Betty en NY Thursday 2/21/19 #12

And we’re back at Ladies’ Night Happy Hour at Bar Latino, where Armando has mysteriously showed up. He wanted to come congratulate Betty. And dance with her. And then he realizes how much he links hanging out with her.

And then Betty starts moving in to kiss…Sofia. Who cracks up laughing. Yeah. Tequila.

At the cocktail party, Marcela’s asking why Armando didn’t invite Beatriz since she’s always around. They start arguing about Betty’s loyalty vs. Daniel’s troublemaking. Marcela doesn’t trust Betty and she says all they do lately is argue “because of her.” (Um, no, because you insist on constantly picking on her!)

Armando begs Marcela to just treat this party like a fresh start and have some fun.

Mata’s complaining to Daniel that Betty must have tricked Armando. Daniel just wants some peace to work on his pile of paperwork. He doesn’t want Mata in his office ever again. And as for the job he promised? “I do not work with losers.” dice Daniel. En inglés.

Pati’s chowing down on a handful of appetizers when Ricky comes over  with a glass of champagne. He suggests they go to her apartment when she’s done eating.

Nope, Pati’s not taking him to her apartment again. Why don’t they go to his?

It’s a mess and the cleaner hasn’t been there in a week.

OK, then Pati’s going home alone. Marcela and Armando come over to say they’re leaving.

Aura Maria’s dance partner grabs her ass…and she’s done dancing with him. Giovas comes over to help shove the guy away from Aura Maria. And then she’s angry at Giovas because he’s not getting that she doesn’t want a relationship with him.

If this is Ricky’s apartment, it’s kind of cool. And it looks familiar. I love the screens with the swirling colors, but the giant guy over the stairs is a bit much for me. There’s no mess and he’s sure that’s because the “cleaning lady” come over while he was gone.

Pati’s already talking about moving in…kidding! Not yet anyway. She whines about being months behind in payments and getting her electric bill cut off.

Ricky’s got the answer to all of her problems and it’s not loaning her money or giving her some outright. It’s apparently sex. (Well, at least it’s free? Except for the contraceptives? Which I hope they’re both using? And that one of them at least is a barrier method?)

The V&M Ladies’ night party is breaking up and everyone heads for the exit…except for Sofia, who passes out. And Betty has another shot while they’re trying to revive Sofi.

Berta’s husband shows up and barely bats an eye. He helps them pick up Sofia so they can give her a ride home. Betty calls out her goodbyes and reminds them not to drink because alcohol is EVIL!

Wilson’s going home with his dance partner.

Sandra says they’re not letting Betty go home alone. What would her father say?!

Betty says she can tell them….

The scene shifts to Demetrio in his pajamas lecturing Sandra, Giovas, Mariana, and Aura Maria about how his daughter has never gone drinking before!

Betty mumbles about being aburridilla and Demetrio corrects her–it’s aburrida and no she’s not!

Giovas tries to defend everyone, but Demetrio shuts him down.

In her room, Betty looks for Cuquito to tell him this was the best day of her life! She told Armando the truth about the bribery and he understood. Armando’s the best man in the world.

The best man in the world is working on his tablet while Marcela sleeps and Betty voiceovers about how Armando can count on her and even if they’re not together she’s his and she’s going to be loyal to  him and take care of him because she luuuuuuuurves him.

Armando’s filling out the paperwork to create a new corporation.

Armando brings Marcela breakfast in bed. (It’s like he’s the perfect boyfriend…except he’s not.) He says it’s just because she’s by his side in good times and bad.

Marcela loves this part of their relationship, but they somehow lost it because of work? Armando says work is great and this is how they’ll be from now on.

Betty’s hung over. And Julia tells her to hide it from her dad.

Demetrio comes in yelling at her. Was one of the people there last night her “friend”? And what happened, did the “friend” accept the bribe?

Betty says she advised her friend not to do it.

Hmph. Demetrio guesses her parents must be happy.

Nicolas is looking at a selfie Pati posted and trying to figure out where she took it. A shoplifter takes advantage of his distraction to take five memory sticks.

