Betty en NY Monday 2/18/19 #9

What happened?

Armando goes to his office to check on Betty. Daniel suggests he also pray. “Yeah…for your nose!” Heh.

Betty, as we know, doesn’t have the report and doesn’t have her computer, but maybe if Armando could postpone the meeting until tomorrow…?

Armando goes all HULK SMASH! on Betty and then gets upset at her for crying.

Ronnie got into Betty’s hard drive, but the document is also password-protected. Pati tells him to hurry up and crack it–this is his problem now.

Nico calls Betty, just to chat, and she tells him about her computer problem. Nico tells her to get it back from IT and he can fix it from work.

Betty has Sandra and Wilson meet her at Ronnie’s office. Wilson’s refusing to unlock the door without them doing the proper paperwork, but Sandra gives him this confusing explanation about how it’s life-or-death and Betty’s computer is in there and some cables are unplugged and if they get plugged in it’s going to cause a short circuit and it will all be Wilson’s fault.

Wilson psychs himself up with a little keyring/nunchuck action and unlocks the door. Betty grabs her computer over Ronnie’s objections. She and Sandra run off to her office.

Mata whispers to Daniel that they couldn’t get the info off of Betty’s computer. But if she was planning to fake the numbers she’s not going to be able to present them, either. Daniel calls him an imbecile.

Armando announces that they’re not going to be able to present the report they were going to present today because Betty’s computer died. His dad’s not that worried about it, but Daniel’s being a jerk. He wants to supervise the finances for the next two months. And Roberto thinks that’s fair.

Nico unlocks Betty’s computer. “Thank God!” “You can call me Nicolas.” *snort*

Demetrio brought his boss tamales. And he wants to talk about a raise.

But the boss says he’s fired. I mean, he says it all “vamos a prescendir de sus servicios” but it’s still getting fired and it still sucks.

Demetrio’s getting replaced by someone who accepted a lower salary.

Ronnie’s freaking out about getting caught now. Or rather–about him AND Pati getting caught, ‘ cause he’s not going down alone.

Daniel wants all reports given to Mata to give to him. Again, Roberto thinks that sounds fair. He’s about to dismiss the meeting when Betty comes in with the stack of reports. In folders. Because geeks get it DONE!

Daniel tries to leave and now Roberto’s all “Siddown.” Then he objects to Betty giving the presentation. Roberto’s all “Can we have the frickin’ meeting now?!” He acts like he’s just NOW realized what a jerk Daniel is.

Pati whines that she had nothing to do with it. Sure, they both used each other…. Ronnie’s not backing down, he won’t pay for all of it.

Pati says they’re both victims. Mata made them do it!

OK, Ronnie’s on board with that, if they go down, Mata goes down.

Nonononono, Mata’s the one who should pay for this. He hasn’t struggled like they’ve struggled. He’s never had to ride the subway with his lunch in Tupperware and have his credit cards rejected so that he had to buy imitation! Ronnie gets it. He’ll help.

He tries to kiss her, but Pati keeps evading him. They’ll just tell anyone who asks that they have nothing to do with each other.

Daniel keeps picking on the numbers until Roberto asks him to quit insinuating things and spit it out. Is he saying Armando’s lying to them? He asks Betty if Armando’s doing a good job (What is she, his nanny?) and Betty says he’s keeping a something percentage of something while also maintaining a something percentage of something so yes, they’re on track to meet their goals.

Alrighty, then. Roberto doesn’t think Daniel’s oversight/auditing will be necessary.

Betty gets ready to leave, but Armando asks her to stay. Thanks to the great work she’s been doing, he doesn’t think she should continue being a secretary. She’s been his de facto assistant since she got there. Marcela makes faces. Roberto has no problem naming Beatriz Assistant to the President.

Mata comes out of the meeting and tells Pati they’ve got problems. Um, no, HE has problems.

Marcela complains to Pati that Betty always swoops in at the last second and saves everything. And now Armando’s named her Assistant to the President officially. Oh no, Pati’s not fired–her probation period is over and she’s officially Armando’s secretary…and Beatriz’s.

