Betty en NY Friday 2/15/19 #8

What happened

Armando makes his case. If Betty doesn’t help him, Daniel will demand that Armando resigns. If he resigns, Dan takes over. If Dan takes over, people could lose their jobs! Betty just can’t. Her sense of ethics won’t let her. Armando asks her to think about it.

Pati whines about her first world problems even though she’s making way more than Betty or the Pelotón. R. P. C. Marce unfortunately really has no reason to fire Betty. Pati asks if Betty would get fired if she made a mistake. Marce says of course…but she seriously doubts Betty will screw up. She’s too good.

Sofía is at Efraín’s office. She wants to see his books. The poor employee doesn’t know what to do. Sofia sees that Efraín paid a bunch of money to a professional photographer. Employee explains that Jenny is a model and Efraín paid the photographer so she could get work. Sofia is pissed. So Efrain didn’t pay for the soccer lessons so Jenny could get a photographer? Then Sofia sees a picture of Jenny and Efraín dated September 25. That’s Sofia and Efraín’s wedding anniversary. He supposedly had a conference in Boston and wouldn’t take Sofia. It’s about this time that Jenny and Efrain walk in. Sofia sprays Jenny with pesticides and calls her a rata maldita (o algo así.)

Demetrio wonders where he’s going to get 50K to settle the lawsuit. Julia suggests they mortgage the house. They already own it so that will make it easier to get approval from the bank. Demetrio hates that he worked so hard to get what he had only to possibly lose it now. Excuse me while I sob for these people.

Pati sees Ronnie. She’s willing to go on that dinner date. He officially asks if she’d like to go to dinner. She babbles that normally when she’s asked out to dinner her suitor takes her to Le Blanc or the Terraza on 5th avenue, but it’s really hard to get reservations at either place. Ronnie can just surprise her. Ronnie asks “do you like chicken?” Pati likes pollo cordon bleu or l’orange. I totally think I know where it’s going and I love it. Pati doesn’t think it wise the office see them leaving together to go somewhere so she tells him to just let her know where the restaurant is and she’ll meet him there.

The Pelotón thinks Sofia spraying Jenny with pesticide is really funny…until the police arrive. They have a warrant for Sofia’s arrest for assault with chemicals and pesticide. Suddenly it’s “No hablamos inglés. Sorry, excuse me!” (Ha!) The police remind Sofia that she could also be charged with resisting arrest. Sofia thinks they should be going after Jenny. She’s the one that started everything. The officer tells her to save it for the judge. Mariana tells Sofia to be quiet. They could use anything she says against her.

Armando and Ricardo are still in a panic about the numbers in the report. It’s really hard to fudge something like that. Betty is really the only person who could come close to doing it successfully. Armando insists no one can find out the real numbers.

The Pelotón tells Betty that Sofia has been arrested. Berta has already headed for the station. Sandra and Mariana are just waiting for Aura Maria to get out of the bathroom. When she finally does, Sandra reminds her that they are going to the station, not the club. Aura Maria is ready for anything. Por si acaso.

Ronnie gets back to Pati about their dinner date. They’re going to a place …er…did he say “Los Pollitos Dicen”? Anyway…something like that. So Pati thinks they are going to this place called “El Pío” which is apparently very posh and exclusive. She’s surprised Ronnie got reservations on such short notice.

El Pío turns out to be an all you can eat fried chicken place. I mean…I wouldn’t complain about that at all. Ronnie makes a comment about Pati being able to eat so much and still maintain that hot bod (ass.) Pati says she can always eat this way and stay trim (must be nice. ) Anyway. She upheld her end of the bargain, now when will Ronnie get to Betty’s computer? He will. Pati asks for a to-go box and a light soda, no ice.

At the station Berta reports that Sofia is going to have to spend the night. She’ll go before a judge tomorrow. She’s going to need a lawyer. Betty knows one, but they’ll need to give him a retainer. They start trying to gather their funds. Betty has $20, Mariana doesn’t have cash but she has a credit card, Aura Maria has $10 that was supposed to be for her son’s lunch…Inesita tells them not to worry. She’s got her savings and retirement fund. NOOOO!!!! Berta is so worried. She saw this case on Caso Cerrado where the wife lost everything.

Meanwhile, back at Efraín’s office, the employee is trying to convince Jenny and Efraín to drop the charges. They don’t seem to listen until he tells them with Sofia in jail, the kids will have to live with them. Jenny didn’t look happy with that at all. Ha!

Jenny and Efraín run off to the station and have the charges dropped. Whew!

There’s some 50 Shades of Marce. She’s “punishing” Armando for asking Betty to attend the business lunch with Thompson. Armando doesn’t like the game. Marce stops the lashes with the crop, but Armando still likes the cosplay. We never find out if she lets him out of the handcuffs or not.

