Entre Dos Amores Friday 2/1/19 #69

Neriman wonders aloud to Sinasi if he and her father are secretly up to something. She tries to determine what they are up to without flat-out asking if Faiz is trying to marry her off to Sinasi.

The awkward silence continues. Macit breaks it with “No. We don’t need to set the date.” Pelin agrees, saying neither she or Macit are ready for a boda right now….prompting a WTF face from Macit.

Neriman tells Fahriye that she knows Faiz is up to something. Fahriye encourages her to talk to Faiz. He can’t make Neriman marry someone she doesn’t love (but he’ll try!) Neriman tells Fahriye that Macit is breaking it off with Pelin. Fahriye still believes in the love between Macit and Neriman. She doesn’t want Neriman to give up either.

Macit and I both want to know what the hell Pelin is talking about with this “let’s not set a date yet” BS. If she is not going to force Macit into anything he doesn’t want to do then WTF is she doing then. Oh wait…silly me. This is part of her “I’m the most gentle, understanding girlfriend on the planet plan.”

Emre complains to Asli about not being able to feel safe on the streets because of Asli’s maniac of a brother. Asli tells him to not talk about her brother like that. Emre’s response? Don’t make me break your nose. Asshole. Ismail tells Emre not to talk to Asli like that. Emre blames Asli’s family for all the problems. Asli gets up and leaves. Ismail asks why Kader and Emre are assholes (ok, maybe I took some liberty with that.) I’m half convinced Ismail is abused too.

Sinasi complains to Cihan that Rüya is too involved with the family. He’s afraid she’s getting ideas and he’s not ready for a relationship. He claims it’s nothing to do with Neriman; that it’s just the pressures of starting the schools that should be his focus. It’s totally Neriman though. Neriman is acting oddly. She doesn’t trust anyone and is acting like Faiz and Sinasi are up to something (Faiz is, that’s for sure.) Cihan understands Neriman’s attitude. Macit really broke her trust. No wonder she doesn’t have any trust left.

Neriman asks Faiz if he’s trying to get her married. He confirms it. He wants the right man in her life. He doesn’t say it’s Sinasi, but surely Neriman can figure that out? She asks what he talked to Macit about. Faiz says he made Macit understand what love really is. Macit won’t be bothering her anymore. Faiz, you may be the wiseman of the neighborhood, but that doesn’t actually make you a wise man.

Macit thinks about his conversation with Neriman in episode #68 (I won’t come back until I am completely free of Pelin and we can be together.)

Inci and Kerim think Pelin has become the picture of sweet, understanding girlfriend. They are so pleased she’s not pressuring Macit. I’m just rolling my eyes and cursing.

Pelin calls Sahika and asks her to tell Macit that Neriman is working at the music school with Sinasi. She hangs up and gloats about Macit finding out about Neriman happily working with Sinasi while Macit suffers.

Feyza wants to know what’s up with Pelin not jumping at the chance to set the wedding date. Pelin says it’s all part of the “I’m nice” plan. Duygu overhears and I’m thrilled. I’m sorry she’s hurting, but she needed to know her sister was a faking liar who was manipulating the situation to get her way.

Sahika tells Macit that Neriman is working at the music school.

Duygu and Pelin have an argument. Duygu is upset that she argued with Ösgür because of Pelin and it turns out he was right. Duygu grabs her bags. She’s not staying in the house with a liar.

Sahika texts Pelin. Macit knows about Neriman now.

Zehra calls Sinasi at the school. She needs to talk to Rüya. Zehra and Nezahat are in full kitchen prep mode. They invite Rüya to the engagement. Sinasi looks out the window and sees Neriman arriving. He goes to greet her.

Macit is outside. He sees Neriman and Sinasi talking. Rüya looks out the window. She sees Neriman and Sinasi talking.

Macit is about to leave (kedi!) Rüya stops him. Can they talk?

Pelin gets to the office and talks to Sahika about Macit. Sahika says she told Macit about Neriman. Bukyu (name?) looks like she’s totally heard this…so can she please tell someone that Sahika and Pelin are apparently in cahoots?

Feyza calls Pelin. She can’t find Duygu. Did she and Pelin have an argument? Pelin says they didn’t. Pelin assure her mother that Duygu is probably somewhere.

Duygu calls Ösgür and leaves a message. He was right. She ignores the call from Pelin.

Rüya took Macit to an outdoor cafe. They need to help each other. She wants Neriman out of Sinasi’s life. Macit wonders if Rüya loves Sinasi. She says it’s a business issue. She’s invested everything in the school and can’t have Sinasi distracted (I agree.) Macit needs to be braver if he doesn’t want to lose Neriman. Sinasi and Neriman have a weakness for each other. Sinasi will take the first opportunity to get close to her. Rüya gives Macit a copy of Sinasi’s latest song “La que se fue” (the one that left…but I feel like “the one that got away” is a better title.)

Sinasi invites Faiz and Neriman to then engagement. He hopes Faiz can act as head of the family. Faiz accepts. Can we stop acting like Faiz is the shiz, please?

Macit listens to the song. He eventually tosses it in the back seat.

Zehra, Gülter and Nezahat still in full party prep mode. I would be perfectly fine with an entire episode about this alone. Zehra wants to go to the Hell House and invite Asli. Nezahat doubts Kader will let her come. Kader may have to come to. Nezahat doesn’t want her there…but it might be the only way for Asli to be there.

Nezahat calls Asim. He’s buying the least expensive chocolates he can. Fireman’s salary, you know.

Rüya gets back to the music school. Sinasi mentions the engagement. Rüya tells him about the invite, but asks Sinasi to make her apologies to Zehra. Sinasi says Rüya has to come if Zehra invited her.

Walking home, Neriman asks Faiz if Zehra was be ok with Sinasi’s invite. Faiz is sure that Sinasi wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t already checked with Zehra. Neriman forgot something at the school. She needs to go back and get it. Macit walks up. They need to talk.

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Gracias, Sara! I do feel bad for Duygu, but I don’t know why she believed Pelin in the first place. It’s like she’s got a giant neon sign over her head that says “I’m lying!”

I share your confusion about Faiz. Is it really just that one time a rich woman gave up her lifestyle to marry him and so everyone figures he must be the shiz?