El Gran Estreno de Betty en NY Wednesday 2/6/19 #1

Who are these people?

The character list for the early episodes is here.

What happened?

Betty’s expecting this to be a big day for her. She’s hoping to turn her internship at a bank into a permanent job. Her mom lit a candle to San Judas Tadeo, so it’s a lock, right? Other than a bird pooping in her hair on the ferry and a bicyclist nearly running her over.

It’s also a big day for Armando. He’s hoping to become the president of V&M. But first he needs to negotiate a contract with Tiffany from Patterson. I assume we’ll get more details later.

Marcela and her friend Patricia are picking Armando’s parents up at a helipad. While they wait, Marcela tells Pati about Armando and his big romantic proposal in Central Park. She had her doubts, but he said he was ready to only be with her. And he brought a ring.

Armando’s parents, Roberto and Margarita, are happy about the engagement…but there’s no date set yet. Margarita thinks it’s a sign that Armando’s ready for the presidency. Roberto has doubts.

So does Ricardo, Armando’s BFF–he’s seen Daniel’s business plan.

The employees at V&M read up on Daniel. He’s a former hedge fund manager who buys businesses in trouble. He specializes in branding and turnaround. They’re expecting personnel cuts if he takes the presidency. And this is a guy who allegedly didn’t even love his own mother.

The three siblings–Daniel, Marcela, and María Lucía–have been on their own since their parents died.

At World Trade Bank, the manager announces that he’s welcoming…the woman sitting next to Betty to their “family.” And apparently this guy slept through sexual harassment prevention training because he flat out lists “beauty” as one of the reasons she’s being hired. “Hostile work environment,” bro. Look it up.

Betty gets a trophy and a letter of recommendation.

Armando’s ready to take over as president and start a new casual ready-to-wear line and open physical stores. And Hugo, their designer, is excited about it too.

Yeah, that’s nice, but Roberto doesn’t think he’s ready. Maybe in a couple of years.

Armando insists he loves fashion over money. That’s how daddy raised him.

Daniel is convinced that Armando only proposed so Marcela would vote for him. He’s sure Armando will ditch her at the altar.

Betty thinks back to her rejection from ballet classes for not being graceful or beautiful. She ignores a call from home, not wanting to explain that it happened again.

The board meeting gets underway and María Lucía calls in from her “spectacular” ashram to vote for her brother Danny. “Love you all, namaste.”

Roberto also votes for Daniel. Margarita and Ricardo both vote for Armando. And Marcela breaks the tie, voting for Armando.

Daniel’s still the company’s financial advisor, though, and he’s looking forward to monthly reports.

Roberto overrides him–the board will meet every two months to review the reports and if Armando’s not getting good results after a year, Daniel gets control of the company.

Betty gets home to a surprise party and has to tell everyone she didn’t get the job. Her dad finally succumbs to the blood pressure spike he’s been holding off all day. At the hospital, he tells Betty the neighbors are suing him because he didn’t submit their tax returns to the IRS. There was an issue with some new software. He’s going to fight the lawsuit, but he needs money to pay the lawyer.

Betty says she’s going to get a job and take care of him and the house. They agree not to tell her mom.

Betty’s BFF Nicolas helps her look for more jobs to apply to. Betty has no intention of applying as an Executive “Secretary” at V&M. Her dad will flip. Plus, fashion? They probably have casting calls instead of interviews!

Nico still thinks she should go for it.

Days later…Armando’s moving into his dad’s old office. Carmen, his dad’s assistant, springs it on him that she’s not staying. He tells Smith, the HR guy, that he needs a secretary today!

So Betty gets a call for a job as an Executive…Assistant. The parents are appeased for now.

Pati meets Marcela for breakfast. She’s behind on her association fees (HOA?) and she’s sold everything she can.

Marcela dares suggest she sell her car and the apartment. Hey, she’s the one who traded in Mauricio for a masseuse who gave “happy endings.”

Pati thought maybe Marcela could get her a job at V&M? She does have tres semestres en finanzas from T.U.I.

Well, Marce’s not ditching Mariana.

But Armando doesn’t have a secretary. With the job and a good salary, she’ll be Armando’s shadow!

V&M hasn’t updated their website yet, so Nicolas and Betty think she’s interviewing with Roberto. Nico asks her to put a good word in if she gets hired.

In the lobby of the V&M building there’s a traffic jam of models in front of the reception desk. Wilson, the doorman, lets Betty in so he can get back to flirting with models.

They’re there for the dress rehearsal for V&M’s fashion show. And poor Ricardo has lost his wingman. Armando’s determined not to screw things up with Marcela.

Hugo, V&M’s designer, has just decreed that his shall be the only voice heard when Betty dares to say “Good Morning” and explain she’s looking for Mr. Smith. Inesita takes pity on her and walks her over to HR.

