Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 1/22/19 #61

Neriman admits it–she’s in love with Macit. But she’s not going to be with him if they have to sneak around.

The busybodies stop at Cemal’s for tea and cake. While Cihan goes inside to get it, they start talking about how Sahika is staying at That Boy’s house. Gulter hears and interrupts–Sahika is staying at FAHRIYE’s house.

“Oh, then where’s Cihan staying?”

Cemal’s got that one–Cihan’s staying with him until his sister’s friend leaves.

Cihan calls to get Sahika’s opinion on dinner, but she’s too busy paying attention to Selim to listen to him.

Macit drives and whines that if Neriman only understood him “a little bit….”

Neriman hugs Fahriye and cries.

Macit gets to the office. He tells Pelin he was “just out” and she says it’s great he had some time to think.

Ösgür comes to Macit’s office to see how his meeting went. Macit still thinks he’s got a chance. He sagely advises Ösgür he should never underestimate love.

Neriman blames Fahriye for setting up this meeting. Macit’s going to marry Pelin. Neriman just wants to forget about him.

Macit said when he hugged Neriman, time stopped. He’s put her in a bad spot, but she loves him.

OK…but maybe he should find out if she’s willing to wait for him.

Macit says he has to get Neriman to believe in him again.

Fahriye gets to the office and Rüya wonders what’s going on with her. Uh, is there anything work-related she wants to ask?

Fahriye stops by Rüya’s office later to apologize for talking to her like that. She laughs that Rüya’s not as bad as she thought–Fahriye was expecting to get fired. They decide to have tea together and talk.

Gulter’s upset that Neriman doesn’t pay attention to her complaining that everyone’s talking about Sahika.

Neriman tries to talk to her dad, but he won’t even look at her.

Fahriye ends up telling Rüya about the recent Neriman-Macit debacle and how she’s done feeling guilty and it’s Neriman’s fault.

Pelin meets with her spy and gets a look at the pictures of Macit and Neriman by the water.

Cihan comes to the studio to ask Fahriye for an update. Sinasi wants some clarification about what he heard and Fahriye says she snuck out to meet Neriman and Cihan was scolding her for it.

Gulter’s upset that the neighbors are gossiping about Sahika. She wants Neriman to beg her to come back.

Sahika runs outside at just the right time to catch Selim as he’s leaving. Because he’s a decent guy, he offers her a ride home.

Gulter complains to Faiz about Sahika not coming back. He says she can come back whenever she wants to, she just has to follow the rules. She’s used to doing things on her own so they’re just giving her some “space.”

Pelin shows Feyza the pictures of Neriman and Macit and what planet are they living on? Did the guy not catch the part where Neriman walked away from Macit? Do they not see the frown on her face? No, she is NOT going to constantly be chasing him. Just leave her alone, damnit!

Ugh. Anyway. Pelin’s saving the pictures to use at the “right” time.

Duygu’s mopey because Ösgür is still at work. She agrees to invite him over to dinner sometime. Pelin decides she’d better go back to work herself if her “fiancé” and “brother in-law” are there.

Sahika gets to Cihan and Fahriye’s. Fahriye scolds her about being late. Sahika asks if Faiz told her to do that. She had to work late. But it won’t happen again–no more working late and no more threatening to fire her.

Fahriye asks if she got a promotion.

Sahika: “Something like that.”

Pelin shows up and Ösgür and Macit really were working. All I caught was something about increasing production and Ösgür being concerned it would throw them off balance. But Macit’s determined to…increase profits? Pelin brought them pizza with seafood, just like Macit likes and he’s resisting eating any.

Sinasi comes over to remind Neriman that classes start tomorrow. Faiz invites him in. Sinasi asks if she’s going to teach or not and Neriman remembers Rüya telling her not to work for them. Faiz wants her to, even if she doesn’t have a degree. Neriman reluctantly agrees.

Zehra comes over with dessert for Gulter. Everyone convinces her to stay, but Sinasi can’t wait to get out of there.

Gulter tries to convince Sahika to come home, since people are talking. Fahriye wishes she’d tell them to come say it to her face. Poor Cihan has been sleeping at the store every night and freezing!

Sahika eventually agrees to come back as long as no one messes with her and she doesn’t have to be under Faiz’s authority. Gulter somehow thinks they can make that happen.

While they eat Zehra’s dessert, Faiz praises Sinasi for achieving his goals. And Zehra opens her big mouth and says Sinasi did it all on his own–he’s no rich man’s son.

Frickin’ Faiz looks at NERIMAN like it’s her fault Zehra said it.

Zehra suddenly decides she’s gotta get Sinasi out of that house NOW. ‘Cause he’s looking at Neriman and talking about her coming to the school tomorrow.

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