La Reina del Sur Season 1 Episode Guide

Telemundo has announced the premiere of Season 2 on April 22, but starting Monday, March 4 they’re going to show an abbreviated version of Season 1, cutting it down to ~35 episodes. This is not going to line up, but here are some brief descriptions of the original 63 episodes:

  1. Güero Davila picks up a shipment of coke in Colombia and gets his plane shot down as he’s landing in Mexico. Teresa Mendoza, his girlfriend, gets a phone call telling her Güero’s dead and she needs to run. Gato and Pote, who have been sent to kill her, catch up to her at Güero’s safehouse. She shoots Gato as he’s raping her and keeps running. She calls Epifanio Vargas, Güero’s boss, and asks for a meeting at the chapel of Malverde. Epifanio says he can’t help her–she’s already dead.
  2. Everyone’s looking for Güero’s notebook. Teresa gives it to Epifanio in exchange for her safety. Epifanio sends her to Spain and gives orders that she not be killed. Batman, Epifanio’s main hench, sends Ramiro and Pote to kill Teresa at the airport. She jumps a fence and hitches a ride in the truck of a red-haired man who was looking for the notebook at Güero’s apartment. He and Teresa steal Epifanio’s plane and mid-flight he starts asking Teresa where the notebook is.
  3. The red-haired man is Willy, a DEA agent. He knows about Güero, the notebook, Teresa, and the million dollars Güero had in the bank. Teresa promises she’ll give him the notebook when they get to San Diego. When they land, she says she lied–she doesn’t know anything about a notebook. Ramiro comes to San Diego to look for her, and gets caught for his complete lack of subtlety. Teresa makes it to the airport, where Willy is waiting to arrest her.
  4. Willy is convinced Teresa gave the notebook to Epifanio, but he lets her go. Teresa gets to Spain and starts working as a waitress at a “puticlub” in Melilla. She makes friends with Fatima, who she met on the ferry, and meets Santiago, a new love interest.
  5. Santiago’s interest in Teresa upsets Sheila. Sheila and Ali (who got fired for stealing tips) team up with Ali’s cousin and plant drugs in Teresa’s apartment. To avoid getting sent back to Mexico, she agrees to sex with Marcelo Cacares, a friend of her boss, Dris’.
  6. Sheila and Ali search Teresa’s apartment and find her stash of US dollars and her emerald necklace, which is how Teresa figures out who had her framed. Santiago gets hauled back to Galicia to pay for trying to leave his old boss.
  7. Santiago has to make one last run for Pernas and then he’s free. Teresa very publicly beats up Sheila for stealing her money and threatens to kill Sheila if Sheila messes with her again. Teresa meets Coronel Abdelkader Chaib, another friend of Dris, who makes his money trafficking hashish. The Pernas clan report Santiago’s location to the police.
  8. Ali beats Sheila when she tries to take his share of the money to give back to Teresa. He leaves her for dead in the dumpster outside her apartment and Teresa gets blamed. Ali’s cousin tries to arrest her and ends up handcuffed to a pipe. Santiago and his friend Lalo fix their sabotaged boat and get away from the coast guard. Teresa goes to a party at Cacares’ house to beg Chaib for his help.
  9. Ali’s cousin kills a cop and goes on the run with Ali, who gets shot when they drive through the border crossing. Sheila recovers. Santiago comes back to Melilla to start over with Teresa. Almost immediately he comes down with a case of Güero envy. Teresa’s disappointed when she finds out Santiago transports drugs.
  10. Teresa breaks up with Santiago, saying she won’t be a narco’s wife again. Santiago starts working for Chaib. Fatima’s son has ended up alone in her hometown and Teresa insists she and Fatima can go get him and smuggle him into Melilla.
  11. Santiago agrees to transport a boat full of immigrants, but one of the kids falls out of the boat and Santiago can’t deal with the guilt. Teresa gets him sobered up and tells him about her plan to get Fatima’s son. Santiago insists he go with them. Fatima’s fake ID gets them noticed at the border.
  12. Chaib shows up and has Fatima released. Dris tells Soraya to get information about Santiago out of Lalo. The orphanage where he’s staying won’t give Fatima her son, so Santiago sneaks him out in the middle of the night. Ali’s cousin just happened to be in the same town and wants to torture Teresa in revenge for Ali’s death. Santiago finds her, kills Ali’s cousin, and steals a truck to drive back across the border.