I know she’s hung over, but Betty looks so frickin’ cute with her sunglasses and her hair all piled up. It’s a frickin’ hangover party in there. Pati gets there and accuses them all of copying her look. She threatens to tell Smith they’re all hung over and Sandra threatens to tell Smith Pati’s the one coming in hung over every other day.

The alarm’s going off in the store and Nicolas gets fired. Again? I thought he was fired before, but ni modo.

Armando tells Ricky he’s gonna do it. He’s gonna create that parallel company. Ricky reminds him they can’t have their names on it. But who could they possibly trust who wouldn’t be tempted by the money…?

Betty walks in and says good morning.

Armando: “Betty!”

Ricardo: “Betty.”

Armando asks how she woke up this morning. “In the horizontal position.”

Ricardo compliments her glasses and says she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Really? She’s never heard that. But cool. She’s a fan. Of Audrey, not of Ricardo.

Armando asks if Ricky shouldn’t be hopping on a conference call with….

Singapore. Texas. Who knew there was a Singapore in Texas. And they make great buttons. (No, there’s not. I checked. But there is a Texas Chicken restaurant in Singapore.)

Armando asks what’s up with the glasses, then says he’s disappointed they didn’t invite him. But he’ll forgive her if she lets him take her to breakfast.

Giovas brought Aura Maria some chicken noodle soup. I think it’s sweet. He’s still angry, though. Mostly about the guy she was dancing with last night.

Nicolas is at Betty’s soothing his wounded pride with coffee. Julia invites him to help her with the tamales, but it’s not really his thing. He’s more into technology. He’s gonna go check with a friend who has a cell phone store.

Pati’s scolding the assistants again about being hungover. Two women get off the elevator and one says “Pero nadie los quito lo bailado ¿verdad?”

Pati starts to contradict her, but realizes it was Catalina Escarpa talking (just go with it) and Shannon de Lima is with her (big name model from the first runway show, I think).

Catalina didn’t know Pati was working here. Berta hollers that it’s just been since yesterday.

Aw, well it’s great, ’cause the V&M girls are known for how friendly they are. She imagines Pati’s been welcomed into the fold. Vague muttering ensues.

Pati wants a selfie, but Ricardo wanders into the reception area and invites Shannon to have coffee in his office.

She’s cool with coffee if the guy offering is good looking and polite…but they have an appointment with Hugo. Pati’s still trying to get that selfie, but Shannon wants all the girls in it. Pati splits and the Pelotón get their group selfie.

At breakfast, Armando’s slight nervousness is colliding with Betty’s fantasy world. When he brings up a “proposal” she’s already saying “yes.”

He wants to explain, though, because it’s something important for the company.

Sad Betty face.

OK, well, he wants her to construct a business for him. She can do that right?

Betty lists off the info she’ll need to make that happen and Armando quickly runs down the list…there won’t be any partners, the starting capital is that $5M from Fernando, it’ll have broad goals like investing, and he wants to name it BAR Fashion.

That’s not bar as in drinking, it’s BAR as in Beatriz Aurora Rincón.

Betty’s voice goes all wavery. He wants her to be the owner of the company?

Armando says it’s to help protect V&M, because they’re taking big risks and if anything happens he wants that $5M there in case he needs it to answer to (pay off?) the shareholders. (OK, that’s a business thing so I don’t know if I’m not speaking Spanish right or not speaking Business right.) It has to be a real company, legally constructed. He’ll set it up however she wants. He begs her not to distrust him.

OK, well…she’ll create the company. She’ll help him.

Armando grabs her hand in gratitude. She has no idea what this means to him! (Oh no, Armando, I think you have no idea what this means to her!)

Hugo’s annoyed that Catalina left Shannon out there with the Cheapie Platoon. Catalina begs him not to call them that and asks to see the designs.

He walks her over to the sketches on the wall and talks to her about making Marcela’s wedding dress. Then he calls Fabio over to meet her.

Betty and Nico meet at a hot dog cart for lunch. She can’t believe he got fired over his obsession for Pati when he doesn’t even know her! Nico’s been running around with his résumé and asks Betty to take a copy to V&M for him.

