La Mujer del Vendaval #123

(I’ve put some things out of order, just for my own mental organization, hope it doesn’t make it all too confusing)

Hospital Waiting Room

Apparently Mauro didn’t know the plan and he doesn’t like it when Oct explains it.

The doctors have told Sagrario about the drops and alcohol, but everyone assumes ML took them herself.

Good news, ML will be okay.

Al wants to have a serious talk with Marcela, but only if she says the the things he wants her to. Mostly her admitting guilt.

Oct puts on a worried act for Al and offers to pay the hospital bill. Al wants to pay the bill, even though he can’t right now, and getting Oct in private, wants to discuss the terms for paying back the other loan. Oct tells him not to worry about it, she’s in no hurry to collect. Al promises he’ll make El V prosperous, after all his future is there now. Marcela hears that last bit and worries.

Al thinks ML’s family aren’t supportive enough of ML and that’s why all this happened. Marcela thinks he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Cris comes to check on ML, Al tries to keep him away from Alba

Nisa and Cami and Cuchi and Gordo Oh My!

Gordo tells Nisa that Cami told him that he’s taken girls to his room. Gasp! (so that’s how they plan to get Nisa to find the panties, hmm)

Dream A Little Dream Of…..

Eulogio daydreams about telling July how he feels and maybe she’ll says she loves him back a little. Then he imagines telling Timo that he’s the one who stole July from him. Yep. Don T will definitely kill him.

Meanwhile July wonders why Timo can’t be more like Eulogio.

A Promising Career Over Before Its Begun

ML wakes up and cries about her presentation. Get out! She just wants to cry alone

Cami’s going back to the hotel, Nisa coldly tells him to go, she’s staying. Then she goes in to comfort ML.

ML swears she never took sleeping pills with alcohol. then she remembers Cami giving her that drink. It must’ve been that. Probably Lencho is behind the whole thing trying to get revenge on her. (*sigh* She was so close to figuring out it was Oct. Oh well)

ML swears to Al she never took anything. He doesn’t seem to believe her, but is very solicitous for her well being. That must mean he likes her at least a little, right?

Oct comes in to tell ML the presentation was a bust and there’s too much scandal and uproar to try to do it again, or anything else public for a while. Oh well, Oct did her part, now she needs ML to plant a copy of the papers ML brought Oct in Al’s things and make sure Marcela finds them, but Al can’t find them or know anything about it. Trust her, this will for sure split up Marcela and Al. (I’m not sure the right time to tell someone about your complicated plan is right after you’ve drugged them, but, ok)

It’s All Somebody’s Fault

Sil has woken up in a good mood, she wishes all their nights could be like last night. Luc’s in a good mood too and the future looks bright. Then they see the picture on the cover of the paper of Al carrying ML. Of course the whole thing is Octavia’s fault.

And of course Luc throws a loud tantrum all over the hotel.
Because that’s how big time businessmen act. (*nods knowingly*)

Inez explains the tantrum to Nestor, and how now Luc thinks ML is an addict on top of everything else. Nestor thinks Luc’s an old hypocrite, remembering the scene between Luc and Valeria last night.

Then later Inez tells Mauro Luc knows about the incident and is ticked off at Oct. Mauro’s pretty sanguine about that.

Don T wants to know where Oct is and Inez finds out Oct is engaged to him. She’s pretty happy about that.

The guy who’s not happy about that; Lencho, paces and worries to Cami about what he’s going to do now. Cami’s not much help, but suggests its better to tell Timo before the wedding rather than after. Lencho thinks that’d give Timo an attack, or he’d attack Lencho and that would be bad too.

On to Cami’s affairs; Cami wasn’t able to blame Cuchi for ML’s disaster, but he’s got a plan for the next time Nisa givesim a lame excuse so she can go sneak off to see Cuchi

Back home in SBP Val and Emiliano catch up with each other about the goings on last night. Of course Emil won’t stop seeing Marcela, he’s her doctor, and she’s got that new treatment.

