Betty en NY Wednesday 2/13/19 #6

What happened?

Well, that was quick. Betty hears Ignacio telling his apparent girlfriend that he’s practically married to Betty and soon he’ll have his green card. (1. Asshole! 2. It no longer works that way, writers! 3. On second thought maybe he got bad legal advice or hasn’t been paying attention.)

Armando wants Hugo to check out the new fabric supplier. They’re Canadian. And there’s one Italian guy.

Hugo’s like, whatever. This is gonna cost you.

When Pati emerges from Ricky’s office, Sandra’s laughing. She said her boss was busy! Cue smack talk.

Betty sits at the diner counter, listening to Ignacio plot with his girlfriend. He’ll close his eyes and think of whatsername whenever he’s with Betty and once he gets his permanent residency, he’ll ditch her.

Armando stops by Marcela’s office to talk about “them.” They’ve been fighting a lot lately and he wants to apologize. She blames Betty. Armando tells her to back off, this is about them. It’s the job that has him stressed. Marcela wonders if it’s the job or the engagement.

Mata’s venting about Betty in the copy room. This time, he’s pissed off about making all the department reports being confidential. Once again, Pati says they’ve gotta get rid of her.

Armando insists he wants to get married, he’s just never been under this kind of pressure. He’s having to live up to his dad, who was an amazing president. Marcela’s sure he’ll end up being even better than his dad. They shouldn’t let V&M separate them. It’s just a job.

Walking into the bank, Betty remembers the time some jackass in grade school flirted with her so she’d give him the answers to a test. Armando calls and tells her to hurry up–he wants her to come with him to meet the fabric supplier.

Armando complains to Ricky that it’s like his dad knew their business plan was going to be a failure. Ricky makes confused faces as Armando explains that Betty fixed the numbers, but she also said the plan was risky.

Ricky’s idea of a pep talk is reminding Armando of the time they went to Monaco. Besides, Ricky believes in him. They’ll be successful and reach their goals.

First they’re gonna get past this supplier meeting and when Armando’s got his plan all worked out THEN he’ll tell Marcela and Hugo.

Demetrio and Julia meet with the skeevy lawyer. His plan is to go to each of the litigants and get them to agree to a payoff. How are they gonna get the money? Not his problem!

Julia doesn’t like this guy. Go figure.

At the supplier’s warehouse, Hugo’s like a designer in a fabric store. He sees it all, he touches it all, he wants it all.

Betty tells Armando this is never going to work. They need to cut material costs down to 1/4.

Armando says they can’t lower quality. They have to find lower prices on the same or almost the same fabrics. He’ll figure out how to talk Hugo into it.

Betty says she doesn’t know anything about fashion. She’s all about the numbers. Armando says she knows enough to help him with this, right? And it’s going to be their secret. Betty jokes that calladita se ve mas bonita, but the joke falls flat.

Pati asks Marce about the no-fraternization rule. Marce says it’s real, but it’s for employees not the owners. Is she asking because of Ricardo? ‘Cause that’s never gonna happen. Ricardo’s never gonna settle down. He’s probably dating several women right now.

Oh, yes, the mariachi singer is the maintenance guy. And he brought a Lego set and a toy car for Aura Maria’s kid. He watches her drooling over Ricky when he picks up his mail.

Armando shows Betty the building where his dad and Papa Valencia started V&M.

And then he takes her someplace he never takes anyone else…they make the best meatballs in the city and there’s a picture of Armandito and his dad hanging on the wall.

He remembers his dad and Alfredo arguing about what to do to keep the business going. Armando suggested letting people go, but Roberto wouldn’t do it. He said he’d rather mortgage his apartment, sell his car, anything but leave families without work. And he told Armando someday he’d have to make those same decisions.

Armando tells Betty his dad never sacrificed his employees and he hopes he’ll never have to either. Betty’s optimistic that not only will he reach his goals but he may even generate more jobs in the process.

The restaurant owner comes over to greet him and shows them to a table.

Oh, good grief. Aura Maria and Pati are fighting in the bathroom. Aura Maria sprayed Pati with air freshener. I shouldn’t laugh. I did anyway.

The fight moves on to Ricky’s office. And he’s just standing there letting Pati tell off Aura Maria. Pati kicks Aura Maria out and then tries to interest Ricardo in dinner. She strikes out and moves on to Plan D…Daniel V.

Armando assures Marcela he’s still looking for suppliers. Betty’s walking a little slower and it gives Ignacio a minute to catch up with her. With a pizza. I just want it stated before things get ugly that it’s my considered opinion that if that pizza’s up for offer, it’s completely legit for Betty to both accept it AND tell him off. In whatever order.

Oh, she beats him with the pizza! I was thinking too small.

No wait, it was a fantasy. She tells him she never wants to see him again then calls Wilson for help when Ignacio grabs her and won’t let her go. Wilson sends him packing.

Hugo tells Marcela about the visit to fabric dreamland. He assures her she’s marrying a guy who keeps his word. And now he can design…starting with her wedding dress!

Back in her office, Betty’s still thinking about Ignacio bragging to his girlfriend about how he was going to use Betty.

She can hear Marcela talking to Armando about Hugo designing her wedding dress. And how she loves him and wants to start a family and wants to be with him forever. And there’s smooching.

