Entre Dos Amores Thursday 2/7/19 #73

Fahriye lends Neriman her support. Neriman is tired of crying and hurting. Fahriye tries to see the bright side. Macit planned a lovely birthday surprise! Neriman sighs. Macit put her in this crappy position with her dad. Faiz is furious! A phone call from Cemal interrupts them. Fahriye needs to come to the store. It’s Cihan.

Pelin is waiting for Macit on the boat. She does her fake sweet, understanding girlfriend routine. Macit thinks about Sinasi telling him to leave Neriman alone because she’s not part of Macit’s world. As soon as Pelin leaves, she calls Sahika. Where was Neriman tonight? Sahika tells her all about the blow up with Faiz. Pelin has gotten her way. Neriman and Macit are over. Pelin does that gloaty smirk that infuriates the stew out of me.

Despite Cemal making it seem like there had been a tragedy with Cihan, he seems ok. I mean, he’s mopey…but ok. Fahriye asks if he’s just going to sit there staring at the fire and ashes and he asks her never to use the words “fire” and “ashes” together again. All I can think about is that Fahriye is going to have to pay the credit card bill on a burnt up suit. She and Cihan go home.

Macit is still moping and thinking about his conversation with Sinasi. He thinks about promising Neriman he would make things right. He gets up and leaves the boat. He looks a lot like he just made an important decision.

The next morning at breakfast Neriman is not eating. Gülter reminds her about her classes. She offers to talk to Faiz for Neriman. Neriman says there’s no reason. Everything is changed forever.

At Casa Zehra, Sinasi is in a great mood. He doesn’t need to be sneaking up on people with sewing pins though. Zehra should have given him a harder time about scaring her while she was working. He heads off to work. Nezahat and Zehra noticed what a good mood he’s in. Nezahat says Makbule wants to come talk wedding details later. They’ll invite Gulter too.

Inci is sketching. Pelin comes looking for Macit. Inci informs her that he got to the office super early.

Macit is in his office working hard. He’s 100% focused on work and the business. I swear I heard him say he was going to Paris, but I could be wrong. It was bizness talk. I tend to ignore that. Pelin asks if this means he’s not distracted by anything. He’s not and she’s thrilled to hear it. Ugh. I’m not so happy. Honestly he still looks a little miserable to me.

Sinasi goes to see Asli. Kader kaders. Sinasi tells her to knock it off with the kvetching. He wants to give a little money to Asli to spend on the baby. She doesn’t want it. She worries Emre will get mad. Sinasi insists she take it.

Gülter talks to Faiz. She’s worried. He’s so quiet. He tells her not to meddle. It’s his problem and he’ll deal with it.

Neriman goes to the school. Did Fahriye lie to her about the extra classes? Fahriye admits it. Sinasi wanted to surprise Neriman for her birthday. Fahriye didn’t know Macit would too. Neriman is surprised that Sinasi remembered her birthday. Fahriye tells her Sinasi remembers everything about Neriman. He’s crazy about her! Hablando del Rey de Roma…he walks up and asks to speak to Neriman.

Nezahat and Rüya run into each other while Nezahat is shopping. Oh crap. Rüya tells Nezahat about the kiss (ON THE CHEEK!) Nezahat assumes that explains Sinasi’s good mood and says so to Rüya. According to Nezahat that means Sinasi has made up his mind and Rüya is in his heart. I’m unsure if I should facepalm or head desk….

The Sinasi/Neriman convo wasn’t as dramatic as I thought. Unless I missed something. Neriman thanks him for the party and he swears it’s something he wants to do for all the people who work at the school…you know, for morale.

Emre and Asli are out shopping for the baby. She sees a stroller she likes. Emre makes excuses. He can carry his son. He left his wallet. Asli says she has money. It’s just some she had saved. Emre tells her to buy the stroller. Meanwhile, Kader is at home looking for some of HER money she had tucked away. This is not going to end well.

Faiz sits at Cemal’s café and looks at his bank book. Cemal worries that Faiz is having some trouble and offers to give him some money. Faiz says he just took all his money out of the bank, but there’s no trouble or anything to worry about.

Nezahat, Asim, Zehra and Gülter have tea with the future Mother in law. It’s awkward since she really can’t hear much. Since Asim’s mother can’t live alone, he and Nezahat will live with her. Uh oh.

Duygu asks Macit about “the date.” He doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks Duygu to leave Neriman’s house and make up with Pelin. Pelin overhears and does that gloaty smile again. I hate that look.

Selim and Duygu decide to go out for coffee.

Asli comes home. Kader asks if she’s seen the money that was hidden in the statue. Asli has no idea. Maybe Kader put is somewhere else? Kader notices the stroller, but for now doesn’t seem to be making a fuss about it. I’m just waiting though….

Feyza comes to the office. She thinks Pelin needs to make up with Duygu. Pelin tells her about Macit telling Duygu to come home. Pelin sees this as a good sign. Her patience is paying off. A bouquet of flowers arrives. It’s for Inci. Feyza follows them right into Inci’s office. They are from Kerim. The card says “I love you.” Feyza tells Inci that it’s so sweet that Kerim is still so in love and romantic after so many years of marriage. I think it was a dig, but I didn’t quite get what Feyza was doing.

Feyza and Pelin talk in Pelin’s office. Pelin thinks Macit is finally coming around. She mentions having someone who is keeping tabs on Neriman (?) Kerim and Inci’s reconciliation makes Feyza nervous.

Fahriye tries to get Neriman to eat. Neriman has no appetite and no, she doesn’t want to talk about Macit.

Zehra talks about Nezahat living with her mother in law and Gülter talks about Neriman. It’s more like they are talking to themselves than each other.

Kerim visits Inci, but the secretary interrupts to tell him that Senor Erwin (so says the Spanish CC) is here to see him. There’s dramatic music, but Kerim swears it’s “just a client.”

Cemal stops Gülter on her way back to the house. He’s worried about Faiz. He took all his money out of the bank. Cemal offers to help again.

Sr. Erwin looks like he means srz bidness. Kerim reminds Sr. Erwin he wasn’t supposed to come to the office. Well maybe if Kerim took his calls he wouldn’t have to. So…Sr. Erwin hears the company is better shape. Kerim brags on Macit. It’s all thanks to him the company is doing better, but it’s not completely stable yet. Well Erwin wants to “liquidate” his “account.” Kerim needs more time. Erwin wants his money. Maybe he should check with Kerim’s son? It’s Kerim’s loan, so he will take care of it. Erwin is willing to give him more time. Erwin leaves. Kerim says “Figen” and makes a call. I assume the Turkish audio was informing him and the audience that Figen’s phone was going straight to voicemail.

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