Betty en NY Monday 2/25/19 #14

Armando says he’ll do it. He’ll go to Hugo’s bachelor party in drag. And Hugo will start designing a new collection tomorrow and he’ll get top-quality fabrics and be involved in every step of the process. And so we bid goodbye to the extra to Hugo’s left.

And now it’s on to the next step–Armando making up with Marcela.

Marcela’s thinking about what Patricia said when Armando walks in. He apologizes for the way he talked to her. And she says she shouldn’t have quit. And he was mean to Hugo. Why did he buy those fabrics?

Armando says it was a numbers decision and he didn’t think the clients would notice. Marcela said she could have told him it wouldn’t go that way. He begs her not to quit.

Betty gets home and finds her mom putting stuff away in her room. The tamale situation isn’t going great, but it’s better than nothing. No one wants to hire people their age. Maybe Betty can help her dad now that she has this new job.

Betty opens her pink box of Armando mementos. Like the shoe. And a picture.

Marcela tells Armando he’s been different lately. She blames Betty, but Armando says she has nothing to do with it.

Marcela points out that Betty knew about the fabrics. Armando could’ve asked Marcela for advice.

Armando says he was being stubborn, he’s learned from his mistake, and it won’t happen again.

Marcela says she won’t quit. And as for “them” she says it’s hopeless–she can’t live without him.

Armando’s parents call to check up on him, since Daniel blabbed. Armando softens the whole incident into they were just doing a test run and the clients loved the designs, but not the fabric quality. Roberto says not using low-quality fabrics has been a hallmark of their company…not that he’s telling Armando what to do, but he has to remember he can’t make decisions without informing the board.

Nicolas is going to start dressing up for work. He shows Betty his business card, which says he’s the CFO and Vice-Chairman.

Betty wonders what happened to keeping a low profile.

Well, he works out of her house. He’s sure at some point those business cards are going to come in handy.

El Pelotón are watching the uploaded video of Armando apologizing to Hugo and begging him to come back to work. But it has no sound and it’s been billed as a proposal. #gaylove #outofthecloset. They can’t ask Inesita what happened because she’s locked in the workroom with Hugo.

When Marcela and Armando come in, they scatter. Ricky’s waiting in Armando’s office to tell him they’re going viral–he allegedly asked for Hugo’s hand last night.

Armando can’t believe Ricky “liked” it!

Well, duh! Imagine if they get a million likes and every one of those people bought one thing from V&M! They’d have it made!

Hugo is possessed by the muses and still in last night’s outfit. Fabio complains that he shouldn’t have accepted Armando’s proposal and he should quit and find another job. I frown in Fabio’s general direction.

Inés is glad Hugo came back. She thinks this is where’d he be whether the previous collection went well or not. He’d be coming up with new designs over and over and over again, because that’s what he does. That’s what artists do.

Hugo tells her to keep flattering him.

In the strategy meeting, Betty says since the major department stores aren’t going to buy the collection, they’d have to reduce the price. To cost.

Marcela hates the idea, but Armando says it’s better than taking a loss. Ricky has a list of smaller stores they can consider.

Mogollon Market is on the list and Marcela’s dead set against their clothes ending up there. She’ll sell her part of the company if they do!

Oh dear. Nicolas and the mean kids. He’s handing out business cards. Wait, Gabriel Coronel isn’t with them? Why am I watching this scene?

Pati interrupts the meeting to serve coffee while Armando’s talking about checking with Dart before he rules out Mogollon.

Now, should they take off the labels or leave them? Ricky thinks leaving them would be a good way to test how well they’d do in the “fast fashion” area.

Marce gets a message from a buyer in Miami she’s been after for months. He wants to meet there tomorrow and she wants Ricky and Armando to go with her.

Armando finally agrees…and says Betty’s in charge of the office while they’re gone. Pati spills her coffee. Berta witnesses.

Hey, there’s an entrada! Wait, I have to go back and watch that last “Whatever, whatever, whatever” again…Mr. 5ft wants a gif of that. And so do I. Oh, right…recapping….

Marcela objects on the grounds that Betty’s too new. Armando says Betty will be touching base with him. Marcela suggests Daniel…but NO!

Berta has already spread the chisme to the Pelotón. Pati’s trying to act like she doesn’t care ’cause she’ll be in Miami too.

Marcela has Mariana buy 3 first class plane tickets for Miami and reschedule the meeting with the publicist.

Pati interrupts, shrieking about how horrible this is! They can’t leave Betty in charge! The Pelotón will all bully her!

Marcela tells her to can it. Betty’s just being Armando’s eyes and ears. There are more serious things going on, like Armando talking to the guy from Dart.

En inglés: “Dart? That’s like…a supermarket.” So now Pati freaks out about that. It’s the apocalypse!

