Entre Dos Amores Monday 2/25/19 #78

Neriman takes off Pelin’s ring. Feyza says Pelin tried to kill herself and it’s Neriman’s fault. They must be waiting for news of Pelin’s death.

She drops a bunch of hints about something to do with Nazan’s death, that “they” let her die just to get revenge on her family. She makes a big deal of asking if Zehra and her family know how Nazan died.

Feyza notices the ring box on the coffee table and says Neriman must have fooled him. She’ll pay.

She finally leaves like Faiz keeps asking her to.

Zehra says they’re going. That woman put an engagement ring on Neriman’s finger and no one can ever take it off her. She’s sorry, but her family has their dignity too.

Neriman wants to know what Feyza was talking about, but Faiz just wants to be left alone.

Back at their house, Zehra’s asking Sinasi when he’ll finally have enough of this. Neriman “made” a woman want to kill herself. What else does she has to do for Sinasi to end this?

Sinasi says his love for Neriman will never end.

At the  Arcaoglu house, Macit’s parents are still bugging him about marrying Pelin. His dad says Macit chose money over love and when Pelin’s out of the hospital, they’re getting married.

Macit says he proposed to Pelin to save his dad and the company, but Kerim insists that Macit was only doing it for himself.

Feyza gets back to the hospital and hears that Pelin’s heart stopped and the doctors are still in her room.

In Neriman’s room, Fahriye and Sahika are agreeing that Pelin’s nothing compared to her mother! Sahika says there’s no more hope for Neriman and Macit. And Zehra’s never going to let Sinasi marry her.

Fahriye’s sure that Feyza will make up a bunch of stuff to tell Macit.

Sahika does her impression of Feyza going to tell Macit that she interrupted Neriman’s engagement to Sinasi. She gets a smile out of Neriman.

Faiz asks Gulter how Neriman made Pelin try to kill herself. Gulter figures Macit broke up with her and she couldn’t take it.

Well, now that’s another time Faiz has been humiliated by what Neriman did. They won’t be able to walk freely in the streets. And Neriman thought she could build a happy family on other people’s unhappiness. (Dude, seriously?)

Gulter asks him what Feyza was saying about Nazan and he tells her to get out.

Macit gets to the hospital just before the doctor comes out to give them an update. They saved Pelin, but she’s exhausted and only one person can see her. She’s asking for Macit.

Nezahat calls Cihan to tell him what happened and that Sinasi’s not answering his phone.

Cihan finds Sinasi at Osman’s. He goes into one of his rants about how Sinasi doesn’t have as much money as Macit and he never will. Neriman will never be his wife.

Sinasi says he won’t die until he marries her. And if Pelin hadn’t tried to kill herself, he’d be engaged to her now.

Sounds to Cihan like Macit is in love with Neriman.

Macit tells a sleeping Pelin that he’s sorry. He doesn’t understand how they got here, but he loves Neriman. He’s sorry for telling her. He kisses her on the forehead before he leaves.

Fahriye hates to agree with Sahika, but things are going to be tougher after this. Neriman is finally all in–all she wants is Macit, Macit, and Macit.

Gulter comes in, all ominous, to slam the engagement ring on Neriman’s desk.

Pelin wakes up after Macit leaves (or quits pretending to be asleep) and screams at Macit to come back. Pelin’s family invade the room and the nurses have to shove them out before giving her a sedative.

Macit calls Neriman. She says they need to meet. She’s glad to hear that Pelin is doing better. Macit thinks this is going to make everything better.

Neriman tells Gulter she’s going out to see Macit. Gulter agrees she should do that–to give back the ring and tell him to stay away from them.

Pelin wakes up in the morning feeling better. She can still remember Macit saying he loves Neriman, but she tells her parents she only woke up as he was leaving. And then they all showed up and made her stay in bed. She wants to go home already.

Señora Afet comes by to return some stuff to Nezahat. The engagement is off. Nezahat explains to her mom about her last phone call with Asim and how he mentioned Señora Kader. She must have done something.

Kader’s busy pretending to knit while Asli scrubs the floors. She suddenly and fakely decides she needs to go out to get some air. And I’d call that bad acting, but Kader’s so fake as it is.

Zehra goes tearing out of the house screaming for Kader.

Sinasi tells Rüya he didn’t get engaged, but that doesn’t mean he’s giving up on Neriman. Rüya’s furious–what about her? What is she to him? She gets it, she’ll never mean anything to him, but she can’t stay here. She quits.

Macit’s parents have joined Pelin’s in the hospital waiting area. I don’t know why they thought they would be welcome here. Selim tells them to leave. And soon he’ll be dissolving their partnership. Macit didn’t keep up his end of the bargain.

Inci leaves Kerim behind to talk to Selim alone. Selim tells Kerim not to bother showing up to the board meeting, he’ll run it himself.

Sinasi tells Rüya’s she’s leaving after she said she doesn’t mix personal and professional. So maybe she’s not so professional after all. Rüya says she’ll stay, but only for the work.

Kerim tells Selim that Macit has changed his mind and he accepted his responsibility for what happened and doesn’t want to break up with Pelin after all.

Macit meets Neriman at the overlook. She shows him the ring and tells him about Feyza coming over. Macit decides they need to go somewhere they can be alone and turns off both of their cell phones.

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