Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 2/5/19 #71

Everybody at Zehra’s are still sitting around looking at each other. Kader’s ready to call it quits. Zehra asks if Kader’s going to say anything nice tonight. (I’m going with “no.”)

The doorbell finally rings and I really hope it’s him.

Yep, him, his mom, chocolates, flowers, his mom’s wheelchair…though she thinks she can make it up the stairs on her own. Apparently getting there with the wheelchair slowed them down. (Accessibility is important!)

Macit is still going over the paperwork Pelin brought over, but his mind starts to drift and Pelin can tell. He apparently signs off on the lot of it. Under the stack of paperwork, Sinasi’s CD has materialized. Macit gets cranky and says it’s just some stupid song–they’re not going to listen to it.

Asím’s mom insists on trying the coffee, even though Asím tells her it makes her blood pressure go up. Asím’s mom is apparently hard of hearing so it’s difficult to ask her questions and get the answer you were expecting.

Faiz quietly says they all know what they’re there for, so they might as well get to it.

In his excitement Asím practically screams “Thank you, Tío Faiz!”

The kids have met and it sounds like they get on well, so he’s asking Zehra for the hand of her daughter Nezahat for the son of Señora Makbule, Asím. Zehra gets all choked up. She agrees, of course.

Sinasi asks Nezahat and she just gives a nod. Sinasi tells Faiz they’re all in agreement.

And now that everyone else is happy, Kader’s grumpy again. Asím brought the rings with him, so they can get right to putting them on Nezahat and Asím’s fingers.

Nezahat goes downstairs for a tray for the rings and what is Cihan doing here? He brought Sinasi’s school keys. And also his congratulations. Nezahat’s flustered.

Gulter sends Neriman to remind Nezahat about the scissors. She tries asking Makbule what she thinks of all this, but Asím translates with a loud “SCISSORS” and Makbule just nods. Kader’s smiling again at everyone else’s awkwardness.

Neriman tells Nezahat about the scissors and watches Nezahat fumbling about the kitchen. She gets it. No, really, she knows Nezahat doesn’t love Asím, but she figures she’ll grow to love him? Neriman’s been there.

Nezahat says Asím is a good guy and he makes her smile. He really loves her–she can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. He does everything to make her happy…

Neriman asks who’s making her heart beat now. What happened to her happiness?

Nezahat thinks happiness….

Gulter comes down to tell them to hurry up already!

Faiz puts the rings on both of their fingers, then cuts the ribbon. It’s hugs and hand-kisses all around

Back at Neriman’s house, Sahika’s making up her bed for Duygu. Sahika will sleep in Gulter’s room tonight.

At the doorway to Gulter’s room, she whispers to Sahika, asking if Duygu’s staying tomorrow too. She doesn’t think Duygu’s family is going to like it. Sahika grins at the though.

Duygu’s not good at sleeping in unfamiliar spaces. Neriman tells her to try thinking of something pleasant. Not that it works for her.

Duygu decides she needs to tell Neriman that she made a mistake. She fought with Pelin and that’s why she’s here. She doesn’t want to go home. Pelin made a big mistake with Macit. He doesn’t love her and he never will, but she refuses to understand that. Macit really does love Neriman, but he never thought they’d force him to make this decision.

And he chose Pelin?

No, he chose his family and Pelin used that to her advantage. She knows Neriman’s not having a good time with this, but believe her–Macit isn’t either.

Inci brings Macit some sketches. She says Pelin liked them.

Macit is SO OVER hearing about Pelin. He insists she hasn’t changed.

Inci gives him this really uninspiring reminder of how much the family suffered when he was with Neriman and how he and Pelin have the same upbringing and she’s the “right” one for him and whatever.

Macit asks if she never regrets anything. Seeing his pain–does she not think she could have made a mistake?

Inci insists she didn’t, but her eyes say different.

Duygu got up early and helped with breakfast. Neriman says she’s a guest.

Oh, no, according to Faiz once you’ve spent the night, you’re family.

Sahika takes off for work.

Cihan and Sinasi have breakfast at the café while Sinasi tells him about the party and how much Asím and his mom love his sister. Cihan actually says “Of course they love Nezahat! They couldn’t find a better woman!” Seriously?

