Entre Dos Amores Tuesday 2/26/19 #79

Sinasi’s looking at houses. And cars. He’s annoyed when Fahriye comments on it.

Macit takes Neriman to the beach? Macit feels bad about Neriman having to pay for the things he’s done. He still thinks it’s going to be easier now because they’ll be together. He asks if she’s going to fight with him.

Neriman says she’ll always be with him. (Can we make it legal already?)

Beach montage set to the theme song. Macit goes barefoot. A dog shows up from nowhere.

Macit gives the infinity necklace back to Neriman. There’s kissing. And Fahriye won’t be interrupting this time!

Faiz has finally emerged from his office to ask where Neriman is. Gulter says she went to return the ring. Faiz asks about Pelin and Gulter says she’s recovering.

Zehra charges Kader as soon as she sees her. The chanclas go flying. Zehra’s pulling her hair. It’s right in front of the café so Fahriye and Cihan were there. Why is nobody whipping out a cell phone? I mean…I’m just saying this seems like something to document.

A bunch of guys come out of their shops, but it’s Cihan and Nezahat trying to pry Zehra away. Well…nadie quite lo peleado, hey?

Pelin’s desperate to go home. Feyza says if she goes home, she’ll have to stay in bed. They lie to her that Macit’s been there.

Macit brings Neriman back to the neighborhood. As she’s walking home, he gets a call from Ösgür to tell him they’re taking Pelin home. He needs to show up because she keeps asking for him.

When Neriman gets home Gulter and Faiz both assume she’s gone to give back the ring and she’s never seeing Macit again. She can’t get Faiz’s attention until he’s headed back to his office. And then she says she and Macit are in love and they don’t care what anybody else thinks about it.

Faiz just keeps on walking.

Cihan comes to the school to grab Sinasi. His mom’s fine, but Kader isn’t.

Kader tells Emre that Asli’s mom attacked her and her sister just stood there watching. Asli’s mom just wants to kill her! (Well, the line starts there, but there IS a line.)

Emre decides there’s something he has to do that involves dragging Asli out the door with him.

Macit gets to the hospital in time to take Pelin home. Duygu seems like she’s taking things lightly when she tells Ösgür that at least Pelin has only hurt herself so far.

I thought Kader looked bad, but Zehra’s not looking a whole lot better. Sinasi scolds her for fighting in the street “like a man.” Zehra says Kader ruined Nezahat’s engagement. She’s tired of keeping her mouth shut while Kader keeps doing and saying horrible things to their family.

Sinasi starts running out the door but Emre’s on the other side. He shoves Asli inside and curses her…but he’ll totally be back for the baby. (There is not a can of STFU big enough for Emre.)

Pelin gets home. She pretends to be sorry for scaring everyone and promises she’ll never do it again. I don’t think anyone believes her.

Feyza walks Macit out. He gives Feyza Pelin’s engagement ring. So now she’s pissed that he went to see Neriman while Pelin was in the hospital. Macit warns her to stay away from Neriman.

And now Feyza asks if Neriman ended up not getting engaged after all. ‘Cause it sure looked like an engagement party to her. (Seriously, Macit, don’t tell me you’re going to believe her?)

Inci’s talking about doing an exhibition in Florence…with the guy I think Kerim owes money to. Kerim shows up and plays along–he forgot the guy was coming over today. They’ll go talk on the terrace.

Sahika catches Neriman playing with her necklace. So are she and Macit back together now? Because it’ll never work. Does Neriman think she’s really going to marry Macit?

Neriman says they’re not asking anyone’s permission from now on.

Sahika’s impressed. She hopes everyone understands her decision.

Macit calls Neriman and tells her he’s in the neighborhood. He needs her to come talk to him right away. Neriman leaves the house without telling anyone where she’s going.

Inci wants Cerivan to take tea and coffee out to the terrace, but Kerim told her not to bring anything.

Neriman finds Macit and he’s all upset about what Feyza said. Neriman says Sinasi did come over to ask for her hand. She let him because her dad wanted her to answer looking Sinasi in the eye. And she thought it was a good idea to tell him “no” in front of everyone so he’d finally stop.

Macit tells Neriman to go home. He goes off to somewhere “not far” but I think we can all guess where.

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