team. Sinasi tells him to come over to the house with his mom tomorrow.

Cihan takes Sahika to his house to spend the night. He’s planning to give her his room and sleep at the store. Fahriye calls Neriman.

Sinasi’s closing up the studio when Faiz walks by. He’s looking for Gulter and Neriman. Sinasi sends him home and says he’ll find them.

Cihan gets back to the store, laughing at his “good luck” getting Sahika into his house. Macit walks in, sits down, and tells Cihan he needs his help. And Cihan owes him one.

“I knew this was going to happen!”

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