Betty en NY Thursday 2/7/19 #2

Who are these people?

The character list for the early episodes is here.

What happened?

Armando is insisting on hiring Betty, but no one else is backing him up. Patricia starts getting nervous when Smith starts listing off Betty’s accomplishments. But hey, at least she’s not an olympic medalist! Armando’s dad suggests hiring both Betty and Pati for a month as temps.

Mata’s spying for Daniel V. He’s convinced Armando’s gonna crash and burn. Also there was some drama about a model in the bathroom. Danny tells him to look into it.

Pati and Marce spa. Pati’s sure she can take the job from Betty. Marce warns her to keep her mouth shut about her salary ’cause she’s being way overpaid. Pati takes off after getting a text from Daniel asking her to dinner.

Nicolas is STOKED! Betty beat the pretty girl FOR ONCE!

Betty reminds him she still doesn’t have the job.

Nicolas tells her to forget about the models–that company needs to make money. And what can Betty do?


And then he moves on to asking about The Model In The Bathroom incident.

Armando tries to get “Shannon de Lima” to agree to model for the runway show, but all she’s say is, “Quizás.”

At dinner Daniel asks a few questions and Pati blabs about the 2-secretary situation and Marce freaking out over a model in the bathroom.

Armando assigns Patricia all the public-facing assistant tasks. He wants Betty doing the finances. Pati reminds him she did (say it with me now) tres semestres de finanzas en TUI. She tries to at least get his passwords so she can handle his personal appointments, but oh no…Betty’s doing that too. He doesn’t want to hear another word out of Patricia unless she’s transferring a phone call.

Pati breaks the news to Marce–Betty’s going to be the one handling Armando’s personal appointments.

Armando shows Betty to her dark, creepy office, aka his dad’s file storage room. At least it has a window? He asks Betty to analyze his business plan and tell him what she thinks. He thanks her for “what she did” for him. “In the bathroom.” (Dude…SMH.)

Marcela comes in to scream at Armando for not letting Pati handle his personal appointments. She reminds him he said he’d quit screwing around when they got engaged. He reminds her she said she’d work on trusting him.

OK, but if Betty starts covering for him, she’s fired. Yes, Betty heard the whole convo.

Lunchtime. Pati stares dreamily at Betty’s lunch bag. Betty is quickly claimed by the other assistants and welcomed into the fold. ‘Cause they’re nice like that. And want all the dish on Pati.

Berta is the petite, voluptuous one. Sofia is the one with glasses. Aura Maria is the one with the huge smile. Sandra is the one with short hair. And Mariana is the one with braids.

They try to introduce themselves to Pati, but…well…Pati is Pati. She goes off to have lunch with Marce.

Meanwhile El Pelotón, including Inesita, explain why they’re called that. Hugo called them the “cheapie platoon” (aha!) but they decided they’re the Pelotón de la Belleza No-Convencional. (I have a cold, but I don’t think that’s why I’m crying.)

As Aura Maria says, they’re all lindas, listas y remamacitas. Berta asks who says you have to be 90-60-90 when you can be 90-60-revienta (bust, burst) and still be wonderful.

But hey if she and Pati are both working for Armando and Pati’s at Carmen’s post…where’s Betty?

The “little office” next to Armando’s.

Oh yeah, Betty’s definitely one of them. Berta starts telling her the backstory on Naomi.

Naomi, meanwhile is meeting with Daniel V. He wants to hire Naomi to tell him about her relationship with Armando to stop the wedding. She won’t go for it, but she takes his card.

Betty has All The Passwords now. And nobody’s getting them unless they use her cold, dead finger.

Armando’s babbling about needing the show to go perfect when Naomi tries calling. Then she texts him to meet her at a hotel…or else. And off he goes, trusting Betty to spread his alibi–a meeting with O’Brian at Sportification.

She tries to explain that to Marcela, Pati, and Hugo, but they keep interrupting her. Pati claims she learned how to use the same time-management software NASA uses in her FIRST semester at TUI.

Look, O’Brian at Sportification called Armando for a last-minute meeting.

Except Marcela claims O’Brian is on vacation.

Armando tells Naomi to leave him alone, he’s marrying Marcela, etc. etc. etc. They get interrupted by a friend of Marce’s and Armando even mentions the words “restraining order.” She calls Daniel anyway.

Betty calls Armando to tell him O’Brian’s on vacation and Marce’s furious. Marce, Pati, and Hugo are all in Armando’s office trying to decide how best to catch Armando lying. When Betty (very shakily) confirms he’s with O’Brian, Marce calls O’Brian directly.

But O’Brian is Armando’s bro and he already knew Marce would call, so he covers for Armando.

Back at home, Betty tells Nico about having to cover to Armando AGAIN. But she’s sure she has more to offer this company. She checked over Armando’s business plan and she thinks it’s not bad. She’s going to make some suggestions.

And she’ll get paid overtime for this?

Haha! No. She just wants to show Armando what she’s capable of. He needs a right hand.

What if he’s zurdo? (left-handed)

Well, ok, she’ll be his mano izquierda.

At home, Armando complains to Marce about her (completely justified) paranoia. That’s called gaslighting, Armando.

OK, OK, she’ll back off…but she’d like to announce the date of their wedding at his dad’s retirement party. And then there’s snogging, so I don’t know what they decided.

In the morning, at the office, I’m questioning Armando’s sequin stripe suit. I think it’s supposed to be evocative of a tux but I’m seeing mariachi traje. OK, I’ve made up my mind. I like it.

Armando introduces Ricardo to Betty and he does the usual shocked face until she leaves. Then he giggles about Armando putting her in his dad’s storage room. She should be downstairs scaring off evil spirits.

