Betty en NY Tuesday 2/19/19 #10

What happened?

Betty thinks she’s avoided Mr. Fabric’s indecent proposal when Armando and Ricky return from their tour. He still holds her back as they leave and says he’s going to call her.

Sofia calls Efrain and he proposes they sit down and talk, calmly, about their situation. At that Italian restaurant she likes. Sofia’s super excited and so are the rest of the Pelotón.

Daniel calls Pati to ask her out so they can discuss her spying for him.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón get Sofia ready for her big date. Sandra’s the only one who even suggests that this might not be a reconciliation dinner. Bertha’s in charge of the pep talk–Sofia needs to remember SHE’S the wife, la otra doesn’t exist, no bringing up the past!

I’m sure no one’s surprised that the skeevy lawyer can’t give Demetrio’s money back because he’s already given it to the neighbors and the paperwork is signed. Dude better not be lying about that ’cause at least if the lawsuit’s over that’s one less worry.

Efrain doesn’t recognize Sofia at first. She suggests it might be the lipstick. She thinks it’s great that they’re meeting at this restaurant…where they celebrated their first anniversary…and where she told him Efrain Jr. was on the way.

Oh…he just remembered that she liked this restaurant. Anyway, he thinks they need to stop fighting and just make a clean break. He brought the divorce papers. All she has to do is sign.

Julia calls Betty with the news that they couldn’t get the money back. Betty says she’ll figure something out.

The fabric guy calls Betty and Patricia fails her “Transfer Call” roll. She ends up listening in while fabric guy asks Betty out to dinner at Le Blanc. Yes, Pati, life isn’t fair.

Sofia tries to stay calm. Tries being the operative word. She reminds Efrain about the 20 years they’ve had together. They have two children! They started a family, they built a business.

Well, too bad, Efrain loves Jenny. And Sofia’s old.

Sofia tosses his coffee in his lap and then douses him with a pitcher of sangria. And I didn’t really see where the plate of spaghetti came from, but it goes over Efrain’s head.

Pati’s searching her purse for some coupons when Hugo and Fabio come over. Betty walks by, because I don’t know, and Fabio gets uncomfortable. Hugo insults Betty, talking about “get out of my sight” etc.

Fabio says he’ll go ask the valet for the car and rushes to get into the same elevator with Betty. He gets up in her face and warns her not to say a word to Hugo or he’ll make her life hell or some other vaguely violent thing. Betty’s actually kind of upset that he’s screwing around on Hugo. He reminds her that HE’s the one Hugo will believe. So they’re both gonna stay out of each others’ business, right?

When Patricia shows up at his office, Daniel lays it on thick with the harassment. He invites her to sit…or to lie down…he’s sure she looks better lying down…sexual blackmail sounds like fun to him, etc. etc. etc.

Pati tells him to get to the point. What does he want?

He wants her to spy on Armando and Betty and tell him about every financial move they make. And then she can report back to him at his office, or her apartment, or a motel. Asqueroso.

Sofia gets back to the office and tells el Pelotón that Efrain did want to fix their problems–by getting divorced. And she’s decided she won’t give him a divorce. She swore she’d be his wife until she died and that’s how it’s gonna be.

At Le Blanc, Fabric guy has already taken the liberty of ordering a glass of wine for Betty, not knowing that she doesn’t drink. He starts in on the fake compliments about her unusual beauty and her suggestive eyes and her gaze that’s–

Myopic. She’s myopic and ugly so he can cut the crap and get down to business. He wants to bribe her, right?

Pati’s at another booth, where she’s probably having to stick with water and breadsticks, but she seems to be able to hear everything. She starts taking video as Fabric guy gets down to specifics.

He’s heard V&M wants to invest $50M in materials? If Betty makes sure his company gets that, he’ll give her a 10% kickback. *recapper does mental math* *recapper checks her figures* *recapper wonders if she’d be able to resist a bribe that size*

Pati’s view is impeded by a couple of people hugging. The waiter asks if he can get her more water, but Pati insists she’s waiting on someone. She’d like more bread, though.

