Betty en NY Tuesday 2/12/19 #5

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What happened?

Daniel was impressed with what Betty did in the meeting and he’s offering her a much bigger salary, plus health insurance for the whole family. He doesn’t think she should waste her time being Armando’s secretary.

Betty turns him down. He calls her stupid for rejecting his offer.

Oh, no, she’s not stupid. She knows he’s doing this to hurt Armando and not to help her.

Daniel warns Betty that when Armando goes down, she’s going with him.

Don Roberto’s party is breaking up. Is the mariachi singer the maintenance guy?

Efrain calls Sofia to tell her he’s seriously, for real, leaving tonight.

Betty tells Nico she turned down Daniel’s deal. She’s loyal to Armando…even if she’s not taking his calls. She’s worried he knows about Daniel’s offer.

Nico thinks it might get Armando to raise her salary. She’s already lost her chance to be beautiful.


Because there’s a dicho that says “There are no ugly women, just poor ones.”

Armando’s still trying to call Betty. Ricky warns him that Betty maybe loyal, but she’s ugly. And when an ugly girl falls in love she’ll do anything. He wouldn’t put it past Daniel to be whispering sweet nothings in her ear to find out everything that’s going on at V&M. (Kicking you in the shins right now, Ricky.)

Betty almost gets run over near her house.

Oh great. This version has the gang of neighborhood bullies. Is that Gabriel Coronel? Now I have mixed feelings. We’re clearly stuck with them, but…Gabriel Coronel. Uh, or rather “Ignacio.”

Sofia and Bertha are waiting for Efrain to show up. Bertha tells her to play it cool and show Efrain what he’s losing.

But Jenny starts smooching him in view of the front door, on purpose, and Efrain’s stuff comes flying out the front door as Sofia screams at him.

Armando’s still worrying about what Daniel’s up to. It’s not like he’s in the habit of giving secretaries rides home. Marce figures he’d better ask Daniel tomorrow. And ask Betty.

Betty tries to convince Demetrio to go to the doctor, saying she’ll borrow money from work. And he shouldn’t worry about it–he and her mom are the most important people in her life.

Ignacio’s outside waiting for Betty when she leaves in the morning. He’s checking up on her after the gang nearly ran her over yesterday. Betty tells him not to worry about it. She’s used to it.

Well, he intends to treat her like a princess. He says. And hands her a box of chocolates.

Betty gets to her office and finds Armando lurking in there, wanting to know what happened with Daniel.

She explains that Daniel offered her a job and a good salary, but she knows he was only doing it to get at Armando, so she turned him down. She wants a chance to show Armando what she’s capable of.

Armando wants a meeting in ten minutes with all the department heads and he wants Betty in that meeting. And why is she walking out? This is her office! *snort*

Marce asks Daniel what happened with Betty. He has no problem telling her, but he’s suspicious about why someone like her would be working as Armando’s secretary. And the “idiot” turned him down. He suspects Armando made her some big promises.

Aura Maria brings Ricardo an invitation to a gallery opening and flirts. He flirts back, but he doesn’t ask her to the opening.

Inesita saw Aura Maria sighing over Ricardo and tells her he’s not the guy to love and support her and her son.

Sofia tells Sandra, Mariana, and Bertha that she ripped everything she threw at Efrain in half before she threw it at him. Bertha’s worried that Jenny’s going to end up with Efrain, the house, the car, the kids….

Sofia says there’s no way he’d take the kids’ college money.

Yes, Efrain and Jenny are at the bank taking the money out of the kids’ college fund so Sofia doesn’t get it all.

IT’S DON ARMANDO, Y’ALL! The OG Don Armando! What’s he doing here?

Um, ok, so department head meeting–Beatriz has to approve all movements of money. Hugo takes great offense. I take great offense at Hugo calling her “that thing” and insulting her looks.

Mata’s the VP of finance, huh? He’s threatening to quit and Armando’s fine with that. He knows Mata’s Daniel’s plant. He tells Mata to hand over “all the information” to Beatriz.

On his way out, Mata tells Pati that Armando just gave Betty his job. And he can do it ’cause he’s the president.

Pati says Beatriz isn’t. She gets Mata all fired up about Betty wanting to get her hands on the company. They have to stop her! She has “no idea” what to do, but they’ll think of something.

Ricky tells Betty she’d better wear a bulletproof vest for a while. And he’s outtie.

Marcela asks Hugo what’s going on. He exaggerates about all the horrible fabrics Beatriz is going to make them buy. Marcela goes off to ask someone more…reasonable.

Hugo tells Pati he’s seen a lot of telenovelas and when someone says “Esto no se va a quedar así” it always does.

OK, Betty’s grateful for what Armando’s doing, but she doesn’t want problems with Marce…or Hugo…or Mata!

Armando says she’s already saved his bacon with that report yesterday. He takes her hands to thank her very sincerely…

And Marce walks in.