Betty writes in her diary and gives us a mini-cap of episode 7. She goes to bed and has a nightmare. Inesita is walking the streets with her shopping cart. She doesn’t remember a thing since they fired her. Sandra is working as one of those human statues of liberty and slowly being poisoned by the green paint. Giovas is working as a mariachi, I assume at the same skeevy place Aura Maria is exotic dancing? But worst of all, Armando the street urchin explains, is that Sofia got sentenced to 20 years in jail and lost custody of her kids.

The next morning Betty agrees to maquillar the report. Armando visits her office and reminds her it needs to be done before the meeting at noon tomorrow. He asks why Betty changed her mind. She wonders if it really matters. She’s mentions Don Valencia and not letting families down (or something like that…) Armando seems pleased by that answer. He reminds Betty she’s doing this for a greater good.

Mata and Dan discuss the numbers. They need a copy of that report. Dan is sure Armando is up to something and hiding it.

Dan tries to sweet talk Pati and invite her out, who is totally ignoring him until Ricardo and Armando walk by. Then she quickly and loudly accepts Dan’s invitation.

In the office, Armando and Ricky wonder what Pati and Dan are up to. It can’t be good. Armando tasks Ricky with getting close to Pati. Ricky says that like sending a gladiator against the most powerful lion in Manhattan. Armando chants Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!

Demetrio handed the money over to the lawyer. Now they wait. He doesn’t want to keep depending on Betty. He’s going to ask his boss for a raise. It’s about time they appreciate him. He calls Betty and asks when she’ll be home. He thinks they are taking advantage of Betty at V&M. He wants to come pick her up. Betty tells him she’s still working and can get home fine. She’ll take a taxi. She and dad hang up. Armando asks if she needs anything.

Pati is waiting for Armando to leave. He finally does, but unfortunately Betty hasn’t. Pati is shocked to see her still there working. Pati runs right to Ronnie’s office where Mata is also waiting. Betty is still there! They can’t do anything tonight! Mata suggests that Pati come back super early tomorrow and…do some computer thing. Pati doesn’t think she can. Ronnie tells her to call and he’ll walk her through it.

So Pati shows up early the next morning. Wilson is surprised. Pati claims she’s there early for the big meeting. Hasn’t Betty shown up? Wilson informs her that no, Betty hasn’t shown up early and probably won’t. She was there until 4 AM. Pati goes it.

She makes it to Betty’s office and calls Ronnie. She hears a cough. It’s a custodian…who Pati apparently doesn’t consider a person because when Ronnie asks what’s up Pati says “I thought I heard someone, but is was nobody.” Ronnie walks her through the computer thing (I guess it was the giving it a virus thing?) Pati congratulates herself for doing it.

Betty gets to work and her computer tells her the hard drive is not found. She puts in a call to IT. Ronnie comes to see her computer. Was Betty doing anything she shouldn’t? Did she use a USB? Download anything? Go to porn sites? NO! Betty only uses the computer for work things. Ronnie says it could take a long time to fix. Betty gives permission to take the computer, but begs him to save the information on the computer.

Armando is very nervous. The new collection has to be a success. Then all this accounting shenanigans will be worth it.
Sandra sees Ronnie taking Betty’s computer…and she notices how conspiratorial he and Pati seem. She goes to see Betty and finds out about the broken computer. She lets Betty know what she saw between Pati and Ronnie.

Armando is being really obvious with his nerves. His parents notice. His father says the first report is always the hardest. Dan is late and points to his nose? Is that a bandage? What happened? It’s not very clear on SD I tell yeah. My first thought is he’s really vain and probably hiding a pimple.

Sandra and Betty head right for Ronnie’s office. It can’t be a coincidence that Pati and Ronnie are together and Betty’s computer goes kaput.

What they said
  • méndiga lagartija del inframundo– Berta said this about Jenny as she was leaving the police station. Wouldn’t I love to be able to give you an approximation of what it means…maybe low-down dirty scum from the underworld?
  • alfil– Armando doesn’t want Pati becoming Daniel’s alfil. Literally the bishop in chess. So I’ll go with ally or henchman.
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1 year ago

Gracias, Sara! For this and Thursday’s recap.

I thought Ronnie taking Pati out for all-you-can-eat chicken was brilliant! A billionaire would have taken her to a fancy restaurant with tiny portions (or at least that’s the stereotype). Stick with Ronnie, Pati. At least you’ll be well fed.

I kept waiting for somebody to mention Efrain’s kids. I don’t even think they mentioned where they were before Efrain’s employee pointed out that, you know, they exist!