At the fashion show, Ricardo tries to convince Armando not to make a formal engagement announcement today. He’ll never be able to break it off with Marce if he does that! Plus he’ll leave Ricky alone at the after-party.

Armando’s parents, Patricia, and Daniel arrive. Armando and Daniel bicker and Margarita tells them to behave like adults. Pati tries to flirt with Daniel, but he excuses himself to go talk to “important people.”

I find it completely charming when Ricardo offers “Patty Cake” his arm and says it’s “bubble time”. (And I totally had the thought “Wow, he speaks English real good!” and then I reflected and yeah, that’s racist.)

Hugo comes over to greet Roberto and Margarita. He really wants to show them his “line sheet”? Which means Armando has to call Betty and ask her to bring it over.

Betty wants to take the other Pelotón members with her, but Aura Maria says they’re not allowed. She wants pictures of hotties and Berta wants her to bring back leftovers.

Daniel’s trying to flirt with Tiffany from Patterson. Roberto sits down next to them and we learn that Tiffany is the Armando in her family’s scenario. She hopes her father is as confident when it’s time to hand over the reins. Margarita whisks Roberto away to an interview and Daniel tells Tiffany he’ll call her dad to set up a golf game. (He really can’t see past his own ego, can he?)

Betty’s doing her best to rush past everyone on the escalator, but she still has to deal with the doorman. And she doesn’t have an invitation.

And here comes Mariana, the one assistant who was allowed to be there because she’s handling the guest list and the company’s social media. Mariana comes over and tells the bouncer he’d better let Betty in.

Beyond the velvet rope, they both see Naomi get off the elevator and spring into action…once Mariana gets Betty past another bouncer. Mariana will keep Marcela entertained while Betty keeps Naomi from getting to Armando.

Model styling montage. In the backstage area. The blonde, white models have their hair slicked down flat. Betty’s entranced by the one model with the tight curls. She sees Naomi…and loses her behind a rack of clothes…and sees her going out to the runway…

But it’s not Naomi. It’s one of the models. Betty tackles her but she jumps back up and limps down the runway. There’s one last model to go and she’s not Naomi either. She does wink at Armando, though, and as she comes back up the runway Marce mouths (in Spanish) “She’s fat. And ugly.” I could go on at length about that bullshit, but I’m just gonna tl;dr this for you –DON’T FUCKING DO THAT SHIT! JUST STOP IT! It’s not good for anyone.

Afterwards, Marce complains about “that woman” not having any business here. Armando doesn’t see what the big deal is. He asked her to bring him Hugo’s designs. Ricardo tells Marce to chill and enjoy her night.

Armando goes backstage to talk to the real Naomi, who sure does look like she’s one of the fashion show models. She’s threatening to talk to Marcela and Armando calls her bluff. They can go do that right now, and after he’ll make calls to ruin her modeling career. He won’t let some “crazy” chick ruin his life.

Naomi warns him he’s going to suffer for every woman he’s hurt.

Marce and Pati have just noticed Naomi when Marce’s friend comes over to congratulate Marce on a great runway show and oh by the way she saw Armando at the restaurant yesterday.

Betty’s worried about Armando’s reaction, but Mariana tells her it’ll be fine. Everyone will forget….

Except that video of Betty tackling a model has already gone viral. Hugo’s furious. He calls her a bunch of names, threatens to choke her with her own clothes, swears he’s quitting. Betty goes running out of the backstage area with Mariana chasing after her.

Armando comes in with Ricardo, talking about narrowly escaping Naomi talking to Marce. Armando’s not worried–it’s her word against his. (Creep.)

Ricardo disagrees–now that we’ve got online social networks they’re being watched more than ever in the history of masculine cheating. (True, but also…creep.)

Armando does think Betty’s surprise appearance hurt the show. Ricardo’s like “I warned you.” People like pretty.

Armando agrees he’s going to have to fire her. Mariana’s face: “Oh no he didn’t!” Mariana gets his attention and says she needs to talk to him.

Pati’s walking the empty runway over to Betty, who’s trying to collect the rest of Hugo’s sketches, which Pati refers to as “line sheets.” She thinks “Featriz” should quit before she gets fired. She’s looking forward to being Armando’s only secretary. She echoes Betty’s ballet teacher, saying some people were born to shine and others were born to watch from the ground.

Betty gets home and her dad says he’s made a payment to the lawyer and now he’s confident paying the rest because Betty’s going to be helping out financially. He shows Betty his “lawyer’s” ad on the TV in a commercial featuring women in bikinis at the beach and Pete The Lawyer mixing drinks.

Marce calls the restaurant and finds out Armando was there like her friend said and not in a meeting with O’Brian. Pati figures this must be why Armando hired Betty–to be his accomplice. Marce’s gonna go yell at Armando now, right?

Nope, she’s going to deal with the problem.

Mariana’s worried about leaving Betty alone in her office. She swears Armando’s a good guy, but Hugo….

Smith calls Betty down to his office to fire her.

What did people say?

  • Espantapajaros – scarecrow; what Pati calls Betty
  • Viejo rabo verde – dirty old man; what Betty calls Nicolas
  • Bigotuda – moustached; how Pati describes Betty
  • Alcahueta – accomplice; what Pati assumes Betty’s job is
  • Desubicadas – misfits; what Pati calls the other assistants
  • Chiquero – pigsty; the file room in Armando’s office
  • “Beatriz Aurora Rincón Lozano” – in the original her name was Beatriz Aurora Pinzón Solano.

We’re talking Betty en NY on the forums.

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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

I am really enjoying this show. I don’t know how it stacks up for the rest of you, but I am in love with this.