Entre Dos Amores Monday 1/28/19 #65

Sahika’s over for dinner. She has a chat with Faiz while Gulter and Neriman are in the kitchen. She agrees with her mom that Faiz’s speech was good. And he’s right about Cihan behaving.

Oh, Cihan couldn’t misbehave if he tried.

“You were going to say that I would, right?”

Faiz says she’s the one who’s always wanting them to be scared of her. So when she gets over her fears, will she come home? Her mother will be waiting.

But what about him? He’s got this house full of people and he’s trying to control everything down to what they’re thinking.

Who said the thorn lives off the rose? The rose and the thorn are one. Like family. And if they stay together, it’s better.

Faiz excuses himself when Neriman and Gulter bring out dessert.

When Fahriye shows up, Gulter’s super happy to see her. Something about her spending the night? She and Neriman head upstairs to talk.

When Duygu gets home, Pelin praises her for what she said to Ösgür at lunch. Selim tries to ask Feyza out, but she turns him down.

Sahika doesn’t want to keep talking about whether she’s staying or not. She points out that Gulter’s the one who let her go all those years ago and now she’s begging Sahika not to leave. And for what? Sahika’s never going to forget that Gulter abandoned her. Gulter and Faiz are asking her all these questions, as if they had any right to an opinion about what she does with her life.

Why did Gulter leave her? How could she go all these years without knowing where she was? And now she’s trying to boss her around–what does she want her for.

Gulter says she’ll tell her the truth and if Sahika wants to leave she can.

Macit tells Ösgür he’s thinking about Neriman again. They talked today and she was so sad it made him sad to hear her like that.

Ösgür reminds him that he’s doing this until his dad recovers. And Neriman has a dad that she has responsibilities to as well.

Macit decides he’s gonna go right now and talk to Neriman’s father.

Ösgür says it’s late–he’ll only make it worse! He has to be careful. He’s already put Neriman in a difficult situation and if he doesn’t think about what he’s doing, he might be putting her in a worse one.

They made Gulter marry Sahika’s father. He abused her. She has two fractures in her skull and three screws in her leg. Sahika was just a baby. Gulter wanted to take her and run away. That was the day he shot her in the foot. Sometimes it’s hard for her to walk and it’s not because of that, but her bent back. He would break boards over it (?). He hit her when the alcohol ran out and sent her to get more.

Sahika gets it–Gulter abandoned her to save herself.

Gulter says that’s not it. She left to save Sahika’s life. He told her if she stayed or if she ever came back he’d kill them both. So she left. Maybe Sahika thinks she’s a coward, but she’s not. She just wanted to save her. One night when she was asleep in Gulter’s arms, he put a gun to her head and told her to leave. And Sahika woke up and yelled “Don’t go! Don’t leave me!” She lost her life that day.

She asked around about Sahika. And one day she heard Sahika ran away from home and she knew she’d lost her forever. She hopes Sahika can forgive her one day. She didn’t want to leave her.

Sahika kisses Gulter’s hand and cries on her shoulder as Gulter says she could give her life for her and asks Sahika to forgive her.

Fahriye’s glad Sahika and Gulter are back together. And now that she knows how Neriman really feels about Macit….

Nu uh! Neriman’s angry at him and she’s never going to forgive him! Macit and Pelin will go on with their lives. She was planning to register for the art school exam tomorrow, but she just can’t.

Sahika stops by the café in the morning and thanks Cihan…is he really going to make her say it?!

“You’d better get used to it.”

OK, she thanks him for letting her stay at his house. Cihan says she’s welcome any time.

Fahriye is conspiring with Sinasi to get Neriman to go register for the art school exam. Sinasi tells Neriman it’s her day off and he’ll teach her class.

Nezahat’s picking up some vegetables when Asím sneaks up and asks her to talk to him.

Macit calls Fahriye. She tries telling him Neriman doesn’t want to see him, but she ends up telling him where to find her and swearing him to secrecy.

Asím and Nezahat have tea and he swears the only thing keeping them from getting married right now is his daughter. Will she give him more time? Nezahat agrees. They have The Magical Handshake of This Time It’s Love and then she goes home.

Pelin asks Sahika if Macit and Neriman are meeting up today.

Not that she knows. And Neriman’s working at Sinasi’s school so between him and Faiz? No way.

Well, Pelin wants her to keep an eye on Neriman and get those reports done that Pelin asked for.

Sahika says she has a meeting with Selim first. When Pelin walks out, Sahika mutters “Yeah, don’t you worry, I’ll take care of your daddy.”

Selim wanted to show off the bracelet he bought Feyza on Sahika’s suggestion. He also wants her to make a dinner reservation for them (him and Feyza) tonight.

Neriman runs into Macit after registering. He makes a somewhat-plausible explanation about knowing how important this test was to her and knowing it was the last day to register and he just got lucky.

Ösgür’s still cranky with Duygu. He’s tired of seeing Macit so unhappy. I don’t even know why Duygu is sticking up for Pelin. Ösgür asks her where love comes into this…everyone wants love for themselves and they don’t care how the other person feels.

Neriman tries telling Macit that she doesn’t want anything getting in the way of art school and having him pop up all over the place is very distracting.

He bets he can’t be away from her for more than a minute without her thinking about him. He’ll go talk to her dad and explain things–

Um, no. He needs to stay away from her and her family.

Nezahat comes home in a good mood. Asím’s going to come ask for her hand as soon as he resolves his problems with his daughter. She tells Zehra that Rüya’s the one who convinced her to give Asím a chance.

While Nezahat goes to fix coffee, Zehra calls and invites Rüya to dinner. Sinasi doesn’t factor into her invitation.

When Macit gets home, Inci’s reviewing her students’ sketches. She says they’re all talented.

Yeah, and she said that about Neriman, too.

Inci says she still does and she wishes her well. There’s no reason Neriman shouldn’t pass that exam.

Macit says they owe it to Neriman to take lessons with Inci again. Does she really want to let Neriman stall out?

Inci says she’ll take care of it.

Macit’s headed out to the farm.

Neriman comes over to the school in a bad mood. She tells Fahriye she ran into Macit. She swears he must have a GPS chip in her purse!

Asli snuck out to visit Fahriye and Neriman. She brought her diary with her so Kader wouldn’t find it.

Señor Sali notices Macit’s showing up alone. Dogan doesn’t seem terribly concerned that Macit’s there alone. Macit remembers being there with Neriman.

Asli’s ready to leave, but she gets hung up talking to Sinasi and Faiz.

She was trying to make it back home before Emre, but she didn’t make it. Kader’s filling his head with crap about Asli being a bad wife.

When she gets home, Emre tells her she can’t go out without permission. He slaps her. For a second, Kader looks upset and surprised and then she’s back to gloating.

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Thanks, Kat! Gülter’s story was just awful and I’m so afraid the same will happen to Asli.