She admits to him that everyone at V&M thinks he’s her millionaire boyfriend and she hasn’t told them the truth yet.

Catalina stops by Armando’s office and he decides to ask her to do the PR for the upcoming collection. She can have free rein to do whatever she wants–just like he gave Hugo.

That could be dangerous! But she’s at least willing to hear his pitch.

Nicolas is bummed that he’s not gonna meet Pati now. He had his approach all planned out. He was going to ask her the best way to visit some islands she visited two years ago and about a restaurant where she’d eaten….

“Are you stalking her?!”

Nico says she puts it all up online, but Betty’s still considering that stalking.

And anyway, he might not be able to work at V&M but he might be able to work at this new company Armando’s starting.

Nico says he could be the VP of finance and invest in the stock market and multiply their money.

And Betty was thinking the same thing.

Nico feels like he’s missing some information and Betty says she’ll tell him as long as he doesn’t tell anyone else….

Sofia complains to Berta about how stupid Efrain looked, trying to act like a sugar daddy. Wilson comes by and hands out mail, then tells Sandra about his night with “Barbie”. She turned out to be a rag doll and passed out as soon as he got her home.

“Who understands women?”

Sandra says he sure doesn’t.

Betty shows Armando Nicolas’ résumé. He thinks it’s almost as impressive as Betty’s. But he’s got no experience.

Well, Betty didn’t either, when she started. And she’d say Nicolas is the smartest guy she knows.

Armando thinks she’s talking about him as if he were her boyfriend.

[insert nervous Betty laugh here] No, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. No one deserves that misfortune. (Aw, Betty, I was with you as far as no one deserves you as a girlfriend.)

She starts talking to Armando about the fancy financial footwork they’re going to do to make that $5M multiply, but Armando doesn’t really care as long as it’s there for him when he needs it.

Catalina comes in to say goodbye and Armando introduces her to Betty. Catalina says she’s heard lovely things about Beatriz. And she’s just “Catalina” to friends. Now what are they doing locked in a closet? They explain it’s Betty’s office, so she can be right next door if Armando needs her.

Catalina lets that slide and Armando walks her out.

Pati’s putting her apartment up for rent. And moving in with Ricardo.

Nicolas is trying to help Facelook salon drum up some business. Betty calls to tell him he’s got a job managing BAR. For now she needs him to create the business, manage the finances, and they’ve got carte blanche to invest the capital.

Armando’s bragging to Ricardo that this is going to work. By the time Hugo and Catalina find out about the switch in the fabrics it’ll be too late to do anything.

Patricia comes in with her new BFF Shannon de Lima. Armando kicks Pati out when Shannon starts talking about Armando and “the other day.”

Well, he can’t very well kick out Marce and that’s who walks in next. Armando says they were just…toasting to the success of the new collection.

Ricky and Armando are sneaking around looking like burglars when a truck pulls up in the parking garage and starts unloading racks full of garment bags.

Armando goes home after and Marce asks why he’s dressed like that.

Um, he was just at his…nunjitsu class. He was just embarrassed to tell her before. Marce wants a demonstration. I’m so glad we were spared!

Betty checks in with Nicolas and reminds him to be careful with the money ’cause it’s not theirs. He’s had nothing but success and thinks she should tell Armando, but Betty says she’ll do it after the runway show.

Which is apparently today. Armando’s snapping at everybody about cleaning the carpets, Aura Maria doing her makeup at the front desk, the door handles being dirty.

Nico makes a bad investment. And loses all the money.

All the samples are being stashed in Betty’s office. Armando says they’ve gotta keep Hugo from seeing his designs in the fabrics they picked

What did people say?
  • Crudas – hung over; what Pati says the Pelotón are after their night out
  • “Pero nadie los quito lo bailado ¿verdad?” – But no one can take away what you danced, right? You would say it about a great night that you/someone got in trouble for; Catalina’s response to hearing Pati scolding the Pelotón
  • Diabolicamente encantador – devilishly charming; how Catalina describes Armando
  • The timing of things that happened in the original is shifting around.
  • Nicolas losing all the money is completely new to this version.
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