Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 2/6/19 #72

Sahika suggests that Selim not try to drag Duygu out of the house or he’ll send her running to one of her friends from school. And he doesn’t know any of them. Selim doesn’t know how to thank Sahika for keeping an eye on Duygu for him.

Zehra’s not pleased to see how well Sinasi’s dressed for a birthday party. She’s still worried about him getting back together with Neriman.

Cihan’s in a suit. And Cemal can see it’s an expensive one. He must be paying Cihan too much. But yeah, Cihan totally looks…ardiente! (Burning, hot.)

Neriman has yet to make it to her own party. Duygu took her out to where Macit’s boat is docked. She tells Neriman to listen to Macit and listen to her heart. She agrees to stay for five minutes.

Macit’s boat setup is hitting all the romantic notes…flowers, candles, cake. OK, maybe cake’s not exactly romantic, but it can’t hurt!

Cihan gets to the party and Sahika asks if he rented that suit. She begs him to take it back before someone spills something on it. He leaves in a huff and Sahika leaves after he does.

Macit’s still wearing that damned engagement ring and he wants to put the infinity necklace back on Neriman. When she refuses, he tells her to at least take it even if she won’t wear it. He’s been working hard and soon they’ll be able to be together again.

Macit tells Neriman to make a wish on her cake. She’s wishing she can still have this love.

Sahika runs into Duygu…and for no apparent reason, Pelin. Sahika leaves Pelin to try to get Macit’s location out of Duygu. She’s more than happy to tell Pelin that Macit and Neriman are on the yacht together. They love each other–is it really worth it to Pelin to suffer this much over a whim? Does she really think what she feels is love?

Neriman’s official party is dead. Sinasi calls her to remind her she’s supposed to be teaching a class.

Neriman excuses herself and tells Macit none of this was necessary. He begs her to let him take her back and promises no one will see them.

At least people have started eating the food. Faiz went home. Sinasi goes to bring him back.

Macit and Neriman run into him first. Macit’s face: “I seriously cannot catch a break with this guy!” Neriman’s face: “What’s deader than dead?” And then Sinasi sees the three of them standing in the street together. I’d tell him to stay out of this but I know he won’t listen.

Faiz goes the “I’m so disappointed in you” route. Rüya has joined Sinasi at the end of the block and tells him they can go if he wants.

Oh, Rüya. Of course Sinasi doesn’t want to leave.

Asím has decided to go home. Zehra’s furious that Sinasi set this up in the first place and now Neriman didn’t show up. Rüya’s the one who gets to politely tell them Neriman won’t be able to attend and the party’s over. Don’t be asking her where Neriman and/or Sinasi are!

Pelin gets to the yacht and sees the setup. Oh! The cake server handles are pink! She imagines the fabulous night that Neriman and Macit didn’t have.

Macit’s sorry about what happened. I’m with Neriman–sorry? She tells him to go back home. She’s off to prison and she won’t be allowed out anymore. She wishes she had followed her instincts–their dates weren’t a good idea. She doesn’t want to lose any more than she already has. She’s tired.

Sinasi, of course, is not. He hops into Macit’s car and tells him to drive–they’ve gotta talk. (Dude, no, you two do not need to talk. You need to take the yacht out to the middle of the Bosphorus, run out of gas, and be missing for three days before anyone notices.)

Sahika’s alarmed when Neriman gets home. Her dad got home angry. Did something happen at the party? She realizes Neriman didn’t know about the party. So where was she? Sahika seems angry that she went with Macit. Did her dad find out, or what?

Gulter gets home, demanding to know where Neriman was. Sahika says she was with Macit.

Neriman doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She goes upstairs. Sahika thinks Faiz knows already. Zehra’s having trouble breathing.

Sinasi tells Macit he’s brought Neriman nothing but unhappiness. He doesn’t think Macit is a gentleman at all and his honor only comes from money. Neriman has no future with him.

But Sinasi thinks Neriman has a future with him. He’ll get her away from that rich world Macit knows about and then marry her. (Are you kidding me?!) He tells Macit to stay out of their lives.

Duygu doesn’t want to tell her dad about the fight she had with Pelin. What she will tell him is that Faiz and his family are nothing like what he said they were all that time. They treated her like family, and they are. Selim doesn’t want to listen.

Feyza mocks Duygu for falling for their friendly faces.

Yeah, and Pelin has no friendliness in her whatsoever. She’s going up to her room.

Feyza gloats that she couldn’t sleep at Faiz’s “old” house.

Duygu says leaving that house and coming back here was like waking up from a dream. This house is a nightmare.

Feyza can’t imagine why she’s behaving this way.

Fahriye comes over to check on Neriman. Sahika tells Cihan to return that suit already. It’s just not “him.” And he can’t get people to like him by lying to them. He can’t live up to the suit’s image.

Sinasi gets back to the music school. In a good mood. He’s sorry he put Rüya to all this trouble. He suggests they eat some cake. While Rüya’s pulling the candles off the cake, Sinasi kisses her on the cheek.

At the water store, Cihan cries over his suit. He asks if he couldn’t live “like a man” for just one day. To love and to live, you need money. And then he burns the suit, saying it’s better to die. At least that’s free.

Cemal comes in wondering WTF is going on. Cihan says he’s going to forget his dreams. Dreaming is a sin for them.

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