Betty en NY Thursday 2/14/19 #7

Betty finishes hugging Armando (who doesn’t seem as taken aback as he should…I think that makes him good peeps.) Mom comes out for awkward introductions. Armando was just returning Betty’s phone. Betty’s mom is happy to meet him and invites him in. Betty’s dad would love to meet him too! Armando is exceptionally nice to her (good peeps I tell ya.) In fact, he seems rattled by the kindness (Recapper’s face: overthinking.) He begs off, saying he’s got to go meet his fiancee.

Patricia meets Marce at a restaurant. Marce is surprised since she thought Patricia had a date. Patricia whines and orders a bottle of wine (heh.) Ricardo shows up with his date. Patricia reminds him of his “family engagement” excuse, so he says the date is his cousin. Patricia tells him she looks young enough to be his daughter and prattles on about sexual harassment and hopefully the girl won’t sue him…that seems to be the fashionable thing these days (glare.) Ricardo is just glad his date doesn’t speak Spanish. He shuffles her away to their table.

Giovas (with the help of the NYPD flashing lights) rescues Aura María from some shady, threatening guys. At her house he nags her about going home by herself. She lives in a bad neighborhood! He could take her to work everyday. She reminds him about her son. They can’t ALL fit on the moto. Giovas offers to come get the child early and take him to preschool while Aura Maria gets ready (phrased as “getting yourself all pretty to come to work.) Then Giovas can come back and they can go to work. No way is Aura letting her child get on that moto. He tries some more wooing, but Aura friend zones him.

Betty fills her mom in on Naco’s intentions. He was only out for the green card. Demetrio wakes up and asks about the voices he heard. Those pain pills really knocked him out. Betty explains it was a delivery guy from the company. He brought by her phone. Julia sends Dad back to bed.

Betty cries to Cuquito. She wasn’t born for love. She’ll never have a family or husband or children. She’s ugly. But she’s not giving up. Her work can save her. After her dad, Armando is the only person who gave her an opportunity, who supported her, who believed in her.

Patricia’s car tire got the boot…for non-payment. She tries to tell the garage guy she’s the daughter of some big wig. When she calls the attorney general they hang up on her. Ha!

Armando and Ricardo are on the links talking bidnez so um…yeah (which is me avoiding eye contact since I never quite catch bidnez talk and the recap suffers.) Fabric costs? Something like that? They have a meeting with Mr. Thompson. A long time associate of Armando’s dad. Sr. Thompson hopes that he and Armando will have just as good a business relationship…and wonders if Armando plays golf better than his dad (?) Armando’s phone rings, but he’s left it in the golf cart. It’s Betty calling.

Hugo is excited about all the fabrics and the new line. He gushes to Inesita. This line will mean that he can come in contact with a very special person. Someone he’s loved for a long time. Love is in the air Inesita! She tries to warn him not to get carried away.

Betty is looking for Armando. He forgot to sign the checks for the suppliers and if they don’t take care of it they’ll will be a penalty to pay. Aura Maria gets in touch with someone (yeah, I totally missed who) and finds out Armando is at the club. Aura leaves us with a pro tip for locating execs: follow social media.

Giovas and his moto take Betty to the club. They split up to find Armando. Betty goes tearing off onto the links. Ricardo sees her and tries to signal to her. Armando notices her and tries to keep Sr. Thompson from seeing her (why the hell would he do that? Are her looks really going to destroy a deal? Am I supposed to just go with this?) Betty gets hammered with a flying golf ball.

Pati has a run in with the Pelotón. Apparently they are reheating gross, unhealthy, fatty foods. Mata comes looking for her. They need to talk.

When Betty comes to, she reminds Armando that he forgot to sign the checks and they need to get them to the supplier before 2 or pay the penalty. Armando thanks her and signs the checks. He invites her to join them for lunch. Giovas gets sent back ot the office. Aw! Poor guy! Marce thinks Armando is nuts for inviting Betty. Armando thinks no one knows Thompson’s stores like Betty. Armando needs her there.

