Entre Dos Amores Thursday 1/24/19 #63

Neriman gets home and doesn’t say anything to Gulter about the pictures or the meeting with Macit. She mentions she saw Asli. How is she doing? How does Gulter think she’s doing given that she lives with a woman who treats her like a slave? She goes up to rest before her evening class.

Fahriye explains to Cihan that the nosy neighbors are talking about Sahika living in their house. And they don’t care–but think about poor Gulter! Cihan’s not going for it. Sahika can do what she wants.

Gulter tells Neriman that Zehra’s nervous about Sinasi falling for her again. Neriman says they’re just friends. Besides Sinasi’s interested in Rüya and Rüya’s interested in him. Hopefully they’ll hear good news about them soon. Gulter still tells her to stay away from Sinasi.

Macit comes to Pelin’s office. He hopes she was telling the truth.

She’s just shocked, SHOCKED! that he doesn’t trust her.

Well, if she’s telling the truth then he’s sorry.

Pelin would like an apology dinner.

Macit tells her to come have dinner at his house and rolls his eyes.

Neriman comes over to visit Asli. Kader throws a temper tantrum. Macit texts Neriman and says the photos are taken care of–no one will see them.

While Asli goes to get water, Neriman texts back “OK.”

Neriman brought Asli a notebook to use as a diary.

Emre interrupts to complain that they’re all hungry and Asli should be making dinner. Neriman takes that as her cue to leave.

Fahriye has decided she’s not going home until Sahika’s gone. She expects Cihan to go talk to her. She suggests he tell Sahika if she stays she’s gotta marry him.

Macit’s in the living room with Pelin and his parents and the giant cloud of fakeness that follows them around. Pelin says she sees Macit all the time at work, but she doesn’t get to see Inci as much…and now she has an idea! They can hire Inci as their designer! Who could be better? (Uh, someone who’s a clothing designer?) Macit just goes with the flow and says he likes the idea too.

Neriman shows up to teach her evening class and interrupts Sinasi while he’s composing. Seriously, Neriman?

Nezahat didn’t tell her mom how the latest date went, and now she’s gotta tell her the wedding is off.

Rüya finds Sinasi in their office, daydreaming. About his latest song. Called “I Miss You So Much.” SMH.

Cihan tries to figure out what he’s going to say to Sahika, but she comes out of his room in one of his shirts and not much else. He doesn’t mind, right?

Nope. Nope. Looks good. Uh…he’s going out. Does she need anything?

Selim proposes a weekend trip to Paris with Faiza. She says they have “obligations.” And he’s on his second chance with her, so he’d better not screw it up.

Sinasi’s waiting for Neriman to walk her home. He promised Faiz.

And Faiz says the same to Gulter. So I guess it’s true.

On the way to Neriman’s, Sinasi does his impression of overprotective Faiz. They’re laughing together like old times.

Gulter catches Sahika on her way out of Cihan’s in the morning and drags her back home.

She drags Sahika into Faiz’s office and tells the two of them to work this out. Faiz says he never threw Sahika out, but there are rules.

Oh, she knows about the rules. So how come Neriman doesn’t follow them? Did he know she’s still seeing Macit? When is he going to open his eyes and realize Neriman just wants money. At least Sahika’s trying to earn her own money, but what else could Neriman be after if she’s having an affair with a married man?

Macit admits Pelin had a good idea for once. She’s all happy about it but Neriman’s face pops up in Macit’s mind and he has to flee her office and go call Neriman.

Now he’s the one who’s all happy about hearing her voice, but Neriman only answered because she doesn’t want any more bad news and she figures she’d remind him not to talk to her dad. Macit’s all about how he’s working hard and once everything gets back to normal they can be together again.

Right, and once they’re together again the same thing can happen. She’s tired of getting hurt. She doesn’t want him to call or come looking for her ever again.

Faiz still thinks Sahika’s gonna have to learn not to talk to him like that. Gulter promises to talk to her…but what about Neriman?

Oh, Faiz believed everything Sahika said (except for the money part) and he realizes Sahika hasn’t done anything wrong, but Neriman’s been lying to him. He’s going to have to take drastic measures and marry Neriman off quickly. (*speechless*)

Neriman’s sitting in her classroom crying when Fahriye finds her. Neriman hugs her and says she was awful to her–she knows Fahriye was just trying to help and she never should have been mean to her. Neriman feels like the whole world is against her and she’s alone. But Fahriye would never leave her, right? Of course not! (‘Cause Fahriye’s the VBBFF!)

Neriman’s upset that she told Macit to forget about her.

And if he were here right now, what would she tell him?

To never stop loving her. And never to leave her (not sure if that’s for Fahriye or imaginary Macit…maybe both.)

Gulter asks who the unlucky groom would be.

Oh, he’s found the perfect guy. (Dude. Don’t say Sinasi.)

Gulter says he can’t make Neriman marry someone she doesn’t love! They don’t want her to be unhappy! She doesn’t want Neriman to go through what she went through.

Oh, no worries. He knows someone who loves her and she won’t be unhappy with him.

Oh hey, they’ve cleaned up the path to the door! On her way out, Neriman meets a nice dog who could potentially be looking for a lifelong partnership. Sinasi shows up to teach his class and tells her yesterday’s students liked her, so she’ll be sticking with the same group.

Macit’s looking at the videos on his phone. Ösgür interrupts him with good news–they’ve gotten a huge order from France. Ösgür is also under the impression that once the company is doing well, Macit can be with Neriman.

Gulter wants one last chance to talk to Neriman, but Faiz forbids it. Neriman comes home and she’s feeling the weird vibe. Faiz says he’s going out.

Neriman asks Gulter why he’s still angry.

Gulter tells her to give him time.

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