  13. The stolen truck turns out to be full of hashish. Teresa trades it to Chaib for Mohammed’s papers and for the adults to stay out of jail. Dris re-hires Teresa. She finally attends one of the infamous “parties,” promising Santiago if he wants a career as a narco, she’ll get him one.
  14. Teresa sleeps with Chaib and gets Santiago a job transporting hashish. Dris is obsessed with Teresa and starts following her around. He tips off the authorities about a shipment Santiago and Lalo are transporting.
  15. Santiago gets away, but Lalo is thrown in prison. Chaib cuts ties with Teresa. Santiago comes back after a month hiding out and asks Teresa to move to Algeciras with him.
  16. Teresa moves to Algeciras with Santiago and starts learning about boats, radar, and how to launder money through Gibraltar. She and Santiago are in the same restaurant as Jaime Arenas and Patricia O’Farrell when the Russians come in looking for Jaime.
  17. Yasikov and the Russians keep looking for Pati and Jaime. Jaime explains that he and his “partners” stole a ton of coke from the Russians. His partners’ half-ton gets found and confiscated by the police. Teresa and Santiago start making runs together. Fatima comes for a visit.
  18. Santiago was all insecure about Güero and proposed to Teresa. The Russians tracked down Jaime and killed him, leaving Patricia for dead.
  19. Pati gets out of the hospital and goes to prison. Dris sets Santiago up to get busted during a delivery, but Santiago crashes the boat and dies. Teresa is sentenced to five years in the same prison where Pati’s serving her sentence.
  20. Fatima finds out Eddie has stolen everything from Santiago and Teresa. Conejo teaches Teresa about the ins and outs of the prison. Teresa makes an enemy out of her first cellmate and moves in with Pati.
  21. Conejo sets up a library with books donated by Pati. Pati and Makoki fight over a new prisoner, Adriana. Before the library can open, Makoki burns it down with Teresa and Adriana inside. Pati uses the ventilation shaft to get Teresa out, but Adriana doesn’t make it.
  22. Teresa is framed for Adriana’s murder and spends time in solitary confinement, reading The Count of Monte Cristo until she’s cleared. Teresa celebrates a birthday. Pati tells Teresa she has a hidden treasure.
  23. Teresa and Pati get out of prison and find the hidden half-ton of cocaine.
  24. Teresa and Pati lead Yasikov to the half-ton and start a business relationship with him.
  25. Teresa’s return and partnership with the Russians is making her old enemies nervous. Pati’s doing too much coke and talking too much. Teresa makes contact with Coronel Chaib to help the Russians get into the hashish trade.
  26. Before Teresa and Oleg can get to work, she asks him to get rid of her enemies. Oleg’s worried that Pati’s going to be a security risk.
  27. Teresa and Pati move to Malaga and go on a mega shopping spree. The Russians are still looking for Dris. The police start following Teresa. Fatima and Mohamed move in with Teresa and Pati.
  28. Teresa hires Eddie Alvarez to do her legal stuff, figuring he’s not going to betray her twice. Teresa and Pati clash over Fatima and Mohamed moving in. Teresa agrees, after a talk with Oleg that they should move out. Dris calls Epifanio to find out what he can about Teresa. Dris makes an anonymous report, trying to get Teresa busted for transporting drugs, but she sends Flores pictures of his family and he calls off the op.
  29. Teresa and Oleg start work. Pati starts socializing again. Teresa gets threatening photos of Mohammed and assumes this is Flores’ revenge, but Mohammed has been kidnapped by the Turkish narcos.
  30. Dris meets Ratas. Oleg gets dragged into the dispute with Tariq. He sends his men to help Teresa get Mohammed back, but Fatima gets involved and everyone but Teresa ends up dead.
  31. Flores has his funding taken away. Ratas gets out of prison. Dris turns up dead.
  32. We find out Ratas killed Dris. Epifanio gets closer to the presidency. Teresa implements a new shipping strategy using light planes. Epifanio’s team and Teresa (on behalf of the Russians) are headed for Colombia to negotiate with Sanchez-Godoy.
