Betty en NY Friday 2/22/19 #13

Julia revives Nicolas and whaddayaknow, that stock recovered. He starts babbling about how soon they’ll be eating her tamales in the Hamptons.

But it’s not their money.

Right. Well. Best to just be grateful to the universe.

Catalina thinks Armando’s looking nervous about the collection. She’s seen the designs and felt the fabrics and it’s gonna be great.

She asks about his parents so Armando can explain to us that it’s just a small, private runway show for the buyers Catalina rounded up for him.

Catalina tells him to relax and enjoy his success.

Backstage, Hugo is stressing that “the dresses” haven’t arrived yet. Fabio’s complaining about “When I was a model it wasn’t like this,” and trying to get Hugo out of the dressing room isn’t helping. And then he flat out says Armando must have different priorities or the dresses would be here.

The Pelotón are annoyed that they won’t get to see the runway show. Pati starts smarming about how she’s going because she’s a person who matters. She grabs Marce to confirm that the other assistants aren’t invited.

Marce says it’s a small show, just for buyers. She’s expecting Pati and Mariana in the showroom.

Pati keeps up the attitude and Sofia reminds her that her BOSS will be there. As in, Betty!

That would be the Betty who’s having Wilson and Giovas help her wheel the three clothing racks to the backstage area without anyone seeing them.

Armando’s trusting Ricky to keep Hugo away so he doesn’t see the dresses before the show.

Ricky says there’s no way Hugo’s going to leave the backstage area, but he still ends up dragging Hugo over to talk to some of the buyers, including Thompson.

Betty and the boys get the racks backstage. Inesita shoves Giovas out of the room.

As soon as Inesita unzips the first garment bag she can tell something’s not right. Betty explains this is what they could afford. She begs Inés not to say anything to Hugo. But Fabio overheard.

He goes to the showroom and tries to convince Hugo to sip some champagne, ’cause the dresses arrived, but they came with the ugly chick….

Hugo just has to go backstage and check for himself. First he’s horrified Betty’s there, then he realizes the fabric isn’t as smooth as he was expecting, then he accuses Betty of stealing his designs.

Armando comes in to rescue Betty and explain to Hugo that they couldn’t afford to do the designs in the fabrics he wanted. Hugo wants to cancel the show, but Armando says a lot of people are counting on this. They’ll see how the buyers respond and Hugo needs to calm down!

Ricky announces the show. That’s not how you say prêt-à-porter.

As soon as the first model comes down the runway, the muttering about fabric starts. These buyers can tell, just by looking, that the fabric is cheap. Nobody places an order. Catalina’s furious–Armando made her look like a liar.

Sofia goes to the office and sees that all the pictures of her and the family around Efrain’s desk have been replaced by pictures of him and/or Jenny. And the old photos…in the trash ripped and creased.

Hugo throws stuff around in the workroom. When Armando comes in, Hugo calls him a liar and a tramposo. He quits.

Marcela’s like “No, we need you!” but Armando says he’s not irreplaceable.

When Armando refuses to go after Hugo, Marcela quits too.

Inesita’s putting the clothes away and thanking the models. Betty comes in looking for Armando, but Inés hasn’t seen him. She gives Betty a look of such utter disappointment that I feel bad and I didn’t even do anything!

Sofia’s crying over the pictures when Charlie comes in. She says Efrain doesn’t care about any of them. It’s just her and the kids from now on. Charlie says she has him.

Betty’s been looking all over for Armando and finds him sobbing in her office. He feels like a complete failure, but Betty says it was just a little bump. He’ll find a way out of this.

Marcela stands in the doorway, horrified to see Armando holding on to Betty while she comforts him.

Betty says tomorrow’s a new day and he always finds a solution and he can count on her.

Marcela hears Catalina coming and shuts the closet door. She was just…walking out and she noticed the light was on. She gets away as quickly as she can.

Armando supposes Catalina hates him.

She’s not into hate. But she did want to talk to him before she goes. Betty leaves and Catalina asks him to pour them both a drink.

Pati finally gets to talk to Daniel about the utter failure of the collection. He wants the deets, but she’s not letting him come over to her place. She’ll just tell him over the phone. Armando had select buyers in and they practically stampeded their way out at the end. The designs were great, because obviously, they were Hugo’s designs, but the fabrics were cheap.

Charlie brings Sofia a glass of water with sugar. He read somewhere it’s good for the nerves. And he doesn’t have anything else. He’s been thinking…maybe he could help with the kids’ expenses. The soccer classes and summer camp….

Sofia says that’s what their father is for. And if he won’t come through, she’ll get herself a weekend job. She puts her hand out so Charlie can hold it and says he’s a good friend. (Friend. Riiiiight.)

Ricky sees Catalina and Armando drinking and she tells him to come join them so she only has to say stuff once.

She asks what the hell this was about? How could he launch his first collection with those crappy fabrics! Did they really not think she’d notice that they were trying to dar gato por liebre?

Armando says he really did. He thought the designs were so good they could handle a lesser quality fabric.

Catalina says he just made a terrible impression on the owners of the largest department stores in town. And on top of that, he fought with Hugo. What if he goes to the press? There will be a scandal that will ruin the prestige of V&M. Is that what he wants to do with his father’s legacy?