Like A Dark Cloud Falling Over The Place

Don T’s guys bring Severo back to the ranch. After conducting the proceedings of getting him back into his bed, Rosa suggests they all three go out together. The guys go for it and they head out, leaving Severo to get up from the bed to plant the bullets that will incriminate Mateo.

Oh, that’s right! Mateo has a parrot! Hopefully somebody’s been feeding it while Mateo’s in jail.

And Severo’s looking for the perfect place to hide the bullets.

Mo Mens Mo Problems

Nisa talks to one of the maids and asks if she’s seen Cami with any other girl in the hotel. The maid hasn’t seen or heard about anything but can’t guarantee he’s not fooling around, after all, the mens they are rascals.

So then Nisa goes to try to talk Sandra into giving her Cami’s room key.

Nobody in the hotel thinks that’s a good idea and they’re all signaling no to Sandra behind Nisa’s back.

Cuchi calls and distracts her and they agree to meet later in the afternoon.

Nisa gets somebody to let her into Cami’s room, but Cami arrives before she can search it. Ulp.

Of course Luc had to ream Octavia out about the front page scandal. You didn’t think we were going to get away without that scene, did you? Oct apologizes. Luc forbids her from arranging anything without his permission ever again and Oct says ok whatever and escapes. Luc kicks his furniture around.

Lencho gives Octavia an ultimatum. Either she tells his dad she never loved him and call off the wedding or he’ll tell his dad about them.

Rose Colored Tunnel Vision

Marcela tells Alba that Al’s acting like he knows the ranch is his to sign away. Maybe he does, but how? Alba doesn’t think that Al could be that Machiavellian, it must just be that he’s so committed to a future on the ranch and making the ranch successful. Marcela still, in spite of everything going on, believes Al is a good man who only wants the best for her and even though they’re going through a rough patch now, in the end it will all work out.

The Heart Has Its Reasons. And They Make No Damn Sense.

Cris tries to explain that he needs, no matter whatever anyone says, to go to San BP to figure out his feelings for Alba. He just knows Amadeo isn’t the right man for her, and can’t believe Al is taking his side over his own best friend.

Al says I’m not against you, but I’ll give you the same advice you gave me when I was crazy over Marcela, and after all that’s happened I wish I’d listened to you and stayed away from her. Cris knows Al’s not happy, but doesn’t know why.

Al tells Cris how everyone else was right about Marcela all along and now he thinks she’s got something going on with Emiliano, plus the necklace thing. And explains his revenge plan. Cris points out that not only is he making everyone around him miserable but he’s also serving up a heaping helping of misery for himself with this plan.

Al knows, but he just can’t stop loving Marcela (coulda fooled me, dude)

Cris is sad to hear bout Marcela’s perfidy, he always only ever wanted Al to be happy. That’s why he’s pretty worried about Al’s plan, he doesn’t think this thing is goin to end well for Al, he’s poisoning himself with this, he has to tell Marcela the truth. Marcela hears this and comes over to them and asks, what truth? What do you need to tell me Al?

Al grits his teeth and tries to think fast. (does anyone think Al will actually tell the truth? Or say anything that won’t make Marcela think exactly what Oct wants her to? Anyone? Anyone?
No? Yeah me neither. )

Will Lencho follow through on his threat?
Will Timo have Octavia wear a tacky wedding dress for their wedding ceremony?
Will Maria Laura ever get another chance at the fame and fortune she so desperately wants?
Will Luciano break a toe kicking furniture?
Will Camilo find the panties before Nisa can?
Will Mateo’s parrot escape his cage and peck Severo to death?
Learn the answer to all these questions and more on As The Windstorm Ranch Turns.

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth!

“Oh, that’s right! Mateo has a parrot! Hopefully somebody’s been feeding it while Mateo’s in jail.” Yeah, I admit I’d forgotten about him until just then. I like the idea of the parrot getting out and pecking Severo to death.

“And of course Luc throws a loud tantrum all over the hotel. Because that’s how big time businessmen act. (*nods knowingly*)” It’s funny ’cause it’s true…but kinda not true…but kinda true.

1 year ago

He could squawk out some vital information leading to Sev’s arrest/or demise. Just don’t let Timo try to pin a medal on him.