Betty en NY Wednesday 2/20/19 #11

What happened?

Fabric guy is happy to be doing business with Betty. It’s up to her how she wants her “commission.”

Betty says she wants it in $1M CDs, half before and half after the sale. When she gets off the phone she starts freaking out.

Mata was standing there with Fabric guy so now he knows about the $5M and he’s floored. Fabric guy says that could have been Mata’s money.

Mata’s gloating that perfect innocent Betty is just another manipulable woman. Fabric guy asks why he left V&M and Mata says he didn’t believe in Armando’s presidency. But soon, things are going to start to change.

Marcela gives Pati the news–her salary’s getting reduced. Pati’s freaking out about not being able to live on such a small salary, but Marcela points out that it’s because Pati keeps trying to live like a millionaire. And there is no job out there that’s gonna pay her that kind of money.

Betty’s having lunch with the Pelotón. They’re sorry they couldn’t take her out to lunch to celebrate, but you know how it is–the paychecks just fall through their hands like water. Sofia grumbles that it’s worse now that the lagartona is bleeding Efrain dry.

But, hey, there’s always enough to share what they brought for lunch and Inesita made something that smells wonderful. They really are proud of how far Betty’s gone and she can always count on them. They’re a team.

Betty passes around her mom’s tamales and the chatter continues. Inés wants to take Betty out to lunch the next payday. They can go to that fancy French place. Mariana says Marcela went there last week and it’s more expensive than any of them can afford.

Betty imagines them toasting with champagne in the empty restaurant, since she booked the whole place just for them. She tells them to order whatever they want, and seconds, and some to take home. Marcela and Pati come in and watch the Peletón being served. Pati’s upset, but Marcela says Betty’s got way too much power…

Back in the lunchroom, they’re talking about Pati’s salary. How Armando found out about the difference in salary and Pati’s is getting lowered while Betty’s is getting raised.

Betty imagines herself out on the golf course with her parents. Armando and Marcela drive by in their golf cart and Armando just HAS to go talk to his ex-assistant. He just can’t help himself. He’s gotta kiss her!

In the lunchroom, they’re all wondering who Betty’s thinking about. Berta says it must be Nicolas. Sandra approves, since he’s the one who helped with her computer problem. Mariana wants to look him up online, but Betty says he doesn’t do social media. Inesita approves.

At dinner, Betty’s lost her appetite. She asks her dad about…commissions…for helping someone get a sale…. She gives him the specifics and he says if the bosses don’t know it’s not a commission, it’s a bribe.

She says her friend could really use the cash.

“Tell your friend to take an ethics class. Taking money under the table is bribery. It’s illegal and carries a jail sentence. And I’m sure your friends’ parents paid for their daughter’s education, probably with a lot of hard work, and don’t deserve for their daughter to do something like that. No amount of money can buy dignity, regardless of how bad your financial situation is.”

Daniel’s thrilled to hear from Mata that Betty accepted the bribe. He can’t wait to see Armando’s face when he finds out. They gloat about Armando getting into this mess on his own and how without Betty the job will be too much for him. Daniel’s planning to give Mata Armando’s job as soon as he gets the presidency taken away from Armando.

Demetrio looks for Betty in the morning, but Julia says she left already. She had something important to do for work. Demetrio’s worried that Betty’s going to be so dazzled by this job that she loses her way. Julia says they did the best thing parents can do and raised her with an example of a good, honest life.

Daniel stops by V&M and harasses Pati. Is she doing her makeup at work because her water got cut off too? Why’s she so tense after what they did the other night?

Pati calls his nose injury “karma” and says what happened the other night won’t happen again. (Are they ever going to tell us what happened to the nose?) Marcela comes over to steal Daniel for coffee and a chat.

The womens’ restroom has an out of order sign on it and Sandra seriously needs to go. She ends up in the men’s restroom, where Wilson has been trying to get something off his shirt and is currently using the urinal. He’s like “Hey, what’s up?” and turns around and I guess Sandra gets a look at the goods.