Fabric guy reiterates that he’s talking about 5 million dollars and Betty says she’s gotta go.

Armando’s parents had dinner with Armando and Marcela. Marcela cooked. Roberto and Margarita are visiting Croatia next, but they’ll be back for the big meeting in two months.

Margarita suggests they schedule the wedding for the same day. Roberto agrees–they’ll have the meeting, then the wedding.

Before she walks out, Fabric guy tells Betty to think about it. She could buy a lot of glasses with that kind of money. And no one would ever know. Betty takes off without another word.

Pati calls Daniel and tells him to come to Le Blanc–she’s got chisme.

Daniel’s like “duh, people can’t see us together!”

Fine, she’ll send him her address. The waiter comes by again and Pati says she’s not ordering. She lost her appetite. “But thanks for the bread, it’s really good.”

Armando’s driving his parents home or wherever, and then staying at his place, since he has to be at the office early.

A friend of Wilson’s brings him to a boxing gym that was started by a family of luchadores from Mexico, Los Masacradores. In the US they go by “Breakbones” and Sandra…our Sandra!…is the baby of the family. She trains beginners.

Wilson’s impressed by Sandra’s moves, but the friend warns him Sandra’s not into guys. And he knows this because he tried to kiss her once and she kicked him in the groin. (Ha! Oh, sweet innocent child, you think because she’s not into you that she’s not into guys?)

Sandra’s surprised to see Wilson and accidentally gets knocked out.

So. Pati’s got no electricity in her apartment. I do feel a tiny bit bad for her, because I’m suspecting that this is the first time in her life she’s had to deal with consequences for her behavior. But I don’t feel bad enough not to snicker maliciously.

When Betty gets home, Julia’s Skypeing with abuela again and she’s making tamales. To sell. She’s not gonna put everything on Betty’s shoulders.

Once Sandra regains consciousness, her brother tells her to go wash her face and take a break!

Once again, Wilson’s all “Sandra?!” and she’s like “yeah.”

Pati’s put candles on every available surface. She tries to pretend it’s not because her electricity’s off, but Daniel seems to know already. She’s also got no ice for whiskey. She just wants to give him the intel on Betty so he’ll quit blackmailing her.

Wilson hangs out outside the gym until Sandra comes out. She really kept the whole “Breakbone Sandy” thing quiet, huh?

Sandra says she’s the only woman in a huge family of luchadores. Her dad is El Massacrador Fuentes. And yeah, she’s Breakbone Sandy. And she’s proud of who she is and where she’s from. So what’s Wilson’s problem?

Are you kidding?! He doesn’t have a problem! He thinks this is fantastic! How does she do it, fighting guys bigger than her?

Sandra says it’s technique and concentration. She asks him, as a favor, not to tell anyone what he saw. Sometimes she fights for money, but it’s her job at V&M that’s her main source of income. She doesn’t want the company to find out. Or El Pelotón.

Wilsons swears nobody’s going to hear anything about her two secrets from him! He calls her “bro” and kisses her on the cheek.

Danny’s not impressed with Pati’s camera skills. At most, he can tell it’s a man and a woman talking. Pati says it’s Betty meeting with Fabric guy alone and doesn’t that seem suspicious?

Daniel brushes it off. He’s also not impressed with the news that Armando gave Betty the authority to sign on the company’s behalf. It makes perfect sense that Armando would do that after he fired Mata.

He tells Pati to quit going after that poor girl and stop wasting his time. He wants Armando’s head on a platter, not that poor fea‘s.

Pati asks if Daniel really doesn’t think there’s something not right about this millionaire businessman having dinner with a fea?

Daniel thinks she’s jealous. She wants to be Armando’s assistant. He starts listing her physical attributes and Pati’s like “Dude…I’m not sleeping with you for money, or a job.”