Marcela tells Pati she’d better hope Armando gets the deal or they’re finished.

The guy from Dart checks out the collection on Ricky’s tablet. He likes what he’s seeing, but why are they offering this to him?

Ricky blah blah blahs about clothing for the everyday woman at a reasonable price.

‘Cause Dart guy thought it was just that the major retailers didn’t think the fabrics were good enough. Well, they’re good enough for his customers and the price works…but V&M will pay for the shipping.

Pati calls Daniel from the bathroom to tell him about the trip to Miami and Betty being left in charge. And they’re meeting with the guy from Dart.

Marcela tries to talk Armando into staying a few more days in Miami. She gets upset that Betty interrupts them being smoochy to tell Armando about a contract.

Armando tells Betty to send it as is. What? He’s sure she’s read it a bunch of times already. He reminds her that she’s to call him for ANY reason and he’ll be glued to his phone. Marcela tells Betty she can call her as well.

Betty wishes them a good trip.

Daniel meets with the guy from Dart and tells him to cancel the contract. Because of the time he got Dart guy’s name off the list of clients at a club for married men.

Aura Maria. Ricky. Elevator. That stop button really does work, huh.

The Pelotón made Betty a President sash. They take a group selfie as Marcela listens in. She’s annoyed that Betty’s talking about doing their best work to show Armando what they’re capable of.

Marcela asks to talk to Betty in her office. She says she won’t let Betty do whatever she wants with this company. She saw her last night, consoling Armando. She’d better get down off her cloud–this is HER company and that’s HER man and only Marcela is in charge. Got it? Armando’s HER fiancé, THEY own the company, and Betty is just an employee, and Marcela and Armando have been together for THREE YEARS?! And this conversation never happened.

When Armando comes in to see what’s going on, he somehow missed the screaming part and believes Marcela when she said she was just giving Betty the travel details for Miami.

Aura Maria. Ricky. Elevator. Still stopped. For 5 minutes, according to Pati. Wilson checks the security camera and gets an eyeful…but he tells Patricia the electricity must be down too. Everybody sticks to the “broken elevator” excuse after Aura Maria and Ricky pop out on the ground floor.

Marcela goes down to Smith’s office to tell him about the trip, about Betty being in charge, and recruit him to be her spy.

Berta finds Betty moping in her office. She’s sure Marcela said something, but Betty says it was nothing. Travel stuff and advice.

Berta doesn’t buy it. But hey, if Betty doesn’t want to tell her that’s ok. *sob*

Pati begs Ricky to take her to Miami. She neeeeds sun! And she won’t leave his office until he says she can go. They have to get to know each other better before they get married…kidding! She starts talking about piña coladas. He begs her to leave and sort of not-promises to take her on vacation when he gets back.

Aura Maria rushes to Mariana’s desk begging for a card reading because she’s found her dream guy…and he kisses good.

Mariana says they’ll do a quick reading…well, OK there’s a guy who’s in love with her and close, but Ricky? Forget it. The universe says so. The man in love with her  is one she doesn’t want to see, she shouldn’t fall for false illusions, and her happiness isn’t where she thinks it is.

Aura Maria impugns Mariana’s card-reading skills.

Giovas shows up with a rose for Aura Maria and Wilson tells him it’s a waste of time. They have to fight battles they can win and he’s lost since before he started. Aura Maria likes the big leagues and Giovas is on a barrio team. He gets it, right?

Nicolas. Bad kids. Club. I’m still not seeing Gabriel Coronel, so why are we here?

Pati begs Marcela to take her to Miami. Is she going to suggest marriage to her too?

Pati begs at least for permission not to come into work when they’re gone.

Marcela tells her to get over it. They’re friends, right? Well, Marcela needs Pati to spy for her! They’ll go to Miami some other time. Right now she needs alone time with Armando.

Pati’s too busy fantasizing about the four of them going to a club in Miami beach to listen.

Armando has agreed to Marcela’s plan to stay in Miami a few extra days to talk about the wedding.

Ricky pouts that he’s lost Armando forever. They’ll get the blessing from the priest and go off on their honeymoon.

Betty listens at her office door as Armando says he’s not marrying Marcela in the church and IF he does marry her, it’ll be a civil ceremony.

Ricky wants to be the wedding crasher, or throw him a bachelor party so epic Armando won’t even make it to the wedding.

Armando thinks that might be a good idea. He loves Marcela, but he’s not convinced she’s the love of his life.

Ricky looks like that’s the saddest thing he’s ever heard. Betty…not so much.

  • At one point Pati accidentally calls them “El Pelotón de las Feas” which is closer to their name in the original, “El Cuartel de las Feas.”
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