Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 1/29/19 #66

Zehra’s really excited about Rüya coming over for dinner. Are they making stuffed pasta? I want some! Zehra can’t wait for Sinasi and Rüya to get married. She’s all for a double wedding with Nezahat.

Pelin sure does keep piling on the work. She brings Inci some sketches and asks where Macit is.

The farm, but he needs alone time. (Well, then. Way to screw that up.)

Sinasi’s getting Faiz’s advice on his latest song.

And then they talk about Neriman. Faiz is sure if she keeps hanging out with Sinasi she’ll get back into music again. (Because the show, it is called Entre Dos Amores, and we’re gonna keep piling on the references.)

Macit’s just hanging out, thinking about Neriman, when Pelin shows up. With booze. She proposes making queso fundido. I guess she’s never had a need for “alone time.”

Neriman complains to Gulter that her dad’s been going to the music school every day and talking to Sinasi. He hasn’t said anything, has he?

Faiz comes downstairs and Neriman asks him if they’re going to keep being like this. Can they talk?

Why, yes. Lord Faiz grants his loyal subject permission to talk. *grumble*

So much for having dinner out. Feyza insisted they stay home. Sounds like she’s planning to win Selim back by reminding him her attitude is all his fault as often as possible.

He just thought they could talk about their marriage tonight, but he guesses not. He slaps the box with the bracelet down on the table and sarcastically wishes her a happy anniversary.

Feyza opens the box and makes a face at it.

Cihan’s moping because Sahika moved back out. Fahriye tells him Sahika’s not good for him. She’s brought problems ever since she showed up in this house.

Neriman’s talk with Faiz doesn’t amount to much. He accuses her of still seeing Macit. She says Macit’s the one who keeps looking for her. They agree she’ll never forgive Macit. And then Faiz tells her she’ll have good days again soon.

Zehra made a fabulous meal for Rüya. I couldn’t decide whether she was going to propose on her own behalf or tell Rüya what kind of dowry Sinasi has. But she does neither. When it’s time to go, Sinasi walks Rüya to the door and they kind of awkwardly hover their faces around before deciding on two cheek kisses.

Am I the only one who starts cringing as soon as they show the exterior of Kader’s house? Asli’s talking to the baby, promising he’ll get to wear that Beşiktaş onesie.

Emre comes in and apologizes for slapping her. And then he whines about not wanting to fight and says he’ll let their son decide what team to go for and they should try to get along for the baby’s sake. Asli ignores him and he gets all cranky about it.

Neriman’s missing Macit and crying about it.

Macit, meanwhile is stuck with Pelin. She’s reminiscing about some time they went swimming together and she almost drowned.

Macit wakes up in bed at the cabin, completely horrified that Pelin’s at the door, chirping at him about breakfast.

Neriman gets a letter about being accepted at art school with a full scholarship.

At the Demirhan house, Duygu’s still upset after arguing with Ösgür. Feyza’s still being sarcastic with Selim. Feyza says Duygu’s dad insists on going to “the island of dreams” with her and she has to keep telling him to be realistic.

When Rüya gets to the studio, Sinasi asks if she’s uncomfortable about last night. She tells him to forget about it and they discuss his latest song. Sinasi still wants to make some changes.

Neriman gets a call from the place that’s offering her the scholarship.

According to Pelin, Macit fell asleep last night and she had to help him into bed. She slept on the sofa and prepared a lovely breakfast.

He skips breakfast after getting a call on his cell phone. (He set up this whole “art school” “full scholarship” thing, didn’t he?)

Neriman’s at least going to go to the school and check things out. But she’s worried about Asli.

Asli’s writing in her diary about how much it sucks to live in this house, but the baby’s her hope. Neriman calls to check up on her and Asli says Emre will get over it. She hangs up when Emre comes in.

And of course, his freakin’ mom follows him in there to demand that he go talk to Neriman and explain how much trouble she’s making every time she calls or comes over. Asli warns him not to do any such thing, but of course, off he goes. And Kader gloats.

Sahika checks up on Selim and pouts about Feyza not liking the gift. She’s in her office if he needs anything….

Neriman’s leaving the school as Emre shows up. He screams at her to quit messing around with Asli because it’s HER fault he’s hitting her and he doesn’t want to do it again.

Sinasi only heard the part where Emre’s hitting Asli and he kicks his ass out the front gate.

But then Rüya’s upset because this is a school and she doesn’t feel like anyone else gets that but her.

Neriman goes to the art school, which seriously looks like it’s what’s occupying the upper two floors of the “music school” house.

Thanks to the carelessness of the receptionist, she finds out that she’s won “the Macit Arcaoglu scholarship” and gets the hell out of there.

He’s waiting outside. She tells him she’s not accepting his scholarship. Macit swears he didn’t give them any money, he just showed them a couple of his sketches. He knew she wouldn’t accept his help.

Neriman doesn’t want anything that has to do with him in any way. She had to tell her dad that he’s out of her life for him to trust her again and she needs him to stay away.

Macit accuses her of using her father as an excuse. He insists he has to talk to her dad.

“He’s not going to believe you. You can’t fool him the way you did me. Don’t even try.”

Pelin tells her mom about Macit taking off after his phone started ringing. But she’s just gonna keep being patient….

Feyza’s distracted. She says she’s just tired and needs to rest.

Faiz opens the door to his house and frickin’ Macit “I can’t take a hint even when I’m hit over the head with it repeatedly” Arcaoglu is standing there, wanting to talk to him about the relationship he has with Neriman.

Neriman gets home and her face is like “My life is officially over.” She runs over to tell him she’s told him several times not to come over. But he’s leaving now, right?

Faiz wants to hear what he has to say. But he won’t let Neriman in the house. WTF is that, dude?

Zehra and Gulter are picking out all the linens Zehra’s going to give Nezahat when she gets married. Nezahat reminds her they haven’t even asked for her hand yet. Zehra and Gulter shoo the bad luck out the door.

Macit starts with “I’m in love with your daughter and I can’t help it.” But he’s got some family problems…the family business is about to go broke, his father had a heart attack, and…see, Neriman is the most innocent person he knows. None of this is her fault.

Oh, Faiz has some things to say too.

And Neriman’s still standing outside waiting. Cemal wanders by and asks if she needs help, but Neriman says her dad will be home soon.

Faiz says Neriman’s his fiancée’s cousin. He knows what Macit’s going through, but if he tries to make a second life he’s the one who’s going to get hurt. So he needs to think about it. What he did has consequences. Neriman suffered. (Mental popup of Ösgür saying “This is what I keep trying to tell him!”)

Neither Faiz nor Neriman can understand Macit’s relationship based on personal interests and STILL he tries to protect his love for her? Love is two people floating down the river of life at each other’s side without separating. The level of the water might be up, but they stay together. That’s love.

Look at the person he chose in his life, because that’s the one who’s going to be with him on that river.

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