Pati and Mata cook up a plan to hack Betty’s computer to prove Betty is hiding information (so, I suck and espionage recapping too.) Pati goes to Ronnie, the IT guy. She welcomes him to the company. He reminds her he’s been there 10 years. He says hello to her every day and she doesn’t even acknowledge him. Pati claims it’s her myopia that has kept her from noticing. She needs his help getting into the computer of Featriz…er…Beatriz. Armando needs a report that’s there. Ronni refuses. He can’t touch any machine without the permission of the employee (but…the machines belong to the company, don’t they?) Pati is “Ok. Cool. I’ll let Armando know you didn’t want to help.” Ronnie agrees to help.

Mr. Thompson is not sure about carrying the new prêt-à-porter line. He’s always just carried V&M lingerie. Thompson asks what Betty thinks. She knows all about the sales of Thompson’s store and his target customer. Thompson is impressed with Betty’s answer. The deal gets sealed. He’ll wait for Hugo’s sketches. Ricardo still advises Armando not to bring Betty next time.

New character Don Fabio arrives at the V&M offices. The ladies of the Pelotón are atwitter. He’s a cutie! Hugo arrives. Obviously this is special person he was talking about earlier. He tells the zopilotes (vultures) to stop zopiloteando (coll. Wolfing down food.) Pati laughs at the Pelotón. Didn’t they know Fabio was Hugo’s boyfriend?

Ronnie gets into Betty’s computer, but there are multiple layers of passwords and security. Mata asks if Ronnie could get in if they took the computer back to Ronnie’s office. Ronnie says he could. For half a second he is suspicious about Mata and Pat’s actual motives. Mata explains that Betty is hiding things and they are trying to find proof. That’s good enough for Ronnie. He says he can claim there’s a virus and take the computer to work on it. Ronnie wants Pati to go to dinner with him though.

On the ride back to the office Armando thanks Betty again for averting a crisis. He’s going to call the bank and get her authorized to sign checks. Then he says he’s going to make her his personal assistant. Betty cries. No one has ever treated her so well.

Hugo and Fabio enjoy a romantic lunch(?) in a fancy schmancy restaurant. Hugo proposes marriage.

Demetrio goes to visit the slimy lawyer. The lawyer has gotten the neighbors to agree to a $50,000 settlement. Demetrio doesn’t have that kind of money! The lawyer counters that going to court will cost even more.

Sofi finds out that Efraín didn’t pay for the boys’ soccer. He’s spending all his money on the new girlfriend. The Pelotón tell her to get a good lawyer and sue Efraín. Betty excitedly comes in and swears them to secrecy…Armando has made her his assistant!!! Squeee! Dammit. Patricia was hiding in one of the stalls.

Pati goes running to Marce. If Betty is Armando’s assistant, that will make her Pati’s boss! Sob! Marce is going to see about this. Betty is not going to be there to help hide Armando’s flings. (I ask myself if Marce gives a crap about the business because Betty has shown herself to be a damn competent financial person…more so than freaking Mata. Come to think of it, what the hell has Daniel done?)

Betty hands over the numbers from the last trimester. It’s not good. At all. The sales are very low. There’s no capital. They’ll need to get a loan. Armando asks Betty to keep it all confidential. He also wants Ricardo to get a copy. Ricardo comes in after Betty leaves. Armando shows him the numbers. Things are bad. Betty had authorization at the bank to do whatever she needs to do. Ricardo is shocked. Even he doesn’t have that. Marce barges in and asks about Betty’s new position. Armando’s surprised silence is all the confirmation she needs.

Betty catches Fabio snogging…a female employee. Betty is flustered and backs out.

Armando berates Betty (maybe that’s a strong word) for talking to anyone about the new position. Now she’s not getting the promotion. (Recapper pause to curse.)

Betty goes to see the Pelotón. They swear they didn’t breathe a word. Hugo and Fabio interrupt to announce their engagement. Betty is shock-fused (shocked and confused.) Fabio asks if she has something to say. Nope. She shakes her head.

Armando and Ricardo are still freaking out about the numbers. If only they were 1 or 2 points higher. Ricardo suggests they maquillar the numbers (fudge the numbers.) Armando goes straight to Betty and asks if she’ll put a little make up on those numbers. Groan.

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