Armando and Ricardo pat each other on the back about the meeting. They both think Betty’s computer problems were no coincidence. Armando assumes Daniel was behind it, but like Ricky says he’d need someone on the inside.


Well, she did turn down a date with Ricky to go out with some other guy. Maybe Daniel?

Ronnie’s complaining to Mata about not wanting to get in trouble and he had nothing to do with it, but no, Mata says this is all getting pinned on him. And if Ronnie objects, Mata will sue him for slander or something.

Betty gives Armando the details about the computer. She doesn’t think it was an accident either. She figures whoever was behind it wanted to keep the report from being presented at the meeting. Or someone who wanted to get to the real numbers.


Nah…but she did seem very interested in what Betty was doing.

Sandra tells Bertha, Mariana, and Sofia about rescuing Betty’s computer. Bertha thinks Pati’s behind this. She hasn’t even been bugging them today! Bertha hopes she’s getting fired this time.

Armando walks through their space, yelling for Ronnie. Bertha says “¡Ya se armó la gorda!” and, you know, she doesn’t mean herself.

Armando marches right into Ronnie’s office and says Ronnie had better tell him whose idea it was to boicotear Betty’s computer or he’s calling the cops. Seriously, either Ronnie ‘fesses up or he gets fired. Whatever he was offered had better be enough to get him out of jail.

Ronnie breaks. It wasn’t money. He succumbed to temptation. It was Mata!

Mata’s out front catching up to Daniel and explaining what he and his sub-henches did to try to get to the information. Well, Daniel didn’t want him to actually commit corporate espionage!

Mata’s worried about him and Pati.

Ha! Like Daniel cares about Pati. Anyway, he’s not helping Mata. And if Mata mentions him, he’ll make sure Mata never works in this town again. O algo parecido.

Los Cucaracha go jewelry shopping. She wants something big and tacky. While they wait for the jeweler to go in the back and laugh, Jenny tries to convince Efraín that he should divorce Sofia.

El Pelotón invite Pati to sit with them and celebrate Betty’s new post.

Yeah, not happening.

Aura Maria says SOME people just didn’t want Betty to succeed, but she earned it by being luchona. Bertha thinks Pati had better learn how Betty likes her coffee. And Sofia thinks Pati should brush up on her org chart reading because “Assistant to the President” squashes “Peroxide Secretary.”

Pati whines that her haircolor is natural.

OK, but seriously, Mariana thinks she’d better watch it ’cause Betty might be looking for revenge from people who messed with her…assuming Pati did.

Pati now calls on her very prestigious (say it with me) three semesters of finance at TUI as the reason Betty (and I think…isn’t it technically Dr. Betty?) and the rest of them will never be up to her level. “¡Igualadas!

Inesita doesn’t think it was a good idea to go after Pati like that. They’d better keep in mind that she’s Marcela’s BFF.

In the bathroom, Pati talks to herself and munches on a chocolate bar. Betty comes in and confronts Pati, turning the bathroom mirror sideways. Betty tells Pati that Armando’s looking for the person who sabotaged her computer. Pati insists she had nothing to do with it. They go a couple of rounds this way until Pati says her hands are clean and a least she doesn’t have a ‘stache. Then she walks out.

From right outside the bathroom, she can hear Armando screaming at Mata and demanding names. If Mata gives him the info, he’ll be allowed to quit instead of getting fired.

Mata claims he did this all on his own, Daniel had nothing to do with it.

And Pati…?

Mata won’t answer. Armando has Wilson throw him out. When they walk out of his office, the Pelotón are leaving and the sight of her boss getting fired is too much for Sofi. It doesn’t help that Mata basically tells them all “You’re next!”

Demetrio was hoping Julia wouldn’t tell Betty he got fired. He’s upset that Betty knows. It’s all too much for him. He feels like God’s testing him…like he’s abandoning him. And now Demetrio has decided that being a loyal person makes you a person people will take advantaged of. Betty promises things are going to get better.

At dinner, Pati complains to Margarita and Marcela about Betty. Margarita tells the two of them to cut it out already. Betty’s smart and Armando appreciates her work, but she’s nothing compared to the two of them. Pati had better focus on keeping her current job and Marcela needs to work on organizing the wedding.

