Betty en NY Friday 2/8/19 #3

Who are these people?

The character list for the early episodes is here.

What happened?

The Pelotón kick Wilson out of Betty’s “office” so they can say goodbye. She’s only been there a couple of days and they already thought of her as part of the team. ‘Cause they’re good peeps. Sofia says this breaks the record for a quick turnaround.

Pati backs Marcela up–she was absolutely right to fire Betty. Armando tries calling her, but she smashes her phone again.

Armano tells Ricardo Marcela must have seen Naomi. He got locked out last night. Armando’s pissed that on top of everything else there was also the “disaster” at the show.

Uh, the one that’s making V&M a trending topic?

Nicolas is also thrilled with Betty’s…virality?

Betty’s upset at the loss of another job and the money her dad needs.

Armando gets back to the office with Ricardo and finds out Betty got fired. And he’s stuck with Pati.

Armando goes to yell at Smith. Marcela tells him SHE gave the order. And after what happened yesterday she’s sure Armando only wanted Betty to stay because she’s covering for him. After a quick shouting match, Armando orders Smith to get Betty back to work by noon.

Nicolas is also trying to get Betty a job with his old boss. Sure, he got fired, but the guy loves exploiting geeks. Betty gets the call from Smith, gets herself and Nico turned around and starts heading for V&M.

Armando tells Marcela the truth…well, about the lunch Armando had with Naomi. She threatened to come to the company and he was trying to spare Marcela. He told Naomi to leave him alone.

Ricky interrupts with bad news–Parker cancelled the uniform contract.

This apparently has something to do with Daniel’s golf date with Tiffany’s dad. He’s already made the deal with Daniel and NOW he starts feeling bad about how Roberto’s going to take it and how much it’s going to hurt Armando when he’s just taken the presidency. But whatevs, I guess.

Pati tries to get Armando to give her a lunch order, but he’s busy grabbing Betty on her way in so he can take her to lunch at Le Blanc.

Pati goes running to Marce, but Marce tells her to back off. And of course Pati wasn’t going to get Betty’s salary added to hers! Marce says she’s sure this is Armando rebelling because he felt like she was forcing him to accept Paty. She’s sure Betty will be gone sooner or later.

In the cab, Betty apologizes to Armando for what happened yesterday. Armando tells her not to worry about it. They’ll start fresh.

She gives him permission to call her Betty.

Armando tells her she’s very important to his plans of looking like a competent president. My words, not his. Anyway, Parker’s trying to leave them so he needs Betty to help him come up with a strategy to keep them. Betty’s looking at him all mushy. ‘Cause having someone acknowledge your competence is like, hawt.

I don’t know why all the assistants (except Inesita) have a common office area, but if it means less running around to grab everybody to disseminate chisme it’s cool.

Speaking of chisme…Smith’s pissed off that he has to tell Berta to put Betty BACK on the payroll and no she can’t just copy Pati’s contract info because the contracts are different! AND WHATEVER SHE DOES, SHE CAN’T LET ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE PAY DISPARITY!

Bertha looks it up and Betty’s making $2500 a month (30K annual) and Pati’s making $7500 a month.

At Le Blanc, Betty orders fruit juice…on the rocks. Tiffany from Patterson joins them. She seems a little disappointed that they’re not alone. And also that her dad canceled the contracts over a $2 discount from another provider.

Betty starts talking to her about bad deals and material quality and is she sure and Tiffany makes the “blah, blah, blah” hand gesture and gripes at Armando about her being there. Damnit, Tiffany, I expected more from you!

She takes off and tells Armando there’s nothing she can do. He can try to catch her dad tomorrow at golf.

El Pelotón’s lunch today is cochinita pibil, courtesy of Inesita.

But Sofia has noticed that Bertha hasn’t said a word and she only gets like this when she has big time chisme.

Bertha blinks once for “yes.” They start with the 20 questions and…it’s about Pati?