El Pelotón are leaving for the day. The maintenance/mariachi guy, Giovanni? tries to ask Aura Maria out, but she’s got plans. Sandra says those plans had better not be with her boss! Inesita agrees, she could lose her job. Berta says Giovanni really likes her and he’s a good guy. Sofia says those don’t exist.

Well, Aura Maria’s date is a hot rich guy. And she got her mom to watch the kid for tonight, so she’s out of here.

The rest of them flee when Giovanni comes back from changing his clothes. Wilson sadly tells him Aura Maria’s date had a dark blue late-model truck.

Ignacio still thinks he has a chance with Betty. One of the other miscreants tells Ignacio even if he pulled it off, he’d still have to convince the government that it’s a real marriage and that’s gonna take money.

He’s not worried. He saw the building where Betty works and he’s sure she’s rolling in money.

Pati’s late for her date with Daniel, who didn’t bother waiting for her before ordering his dinner. He asks her what she wants and Pati babbles about how she thinks they should get together. He says they don’t have a lot in common, but he knows what she can do for him–spy on Armando and V&M.

Pati laughs–he can’t spend all his time watching action movies.

Well, other than that he doesn’t see what kind of relationship they could have. He pushes the rest of his plate over to her when she won’t quit trying to eat off it. He really doesn’t see what else they have in common…

Oh, finance? They could talk about the market or the Dow Jones. How many semesters did she take again?

Three. Then she got married and left.

Still married?


So, only three semesters at an universidad pirata (fake university), separated, on a temp job as a secretary. What could they have in common?

Oh wait, opera! What was the last one she saw? La Bohéme? Rigoletto? The Magic Flute? He can’t blame her–some people just don’t like opera.

Culture? Has she read Iron Gold by Pierce Brown? Or any of the others in the series? The latest Dan Brown, Origin? Well, it did have very small letters. And he can tell she’d only use a book as a step to let her see a mirror.

Pati says all those books end up as movies anyway! And he’s mean! She’s leaving.

Daniel does have an idea now. Sex.

Betty’s still in her office researching other suppliers. Armando’s there too. He tells her to go home already.

Pati’s not sure she heard Daniel correctly.

He said the only thing they could share would be kisses, caresses…she’s an attractive woman and he likes her legs, her chest is great and she’s probably very sensual in bed.

Pati’s not going to let him–

Daniel says she’s going to let him do whatever he says, because after they “make love” they won’t have anything more to talk about besides the date for their next session. So would she rather be his spy or casual lovers?

Pati says his arrogance isn’t attractive. No woman’s going to go to bed with him after he says stuff like that to her.

OK, then they have nothing in common. Not even sex.

She gets up, swipes something more off the plate, and leaves.

It’s raining when Betty gets downstairs. Armando pulls up and tells her to get into his car. And she argues with him. But she gets into the car.

The radio’s on a jazz station, which Betty says she likes. Although, if she had to choose between jazz and classical, she’d choose classical. She used to dance ballet when she was younger, but when it was time for Swan Lake, the teacher said she was too much of a duck.

Although, if she had to choose between ballet and opera, she’d choose opera. Madame Butterfly‘s her favorite. She’s never seen it at the Met.

Armando’s sure there’s time.

Marcela calls and starts talking sexy over the speaker. Yeah. That was awkward. But at least they were almost at Betty’s house.

Where Ignacio’s cooking for her mom. And Julia’s in a hurry to leave them alone.

Seriously? Seriously, you’re gonna go with “I thought we were friends”?

Betty tells him it’s not happening. She heard him telling his girlfriend he was going to marry the ugly girl for a green card. No, no, it’s not happening. She may be ugly, but she’s not stupid.

Armando notices Betty’s cell phone in his car.

Ignacio’s still trying to sweet talk (Dude, what you’re in? it’s called a hole. Quit digging!). Betty tells him to back off the cutesy nicknames. She’s Beatriz.

OK…Beatricita. But she heard wrong. He can explain.

Betty tells him AGAIN that she heard what he said and she doesn’t need an explanation. She’d never want to be with someone so mugriento (filthy). Yep, a mugriento, asqueroso (sickening), miserable (a giant creep) who thinks women are going to fall for his cheesy crap. He can get out.

“Have you not looked in the mirror lately?” He calls her pedazo de vaina, which I’m gonna say is “piece of a thing”?

Yeah, she looks in the mirror every day. But she’s got something over him–this is her country. So if he doesn’t take off, she’ll call Homeland Security to arrest him.

Fine, he’ll go. He whines that all he wanted was to live in a decent country.

Betty just tells Julia he had to leave. Which Julia doesn’t get, because he said he’d cook dinner for all of them. Did she say something to hurt him?

She hopes she hurt him the way he hurt her.

But Julia’s sure he was interested in her.

Betty says he had another girlfriend. Face it, she’s ugly and no one likes her.

Julia keeps on arguing that Ignacio did all the things a guy does when he likes a girl.

Betty tells her to realize she’s a geek. An adefesio (ugly person). And all Ignacio wanted was to marry her and get a green card. He liked her nationality, that’s all. Get it?

Betty goes running out the front door and right into Armando’s arms.

What did people say?
  • Oxigenada – dyed blonde; what the pelotón call Pati
  • Igualadas – uppity; what Pati calls the pelotón
  • Ignacio’s a character that existed in the original, but he was only really around in flashbacks. And obviously he wasn’t looking for a green card then.
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