Anyway, now Sinasi wants him to come to a party tonight at the school for Neriman’s birthday.

Cihan explodes–what does Sinasi care about it being Neriman’s birthday? How’s he gonna celebrate with Rüya right there?!

Sinasi says he’ll throw a party for Rüya on her birthday too. Neriman’s part of the team.

Cihan’s distracted from his scolding by the sight of Sahika. He jumps up to ask her to be his date to Neriman’s party. She’s like “Oh, aren’t you sweet.” If he picks her up in a late-model car and wearing an Italian suit, she won’t dance with anybody else all night.

Of course, at midnight his car would turn back into a pumpkin and his suit would become jeans and a t-shirt. Cihan seriously asks himself how much an Italian suit would cost.

Macit’s telling Pelin that Ösgür’s supposed to be getting back today.

Selim bursts into his office and asks Pelin what she and Duygu argued about. Because whatever it is, it’s important enough to Duygu that she didn’t come home last night. She stayed over at Neriman’s!

Pelin says Duygu sure does know how to hurt people.

Selim tells her to fix this before it becomes a bigger issue. She’d better make up with her sister as soon as she comes home.

Rüya gets to school and hears Sinasi ordering a cake. She’s not happy when he tells her it’s for Neriman’s birthday.

Pelin calls Duygu. Duygu asks if Pelin’s worried about her or worried about what she told Neriman? She doesn’t want to listen to Pelin. She hangs up.

Pelin confronts Sahika about not telling her Duygu spent the night at her house. Pelin blames Sahika for setting this up. If she does anything behind Pelin’s back, she’s ruined.

When she walks away, Sahika says one by one she’s gonna steal Pelin’s family.

Faiz is calling Gulter “sister” again. And not that he doesn’t like Duygu, but he knows her dad and her sister are going to put pressure on her if she stays. She’s gotta go, but they don’t know how to tell her.

Gulter notices a little box with a bow on the table. Faiz bought Neriman some earrings. They’re both happy with Sinasi for coming up with the idea for all of them to celebrate together.

Neriman’s not having a happy birthday. And there had better not be any surprises ’cause she’s not in the mood. Also Macit didn’t call…but it’s not like she was expecting him to…he probably forgot. (*snort*)

Fahriye reminds her about the class she’s supposed to teach tonight. While she picks up the phone, Neriman remembers what Duygu said about Macit never dreaming he’d have to make this choice.

Neighborhood gossips. Cranky about the prices at the butcher’s. They notice Nezahat’s ring and get all cranky about not being invited after they did SO MUCH to bring about the engagement.

It’s time to update Ösgür on Neriman having a life that doesn’t include Macit. Macit’s planning a birthday surprise for her. And shall they talk about Duygu now?

Ösgür says he only talked to her once and it was complicated. He doesn’t even know where she is.

Ah, but Macit does, so if he wants to see her then off they go!

Asím calls Nezahat from work, just to hear her voice.

Cihan wants to borrow Fahriye’s credit card to buy an Italian suit. For Neriman’s birthday party.

AKA, to make Sahika fall for him? She’ll let him have the card, but he’d better not go overboard. She’s worried he’s been spending too much since Sahika arrived.

Macit calls Duygu and she meets him and Ösgür somewhere. She tells Ösgür he was right and Pelin went too far this time. Ösgür thinks he went too far too and he’s sorry.

And now, if their meeting is over, Macit wants to talk to Duygu about how she’s gonna help him with Neriman’s birthday surprise. (Give them a second, will you?!)

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Visita/ Guest

Thanks Kat! When I saw Señora Makbule I knew I recognized her from somewhere, knowing it would’ve had to be from one of the other two Turkish shows it was bothering me for a couple of days. Then it dawned on me…she was the little old lady in the big pink house from Tormenta. She played the mother of the bad guy (Kenan) who blew up in the big boat.

Visita/ Guest

I wish I could edit that last sentence..meant to say Kenan blew up in the boat, not the mom. I didn’t realize how badly that last sentence was arranged when I originally wrote it! Oye, I need sleep.

The actress has an excellent screen presence. I really like all of the actors in this series.