Entre Dos Amores Thursday 1/31/19 #68

Disclaimer: Not going to lie, today felt a little like word salad and I don’t think I was really comprehending any of the conversations.

Disclaimer Parte 2: I can’t figure out how to get some Turkish characters on my chromebook keyboard so anything that involves and S or G isn’t going to be right.

Neriman talks to Gülter, desperately trying to figure out what Faiz is up to and what he said to Macit. Gülter tries to brush things off. Sahika and her flowers get back from work. She wonders what they are whispering about. Then she tells Neriman how lucky she is to have people who are always there for her. Isn’t Gülter the hero, always trying to help others with their problems. Neriman nice nasties about the flowers. “You must have had to work a lot to get those.” Fahriye also arrives and admires the flowers. Then she asks if Sahika got the flowers for wearing that dress she showed her (?) Fahriye asks if she can borrow the dress. Sahika looks disgusted and goes upstairs.

Rüya and Nezahat talk about Sinasi’s latest song. Sinasi keeps working on it. Rüya worries the song is really about Neriman and Sinasi can’t let go. Nezahat tries to explain that Sinasi and Neriman grew up together in the neighborhood. Yes, they were an item, but they broke up. It’s easier to break up a romantic relationship than a friendship. Sinasi always protected Neriman just like he protected Asli or Nezahat. Nezahat is sure Sinasi is moving on to this new stage of his life which is songwriting and the school.

Neriman is with Fahriye. She’s really worried that Faiz is trying to get her married (he is.) And she can’t get in touch with Macit to find out what he and her father talked about. Neriman is sure her dad is up to something and it can’t be good (he is and it’s not.) She’s sure he told Macit about trying to marry Neriman off. Macit calls. She answers and they agree to see each other.

Rüya and Nezahat go to check on Asli. Kader is rude and hateful (like you needed a recap to know about that.) Kader insists on covering Asli’s bruise with makeup before she lets her to the living room. She bitches about Asli’s visitors the whole time. All Asli has brought them is trouble. Asli goes out to the living room and insists she’s ok. She and Emre just argued a little.

Sahika gets pissy when Gülter asks her to turn down the volume on the TV. She can’t spend all her time trying to make the whole family happy. Some sort of word salad about how each family is different. She’s not mad at Gülter or blames her. Then she says something about Gülter may have given birth to her, but it was Neriman she raised as her own. Gülter tells her how much she suffered. Sahika might be laughing now, but she’ll understand one day when she’s a mom. Sahika thinks it will be her destiny to be alone. Faiz comes in to ask for some tea. Gülter goes to the kitchen to cry. I guess Sahika felt bad because she follows her and comforts her. I really don’t understand Sahika.

Rüya and Nezahat tell Sinasi and Zehra that Asli seemed fine. Rüya is about to leave but Nezahat and Zehra talk her out of it. Nezahat wants to show her the dress for the engagement. Sinasi says something about her being part of the family. Nezahat and Rüya go to look at the dress and to decide which pair of (identical) shoes she should wear. They talk about Nezahat’s hairdo for the engagement.

Pelin and family dine on breakfast and it looks yummy. I see olives, chesses…mmmm. Anyway…Pelin announces that Inci invited them all them all to dinner for the evening. Pelin excuses herself and Duygu mentions that her sister hasn’t eaten a think Pelin said she started a diet and that makes me nervous. Later Feyza tells Selim that something is wrong with Pelin. Did anything happen at the office? Selim doesn’t think so. Feyza thinks they should set the wedding date. They should all discuss it at dinner tonight.

Macit and Neriman meet. She wants to know what he and Faiz talked about. Macit tells her that he’s going to end the game that Pelin started and not come to Neriman until he is completely hers and there are no obstacles. Unfortunately, Neriman says that she and the things that happened to her are the main obstacle. Macit proposed marriage to her, but put the ring on Pelin’s finger by mistake. Pelin is Neriman’s cousin. Now if she and Macit were together she would be the woman who stole her cousin’s fiance and dude…what an embarrassment that would be! He still doesn’t realize what he did to them. She walks away in slo-mo.

Kader has gone out shopping and Asli takes advantage of the reprieve to call Neriman and ask her to visit. Dammit! Kader comes back. She forgot her shopping list. Asli asks Neriman to hide and not come out until Kader is gone. When the coast is clear and Neriman comes out, she asks why Asli lets them treat her that way (Neriman’s question, not mine.) Asli tells Neriman about Emre’s physical abuse and Kader’s emotional abuse. She asks Neriman not to say anything to Sinasi about it. Neriman doesn’t think Asli should keep quiet about this. Maybe they could go to family therapy or something. Asli knows Emre would not to that. Neriman agrees to keep it a secret for now.

Asim has the rings. He’s just waiting for Nezahat’s family to hell him when he can come ask for her hand. He has to get to work now though. Nezahat tells him to be careful. His job is dangerous. He thinks she’ll have to get used to it when they get married. It’s the first time someone actually is worried for him. He gets poetic as Nezahat walks away.

Nezahat goes to the music school. Sinasi looks distracted to her. She asks him to please finish that song and be done with it. He doesn’t still have feelings for Neriman does he? Nezahat thinks Rüya is in love with him….something I don’t think Rüya heard as she walked in. Nezahat changes the subject to the party asking for her hand. Rüya suggests having the wedding in the school garden. Nezahat looks uncomfortable but accepts. I can’t read Sinasi’s face.

Duygu goes to the company and finds out from Sahika that Özgür went to Paris, but Sahika doesn’t know for how long.

Sinasi talks to Rüya about the wedding thing. Apparently the groom arranges the wedding. Rüya didn’t know that. Sinasi wishes she would check with him before doing anything that involves the family. Sooo, she’s not part of the family then?

Faiz calls Sinasi and asks him to meet at Cemal’s shop.

Macit goes home. Inci tells him Pelin’s family is coming for dinner. Please actually be there. Macit says he’s going to go shower. He’s tired.

Neriman talks to Gülter. Doesn’t Gülter find it odd how much Faiz and Sinasi are talking? Dad isn’t trying to marry her off to Sinasi is he? (Yes, he is.) Gülter denies it (Gülter! Why?)

Faiz and Sinasi are doing charity work I guess. Feeding the children of the neighborhood at Cemal’s. They are also making sure they get opportunities with music. Then they talk about feeding kids from an orphanage twice a week.

Pelin and family at the Macit family dinner. Small talk about cake, diets and watching what Kerim and Selim eat. We need to set the date y ya. Awkward silence as we go to closing credits.

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