Pati, AKA the Queen of Leftovers, is counting on this morning’s breakfast to get her through the week. Now, Marce doesn’t want to seem pushy, so Pati needs to submit her résumé, but she did put in a good word with Smith in HR.

“My what? What for?”

Her curriculum. The thing everyone else has to put together to get a job.

But Pati doesn’t have one. Maybe she could copy Marce’s!

In HR, Smith reviews Betty’s résumé…she’s got a degree in economics from the University of New Jersey.

Yes, and then she got a postgrad in management and another one in I don’t even know what. She can speak and write perfect English and Spanish. She also speaks French and Italian, plus a little German and Mandarin–but she can learn more if she has to!

Well, she’s overqualified.

Betty says it will be a great opportunity for growth–and then Pati walks in and Betty watches her future job going down the drain.

There was some confusion about one of the models. Naomi. She’s an ex? Previous fling? of Armando’s and Marce had her blacklisted. She gripes about giving up a fashion show to do this fitting, so they still have to pay her!

Inesita says this was her mistake–another model got sick.

Hugo sends Naomi home with her pierna alegre and her útero festivo. He brushes off her insistence that Marce’s just jealous because Naomi knows how to treat a man and says Naomi’s “horizontally accessible.”

In the bathroom, Betty gets a call from Nicolas and tells him it was the same old story.

Nicolas tries to impress a customer by talking loudly on his cell phone about whether his Maserati’s ready to pick up…and is the yacht ready for this weekend? He gets fired.

An angry Naomi heads to the bathroom to strip down for a selfie and send it to Daniel.

And he succumbs.

Marce’s ready to talk to Armando about hiring Pati, but she can’t find him. Pati thinks he went over there. Where the models are.

Betty’s getting an eyeful of Armando and Naomi when her foot slips and she steps into the toilet. She was just…well, she came in before her and then she saw her doing the sexy posing (Betty’s pantomime is hilarious) but she didn’t see a thing!

Marcela is now convinced that Armando’s in the locked bathroom and goes to get the key from Wilson.

Betty puts an end to Armando and Naomi’s bickering about whose fault this is by pointing out the A/C duct. What? He’s never seen an action movie? She has to pop the duct grill, give him a boost, and rescue his shoe.

When Marce comes in, she’s not happy to see Naomi, but both Naomi and Betty insist they’re the only two in there. They got locked in and they were waiting for someone to open the door. No worries, Naomi won’t be back again. V&M’s clothes gave her a rash.

Now Marce’s suspicious of Betty, but Pati says she saw her in Smith’s office. In English, “She’s nobody.”

Ricardo flirts with a model and we learn that “chispas” are sprinkles. Armando drags Ricardo into his office to trade his torn pants for Ricardo’s plaid ones. Dude…those pants and that jacket do not go.

But Marce doesn’t seem to notice. She buys his story about being in Ricardo’s office on a conference call with El Salvador, but she’s still grumpy. Armando starts babbling about how nice it is to see Marce and Pati together. Marce springs it on him that Pati’s going to be his new secretary.

Armando complains to Smith, who doesn’t see what the problem is. She studied economics.

For three semesters!

She speaks two languages.

“Everybody in this country speaks two languages!” (Favorite line of the night.)

Armando explains that Marce wants him watched. There must be another candidate.

Smith says there is, but there’s a huge problem. “She’s ugly.”

“I can’t believe the HR director would say something so stupid!…But how ugly are we talking?”

Betty’s in Times Square when Smith calls her.

Armando keeps whining to Marce that he didn’t even know Naomi was in the building and her insecurity isn’t good for the relationship. (Gaslighting!)

Marce says she’s not crazy! She has reason to distrust him.

Whatevs–she’s not making him accept Pati the spy.

Well, she’s not going to fire Mariana! Besides, Pati’s about to lose her apartment!

Well, that’s what she gets for cheating!

Outside the office, Pati tells Smith that part’s not true.

Armando and Marce are still arguing when Smith introduces Beatriz Aurora Rincón.

Both Armando and Marce say “You?!

What did people say?
  • Coqueto – flirty; what Marcela accuses Armando of being
  • Atento y caballeroso – attentive and gentlemanly; how Armando says he is with women
  • Pasantía – internship; what Betty was working at the bank
  • Tres semestres en finanzas – three semesters in finance; what Pati did at T.U.I.
  • Batracio – amphibian; what Hugo calls Betty
  • Godín – a goth?; what Hugo asks if he’s dressed like
  • El cheapie platoon de allá afuera – the “cheapie platoon” (i.e., normal mortals) outside; what Hugo asks if Betty thinks the models belong to
  • “In memory of Fernando Gaitán” – he was the creator of the original Yo Soy Betty, La Fea. He died on January 29 of this year.
  • This is the theme from the original show, en version urbano.
  • There are billboards advertising La Reina del Sur.
  • In the original show Pati had “six semesters in finance”. It’s a running joke.
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