La Mujer del Vendaval #126

Al is shouting outside and pounding on the door. Emiliano helps Marcela sneak out the back through the house, and lets Al in the front and then truthfully tells him Marcela isn’t there. (also, those droids you were looking for? These aren’t them. )

They argue about Marcela, nothing new, same old same old, till Al knocks over a chair and storms out to find Marcela outside talking with Val, who then covers for her. Not that it does any good, Al still glares at Marcela like he caught her out, and then yells at her for not being at the vet. They have a stupid argument where each one obliquely references misdeeds the other knows nothing about, without actually coming out and saying what they think the other’s done. Until Marcela finally lets out that she knows Al paid the mortgage. (ok don’t get me wrong, I’m totally on Marcela’s side, but being mad at someone for paying off your debts and saving your home does sound pretty dumb.)

Al admits that he paid the debt but it was the only way to keep the bank from foreclosing. Marcela doesn’t understand why he would lie about it, and sign documents without her knowledge. Al says he can explain, but not here in the middle of the street. They’ll talk about it when they get home. (ok so the town square is good enough for you to have loud arguments in, but not for you to make explanations in? Sure. )

Marcela warns him he better have a real good explanation ready by the time they get home, and goes to collect Sagrario and Alba.

Al calls the shady bank guy and reams him out for letting Marcela find out about his paying of debts, after he asked them to keep it a secret. Bank guy is surprised, he was out of town, but Al can’t think who else could have told.

Which Stupid Looking One? They all look pretty stupid.

Gordo and Cami have hired a hottie to flirt with Cami in front of Nisa, so when Nisa arrives the bikini babe runs up and plants a big kiss on Cami and Nisa freaks out and breaks up with him. To be fair Cami didn’t really try to fight the kiss and actually seemed pretty into it.

Nisa runs crying to her mom. Cami runs whining to her dad. Neither of them is very coherent, but it looks like Nisa wants Cami fired and Cami doesn’t want to be fired.

Luc and Sil promise nothing, but they do get together to discuss it. Upshot is, Luc doesn’t like Cami but he does like how Nisa’s gone back to school since dating Cami so he isn’t going to fire Cami. Cami is on his own to convince Nisa of his innocence though.

Gordo counsels Cuchi to give Nisa some time to calm down, while thinking to himself that now is his big chance with Nisa and he heads to see her

Eulogio updates Timo on the search for July’s galan. No luck so far but the guy keeps sending her gifts. Timo wants Eulogio to prioritize finding out who that guy is, right after he investigates the Mateo tip.

Good news for Roman.

The judge was sympathetic when Linda told her story, and it looks like Roman is getting out, sometime soon.

Ilse wants to take Linda to San BP cause she’ll be safer there.

Roman tells Mateo the good news, Mateo has a visitor.

Mateo’s visitor isn’t Sagrario like he’d hoped, its his atty telling him their case is going well. Mateo is still frustrated being stuck in jail while Severo is in the same house as Sagrario.

Later Mateo tells Roman he has a feeling something bad is happening at the ranch. Roman says surely Al will take care of everybody there.

His Money or His Wife?

Timo tells Lencho he’s going back home because of the tip about Mike’s death, plus Oct has expensive tastes, and Timo can’t afford to stick around and pamper her. But, he wants Lencho to promise to keep an eye on her and make sure she stays faithful to Timo, chase off any guys around her, ect. Surely Lencho can handle that. (…) (I mean I could say something here, but its so unnecessary)

Eulogio tells July he has to go out to El V. Neither of them think that Mateo did in Mr Mike, they’re both pretty sure it was Severo. (grr its so frustrating that everyone knows he did it but he’s still limping around free. )

Eulogio has something in common with Mateo, he too is in love w/ a woman who isn’t free to love him back. July never knew Eulogio was in love, who is it? Someone he can never have is all Eulogio can tell her. (huh, I forgot for a while that Sagrario is still married to Severo.)

Timo and Oct say their goodbyes. Timo leaves without even one kiss, as the bank guy calls Oct on the phone to tell her about the call he got form Al
Bank guy is willing to cooperate with Oct, he just wants to know when they can be together again. Oct puts him off till the far off someday she doesn’t have so much work, but he’s still her fave skeevy bank guy.

Ranch Sweet Ranch

The fam returns home, but where is ML? Rosa doesn’t know, she left when everyone was gone. In fact ML is in town talking to Severo’s doctor, trying to find out if its possible that her dad is walking and talking. The doc thinks not.

Al wants to talks to Marcela in the office. He starts out on the attack, what is she keeping in that locked drawer? She replies that is personal papers,and hadn’t he better get down to explaining?

From what I gather, she’s mad that; he renegotiated the mortgage on the terms that if they missed even 1 payment the bank could foreclose immediately, and didn’t tell her those were the terms when she signed the papers, and she trying to avoid eyestrain and trusting him not to tell her to sign anything bad, didn’t read the papers when he gave them to her to sign. Then when they were late with the payment, he paid off the whole thing, without telling her and lied to her about it.

His explanation is that with her bad payment history and massive debt he couldn’t get any better terms than those, plus when they did miss that payment he had to pay it all or they’d have lost the ranch, and he planned to tell her on their honeymoon as a sort of wedding present, but she left before he had a chance. She asks if maybe the times he spent late night gambling or fishing could have been spent with her telling her the truth. The discussion degenerates from there to shouting vague accusations, Marcela keeps trying to get Al to admit that everything he’s done has been for his own selfish motives, and Al doesn’t understand why she’s not happy and grateful that he saved her ranch.

She doesn’t let on that she knows that Oct loaned him the money, but she does swear that somehow she will pay him back every penny. He wants to know how.

Also he wants to talk some more, but Marcela doesn’t want to hear any more from him, she leaves the office and heads out to the stables to cry to Huracan.

Al and the bank guy convo, Bank guy says that Marcela kept calling the office till someone told her, he’s sorry and still wants Al’s business. Al hangs up an wonders whey Marcela can’t see that he did it all for her, and he’s the one betrayed. She’s acting like he’s committed some crime when all he’s done is love her. (and swear to make her life a misery, don’t forget that)

A Friend In Need

Gordo shows up to Nisa’s room, pretending Cuchi sent him. Nisa doesn’t want to hear it, she’s gonna be a nun, men are pigs, ect. (And here I’m going to pull out my seldom used Recapper Privilege Card, because I can’t even with these two)

Emil is staring into space. Val knows what he’s brooding about, and she’ll help so Marcela can some and get her treatments without Al getting upset. She knows Emil and Al are more rivals than friends now, even though Emil says he’d never pursue a married woman. Even one unhappily married? asks Val.

After pouring out her heart to Huracan about Al and his lies, Marcela takes him for a ride to her dad’s grave to cry there for a while. Al goes looking for her in the stables and is told she said she needed to talk to her dad. Al has the stablehand saddle him a horse so he can go after her.

Marcela tells her dad how her trust is broken, and her heart too. A couple of times she grabs handfuls of dirt in frustration. Al watches avidly, behind a tree, waiting to catch her digging up the necklace he planted.

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2 years ago

Gracias, stealth! This is the second or third episode my DVR skipped. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to spare me another round of Al and Marcela screaming at each other, ’cause that’s been every episode for a while.

Ooh, there’s a thought…Episode 127 The One Where Everybody Gets Laryngitis….

2 years ago

Yeah, clearly they understand the talking thing, so if we could just work on the listening thing, that would be great.