  33. Willy gets relocated to Spain. Epifanio hands the business over to Batman. Batman sends Ratas, Gato, and Pote to Spain to kill Teresa. Conejo gets out of prison.
  34. Pati and Conejo escape Ratas, Gato, and Pote. Conejo, Alberto, and Nino join Teresa’s team. Ratas, Gato, and Pote are captured when they try to get into Oleg’s club.
  35. Oleg and Teresa try to set up a deal with the Italians, but they don’t want to risk the wrath of the Pernas clan and Teresa won’t talk to the Pernas. Oleg lets Teresa decide what to do with Ratas, Gato, and Pote, but he won’t let her kill them herself. She orders Pote released and wants the other two dead. Ratas manages to escape.
  36. The Italians want the Pernas to negotiate with Teresa, but Siso refuses. Teresa tries to hunt Ratas down at his hotel, but Ratas makes it to the Mexican embassy. Willy and Flores start working together.
  37. Ramiro gets back to Mexico. Batman gives Pote three options–finish the job, come home and face the consequences, or work for Teresa. Transer Naga carries out its first big op, frustrating the Pernas and embarrassing law enforcement. Pote saves Teresa from a car bomb.
  38. In retaliation for the car bomb, the Russians trick Siso into killing his cousin. The bomb brings Teresa to the media’s attention. Pote asks to work for Teresa.
  39. Pote starts working for Teresa. The Italians decide they want in on the cocaine deal. Pati is jealous of Teresa and Téo’s relationship. Veronica starts working undercover.
  40. Patricia meets “Guadalupe Romero.” Oleg and Nino don’t trust her. The bodies of the two bombers are found in the trunk of a car. Teresa meets Teo’s wife and kids.
  41. An impromptu trip to Morocco almost blows Veronica’s cover. Teresa spends time drinking with Oleg. Flores searches “Guadalupe’s” apartment and finds her gun. Teo gets shot in front of Teresa’s apartment.
  42. Teo’s in the hospital in a coma. Eddie pays off the guys who shot Teo. Pote is suspicious of Oleg, but he assures Teresa he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. They realize the shooting was directed at Teo, not Teresa.
  43. Teresa turns down a job transporting for a French heroin dealer. He retaliates by shooting up the office. Teresa goes to Abdelkader to hire more security, but recognizes one of the guys from the surveillance camera footage. They torture him until he and another one of Abdelkader’s men admit that Eddie hired them to shoot Teo.
  44. Garou’s men try to grab Pati and “Lupita” but Lupe fights them off, which earns her points with the team. Eddie dies avoiding Nino. When they check his cell phone, they realize he’s been getting a lot of calls from the same number–Eugenia’s.
  45. Teo’s awake and he heard Eugenia wishing he was dead, so he’s not surprised when Teresa tells him that Eugenia was working with Eddie. Teresa and Pote set up an ambush for Garou at the train station. They leave Garou alive to warn off others who might try to come after Teresa. He tells the cops La Mexicana did it. Lupita is officially hired as Pati’s assistant.
  46. Pote kills Garou. Alberto finds the recording of Eugenia talking to Eddie about the murder attempt. Teo asks Eugenia for a divorce. Pati throws Teresa a birthday party.
  47. Teresa meets a woman who runs an NGO and Teo says he’ll set up a charitable branch of the company to donate/launder money. The mayor of Marbella is after Teresa for a donation to his re-election fund. Eugenia crashes the party. Sanchez-Godoy shows up with mariachis and coke. Teresa plays the recording of Eugenia and Eddie and Teo hears it.
  48. Veronica realizes she’s in love with Pati, but Willy won’t let her quit now that Sanchez-Godoy is around. The Pernas meet with Teresa. Flores comes to Teo’s to arrest Eugenia, but she shoots herself.
  49. Teresa agrees to split the Mediterranean with the Pernas. Malaspina gets a tip about Eugenia’s suicide, but Teresa and Teo have already paid off the mayor to keep things quiet. Teresa has Sanchez-Godoy feed Lupita information about a shipment to see if they can trust her.
