La Mujer del Vendaval #124

What Is Your Truth?

Al and Cris are suuper uncomfortable that their totally private discussion that they were having in a public place was overheard by Marcela passing by, but they think fast and Al says we were talking about my plans for El V, the ranch has a lot of potential you know, and I was telling Cris about the options. Marcela says yeah, you really should talk about the options with me first, and stalks away in a bad mood.

After she’s gone, Cris says that before Al makes any plans for El V he’s got to get things straight with Marcela. Put your cards on the table and let her know that you know and that you paid the mortgage, because no matter how nice Oct is being right now, at some point Al is gonna have to pay off that loan. Al seems to hear the good advice but says its his decision to make. Well coming to SBP is Cris’s decision to make and he’s gonna.

Illicit Lust Affair

Lencho sticks to his guns and Oct promises she’ll figure out a way to make his dad break up with her, just give her some time and don’t talk bout ML when sexy times start.

These People Aren’t That Smart, What’s With All The Plotting?

Cami is pretty surprised that he left his door open, but since they’re alone in his room, let’s make out. As they’re kissing, Nisa gets handsy with everythiing around except Cami. She ‘s about to find the pillow panties, but her phone rings; its Cuchi calling, and she’s jumped up and heading out, making a vague date with Cami for some time later. Cami does find the pillow panties after she’s left, and is much confused.

Cami goes to get Lencho out of Oct’s bed to ask him what he should do about the panties that he has figured out Cuchi put in his bed. Lencho is formulating a cunning plan, a secret plan, just let him put some clothes on.
Lencho and Cami somehow find the restaurant Nisa and Cuchi are eating at. Cuchi is fishing for info trying to find out from Nisa if she found the pillow panties without actually asking her. Nope the only thing bothering Nisa is ML’s tragic fate.

Lencho and Cami bribe a waiter to slip the panties into Cuchi’s pocket when he comes out of the bathroom, so that later when Nisa and Cuchi are making out in his jeep, he accidentally gives her the panties when she asks to borrow his hankie. Aaaa. Cuchi! How could you? You pig!

Timo wants fancy flowers for Oct, something that says, I’ve got good taste

Its All About The Orphans

Nuria is wearing a pretty summer dress and a wig with a cute updo to play with the orphans. The cute guy in charge (one of these episodes I’ll have to learn his name) comes over and they talk. He might as well call her by her christian name since he’ll be seeing a lot of her from now on, because the orphans are so cute. (The orphans. Right. *nods knowingly*) He’s happy to have her around any time she can spare. For the orphans.

Love’s Philosophy

Linda and her aunt go out together, Ilse is lurking outside the house and follows them to the church, where she slips the letter to Linda when she’s alone. If Linda still wants to stay imprisoned after reading the letter Roman dictated, she’ll leave her alone.

Mateo and Roman talk about Linda and her fears and Roman and freedom in the workshop. Mateo believes to truly be free one must leave behind both fear and hatred and learn to forgive. Roman thinks he’s suffered too many things to forgive. Mateo says if he wants Linda to free herself that Roman’s gotta free himself of his past too, he’s a good kid and he deserves to let himself be happy, dwelling on the past only makes him grumpy and self destructive. In the short time they’ve known each other, Roman has really grown to care for and respect Mateo, and wishes his father could have been like Mateo.

Linda reads the letter in which Roman pleads with her not to be afraid to free herself of her father and runs after Ilse to tell her she’ll run away, just wait for her outside her tia’s house, tonight.

Rosa and her two dates eat sweets and frolic in the town square. Rosa can’t pick just one flower, or just one date apparently. (and I have no problem with that, unlike with Nisa’s situation. Maybe its that Rosa is honest with them. And cute)

Amadeo gets back to the bakery and gets the update on how the bakery did without him; business dropped off a bit without their biggest attraction. Selma is wating to greet her sweetie, she’s missed him.

Lencho and Cami get back to the hotel and Oct confronts Lencho about why she had to wake up alone. He apologizes and offers to make it up to her, but she’s got places to go, he can check back at her door later in the night and see if she’s in a better mood…

He’d rather not take the chance of running into his dad staying in the hotel, see ya in the morning

Back To The Ranch

The doctors have let ML go home and the family all get to El V. pretty tired. ML still feels weak and has to be carried to her room by Al.
Rosa updates the rest of them that they took Severo away and brought him back already, and he’s still as useless as ever.
Sagrario takes Rosa to the kitchen to fix something to eat and fill her in about what happened to ML.

Marcela is worn out from the trip and the drama and she needs a nap.

Severo is lurking in the halls and hears Alba asking Marce what’s up and hears that Marcela is sorry she gave half the ranch to Al and doesn’t want him to find out about it.
Marcela’s eyes and head hurt, she doesn’t want to talk about it she just needs to rest.

Al listens to ML cry and tries to convince her her life is not over, she just needs to pick herself up and try again. He goes to get her a tray of food since she can’t face her mom right now, and she marvels at how well he’s responding to her self pity. She should have tried this sooner.

I’ve Got This Friend 

(unrelated song I was reminded of for some reason)

Nisa fumes to Cami about her ‘friend’ who was dating this creep who cheated on her. The thing is the friend should’ve known better since the creep cheated before. She’s just so mad and upset for her friend she has to stomp away. Cami says bye bye Cuchi Cuchi.

Cuchi takes the panties back to Gordo who confirms they’re the same ones they planted on Cami. Cuchi has a panic attack; where’s he going to find another hot rich girl dumb enough to date him? Gordo has to tackle him to calm him down.

Don’t worry Gordo will make a plan to get back at Cami.

Ines’s Place

Luisito has it all planned out, his mom and Mauro are gonna get married and have more kids and it’ll be great! Inez sends him to bed before he can get any further into the future. Mauro doesn’t think any of Luisito’s plans sound bad at all, and he wants to invite Inez to his place tomorrow night. For dinner, to pay her back for all the dinners he’s had at her place lately.


ML feels better after a bowl of chicken soup, but she’ll be better still after a long clingy hug with Al.

Marcela remembers all Oct told her about Al’s plans and the loan. She’s driving herself crazy and she’ll never get any rest like this. She gets up and goes into the office, pulls out the folder with the papers deeding her life away and stares at them a while, then puts them back away. Al comes in and asks what she’s doing. She says she doesn’t have to tell him everything she does. He says if it has to do with Emiliano she does. She leaves irritated, and he tries to open the desk but its locked and he doesn’t have ML’s keys.

Val and Emil get home, she tries to draw him out about his feels for Marcela but he insists its not about him, its about Marcela’s health. If you says so brother dear, sweet dreams.

When Al comes in the bedroom Marcela asks him to look her in the eyes and tell her if he loves her. He just says, what kind of question is that, and walks away.

A Giant Leap for Timokind

On their dinner date, Timo gives Oct and orchid as a symbol of his love. Oct says he’s come a long way; from giving her a live turkey, to giving her an orchid. He orders tequila, she changes it to champagne… From France… Fraid its expensive. O no worries, its coming out of some municipal budget. What? He’s not paying himself? Goodbye! Oh no he totes is, he just got confused by her beauty for a second.

Oct says things are going so well with her plans she should be able to seal the deal with Marcela soon and them Timo will get 10% of all the cash she starts raking in. Only 10%? After all he’s done?!?

They negotiate and Timo says he’ll settle for 30% and all her love. She says he’s guaranteed 100% of her affection. Affection isn’t enough for him, he needs something more substantial, and he leans in for a kiss and Oct freezes.

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