Entre Dos Amores Friday 2/8/19 #74

Duygu thanks Sahika for everything then goes off to look for Ösgür. Selim is watching them hug and make nice. He offers Sahika a ride home. She accepts.

Duygu finds Ösgür in the office asking someone to double productions. And no, they are not accepting credit. Cash only. The company needs cash. Duygu asks about it. Macit is trying to generate cash. (Look, we all know that I suck at recapping bidness talk.) Duygu invites him to coffee, but he turns her down. He’s too busy with bidness.

Macit tells his parents that the debt is still an issue. Macit is trying to get more investors… cash flow (? My recapping philosophy: if it’s important, they’ll repeat it. Maybe I’ll understand it better next time.) The interest is not helping. They can’t ask for a loan for at least 6 months. If only they could get rid of that interest. Macit suggests they sell the finca. Inci balks, but eventually caves.

Sinasi catches up with Neriman and gives her her birthday gift. She doesn’t really want any reminders of this birthday from hell, but she ends up liking the piano shaped, Für Elise playing music box he gives her. She laughs at the childhood picture that decorates the box. Those were happy times.

Cihan sees Sahika getting out of Selim’s luxury van. He gives Sahika a hard time. What attracts her so much to that van? Cihan doesn’t know what Sahika is up to, but it’s going to end badly for her. He has a point.

Gülter overhears Faiz thanking someone for their help. She tries to get him to talk. Why did he take all his money out of the bank? Is he planning on leaving with Neriman. Faiz won’t tell her anything.

Kader accuses Asli of stealing money from her. How did Asli get the money to pay for the baby things? Emre confirms that he forgot his wallet and that Asli had the money. Asli insists it’s her money, but won’t say where it came from. Asli is screwed. Emre gets physical because she won’t say where she got the money, but if she says where she got the money, Emre will get physical. Ismail stops Emre, but Kader gets mad because Asli is always getting away with stuff because she’s pregnant. What the ever-living hell, Kader? Do you want your son to beat up Asli?

Zehra doesn’t like the idea of Nezahat living with her mother in law. Zehra has seen how Kader treats Asli and doesn’t want the same to happen to Nezahat. Zehra asks her to talk to Asim. They should have their own house. The door bell rings. Nezahat goes to answer. The phone rings and it’s Sra. Suma. Zehra assures her the dress is pretty and it will be ready on time. Nezahat comes up with Rüya. She’s come to drop some papers off for Sinasi. No one knows where he is and his phones seems to be off. Zehra invites Rüya for tea.

Inci brings Macit some coffee (confession: I wasn’t looking at the screen.) Macit is working hard. He wants the company to function. Isn’t that what Inci wanted? She leaves. Macit picks up his phone. He thinks about Sinasi telling him to stay away from him and Neriman.

Selim is glad the family is reunited again. The parents try to get the girls to make up. Duygu agrees to be mature and make up with her sister. After the parents leave, Pelin says she and Macit are better than ever. Macit is over Neriman and doesn’t even think about her. Duygu remembers her conversation with him at the office. Duygu is worried about people being happy at the expense of other’s unhappiness. Pelin doesn’t think that’s happening. She won. No one will be unhappy.

Neriman is still not eating. Gülter is worried. Faiz just gives us a cryptic “soon.” WTH, dude?

Sinasi tells Cihan about Neriman and Macit breaking up. Macit isn’t for Neriman. Cihan whines about Sahika. He can’t live with her and he can’t live without her. Zehra calls and tells Sinasi to come home. Rüya is there.

Inci talks to Kerim about Macit. She’s worried. Kerim is sure it’s just the company affecting him. Inci asks about the guy that came to see Kerim. She could tell Kerim wasn’t happy about him. Kerim just brushes off her concerns.

Sahika tells Neriman she’s not the first woman who was deceived by a guy. Neriman needs to get over it. Neriman blames Sahika and Sahika blames Neriman. Fahriye comes in. She’s worried about Neriman. Neriman is tired and depressed.

Nezahat and Rüya discuss Asim. He clearly loves Nezahat. Talk moves to Sinasi. Rüya can’t figure him out. One minute he seems interested, the next minute he’s not. They both giggle when Nezahat asks if there’s been any more kissing. Sadly, there hasn’t. Sinasi finally gets there. Rüya just brought by some papers. Sinasi says she didn’t need to do that, but you would think he told her to go to hell the way the music got all dramatic and the way Nezahat and Rüya frowned. He offers to walk Rüya to her car, but she declines.

The next morning Neriman tries to skip breakfast so she can get to the school early to study. Faiz makes her take a sammich from Gülter. The most important thing is the kedi (cat) swarm that she feeds. That was the highlight of the episode.

Macit calls a meeting. He wants everyone there.

Asli cries in bed. Kader just thinks it’s Asli being lazy. Kader goes to make her own coffee and finds the money in the cabinet. Of course she hides it so no one will know she found it.

Gülter finds…is it a bus ticket? Faiz won’t say anything. He just wants everyone together at dinner. All will be revealed then.

Sahika tells Macit that Neriman isn’t eating. She’s suffering. He should do something.

Fahriye tells Sinasi that Neriman needed the morning off. Rüya is cranky. There’s no one to take Neriman’s place. Sinasi offers to take her class. Rüya confronts Sinasi. Doesn’t he think that Neriman’s problems are causing problems at the school? Is this why he’s so happy? Is he happy because Neriman broke up with Macit. How is it Neriman’s sadness makes him so happy?

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Gracias, Sara! I agree, the kedi swarm made up for all the misery in the rest of the episode.