Mata’s blaming Daniel for getting fired or demoted or whatever. And Daniel’s not going to hire him. He’d better stick around if he doesn’t want Beatriz getting his job at V&M.

Nacho sends Betty a selfie.

Mariana’s reading the virtual cards for Sofia. She’s been telling her for a month–bad vibes and a woman working on the shadows.

Well, what was she supposed to do? Follow Efrain around?

Inesita scoffs at the card reading, but the others insist Mariana’s their cyberwitch and she’s good. So now they want her to ready Betty’s cards.

Betty chooses love for the topic of her reading. In the present we have a guy who’s very important. Betty is sensitive, next to an important man…very close. Third card–the lovers. Betty’s crazy in love with some guy and he’s new in her life. He’s going to change her life and she’s going to change his.

Marce complains that Armando’s humiliating Mata.

Hey, he’s the one who chose Daniel’s side. Isn’t she the one who warned him about Daniel?

Oh yeah, well…did he know Daniel tried to hire Betty?!

Yep. And he also knows she turned him down. That’s loyalty. And now if Marce could please quit questioning every decision he makes….

Sure thing, “Mr. President.”

The Pelotón are wondering who the important guy is. Betty says the only important guy in her life is her dad.

Nu uh, ’cause The Lovers say that’s not possible.

Aura Maria guesses Armando, but Betty says there’s NO WAY! He’s ENGAGED!

Oh, good, then Betty won’t suffer the same fate as his last assistant, Luisa. She fell for him and when she found out about Marcela she went “crazy” and quit and they have no idea where she ended up.

Betty figures the important man must be…Nicolas. Are they going out? No, but they’re neighbors.

Armando complains to Ricardo that all he and Marcela do lately is argue. For some bizarre reason, Ricardo thinks the thing to do is download a “Perfect Match” app and tell Armando to touch the screen.

A picture of Betty appears. Ha-frickin-ha.

Nicolas is waiting for Betty when she gets out of work. He jokes that he said he’d pick her up in the limo so they could go to the Hamptons.

But seriously, why is she dragging him down the sidewalk?

Betty says it’s nothing.

Ignacio’s over at Betty’s house. Having agua de jamaica. Grandma’s recipe. He came over to invite Betty to a party on the weekend.

She, um, doesn’t really go out. She doesn’t dance.

He seems convinced they have a thing.

Pati tells Marce she’s found the solution to all her money problems: Ricardo. Who she thinks values her intelligence.

“Patricia…have you learned nothing?” Ricardo’s never going to ask her to marry him.

Well, she’s not asking for marriage…she just wants him to move in and pay her bills.

Marce’s ignoring calls from Armando.

Doña Julia stops by Betty’s room before bed to ask about that Venezuelan guy. He seems nice.

Betty says after everything that happened….

Julia thinks it’s been long enough for Betty to give her heart another chance. She’s beautiful, even if she can’t see it. And she deserves someone who loves her and wants to build a family with her.

They agree to keep this from her dad.

Betty gets a text from Ignacio.

Betty’s trying to explain to Armando that they can’t follow his business plan as he wrote it and still meet the goals. They have to reduce costs. They could maybe try to use less expensive fabrics? From a financial standpoint she doesn’t see another way, but it’s really up to him.

Armando says they’ve gotta keep it quiet. All the reports from each department will be completely confidential.

Mata drops off his report of the week’s expenses and tells Betty to send him the consolidated report when it’s done.

Oh, no, what comes to the president’s office stays in the president’s office.

Mata gets insulting, but whatevs. She’s not handing anything over.

Pati is under the mistaken impression that she and Ricky have reached the point in their relationship where he should be sending her his location whenever he’s not with her.

Ricky reminds her they have a no-fraternization policy at V&M…and, um, he’s got a conference call. He locks her out of his office and gets back to his game of solitaire or whatever.

Well, that was quick. Betty went someplace and ran into Nacho. Snogging someone else.

What did people say?
  • Suripanta – ummm, cheap whore?; what Bertha calls Jenny
  • If my screeching earlier didn’t alert you, the guy who got off the elevator was Jorge Enrique Abello, the original Don Armando.
  • Mata accidentally calls Betty “Señorita Pinzón,” Colombian Betty’s name.
  • Mariana also read the cards in the original, but now she’s doing it virtually. And at least in the original, as in most telenovelas, the cards never lie.
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Thanks Kat! “Oh great. This version has the gang of neighborhood bullies.” Was this gang in both previous versions? Twitter had alerted me to the appearance of the Original Armando and un this case I was glad for the spoiler because it would have flown right over my head. I’m impressed with Aaron Diaz as skeevy jerk. I’ve only seen him in galan roles. Speaking of galan… I’m glad that Armando isn’t a total tool in this. I like knowing that he really is a good guy and we don’t have to dig too deep to find it. In other… Read more »