Betty tells her mom her dad didn’t want to eat. Since he didn’t tell her, Julia tells her about the new mortgage on the house and they money they gave to the lawyer that they might not be able to get back now. Betty makes her promise they won’t make any more financial decisions without consulting her first.

And then she tells her mom she got a promotion and she’ll talk to Armando about her new salary tomorrow.

Marcela cuts up an apple in their kitchen while Armando does dishes. I don’t want to give him bonus points, but at the same time I’m like…he’s so frickin’ cute and he WASHES DISHES.

Anyway, Marcela thinks Betty’s just evil and ugly and gives off bad vibes and Pati is a sweet innocent angel who can do no wrong.

Ha! If Armando finds out Pati had ANYTHING to do with Betty’s computer, she’s fired and Marcela won’t be able to save her. And no, he wasn’t thinking about giving Betty Mata’s job, but she sure is qualified for it.

Marcela tells him to get a move on and name Patricia his secretary.

In Armando’s office the next morning, Pati claims she was talking to Ronnie about her own broken computer. Armando doesn’t buy that, but he’s given his word to Marcela and Pati’s now his official secretary. And if he ever finds out she gave out confidential V&M information she won’t work in this country again.

Armando thanks Betty for saving is butt AGAIN. And also he’s sorry he yelled at her.

Betty wonders what’s going to happen with Sofia. She was thinking Sofia could work with her until he finds a new VP of finance. Armando agrees.

And um…about her salary?

Armando says they’ll talk about it when it’s official. But for now–they’re going fabric-hunting!

Sofia’s panicking until Betty comes over to tell her they’ll be working together until there’s a new VP of finance. There is much squeeing.

Armando and Ricardo are watching one of the models show off a sports bra and leggings. Hugo shows off his fiancé and Armando’s all excited for him which, again, shouldn’t be something for which he earns a cookie, but I’m still like “Wow. Does dishes and isn’t a homophobe!”

Anyway, Armando and Ricardo are off to get Hugo those fabrics he wanted. He implores them not to buy anything just because it’s expensive.

Betty comes in and says she’s ready to go, which gets Fabio’s attention. He asks Hugo who that was.

Oh, just some capricho of Armando’s. His assistant or something. He keeps her in a cave next to his office. He got her a viga to hang from since she’s a bat.

At the fabric place…so pretty…so very very pretty…um, yeah, shopping. There’s some talk about prices and whatnot and how the people they supply have a healthy profit, but they don’t want to give the details. They try to pressure Armando into placing an order right away, but he say’s Betty’s gotta run the numbers first.

Ms. Fabric points out later how Armando seems to rely on “that girl” to make decisions. Mr. Fabric isn’t worried. He’ll win her over and get the order.

He catches Betty alone and mentions fabric in the warehouse and isn’t Betty smart and if she could just give him twenty minutes he’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Betty’s not sure she wants to talk alone with him…about something to do with the two of them.

What did people say?

  • vamos a prescindir de sus servicios – we’re going to do without your services; how Demetrio’s boss fired him
  • Panickeo – panicked; what Ronnie did when Sandra, Betty, and Wilson went into his office
  • ¡Ya se armó la gorda! – It’s on, big time!; what Bertha says is happening when Armando’s looking for Ronnie
  • Boicotear – broke, damaged?; what Armando accuses Ronnie of doing to Betty’s computer
  • Dije – pendant; what Jenny wants hanging from her gaudy chain
  • Luchona – a woman who’s a fighter; what Aura Maria says Betty is
  • Capricho – whim; what Hugo says Betty is for Armando
  • Viga – beam; what Hugo says Armando installed for Betty to hang from
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stealth cacophony
1 year ago

Thanks Kat.
I’m just very ambivalent about Armando. I feel the way you do when he does something likeable, but then he ruins it being a jerk other times, and the business plan of, we’ll just fudge the numbers now and when we succeed it’ll all work out ok, makes me cringe.
Ok I have had occasion to visit fabric warehouses, and its even better in person because you can touch the pretty pretty things. *happy sigh*

stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
1 year ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

With me it was drapery and upholstery fabrics, but I couldn’t keep from thinking how beautiful some would look as clothes