Entre Dos Amores Friday 1/25/19 #64

It’s Inci’s first day at work and Kerim encourages her to personalize her office. Pelin comes in and asks her opinion on some sketches. The colors for the summer collection just aren’t doing it for Pelin. Maybe Inci could have a look.

Selim asks Sahika to help him find a present for his wife. He’s sure with her sophisticated tastes, Sahika will find something perfect. Feyza, armed with a scowl, comes into the office. She’s pissed that Inci is now working at the company. Kerim has to be up to something. Selim lets his wife know that this was all Pelin’s doing.

Faiz goes to the school looking for Sinasi. Watching Fahriye do her secretary thing is very entertaining. When he and Sinasi finally get to talk (after Sinasi’s guitar class), it’s about Neriman. Faiz was really happy to see Sinasi walking her home the other day. He thinks that thanks to Sinasi, Neriman is less sad. She was such a happy girl growing up. He literally says Neriman needs a man to make her happy and take care of her. Faiz asks Sinasi to be that guy and never leave her. Sinasi promises Faiz that he will do that. Ugh.

Neriman shuffles through some of her sketches and finds the two hands with the heart Macit drew along with the message to meet him later. She crumples that up, then tears up her sketch of Macit’s face and then tears up the rose she had pressed in a book. Almost immediately she pieces the sketch of Macit back together and wonders if she’ll ever be able to let go.

A secretary comes to tell Kerim that a Sr. Erdinc (according to the captions) wants to speak with him. Kerim tells her to not tell Erdinc anything and that he (Kerim) is traveling. Kerim look a little stressed as he loosens his tie.

Feyza gripes to Pelin about Inci working at the company. She doesn’t want Inci to know what’s going on (doesn’t she already know?) Apparently that’s exactly what Pelin wants. Feyza thinks Pelin is playing with fire, but Pelin is sure she knows what she’s doing. Feyza reminds her that Kerim defrauded the company and Selim never noticed! Feyza saved their butts! Pelin assures Feyza that she’s there now and knows everything that’s going on. Macit is getting closer and closer to her too so, yay! Pelin cryptically gloats that soon she’ll be the only hope for the Arcaoglu family. All she needs is for Macit to trust her and then Feyza will get quite a surprise. Well this doesn’t sound good.

Zehra gripes about Nezahat being too distracted to help hold the cloth she’s cutting. They argue a bit about Asim and when is he asking for Nezahat’s hand. Nezahat doesn’t want to talk about it. Asim calls. Nezahat ignores it. She storms out, telling Zehra she’s got to take something to Sinasi at the school.

Macit sends the “te amo” video to Neriman with a text: Hopefully we can return to this happy time soon. Don’t distance yourself from me. Stay with me. She doesn’t respond, but he calls. She answers. She asks him not to make things harder. He said they should fight for their love, but he ruined it. She can’t fight his being engaged to someone else. Macit thinks that saying he HAD to marry Pelin is going to fix things. Neriman says he’s just going to have to live with his decision now. She’s so upset she decides to go for a walk. She runs into Gulter on the street. Gulter can tell she’s upset and asks if Faiz said something. Neriman wonders why Gulter would think that, but Gulter manages to deflect that almost disaster. She asks Neriman if she wants to go with her to visit Zehra. Ha! Neriman gives her the slip while she’s putting her shopping bags in the house.

Feyza has a nice nasty visit with Inci. She’s “so glad” Inci is there to keep the company from going bankrupt again.

Macit haz a sad. Pelin tries to cheer him up talking about how great things are at the company. She suggests lunch with Duygu and Özgür to celebrate. Macit agrees, prompting a few profanities from the recapper.

While Gulter stuffs some zucchinis, she and Zehra talk about Nezahat and Asim. Zehra just wants her kids happy (I just sprained my eyeballs rolling them so hard) and for Nezahat to get married. Zehra mentions what a nice pair Sinasi and Rüya would make. Gulter suggests sort of pushing them together, but then mentions how hard love is. Sometimes the heart just won’t listen to reason. Zehra wonders if she’s talking about Neriman. Talk turns to Sahika. No, she’s still not in the house, even after Gulter dragged her back to talk to Faiz.

Nezahat took some papers to Sinasi at the school. She and Rüya sit down for a chat. Rüya tells Nezahat not to blame herself for things other people did. Was Nezahat really interested in Asim? Nezahat thinks maybe she was attracted to the idea that he wanted her and that they were both alone. Asim calls while they are chatting. Rüya tells Nezahat to give him a chance. Maybe he’s fixed things with his daughter. This can’t end well.

Asli calls Neriman. The diary that she gave her really helps. Neriman mentions that she’s started her drawing class and Asli should come (I didn’t quite catch if Neriman was teaching and Asli could be a student or if they would both be students) Kader interrupts the call so she can be hateful. Emre doesn’t work all those extra hours so he can pay for Asli’s phone. Kader wonders how much time Asli will be on the phone when the baby is born.

Pelin’s lunch doesn’t seem too successful to me. There’s small talk. Macit isn’t even eating…or talking. He gets a call from Alex, who is asking about an order. Özgür says it’s ready. Macit goes off to answer the call. Pelin says something about Macit thinking about business all the time. Özgür is all “chica are you for real?” Pelin is angry with Özgür for encouraging Macit’s relationship with Neriman. He and Pelin are engaged (flash the ring) and very soon they will be married. Well, Macit is like a brother to Özgür. Macit comes back. Özgür excuses himself in a huff with Duygu following. Pelin makes excuses to Macit about them fighting.

Faiz is having coffee with Cemal. Gulter comes up and is invited to join them. Cihan comes out. He’s on the phone with Fahriye. The landlady is threatening to throw them out because Sahika is staying there.

Duygu and Özgür argue about Pelin and Macit. Macit has sacrificed his happiness. Duygu just wants her sister happy. Özgür is “suuuure….she’ll be totally happy married to a guy who doesn’t love her.” Özgür is awesome. I’m sorry I ever distrusted you!

The whole neighborhood is there for the Eviction. Fahriye is trying to convince the landlady that Sahika is her guest. Sahika pipes up with “yeah, I’m Cihan’s guest!” I find it hard to believe that Sahika doesn’t realize that that doesn’t help the situation. Cemal, Cihan, Faiz and Gulter arrive. Faiz defuses the situation, explaining that Cihan is not even staying at the house and that he comes every morning to bring food and blah blah blah and ins’t the landlady ashamed. So Faiz saves Sahika’s ass again. Let’s see if she learns anything or maybe has a shred of gratitude.

Kerim is proud of Macit and how well the company is doing. The family decides to watch soccer. Özgür is announced.

Pelin and Feyza go over the lunch happenings. Pelin really wanted to argue with Duygu? (yeah, didn’t quite catch that.) Feyza just reminds Pelin that her biggest priority is getting close to Macit. Little by little his memories with Neriman will fade. Pelin says she’s going to keep being the sweet, smiling “good” girl. Feyza thinks Macit won’t be able to resist being with such a chica linda like Pelin (eye rolls again.) Pelin needs to stay close to Macit. She juuuust needs to be patient.

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Gracias, Sara! Watching Osgur tell Pelin off made up for a lot of her smarming. Too bad it didn’t actually get through to her.

My prediction is that no, Sahika’s never going to show anyone any gratitude because gratitude is for suckers and people take advantage of suckers and she’s never going back to that again.