Pati’s at lunch with Marce and Margarita. She’s trying to convince Margarita that Betty’s dangerous. Margarita tells Paty and Marce to back off–if she’s that bad, Armando will figure it out on his own and get rid of her. They should quit making a fuss over someone so…insignificant.

Pati’s salary is twice what any of the Pelotón are making after years working at V&M. They’re sure it’s because she’s Marce’s BFF. And hey, they can all see that Bertha NEVER opened her mouth to say a word about it, right?

Inesita swears them all to secrecy and says that Betty, especially, can’t find out.

Betty’s moving back into her closet. Armando’s bummed that they couldn’t get Tiffany to listen, but he knows how Betty can help. She looked at his business plan, right?!

Betty remembers looking at it last night with Nicolas and thinking the numbers were too high. Nicolas said suicide would be safer than trying to meet those goals. Betty thinks she can make adjustments, but she’s still going to have to tell Armando that his “plato fuerte” (main dish) is dangerous.

Betty asks Armando for time to review it again and present a report.

Armando’s all for a meticulous, critical review, but it has to be done before he officially takes the presidency in two days. And there’s a department head meeting tomorrow that he wants her to go to.

Hugo comes into Armando’s office screaming that he quits. He’s angry about Betty getting re-hired. She peeks her head around the door and he tells her to get back in there before those snakes on her head turn him to stone. He calls her Medusa to save anyone the trouble of looking up the reference.

Armando tells Hugo that Betty has just talked him into a great idea…Hugo’s going to have complete control of the next collection. They won’t even tell him what scissors to use. He can pick the designs, the fabrics, the models, the location. Well, it was Armando’s idea, but Betty convinced him that with Hugo as designer they’d be running no risk at all. Or he can quit.

Sofia’s husband, Efraín, brings by some cash so the Pelotón can hire mariachis for Don Roberto’s going away party. Bertha doesn’t like Efraín. Sofia says he’s just shy and talks about his rigorous diet and exercise regime. Uh huh…sounds to Bertha like he’s cheating.

Annnnd, he’s cheating. With a very very bad mouse. Because he’s an exterminator.

Doña Julia Skypes with her mom. She’s got problems with her speech, but she can hear just fine. When Betty complains about the world of fashion being harder than she though, abuela whips out her cell phone to show she’s seen the video. “Oh, grandma, erase that!”

Julia gives Betty a pep talk–she’s young and smart.

Betty’s trying her hardest, but there’s a lot of pressure on her.

Armando whisks Marcela away for a romantic getaway…to his parents’ house…for a surprise party. And the announcement that they’ll get married in December. Which still isn’t a date. Just saying.

Bety’s got Armando’s shoe in her little box of treasures. Dude…don’t sniff the shoe! She sniffed the shoe. Uh, where did she get a picture of him? There was about to be a very special moment between her foot and the shoe, but her dad interrupts.

He came to show her his lawyer’s ad in the paper and tell her the lawyer wants more money. He’s got it covered, though.

Engagement party. Champagne. Daniel warns Armando not to hurt his sister.

In bed later, Armando has zero opinions about the wedding. He’ll do whatever Marcela wants…but that doesn’t include firing Beatriz.

Armando catches up to Steve at golf. I’m disappointed he didn’t take Betty with him. Steve defends himself–it was a business decision.

Betty’s yawning on the ferry. She was up all night revising Armando’s business plan to make him look good. Nicolas doesn’t see how she could do that.

Betty said she made a few adjustments.

Ha! Even if her boss didn’t touch a penny of his budget, it still wouldn’t be enough.

Armando offers Steve a $3 unit discount to come back. Some things are more important than money.

On the ferry, Nicolas says saving in the fashion industry is a contradiction in terms.

But if they don’t…they’re dead. And Armando believes in her, so she won’t let him down.

Nicolas thinks she’s got a crush.

Betty admits to being optimistic, but not that much! Armando would never go out with someone like her.

