Betty en NY Monday 2/11/19 #4

Who are these people?

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What happened?

Demetrio skipped the hospital after the police station. ‘Cause there’s no money. At least NOW he tells Julia their retirement savings are gone. Ooh, and admitting he’s being sued and might lose his license. Julia’s mostly worried about him.

The Pelotón have enough cash to hire mariachis and get Doña Margarita a gift. Sofia’s thinking a nice brooch.

At lunch Pati’s looking around for celebs. Of course she wouldn’t ask for an autograph! “That’s so ’90s.” She’d get a selfie.

She does see Daniel V come in and waves at him. Marce tells her to cut it out. Danny’s over there with Mata–his plant at V&M. She hopes he’s not planning something.

Julia’s angry at Betty for not telling her about the lawsuit. She’s never seen Demetrio look this depressed. Betty promises to talk to him about going to the doctor.

Betty and Nico get a “table” at their usual place. A hot dog cart. She vents about Pati, she vents about Armando not letting her explain, she vents about Marce telling her to keep quiet.

Nicolas tells her to quit caring so much about work, then. She’s got higher standards than what they value at that company.

Marce warns Armando that she thinks Daniel is going to try something last-minute to keep him from getting the presidency.

When Betty gets back to the office, Armando asks about that review of the business plan Betty had promised him. Pati interrupts, blabbing about lunch and Armando ignores her. The business plan?

Well, see, Betty was thinking since Pati did such a great job with the report and she’s got all the numbers in her head, maybe she could do it.

Armando thinks that’s a great idea! (Muahahahahaha!)

Ricardo tries to flirt with Pati, but she’s busy freaking out. She complains about not getting to celebrate how well it went for her at the meeting. He offers to take her out, but Pati would rather have dinner at her place. Chinese food. The “fancy” kind. She’s expecting to get Ricky to do her homework for her…which is only slightly less of a bad idea than her doing it herself.

Sofia’s at Macy’s to buy Doña Margarita’s present, but she stops off in lingerie first…and sees her husband, Efrain. She thinks he bought the leopard print thong for her.

Let’s cut to the chase–Efrain is in Macy’s with his girlfriend so now Sofia knows he’s cheating.

Julia confronts Betty again when she gets home. She’s disappointed Betty didn’t trust her…is there more she needs to know?

Betty tells Julia the truth about her job. She complains that it’s not like her face helps. Julia’s irritated that Betty’s acting like this is a beauty contest and says it’s her abilities that count.

Nope. Not out there.

Julia doesn’t want her to keep the job if she’s being mistreated, but Betty insists.

Pati underpays the delivery driver from the Chinese food restaurant around the corner (yeah, somebody better be making a note about “no more deliveries to _”). She puts the food in takeout containers from the “fancy” place.

Good thing Ricardo brought wine. Pati says she can only have one glass ’cause she’s got some important work to do….

Sofia screams at Efrain about Ratoncita. Jenny is her name. They’re in love.

Sofia kicks him out. And even if Jenny dumps him he’d better not come back.

Yes, I skipped all the insults.

Pati. Ricardo. Wine. Flirting. “Help me with the business plan!” Hey, not that she doesn’t like him for things other than his brains, but right now….

Oh, Ricky knows what he can help with. One “no” should have been enough to stop, but for all the dudes out there who think taking “no” for an answer somehow means they’re never going to have sex, Pati brings you hope. When Ricky backs off, she changes her mind and jumps him. Enthusiastically. Who says consent isn’t sexy?

Betty’s working on the business plan AND trying to convince herself it’s not her job at the same time.

Thoughts of Armando dance in her head….

Betty wakes up with the computer in her bed.

Ricardo wakes up in Pati’s bed. Armando’s already at the office waiting for him. Ricardo claims traffic’s bad. He yells to Pati to wake up.

Armando’s mostly alone at the office and insisting everyone else is late. The maintenance guy tries to put in a good word for Aura Maria. She’s always on time. She’s probably making coffee or something. Armando grumbles about docking everyone an hour’s pay.

