Entre Dos Amores Monday 2/4/19 #70

Asli’s writing in her diary again when Kader starts hollerin’ for her. I find it especially irritating that she does the same scream of “Asliiiiiii!” no matter what’s going on. I’m always thinking something terrible has just happened like the roof caved in or the house is on fire, but no. She’s just complaining that Asli burned dinner.

Kader also suddenly has a need for clean sheets, but Asli tries not to let her open the armoire (where she hid the diary).

The doorbell rings and distracts Kader. It’s Zehra. Kader behaves predictably.

Neriman tells Macit to hurry it up–she doesn’t want people seeing them together and she’s got somewhere else to be.

Macit, who fails to recall that he is engaged to Pelin and that even if he wasn’t he has no right to tell her how to live her life, starts bugging Neriman about not painting anymore and teaching in Sinasi’s school. He gripes that Sinasi has written songs for her.

Neriman tells him to go back to his fiancée and quit coming back here.

It looks like she’s trying not to laugh as he screams after her that he’s jealous.

At Kader’s Zehra is praying for patience. She invites Kader over tonight for Nezahat’s ask party. Kader says they’ll be there if they don’t have anything more important to do.

Tomorrow’s Neriman’s birthday. Sinasi remembered and came to Fahriye to ask for help throwing a surprise party at the school. Fahriye doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Sinasi insists he’s going to do it. All Fahriye has to do for him is keep it a secret.

He leaves when Neriman arrives and she notices he’s acting weird, but Fahriye says that’s just Sinasi.

Neriman tells Fahriye about her latest meeting with Macit. Fahriye’s all excited at how much Macit’s suffering with his jealousy.

Duygu’s looking for her dad, but Sahika said he went out to a meeting. Pelin’s here, though…. Sahika parses the look on Duygu’s face and says she was just about to order a coffee. She could order two and Duygu could wait for her dad to get back.

Sinasi comes home with a bunch of veggies. The house smells good, but Nezahat warns him he can’t taste anything. Upstairs, Gulter’s getting ready to go home, but Sinasi tells her he invited Faiz and they (she and Neriman) should be there too. They’re family.

Zehra falters, but agrees with Sinasi. She scolds him for inviting Faiz, but she tells Nezahat it’s Neriman she doesn’t want there.

Feyza’s still worried about Duygu being “missing.” Pelin isn’t.

Duygu’s been unloading on Sahika about Pelin and how she doesn’t want to go home. Sahika gets it…not that Neriman’s anywhere near as bad as Pelin.

Gulter calls to tell Sahika not to be late tonight.

Sahika insists on Duygu coming with her to dinner. After all, they’re family, right?

At Neriman’s, they’re all shocked to see Duygu walk in. (People, do not be mean to her. That poor girl hasn’t done anything wrong except be an optimist about her sister.) Duygu and Sahika stand there for a long-ass time without anyone saying anything.

Inci’s starting to worry about Macit. He’s not coming home for dinner and he didn’t go to work all day. She thinks forcing him to marry Pelin was a bad idea. Kerim disagrees–Pelin’s just what he needs. If he’d married Neriman he would have ruined his life.

Faiz hisses at Sahika in the kitchen. She says poor Duygu had a fight with her family and she begged Sahika to bring her here. What was she supposed to do, leave her out on the street? If that’s what he wants she’ll go back in there and kick her out. Neriman’s like “Dad, seriously, you can’t.” Gulter tells all of them to get back out there. Sahika shoos them away and says she’ll bring in the salad.

What she actually does is call Selim to tell him Duygu’s having dinner with them. So he won’t worry. And THEN she brings in the salad.

Rüya feels like she’s shown up at Zehra’s too early, but Zehra’s happy to have the distraction. Sinasi’s all dressed up in his suit. Nezahat’s been getting ready. Zehra pins something on her to deflect bad luck.

Gulter’s been having her hands blessed all day for her marvelous cooking. She insists Duygu eat a little more. She mentions they’re going to an ask party, but Duygu can stay at the house. Sahika offers to stay with her and watch a movie. Faiz also thinks she should call her family because he doesn’t think she should go out this late.

Selim shows up. And Faiz’s friendly façade will crack in 3…2…1….

I take it Kader hasn’t said anything about the party invitation. Asli brings it up and Emre says he’s not going anywhere. So Kader says the two of them will go. She wants to see who they dug up to marry that spinster. (And you know…I can actually believe that’s reason enough for her to want to go.)

Selim tells Duygu to come home with him, but she refuses. Repeatedly. Unfortunately, without telling him WHY she doesn’t want to go home. Faiz eventually steps in and says it’s OK if Duygu wants to stay. She’s a guest. Selim has nothing to worry about.

Selim starts to leave, but Sahika darts outside to tell Selim she’s the one who insisted Duygu come home with her. She was just so upset, Sahika couldn’t leave her alone. She thinks Duygu’s having some sort of problem, with Pelin maybe? And she’ll come home when she calms down. In the meantime, Sahika will take care of her.

Selim thanks her. Sahika lets him walk away before she mutters “She’s gonna pay.”

Sinasi calls Neriman to find out what time they’re coming over. Her phone battery dies before she can answer. She plugs it in to charge.

Macit asks Cerivan to bring him the house phone and uses it to call Neriman.

When Neriman’s phone rings, she assumes it’s Sinasi and tells him they’re just about to leave.

Macit’s like “Um. It’s me. I wanted to hear your voice.” He guesses it wasn’t a good time to call.

“Is it ever?” She hangs up on him.

Pelin comes over to try to cheer Macit up. Pizza again? She also brought paperwork.

Nezahat’s anxiously waiting. Kader’s gloating. At least someone’s happy? She complains that they didn’t go through this last time.

Zehra tells Nezahat to try calling Asím, but he’s not answering. Why is no one mentioning the obvious–that he might be at a fire?

Cihan shows up at Neriman’s house with cake. He knew the rest of the family would be out and Sahika would be alone. He brought her an “intoxicating” raspberry and chocolate cake. For which she thanks him since now she has something to serve her friend with tea.

Duygu doesn’t get how that cake showed up here. Sahika says there are sooooo many people thinking about her right now, she doesn’t even have to think about herself.

At home, Selim now gets to play the smug superior “This is all your fault!” card. Feyza didn’t know Pelin and Duygu had argued? What kind of mother is she that she doesn’t know what’s going on right in front of her own eyes? Duygu’s at Neriman’s house with THAT MAN.

Nah, Feyza’s coming right back with “No, it’s YOUR fault.” Obviously Neriman’s family has fooled her daughter. She’s tired of Selim’s family and Faiz and that daughter he has. “Go tell them to stay away from my daughters!”

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