Nicolas says she’s got her charms…hidden ones, but they’re there…she’s smart, her eyes are sincere…

Betty knows what people see when they look into her eyes…3.2 of astigmatism and 2.5 of myopia.

Mariana swears to Marcela that she and Betty were just trying to keep Naomi away from Armando (As opposed to? Trying to let them meet in secret?) Marcela accepts that for now, but warns Mariana that she doesn’t like working with people she can’t trust.

Y’all, I don’t know what to tell you about Betty’s dad. Blabbing on his cell phone about having cash for a lawyer. He gets mugged.

Paty’s hanging out in Marce’s office talking about the party. And then she comes up with the brilliant idea that she should plan Marce’s wedding.

Marce’s fine with it, as long as she doesn’t say anything to Armando. What she really needs Pati to do, though is spy on Betty. Yes, Pati, the [insert stream of insults here].

Daniel wants Armando out of the company. His spy, Mata, gets him all fired up about the flaws in Armando’s business plan. Daniel wants Mata to make a report at the next meeting (after the one today, I’m assuming). At which point Daniel expects Armando to be kicked out and Mata can be his second-in-command.

Betty’s putting folders together for the meeting when her mom calls and says her dad’s at the police station. She leaves Pati to distribute the folders for the department head meeting and tell Daniel it’s a consolidated report.

Pati totally takes credit. I’m not gonna do it here, but if you come by the forums I have a story.

Betty gets to the police station. We already know her dad got mugged. And what they took was all of his and Betty’s mom’s retirement savings. Betty tells him to chill–he’s always worked to support the family and now it’s her turn.

She gets a call from Armando asking where she is. Her dad thinks she should go back to work. He’ll be fine.

Back at work, Betty hears Roberto’s praise for her report. He thinks it’s silly for Armando to have two secretaries when obviously Pati can do it all.

Armando doesn’t want to fire Betty. She had an emergency today, but if his dad could just hear her, he’d know Betty’s way more competent than Pati. Marcela just wants to impose Pati on him.

Roberto figures you do what you gottta do. And the way Betty looks…he’s trying to protect the company. But it’s Armando’s decision.

Margarita praises Pati for taking advantage of every opportunity.

Marce, however, doesn’t believe it’s Pati’s work. But since Pati insists it is, maybe she can clarify a couple of points about last year’s sales….

From the look on Pati’s face Marce gets her answer. But Pati won’t tell her how she got the report. The less Marce knows, the better.

Marce warns her that if she does anything illegal, she’s not going to be able to protect her.

Armando sees Betty lurking by his desk and starts screaming at her about how she’s finally deigned to show up, and he hopes her “emergency” is resolved, and didn’t he tell her he NEEDED her in that meeting? Doesn’t she know how much he’s had to defend her to everyone. He doesn’t want to hear any explanations. All he wants are results!

Betty finds Pati in the bathroom and accuses her of stealing the report. Marce gets there in time to hear Pati saying all she did was put one report at every person’s place like Betty told her to do and if people drew conclusions….

Marce asks Betty if what Pati said is true.

Well, then, teamwork! They both work for Armando and they should support each other. In fact, Betty should be thanking Pati. And now, not a word to Armando about this. They don’t want any…misunderstandings.

The cast reactions to seeing the premiere episode were cute, but I wasn’t expecting the show to cut off there!

What did people say?
  • La gárgola – the gargolye; what Patti calls Betty
  • Horrípida – horrifying?; how Patti describes Betty
  • Ah, Le Blanc…in Yo Soy Betty, La Fea the fancy restaurant everyone wanted to go to was Le Noir.

We’re talking Betty en NY on the forums.

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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

“At Le Blanc, Betty orders fruit juice…on the rocks.”

That was so darling to me! The shoe thing though….I wish it hadn’t gone there.

I love your little notes comparing this and Yo Soy Betty, La Fea.