Entre Dos Amores Monday 2/18/19 #76

Macit finally calls Neriman. He knew she was OK, though. He’s been “informed” the whole time.

“What do you want?” Neriman asks him.

“You. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.” And he broke up with Pelin and gave the ring back.

“You think I’m just going to run back to your arms?”

He tells her to go for it, ’cause he could use a hug. He’s just told Neriman to meet him in their usual place when Ösgür shows up and says Pelin tried to kill herself.

Sinasi comes over to Neriman’s. She tells him Fahriye and her aunt have been feeding her constantly.

Neriman tells him she wasn’t asleep the entire time and I think, starts to tell him she doesn’t want a relationship with him, but he cuts her off and then goes about his business.

Macit, his parents, and Ösgür get to the hospital. Feyza says she’ll make their lives hell if anything happens to her daughter. Some nurses come out of a door and tell them to wait for the doctor.

Fahriye’s trying to get Neriman to go meet Macit, but she’s finally got her dad trusting her again. It’s not like she can go tell him Macit broke off his engagement with Pelin and so now she’s gonna date him, OK?

Fahriye wants Neriman to visualize Macit and put everything else aside. What would she say to him? What does she want to do?

Neriman says she loves him.

Then go!

Sinasi tells his mom and sister he’s going to propose. They assume he means to Rüya. Zehra’s pissed off when he says it’s Neriman. He loves her and she’ll be his wife.

Zehra spits. She complains that Neriman’s just after him because the rich guy left her. He’s her second choice.

Sinasi’s not going to let his mom talk about Neriman like that. And if she won’t let Neriman’s family come over here, then he’ll go to her house.

Ismail found some cash in Kader’s drawer. Is this the money she said Asli stole?

Kader says she was going to tell him earlier.

Asli comes in and reminds Kader she called her a thief. She calls Kader a liar. When Emre comes in she gives him the same excuse about having found the money and just forgot to tell them right away.

Emre asks if she’s joking around with them or what. Now Emre and Ismail are pissed off at Kader and Asli’s screaming that they’re the real thieves–they stole her life!

Fahriye and Neriman are waiting by the water. Macit’s still at the hospital and Pelin’s condition is apparently getting worse.

Zehra goes over to Neriman’s to complain that Gulter told her there was nothing going on between Sinasi and Neriman. She tells Gulter they’ll come over tomorrow to ask for Neriman’s hand.

Gulter’s all freaked out when she tells Faiz.

Zehra walks home grumbling about how Neriman was stringing Sinasi along all this time. She runs into Kader, who rudely tells her to get a move on to see her daughter. Zehra tells Kader to leave her alone–she’s not in the mood to fight with her today.

Oh, yeah? Then Kader will show her what a real fight is like. She goes over to one of the busybodies to find out where Asím lives.

Pelin is finally out of surgery. The doctor says she’s going to Intensive Care. Selim barks at him to fix his daughter immediately. Dude…it doesn’t work that way. The doctor complains that they brought her in too late. Those pills go straight to the bloodstream and she took too many. She really did want to commit suicide.

Selim asks Macit what he said to her. Inci tells Selim they’re all suffering here. Feyza tells them to get out. Ösgür tells Macit he’ll stay behind to keep him updated.

As they’re leaving, Kerim blames Macit…and he ignores a call…from a guy in the lobby?

Kader goes over to Makbule’s to tell her to save herself and not let her son marry Nezahat. The family are terrible and the first thing they’ll do is throw her out. Makbule hopes not. Also, she’s got a new hearing aid so people don’t need to yell quiet as loud.

Neriman and Fahriye have been waiting 2 hours for Macit. Neriman gives up.

Kader keeps laying it on thick with Makbule. Zehra tried to kill her by pushing her down the stairs. They might do the same to Makbule. But it’s her decision.

Macit gets to the park and sees Neriman and Fahriye catching a bus across the street. He runs to catch up and Neriman practically falls out the door and into his arms.

“Am I late?”

Neriman says she’s the one who just arrived.

Asím gets home and Kader decides it’s time for her to leave. Nezahat calls Asím, but Makbule’s having trouble breathing.

Neriman checks Macit’s hand for the ring. He’s really not engaged anymore. Fahriye’s watching them from a nearby bench like it’s her own little show. She should just keep a bucket of popcorn with her at all times.

Anyway, Neriman’s still upset at him. What about his family and Pelin? She’s sure they didn’t say “Whatever you want, Macit.” And they didn’t say it to her either. So how are they going to deal with this?

“With love, the way we always have.”

Macit gets a call from Ösgür. He tells Neriman he’ll tell her later what’s going on, just trust him. He kisses her forehead and says he loves her.

Fahriye asks Neriman if they made up, but Neriman doesn’t know.

Sahika comes home and checks to see if Neriman’s OK because she has chisme!

Sahika’s been calling her all day!

Well, Neriman didn’t pick up the phone because she’s not interested in chisme. Good thing we’ve got Fahriye ’cause she sure wants to know.

Neriman’s sure Sahika was just going to tell them that Macit left Pelin.

Actually, that’s news to Sahika. Gulter listens in from the door as Sahika says that must be why Pelin tried to kill herself. Shocked faces all around. And Gulter asks if Pelin did this because of Neriman.

Fahriye says that must be why he showed up late for their date.

Gulter’s upset that Neriman’s still seeing him behind her father’s back. They’d better hope Pelin recovers…or would Neriman be happy if they took the ring off Pelin’s finger to put it on hers. How long did she wait?

Sahika agrees with her mom–this is delicate. It’s like someone’s last word

Cihan and Sinasi get tea at Osman’s. Sinasi insists he’s in “love.” I kind of tuned out after that. Oh, great. Sinasi bought rings. Thank you, Cihan, for bringing up Rüya.

Rüya comes over to Zehra’s. She was worried about Sinasi after their “argument,” but he’s not home. She doesn’t understand what he’s doing, but she doesn’t want to fight with him. Zehra gets that.

Faiz asks Gulter if Neriman knows Sinasi’s coming over tomorrow to ask for her hand. Faiz says they can come over–he’s not going to reject them, but they have to respect Neriman’s decision. He wants Gulter to talk to her.

Gulter calls Zehra to tell her Faiz said they could come over, but they’ll have to respect Neriman’s decision.

Rüya overhears Zehra complaining that they haven’t even asked for Neriman’s hand and Gulter’s already telling her not to do it. Zehra’s still muttering about it when she comes back to the room. Nezahat gives her a look. Rüya decides she needs to go.

Duygu walks into a café in time to hear Macit tell Ösgür that he broke up with Pelin and told her he couldn’t live without Neriman.

Duygu can’t believe he did that. It wasn’t enough to break up with Pelin? He just had to tell her he didn’t love her and hurt her. She’s never going to forgive him that. She knows Pelin made mistakes too. She can’t justify what Pelin did, but she does love Macit. Why did he have to tell her he loved Neriman.

Ösgür points out that it’s not the first time Pelin has heard that.

“But this time he hurt her.”

Inci comes to keep Feyza company in the hospital. Feyza’s still blaming Macit. And Pelin’s only mistake was loving him.

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