La Mujer del Vendaval #125

The Kiss of Death?

Oct pushes Timo away at the last second, and reminds him she’s an old fashioned gal and he can’t just go kissing her. Right-o lets get married then. Timo’s got plans for a big wedding in the San BP town square. Oct nixes his plans, she’ll plan her own wedding kthanks.

In The Night In My Dreams

( Warning. Management is not responsible if this song gets permanently stuck in your head. Listen at your own risk)

Al leans over Marcela’s shoulder and kisses her, and tells her he loves her more than anything. Nope its just a dream. (but whose dream?)
Severo limps into their bedroom with his copy of the papers and slips them into the wardrobe.

Alba has a romantic dream that Amadeo comes to her bedside and as he leans over to kiss her, he turns into Cris! She starts awake and wonders if she’s going crazy.

Linda sneaks out of the house and she and Ilse run away together.

Marcela wakes up alone and goes looking for Al. He’s not around but she does find the papers Severo planted. Now she’s sure Al knew. But how? And how and when did he make a copy? Sagrario comes and tells her Al’s in the fields and is she’s coming to church, Marcela says just let her bathe first.

Al is at the river remembering the good times with Marcela, he has to recognize he still loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

Now Maria Laura is wondering where she should put her copy of the papers so Marcela will find them, no she can’t come to mass with Sagrario, she’s not a church person, also she still feels like she has to stay home and rest

Severo contemplates his revenge plan; putting the papers Marcela doesn’t want Al to know about where Al can find them. That way he’ll ruin everything for Marcela. (actually that’d probably be the best thing that could happen for Marcela, It would jump start a much needed conversation with Al and get everything out in the open. Too bad Severo’s evil plan didn’t work. Wow, I never thought I’d be writing that. )

Devious minds think alike

ML goes to put her copy of the papers where her dad put his copy, and finds his copy, Confusion.

ML scorches her brains cells trying to figure out who else knows about the documents and hates Marcela enough to put them there. Who? Who? No! Impossible!

In The Jailhouse Now.

Ilse goes to visit Roman in prison and guess who she brought with her… Linda! Happy hugs and love all around.

Linda tells Roman about his mom the hero. More hugs and Roman promises when his sentence is up he’ll work real hard to take care of both of them. Linda says he won’t have to wait till then cause she’ll withdraw the charges, and tells the same to his atty when he arrives. They go to do that and Roman and Ilse have a heart to heart. She explains that she was abused by his dad too, she’s sorry she wasn’t braver, she let her fear defeat her, and then when she was miraculously set free of that creep all she wanted was to enjoy her life and find love, but now seeing him and his bro find love is way better. Roman forgives her if she’ll forgive him, they hug.

Linda’s dad and aunt try to figure out who helped her escape. Who could it possibly be, she never went anywhere or saw anyone, except the encyclopedia lady.

Oops. Dad figures it out and he thinks he knows where to find them. They’ll pay.

Linda tells the judge her story. Looks like she might be in trouble for false reporting, but the lawyer defends her, saying her father threatened her and her life was in danger. They’ll have to investigate that then. (does that mean Linda’s dad could end up in jail? *crosses fingers* here’s hoping)
Linda just wants to set the story straight.

Heyy Baby

Val calls Luc to tell him she’s got her own place starting this weekend. He plans to come visit but has to hang up cause Cris comes in to tell him he’s taking his vacation days starting today. Silvana wouldn’t let him, but he’s got rights darn it.

Nuria and Silvana talk orphans and then Nuria tells Sil not to try to stop Cris from leaving her, she appreciates the effort, but doesn’t think its gonna work. Just then Luc calls to ask why Sil didn’t approve Cris’s vacay and Sil says, ok then, I approve it, he can go. Settled.

What Rosa does on her day off

Rosa is all kitted out for a trip to the hot springs with big sunglasses and a cute pink hat when Al gets back to the house and brusquely questions her about about where everyone else is and then walks out.

Alba, Sagrario, and Marcela are all in church. Marcela remembers Camilo telling her that there was something not quite right about Al from the beginning.

Selma gets into it with the gals in the bakery. Amadeo separates them and tries to calm Selma down. Anyway Selma has a plan, they should tell Alba they’re gonna get married. It’ll totes work perfectly to achieve the desired result. wink.

After the service Marcela says she’s going to see Emiliano even though the others try to talk her out of it. They go to buy bread. At the bakery Alba asks Selma not to be too affectionate with Amadeo cause her mom is like real conservative and all. Selma asks if Alba was able to talk to Amadeo about marrying Selma. Oh, um, no, didn’t get a chance, sorry.

Marcela comes into Emil’s office to tell him about the papers she found in Al’s clothes. Now Marcela is convinced that Al planned the whole thing from the beginning to get the ranch and build a hotel with Oct. He never loved her at all and he’s been lying from the beginning. When he first came to the ranch he pretended they hadn’t already met on that island. He tricked her into falling for him and she changed the marriage from just something to collect her inheritance to a really real marriage.

Everyone from Camilo to Mateo tried to warn her about Alessandro, and now they were right all along. What can she do? First of all calm down. She has to be calm before he can inject her.

Severo calls Don T and wakes him up early to say Mateo killed Mike Cisneros. If you want proof, look where he sleeps. But Don T is grumpy to be waked up early and not in the mood for an anonymous informant, and just then Severo hears ML coming and has to hang up and ditch the phone.
ML comes in and asks her dad if he’s sure he’s not got better. The phone rings from under Severo’s bed and ML answers it and tells Al the others aren’t back from town yet. Then she asks her dad if maybe he’s using the phone, maybe he’s all better and just tricking them all. She gets right up in his face and squeezes his cheeks and he doesn’t flinch at all.

Al goes to church, interrupting the Sunday school class bout soccer? to find his wayward wife. The priest says she was here for the earlier service but she’s not here now. Then Al has a cryptic convo with the priest about marriage and being crazy in love.

Don T calls Eulogio to tell him about the anonymous call. Eulogio will head out to El V to check it out.

Sagrario is trying to tell Amadeo how glad she is that he and Alba are together, but Alba keeps interrupting, not wanting Selma or anyone else to hear. Al comes in looking for Marcela and Alba lies and says she went to the vet, and then frantically tries to call Marcela to warn her, but gets voicemail over and over.

Al checks with the vet who says Marcela hasn’t been to see him today. Al knows where to find her.

Emiliano tries to think up a scenario where Al is not a complete villain but Marcela is convinced of the worst now, and there are no excuses she’ll accept. Emil is telling Marcela to consult and attorney to see what she can do to protect El Vendeval when they hear Al yelling from the outer office. Ulp.

(I’m thinking of opening a relationship counseling service for telenovela couples. My main strategy, and my main challenge will be trying to get both parties to tell each other what’s going on. I’m open to suggestions as to how to make them do that. )

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