Memory Lane: Talking to Myself about Soy Tu Dueña #11-15

Episode 11
Felipe just said the wedding is “pasada mañana” Can’t wait to see what that means in TN episode time.

Oh! A few scenes later the wedding is “mañana”, but seriously….Felipe is telling Gabriela that Valentina broke up with Alonso? Felipe…is telling…the BESTIE…that Valentina canceled the wedding. Totally not believable. Valentina should have been the one telling her.

Episode 12
The boda is still “mañana” and we’ve seen a lot more prep. They are actually setting up for the reception. Alonso has tried on his tux. Val and Gaby are at the spa. Progress? ¿Habrá boda mañana?

Episode 13
The bridesmaids’ shoes! Are all different styles and colors. Horrors! But at least we’ve gotten to the boda? Does it still count as the boda of the bride is taking limo laps around the block while the groom is in a car chase with a bad guy?

Episode 14
¿Cómo que Alonso is madly in love with Valentina? Whatever dude.

OK. So I whined to myself all week about how long it was taking to get to the wedding and then when it finally went down I realized that the meltdown would never have been as powerful if it had been rushed. When Val looked up at Jesús and angrily wiped her tears? I was like oh hell it’s about to go down.

But seriously….performances like the one Gaby Spanic is giving us is the reason telenovelas get such a bad rap. Wait….after thinking about it for a while….IMO Gaby can’t sell the schlock/over the top ridiculez like some actors can.

Episode 15
In a conversation with her mother Brenda calls Ivana “esa usurpadora” Best. Writing. Ever.

Why suddenly does Val want to go to Los Cascabeles? I hope they explain.

I guess the explanation is that she is angry as hell? Damn. Talk about a 180. She hates everyone.

Whoa. Cher singing Love Hurts. That’s serious heartbreak and bitterness.

I love the haircut! In fact, I am loving her whole new pants and shirts look. I wasn’t digging the dresses, skirts and bolero jackets.

What a great ending to the week. “Yo soy Valentina Villalba. ¡La dueña de Los Cascabeles!”

Other thoughts
Yup. Now I remember why this show had me hooked from the minute I watched. Still, I’m really glad I missed the first episodes the last time I watched. They seem a little slow to me. Just like the first time around, I am sad on Fridays when I have to wait until the next installment.

I’m still trying to figure out my feelings on the schlock of it all. I see the appeal. People do love to mock, but I’ve seen the mocking turn into something gross and offensive. So I don’t know how to watch something like this sometimes. I guess there’s a difference between watching critically (like pointing out that bridesmaid shoes are all too different….amirite?) and mean-spirited mocking/bitching (I’m a recovering mocker myself.)

L Caution made a comment about shows being so bad they are good. I get that, but those are exactly the kinds of shows where conversations turns into “do you think those are her real boobies?” conversation. At the same time, there are really some good performances in this show. Silvia Pinal is really chewing the scenery with her tears and anguished screams of ¡hiiiiijaaaaa! Same goes for Ana Martín, but damn I believe it. Lucero went all kinds of angry crazy this week and I loved every minute of it. She made my heart hurt. I think people focusing on the superficial aspects are missing the beauty of serial entertainment….DRAMA!

That being said, I think some producers are better at it than others. Soy tu dueña nails it. I don’t think there are many that I would re watch. Certainly not anything by Mejía. Triunfo del Amor was my second telenovela (my first to recap) and you couldn’t get me to re-watch that for all the money in the world.

People always seem so ashamed to be watching telenovelas. I don’t see why. Crappy reality television doesn’t seem to have the same bad rap as telenovelas. Well, I like telenovelas, even the over the top ones like this.

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