  50. Pati becomes suspicious after seeing Lupe talking to Willy. She starts following her around and steals the keys to the bus station locker drop–which is empty at the time. Thanks to the information Lupe’s been able to feed them, they realize Teo’s up to something.
  51. Willy and Flores get Teo to be their inside man. Pati and Lupe break up. Willy introduces Veronica, aka Lupe, to Teo. Teresa’s preparing to move 20 tons of coke.
  52. Pati’s in a downward spiral. Teresa and Pote find out Teresa is pregnant. Nino sees Teo coming out of the police station and Teo has to make up a story to appease Oleg.
  53. Teresa tries to come to terms with her pregnancy. She talks about kids with Oleg, but doesn’t bring it up with Teo. Teo already has a new girlfriend. A shipment is stopped and throws everyone into a panic trying to figure out who the spy is and how to pay the penalty in the contract. Pati follows Lupita around and finds out she’s a cop.
  54. While the rest of the Transer Naga team are still dealing with the fallout from the Aurelio Carmona, Pati threatens to expose Lupita. She drives her car off a cliff and according to the police one of the two of them died. Nino finds out Teo’s working with the police.
  55. Teo kills Nino. Ramiro finds out Epifanio’s his biological father and makes plans to have de las Casas killed so Epifanio can run for president. Pati survived the crash. Willy swears Patricia to secrecy.
  56. Oleg finds out Nino was shot. Pati goes home from the hospital, tells Teresa about Veronica, and kills herself. Ramiro gets Popeye to kill de las Casas and then kills Popeye.
  57. The death of de las Casas puts Epifanio in the candidate’s position. Teresa tells her people Lupita was an undercover agent. She asks if any of the rest of them are working for the police. Willy’s boss comes to town and wants to meet with Teresa.
  58. Epifanio gives Ramiro the go-ahead to kill Teresa and puts him in charge of the organization. Willy and the US Ambassador explain that they want Teresa to come to Mexico and testify against Vargas to keep him from becoming president. Conejo figures out Teresa’s pregnant. Everyone but Teresa and Pote go to Pati’s funeral.
  59. Teresa scatters Pati’s ashes. Oleg tells Teresa that Teo met with a judge who offered him immunity in exchange for testifying against her. Teresa tells Oleg she’s pregnant with Teo’s baby. Willy pulls strings to keep Teresa from getting arrested by Flores and his team.
  60. Teresa runs one last op for Oleg simultaneously with a decoy op to get confirmation that Teo’s working with the cops. She has Teo brought to the yacht so Pote can kill him after she hints she’s pregnant with his third child. Epifanio finds out that the DEA wants to bring Teresa to Mexico to testify against him and end his political career.
  61. Willy and Flores are looking for Teresa. Teresa goes to one of Oleg’s houses and meets his wife and son. She calls Willy and says she’ll testify, but she has conditions (mostly that she get actual security). Epifano decides it’s time to clean house. He wants Teresa dead. He has Ratas send men to kill Batman.
  62. Conejo tells Alberto and Ramos about the 20M euros in cash Teresa left for them.Teresa arrives in Mexico. Epifanio asked to meet with her in person. Teresa insists on being armed and letting Pote have his gun back. She informs Willy and Ledesma (head of her security detail) that she’s going out tomorrow and needs transportation. Batman finds out Teresa is in Mexico.
  63. Teresa meets with Epifanio and tells him she read the notebook and memorized it. She doesn’t care about his political career, but she wants revenge for Güero’s death. Batman warns Willy that Epifanio’s going to try to kill Teresa before she testifies. Batman gets home to find his family dead. Ratas pays off the cops guarding Teresa and she and Pote have to fight their way out of the house to the street, where Ledesma has jurisdiction. Ratas kills Pote. Teresa kills Ratas. Teresa testifies and Epifanio goes to prison. We last see Teresa visibly pregnant, wandering around her home that’s somewhere near a large body of water.


We’re talking Season 1, the abbreviated version, on the forums.

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1 year ago

Thanks Kat! I didn’t feel like I could keep up with it when NBC Universo was running three episodes every weekend, but I might try to watch the abbreviated version in preparation for the new season.

1 year ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I admit I was on the fence about season two but when I saw that promo with Teresa using the sledge hammer to get to her weapons I was done for. I can’t wait!