Nico calls Betty from work. She admits she did the work on the business plan.

Armando calls and yells at Betty for not being at work yet. He yells at Ricardo and Pati when they come in. Pati complains about needing another week to finish the report.

Everybody starts showing up for the meeting.

Betty stops at the reception desk to catch her breath and Armando tells Aura Maria to send Betty to his office NOW.

He fires her.

So she pulls out her analysis of his business plan, with corrections and hands it over before packing up her stuff. Suddenly, all is right in Armando’s world.

Betty comes out of her office with her box of stuff and now he’s all “Hey, Betty…are you nuts? I didn’t fire you! You were about to present this report to the board. You said I could count on you–you’re not going to fail me now!”

Armando comes in with Ricardo and Betty and Daniel starts in on him being late. Did he maybe decide to forfeit the presidency?

Armando wants to know what Mata’s doing there.

Daniel wanted Mata there to advise him about the faults in Armando’s business plan.

Armando says those have been corrected and tells Betty to present the report. Daniel’s like “We’re here to listen to your secretary?” He tells Betty to get him a coffee.

Armando tells Betty to stay put and orders Patricia to bring everyone coffee. Which was kind of insulting. And I don’t even like Pati.

The Pelotón are getting ready for Roberto’s going away party, but Sofia wanders in late. With the Macy’s bag with the thong in it. Which is not Margarita’s gift.

La Cucarachita made breakfast for Efrain. Hey, she took the name–I could’ve kept going with Ratoncita or Jenny.

Efrain announces that he’s left Sofi. He’ll just go home for his stuff and move in here. Jenny spits coffee.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón suggest various methods to get revenge on that cheating creep Efrain. Inesita counsels peace and forgiveness.

Well, Sofi’s definitely not gonna forgive him! She’s worried about having to support the kids alone.

Betty. Numbers. Mata insists Betty’s using the wrong prime rate…but Betty knows her stuff and they can call the Fed if they don’t believe her.

Something about Euros. Betty has an answer.

Daniel asks something else. Betty can’t believe Daniel had the wrong info, being a finance guy himself.

Pie chart. Betty says it’s a realistic pie. Even Mata starts to automatically applaud.

And now it’s time to sign the paperwork so Armando becomes president. They didn’t get him a Burger King crown too?

After the meeting, Roberto tells Armando he wasn’t wrong about Betty. And he’s glad. He’s handing Armando a business without debts or problems and Armando’s just gotta keep it that way.

When the company started, Roberto had problems, but he slept well at night knowing he was limpio, transparente, y honesto (clean, transparent, and honest). Whatever happened, he might lose the company, but what he wouldn’t lose was his freedom, his integrity, or his reputation.

Dirty business creates problems, involves a lot of people, and the pressure leaves you sleepless. You end up in jail or fleeing the country.

Armando’s like “Why are we having this conversation?”

Because Roberto knows the temptation is there. He has to learn to turn it down.

The Pelotón have moved on to discussing child support. And Sofia’s pay. And how little it is compared to Patricia’s.

Betty hears Bertha say Pati makes 3x what they make.

Armando and Ricardo have a celebratory drink. They’re patting themselves on the back when Betty comes in…and then they’re distracted by the sound of mariachis.

Roberto thanks everyone. It’s a tough moment for him after so many years of fighting for this company, but everything ends. They were never his employees…they’re family.

Bertha tells Roberto and Margarita on everyone’s behalf that they’ll miss them. Did Sofia just hand over the thong? Aura Maria gives Margarita flowers. Everyone toasts with champagne. The mariachis get going again. Hugo’s a jerk about the whole thing.

Armando wants to find Betty to congratulate her, but Marce tell him he can find her later.

Out front, Betty’s pressured into getting into Daniel’s car.

At least Wilson knows where she went.

Daniel gives Betty a tour of his office and asks her to work for him….

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