And once he makes it clear he’s not offering either of those, well, what the hell. Pati throws caution to the wind…hopefully it doesn’t land on one of those candles.

I’m guessing Daniel’s not a cuddler. He throws Pati a handful of money for the electric bill and another handful so she’ll have better whiskey next time. Pati screams at him to pick up his money, but he walks out.

And Pati picks the money up. And feels awful. (Damnit, show! Don’t make me feel sorry for Pati!)

Betty has a chat with Cuquito. They could do a lot with 5 million dollars. She imagines herself showing her parents into their new house. And she bought her mom a tamale factory. And they have a pink dog.

Betty says it’s a choice between a clear conscience or keeping her parents from suffering.

Wilson opens the front doors and greets all the assistants as they walk in. Sandra’s last. He’s like “Everything cool?” and gives her a fist bump and a slap on the shoulder. And Sandra keeps looking at him like “Why are we bros now?”

Pati reclaims her beloved car from the garage.

Mata tells Daniel that Fabric guy is in the habit of bribing people to get contracts. Daniel wants him to find out for sure…and there’s a job waiting for him if he does.

Armando, Ricky, and Betty meet in Armando’s office. Ricky doesn’t like the idea of not getting the exact fabrics Hugo wanted, but as Betty says, it will save them $5M. Armando is convinced (this is the second time he’s said this) that what people like are the designs and the fabric isn’t as important.

Betty brings up her raise again and Armando tells her not to worry, he’ll take care of it.

In Smith’s office, he finds out he can’t raise Betty’s salary because Marcela already requested a raise for Pati and they’re out of money in the budget. He shows Armando what Betty’s making….

Armando goes into Marcela’s office to complain about Pati’s salary and Marcela really has no justification other than “I’m an owner too” and this is what he gets for hiring another secretary when he already had one.

Armando insists that Betty’s getting a raise and Pati’s getting the same salary as the other secretaries.

For no apparent reason, Nicolas is waiting out in front of the building when Pati pulls up in her car. She mistakes him for a valet and hands him her keys.

Nico’s like “Angels do exist!” And then the real valet guy takes the keys.

In Armando’s office he tells Betty he really fought with Smith, but all he got her was a small raise. Hey, but maybe if the new collection does well, she could get some bonuses? He excuses himself to take a phone call.

Betty leaves the office and finds a still-dazed Nicolas on the sidewalk. He begs her to tell him who that goddess was, with the hair like sunshine and legs as long as buildings and teeth white as cotton!

Um, that would be Patricia Fernandez and he’s probably seen her in his nightmares ’cause she’s Satan’s evil sister!

They go to Times Square for lunch and Betty tells him about the non-raise and the lack of money in the budget and the bribe Fabric guy offered.

Nico thinks it’s fair to take the bribe, since the company under-pays her. Betty doesn’t want to take advantage of Armando’s trust.

But he can take advantage of her? Why is she defending him? Is she falling in love with him? She’d better start looking out for herself, because Armando isn’t going to look out for her.

Armando and Ricardo are trying to pick a fabric supplier. When Armando asks Betty’s opinion she says Fabric guy’s company is offering the best balance of savings and quality. And if they buy all the insumos from them too they could get a discount.

Ricardo’s just glad they’ve made a decision.

Betty calls Fabric guy to tell him she’ll take the deal.

What did people say?
  • Eres un grosero y un pedante – You’re rude and a know-it-all; What Pati says to Daniel
  • Fodonga – slob; what Bertha says Sofia does NOT want to look like
  • Mamarracha – monstrosity; what Fabio calls Betty
  • Chulearme – flatter me; what Betty says Fabric guy is trying to do
  • Insumos – consumables; what Betty suggests they buy, besides fabrics, from Fabric guy
  • During at least part of the filming of the original show, the actors playing Betty and Hugo were married.
  • Sandra’s backstory is something new.
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1 year ago

I think there might be something forming between Sandra and Wilson…

1 year ago
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I hope so too!