Entre Dos Amores Friday 2/22/19 #77

Macit comes to see Neriman. She already knows about Pelin. She blames herself. Macit tells her not to think that way. No one should make her think she’s to blame. She needs to be strong.

Nezahat is trying to get in touch with Asim. She’s really worried. Zehra is sure it’s nothing. What they really need to do is to figure out how to solve the problem of Rüya overhearing about the engagement. Nezahat says if it’s what Sinasi wants, Zehra is going to have to go over there and act as the family and ask for Neriman’s hand.

Thank goodness Gulter gives Neriman a heads up about all of this! Fahriye, Neriman and Sahika are all ¿Qué? ¿Qué? Gulter calms them down. Faiz is going to let Neriman decide. Neriman doesn’t think Sinasi and his family should, but Gulter reminds her they can’t turn people away when they ask to visit. Gulter wants Neriman to really think about things. No one can love her like Sinasi.

Macit thinks about breaking up with Pelin in episode 75. Inci blames Neriman for Pelin’s suffering, but Macit shuts it down. He broke up with Pelin and Pelin is punishing him (ok, that’s harsh dude. Trying to kill yourself is pretty serious.) Inci suggests they all pray. If anything happens to Pelin, everyone…including Neriman…will pay.

The next morning Sahika taunts “Cinderella” Neriman. Everyone is worrying about Pelin. Neriman won’t be able to be with Macit until Pelin is better. But if she dies? Her family will bury Neriman. The best solution is to just marry Sinasi.

The doctor tells the family to be prepared for anything. Ösgür stops Macit before he gets near the family. There’s been no change. Macit blames himself. Ösgür warns him that there will be no forgiveness if something happens to Pelin.

Fahriye encourages Neriman to call Duygu. Duygu reports there’s no change in Pelin’s condition. When they hang up, Duygu tells Feyza she was just talking to a friend of Pelin.

Nezahat finally gets in touch with Asim, but he’s just getting back from the hospital with his mom. Nezahat wants to come over right away. He tells her no. Mom needs rest. He’ll see Nezahat tomorrow. They need to talk. Nezahat thinks about hearing Asim saying something to a “Sra Kader” the last time she called him.

Speaking of the devil, in the next scene we get to watch her finding and reading Asli’s diary. You just had to have that jacked didn’t you Emre? So Emre and Kader get all offended that Asli hates them. Like what did they expect? Kader reads that Sinasi gave Asli money. That really seems to send Emre over the edge. He grabs the book and reads it for himself. Emre pushes Asli. At least Ismail seems to have a heart and tries to help her.

Neriman tells Fahriye she doesn’t want Sinasi finding out about Pelin.

Was that Mr. Erwin? With all these preemptions I’m forgetting people’s faces. He comes to see Selim. He’s not in the office, but Sahkia offers to tell Selim he came by. Mr. Ewin’s message? “Tell Selim his verdugo (executioner) came by. Tell Selim he’s a dead man and I’ll be back.” Well all righty.

Asli is crying when Nezahat calls. Asli can’t come to the engagement. Emre is busy. Maybe they can come later. Asli tells her sister she’s always thinking about her.

When Neriman and Fahriye get to the school, Rüya asks to speak to Neriman alone. Rüya heard all about Neriman’s engagement. Neriman swears she has nothing to do with that and doesn’t even want it. Rüya scoffs. That “we’re only friends” line was crap. Neriman loves only Macit? She’s not just fooling Rüya with it, she’s fooling herself (I don’t even get what she was saying.)

Sinasi buys flowers in slo mo while Macit watches over the unconscious Pelin.

Sahika wants to know if Neriman has made a decision. Will she marry Sinasi or be with Macit when it’s finally convenient for him. Neriman wants to know if there’s any news about Pelin. There’s no change. The family is trying to keep everything out of the press. Macit is with the family waiting. Sahika wants to know if Faiz knows about Pelin.

Neriman asks Faiz if he wants her to marry Sinasi. Faiz insists it’s up to Neriman but he does all that talking like he does. He’s tried to do the best for Neriman, but a relationship with Macit will be hard. I think he tells Neriman to look in Macit’s eyes and she’ll know he’s not really ready. Only she’ll know if it’s really love. Whatever she decides she should be sure.

Sinasi has the rings ready to go. Zehra is not happy about this at all. She begs him not to do this. Everyone knows Neriman loves that other guy. Sinasi says if she doesn’t stop talking like that…she’ll regret it. Zehra doesn’t care. He’s already hardened her heart. There is nothing more he can do to her.

Fahriye wants to know what Neriman decided. Macit calls. He’s outside! He just has to see her. He needs her so much. Fahriye sends Neriman out there to go get rid of him!

Sinasi and family are arriving (Kedi!) Luckily, Neriman managed to get rid of Macit before they saw him…but it was close!

Macit goes to the hospital. Ösgür asks if he got to see Neriman. Macit confides that for the first time, he’s afraid.

The ask for her hand party is the worst ever. It’s pretty awkward. Faiz makes small talk and asks Sinasi about work. Things are going well. Zehra takes a moment to throw some shade. Sinasi is going to have money, just like the one that left a little while ago (so I don’t think she means it literally, but I think it gave Fahriye and Neriman a start.) Gulter suggests the girls go make coffee and tea.

While she’s in the kitchen, Neriman calls Duygu. There’s still no change. Unfortunately, Feyza hears Duygu saying Neriman’s name, freaks out. She screeches that Neriman is waiting for Pelin to die! Feyza doesn’t even see the nurse running out of Pelin’s room nor does she hear the alarms beeping. She’s too busy running out of the hospital. The next thing we see is Feyza being driven somewhere.

The engagement party is still awkward, but Nezahat nudges Zehra in an effort to get things started. Zehra tries but has a coughing fit. She finally manages to spit out that they are here to ask for Neriman’s hand for Sinasi. Sinasi whips out the rings. Faiz turns it over to Neriman. Neriman starts to answer to Faiz. He interrupts to tell her to talk to Sinasi. The doorbell rings. Sahika goes off to get it.

We all knew it was Feyza, right? She barges right in and asks where Neriman is. Sahika sends her upstairs. Upstairs, Feyza tells Neriman it’s all her fault. She grabs Neriman.

At the hospital, they are getting the cardiac paddles. A not very helpful nurse closes the blinds on us so we can’t see anything but we sure can hear that flatline sound. At least there’s a change in her condition?

Feyza shows Neriman the ring Macit gave to Pelin. Neriman wanted it so bad? Here it is! She puts the ring on Neriman’s finger and we are given the longest dramatic pause ever.

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Gracias, Sara! I can’t wait to watch this. My thought when I got to the end was “Does this mean that Neriman is now engaged to Feyza?”