Daniel promises Marcela that he’s not here to fight with Armando. He’s here to do him a favor. He’s sure Armando will like the information he’s going to give him about Betty.

Betty tries to get Armando’s attention, but he’s all freaked out because he saw Daniel’s car out front. She has to resort to giving him the short version…”I accepted a bribe!”

Now he hears the details and she explains that her dad just lost his job. And she didn’t really do much–Fabric guy’s company really does have what’s closest to their needs. She’s got her letter of resignation done. She starts to walk out of the office, but Armando says he hasn’t told her she can leave yet.

Daniel tells Marcela that Betty’s taking bribes to influence Armando. Marcela can’t wait to be the one who throws her out!

Armando doesn’t accept Betty’s resignation. He thinks she’s shown him loyalty and proved she’s trustworthy. He’s sorry he didn’t know about her situation at home. But hey, people make mistakes. From now on, he’ll deal with Fabric guy personally.

He thinks they should be careful though, because Daniel’s in the building and Armando’s sure he knows something.

Sure enough, Marcela comes in and tells Betty to leave the office. She and Daniel have things to say to Armando about her.

Armando thinks they should say them in front of Betty, then.

Giovas asks Aura Maria out for Ladies’ Night Happy Hour at Bar Latino.

Aura Maria LOVES that idea! She thinks that’s what she and the Pelotón can do to celebrate Betty’s promotion without spending too much money.

Ricky comes in mid-celebration-dance and Aura Maria invites him along too. Giovas complains that they might as well invite the entire building and rent a bus. Aura Maria’s like “hm…maybe!”

In the meeting room, Daniel screams at Armando that Betty’s an embezzler, she’s accepted bribes, etc. etc. Armando says he already knew and Marcela rolls her eyes. He says HE told Betty to keep in contact with Fabric guy and see how far he’d go. And he can’t very well accuse Betty of taking a bribe when she hasn’t received a single dollar. Now, Armando is really tired of Daniel trying to interfere in his presidency and he wants him to leave and quit messing with Beatriz!

In Marcela’s office, Daniel complains that Betty’s going to end up with the company. He’s convinced she must be up to something, since she turned down his job offer and then gave up a $5M bribe. The Valencias are already losing their footing in the company.

Marcela objects–she’s still here!

Yes, but Armando proposed so he could nullify her influence. And now he’s being controlled by Betty. “Think about it!”

On his way out, he stops to tell Pati she’d better bring him useful information next time if she doesn’t want to stay a secretary. He calls her mediocre.

Ricky walks by and pretends he’s focused on his phone.

In Armando’s office, they agree it’s a good thing Betty said something before getting any of the money. Ricky demonstrates the “polka” Daniel would be doing on Armando’s desk right now if she hadn’t.

He thinks Betty’s demonstrated her loyalty. Or is it…love…love…love!

Armando tells him to cut it out. He’s worried about who’s spying on them. They got rid of Mata, but there must be someone else, someone who saw Betty and Fabric guy’s meeting.


Armando doesn’t want to think so. He’s putting Ricky on Pati duty, starting tomorrow. He’s to keep her under observation. Body-to-body if necessary.

Sandra’s looking at Wilson’s Facebook page. She tells Mariana that she saw a guy’s…soul…and it was huge.

Pati rejects Ricky’s attempts to flirt. He had no idea she was this upset at him…can he make it up to her by taking her to dinner?

Pati says she’s going out with Marce tonight, to a cocktail thing in Chelsea.

Fabric guy, er, Fernando Massú, comes in to meet with Armando.

Armando tells Fernando to cut the crap. He knows about the bribe.


Whatever. Fernando had better not make the same offer to any of Armando’s employees. Now, he’s not cancelling the contract, because he needs those fabrics. But what he really needs is that “discount” Fernando offered Betty. He can pay it with a cashier’s check made out to V&M.

At the bar later, Armando tells Ricky about the great “discount” he got from Fernando. And hey, it’s not illegal! They’re both counting on the collection being profitable. That will make it harder for Daniel to try to take over the company and run it into the ground just to sell it off in pieces.