Marce’s still trying to make out of the building. Daniel calls and tells her to meet him at Le Blanc.

Catalina tells Armando he has to get Hugo back. He’s the king of manipulation! He’ll know how to do it.

Ricky says all he’ll have to do is get on his knees and kiss Hugo’s feet.

Catalina thinks Hugo deserves at least that much. Her last bit of advice is to get Marcela back. She’s the best at marketing and she’s the woman he’s going to marry. He needs to do whatever he can to make up with her tonight.

Armando asks, since this is a night for humbling himself, if Catalina will still work with him.

She doesn’t think so. She learns quickly and only makes mistakes once. She advises him to do the same and recover from the mistakes he made today. She tells the guys to take care and behave.

Betty sees Inesita waiting downstairs and tries to chat with her. She apologizes–she didn’t want to hurt Inés or her boss. She was just following orders.

Inés knows about following orders. But there are orders and orders. Betty helped hide a lie and she hurt people. It’s not good to go around accumulating enemies.

Betty says she’s not, they’re just…being given to her.

At Le Blanc, Marcela explains about the fabric switch. She doesn’t know what happened–Armando was betting everything on this collection.

Daniel says he did bet it all and he lost. At the next board meeting he’ll be handing over the presidency.

On the subway, Nicolas jokes about Betty’s hair, but she’s not in the mood. He agrees that if they’d used the more expensive fabric, Armando would not have met his goals. But hey, BAR Fashion had some earnings today. They’re gonna go have a hot dog combo.

Betty’s like “no way, just the hot dog.”  They can’t spend all the money as soon as it comes in.

Nico thinks they should have a wild night of partying, but she says they have to keep this quiet. She can’t have people coming up to her all “Hey, Betty, you became a millionaire overnight.” Nobody can find out. He hasn’t told anybody, right?

Um…he ordered some business cards. They needed them to make the company look legit.

Betty agrees with that, but he can only give them out if it’s absolutely necessary.

Daniel keeps hammering on what a loser Armando is and how he trusts Betty more than Marcela and their engagement is going nowhere.

She’s ready to leave. It’s been a long day. She just asks that he not make this into a thing.

But it IS a thing, so he can’t promise that.

Armando doesn’t know where Marcela is and she’s not taking his calls. Ricky finds Hugo easily enough on social media.

Ricky says he’s at his favorite bar. They’ll have to go out like they’re married.

Well, Armando would rather marry Ricky than give an interview to the press.

Ricky reminds Armando he’ll have to ask his parents for his hand. ‘Cause he’s a respectable boy.

From Le Blanc, Daniel calls Roberto.

Ah, here’s that low-key homophobia after all. Armando and Ricky are crab-walking into the club back to back. They’re so focused on that that neither of them noticed whether Hugo was there or not.

At the bar, someone sends Armando a drink. Ricky tells Armando to tell him they’re together…which Armando does, gesturing back and forth between the two of them. Ricky slaps Armando on the ass to sell it.

Armando’s disappointed he got scared off so easily. Ricky’s pissed that Armando wanted to go off with the other guy and just leave him here alone.

“Hey, even Marcela doesn’t scold me like that!”

Yeah, well Marcela doesn’t love him like Ricky does…kidding! (*roll eyes*)

Betty gets home and finds her parents having tortilla pizza. They’re celebrating that the neighbors accepted the settlement money and Demetrio didn’t lose his license. Julia says they went shopping at the Mogollon market where everything’s super cheap. And how did Betty’s day go?

Um. Good. Normal.

Armando and Ricardo finally find Hugo. Armando tries “let’s negotiate.” Well, Hugo would like a public apology, but Armando says it would hurt the company even more.

Hugo will accept a private one. On his knees. (That extra sitting on the other side of Hugo is really working it.)

Armando says the failure of the collection was entirely his for not giving Hugo the fabrics he asked for. It’s his fault, not Hugo’s.

Hugo wants to hear that part about the fault again.

Armando says it’s his fault and not the fault of el divino Hugo.

And Fabio got the whole thing on his cell phone, so we’ll see how “private” the apology stays.

At Marcela’s, Pati tries to blame it all on Betty, but Marcela says she wouldn’t do something like that behind Armando’s back. Pati imagines at this point, she’ll demand that Armando fire Betty.

But Marcela says she quit. And Pati can’t tell Daniel!

Pati’s upset about how this is going to affect her. What if Armando gives Betty Marcela’s job?!

OK, El Divino Hugo forgives Armando. But he won’t be at tomorrow’s meeting to plan how they go forward. He already quit. Sure he accepted Armando’s apology and he won’t go to the press, but Armando has lost him.

Armando complains that no one else will pay him as much!

Fine, fine, he was going to come back anyway, but now he’s gonna need Armando to come to his bachelor party as a drag queen. (Travesti, captioner? The two are not the same.)

What did people say?
  • Tramposo – a cheat; one of the things  Hugo called Armando
  • dar gato por liebre – giving cat for rabbit, giving something of lesser quality than what was expected; what Catalina says Armando tried to do.
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1 year ago

FYI: RCN in Colombia is rerunning Yo soy Betty, la fea. I’m not sure if it’s possible to watch the videos outside Colombia, but there are fairly detailed summaries.

1 year ago
Reply to  LCaution

I get RCN Internacional. I hope that means they’ll run it soon!