Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 1/23/19 #62

Zehra’s furious that Sinasi won’t stay away from Neriman. She spits when she hears he’s invited her to teach. Sinasi doesn’t see what the big deal is and leaves Zehra to walk the rest of the way alone. (KITTY!)

Cihan goes looking for Sinasi at the studio and instead finds a cranky Rüya. She’s tired of Neriman and her “romance” constantly intruding on things. Cihan reminds her she’s not the only one who wants to make sure Neriman stays away from Sinasi and all he did was help Neriman and Macit see each other.

Sinasi overheard the last part. Rüya starts nagging the two of them to quit talking about Neriman and Macit. They have important things to do!

Sinasi agrees with Rüya.

Neriman’s excited about teaching. Things are still a little tense with Faiz. Gulter’s still stressing about Sahika. Neriman says she’ll stop by Fahriye’s and talk to her.

Macit holds the infinity necklace and thinks about Neriman. His parents think he looks happy.

Well, the company’s doing better and better every day.

Inci has figured out Macit’s working himself to death because he thinks if the company’s doing well he can break up with Pelin. Nobody has bothered to tell Macit it doesn’t work that way.

Asli’s bored. Kader’s an ass. Ismail and Emre are too scared to say anything. Asli snaps and says she’s suffocating in this house. Emre meets her in the foyer and suggests they go out.

Neriman can’t talk Sahika into coming home. And Neriman is still angry at Fahriye.

Cihan keeps trying to explain to Sinasi what happened and how it wasn’t his fault and why does Sinasi even care about Neriman?

Pelin gives Sahika a bunch of stuff to do at work. Sahika’s on it, but she’s planning to get back at Pelin later.

Emre took Asli over to her mom’s. He’s not even gonna stick around, he’ll just come back for her in a couple of hours. He’s creeping me out.

Sinasi keeps up his pretense that he’s over Neriman and makes up with Cihan, but he’s still asking himself if he’s over her when she shows up.

Pelin has questions for Ösgür before her meeting today, but instead of showing him work stuff she shows him the pictures of Macit and Neriman. What? She’s not thinking of hurting anyone.

Ösgür’s glad to hear it.

Pelin runs off to her meeting.

Neriman’s students have arrived. Rüya has another talk with her about wanting Sinasi to stay focused.

Nezahat takes Asli over to the studio. She meets Rüya and Sinasi gives her a tour.

Zehra goes over to Gulter’s to ask her what’s going on–why was Sinasi there last night? Gulter insists he and Neriman are just friends. She wishes Zehra would quit bringing this up when all she can think about is Sahika. They decide to go talk to Fahriye, but Faiz overhears Zehra fussing about Sinasi still being in love with Neriman.

And what does Mr. “I hate lying” do? Goes back into his office so he can come out again and say hi.

Ösgür’s irritated. He’s been waiting hours for Macit. Duygu asks what’s going on and he insists it’s business stuff.

When Macit shows up he says he’s been at the factory. Ösgür asks him to stay calm….

Asli ends up in Fahriye’s office talking to her and Neriman about how much she wishes she hadn’t quit school so she could get a job. Soon she’ll have the baby and her life will be over. Emre comes to get her and Fahriye gets a little snappy with him.

On their way home, Emre tells Asli he doesn’t want her talking to them anymore. She’s married and they’re not his friends. And everyone knows Neriman’s a rebel who thinks she can do whatever she wants.

Macit gets to the conference room just as Pelin’s meeting is breaking up. He’s got Ösgür and Duygu with him and Sahika hadn’t left the room yet. Macit confronts her about the pictures and then picks up her tablet to confirm what Ösgür told him. He swears he’s not going to let her mess with him and Neriman!

Duygu and Ösgür look embarrassed for Pelin. Sahika looks like she’s starting to wonder just how far Pelin will go.

Macit tries calling Neriman, but she’s in the middle of what sounds to me like a music theory class. She draws a treble clef and the students identify it as the clave de solclave is key or clef, sol is so. When you’re talking about music in Spanish, they often reference keys by using the solfege syllables in the key of C major to talk about keys. So if they say “let’s do this in ‘so'” that would mean G major. If they talk about playing something in ‘re’ they’re talking about D major. So the kids are identifying the treble clef as the “clef of so” because if you’ve drawn it right, the swirl at the bottom goes around the G, or the second line from the bottom of the staff.

Anyway, Macit texts to tell Neriman there’s photos of them and they could end up in the hands of the press. He’s gotta see her now.

Neriman leaves the kids with Sinasi and races out to meet Macit. Sinasi asks the kids what the clave de sol means and I’m like “Step aside, kids, I’ve got this one.”

Emre and Asli get home and Kader has started “Spring cleaning.” She’s sooo tired from all the work she’s done! Which means that now Asli needs to finish it and make them something to eat.

Duygu tells Ösgür she’s scared of Pelin sometimes. Pelin gets angry at Ösgür for telling Macit. He’s probably gone out to meet with Neriman.

Ösgür doesn’t see what the problem is–he’s being followed, so Pelin will know where he is soon enough.

Pelin gripes that she can explain everything, but not until they bring Macit back.

Macit tells Neriman about the pictures and assures her he’ll do everything he can to keep them from getting out. Neriman’s pissed that she can’t be free of all his drama. Her dad won’t even talk about her because he thinks she was going after an engaged man.

Macit’s all “Just don’t stop trusting me.”

Neriman’s all “How is it even possible TO trust you?”

Gulter hears from Fahriye that Neriman didn’t get anywhere by talking to Sahika. So Gulter wants Fahriye to do it. After all, if she can’t get Sahika to come home, Fahriye’s going to be stuck with her.

Macit can understand why Neriman has a hard time trusting him. He does some love babbling and Neriman says she’s just trying to figure out how to get free of him.

Well, Pelin was behind the pictures. Can she see now why he’s working so much? It’s all for his dad. They’re forcing him into it just when he was ready to leave it all behind. He can fix it, though. He needs a second chance. He can tell her dad everything.

Oh hell no! That would make it worse! She asks him to just make sure those pictures aren’t sent to her dad.

Asím’s daughter is against her dad getting remarried. He wants some time to convince her and he and Nezahat will get married later.

Nezahat says he was the one who wanted to get married and she accepted. Now her family’s waiting for him to ask for her hand. If he had such a big problem, why did he ask?

Asím says he was ready to get married.

Nezahat doesn’t think so.

Macit makes it back to the boardroom and Pelin starts making her excuses. She brings her spy in so he can take responsibility for the whole thing. Duygu doesn’t buy it. Pelin says she had to buy the photos from him so they wouldn’t get to the press. Didn’t Macit think about how it would make HER look, now that they’re engaged? He never does care about the damage he can cause, does he?

Pelin walks out of the boardroom with a smirk.

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