Armando’s thinking about the conversation they had with his dad six years ago in the Hamptons when they thought the company was on the verge of going broke. Armando and Ricardo proposed setting up a fake company that could swoop in and absorb V&M’s debt before the banks did.

Armando swore it was completely legal, but his dad said they’ve never had to resort to that and they won’t now.

But yeah, Armando’s thinking about doing it. A “parallel” company. And he won’t tell his dad. Or Marcela. This is just between the two of them.

Nico and Betty hang out on the bleachers at Times Square. Nicolas is talking to his photo of Pati while Betty talks about the look on Armando’s face.

In the lunchroom, Aura Maria makes her pitch for a Ladies’ Night outing to celebrate Betty’s promotion. And it won’t cost them anything.

Sofia still doesn’t want to go. And Inesita won’t go if Sofia doesn’t. They get her to agree she’ll go for a little while.

In the bathroom, Pati and Marce touch up their makeup. Marce complains about Betty not taking the bribe AND telling Armando. She’s sure Armando will be building an altar to her any time now.

Pati’s freaked out at the idea of rejecting even 1 million. If she had it she’d get Botox. And she’s thinking there must be something else behind Betty’s loyalty, like…she’s in love with Armando!

She and Marce look at each other and start cackling.

The Pelotón catches up to Betty at the elevator and tells her she’s not going home until dawn. They’re going out to party to celebrate her promotion and they’re not taking “no” for an answer. Betty lags behind, saying she’s going to call her dad first and let him know where she’s going.

Sandra invites Wilson’s…uh, I mean, Wilson…out dancing with them. He accepts, but he’ll catch up to them in a bit.

Betty tells her dad she’s going out with her coworkers. He doesn’t need to pick her up. She’ll try not to stay out too late.

At the bar, Wilson fails to notice that he’s on a date with Sandra. He asks Giovas who’s paying for all this.

The two of them of course! But also Giovas’ friend owns the place.

Aura Maria orders a bottle of tequila for the table. (And right there you know it’s gonna be the best party in the worst way.)

But Betty doesn’t drink. Berta says it’s her party, so….

When the tequilas arrive, Aura Maria toasts to Betty’s promotion. Betty does the shot. Inesita tells them not to pressure Betty to do any more, but Betty does another shot.

Wilson points out some woman he thinks is hot to Sandra and she smacks him upside the head.

And now, Betty says she doesn’t know how to dance. Mariana suggests another tequila.

Bertha says Betty’s got no rhythm. She suggests another tequila.

Wilson asks Sandra to dance with him.

Oh, crap…Los Cucaracha are there. And he’s wearing vinyl pants she bought him that are making his thighs sweaty…and he’s sure the black hair dye she put on him is running down his face.

Berta gets a look at them and points them out to Sofia. Aw crap, it’s on now. Although, at first all she does is have a good laugh at Efrain trying to look younger. She tells him and Jenny to beat it, but Jenny’s all “No, you leave,” and showing off her pellejo that doesn’t droop.

The others have to hold Sofia back as she swears she’ll rip out Jenny’s extensions and deflate her implants.

Back at the table, Inesita tells Sofia to get a hold of herself before she ends up in jail again and the kids get left alone.

On the dance floor, Wilson starts flirting with someone over Sandra’s shoulder and she tells him to go for it. Sure. Why not?

She gets off the dance floor and joins Giovas, who’s staring at Aura Maria. She complains about how come guys always gotta make them suffer. And Giovas is like “nu uh, it’s you women who like to step all over us!” They dedicate their next shot to blaming each other.

Those tequilas are starting to get to Betty and she hallucinates Armando.

What did people say?
  • Lagartona – “prostitute” or even less polite variations thereof; what Sofia calls Jenny
  • Pellejo – skin; what Jenny says doesn’t droop on her, though she seems to be talking mostly about her breasts, and I don’t think I’ve heard pellejo used that way before.
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