Betty en NY Thursday 2/28/19 #17

Hugo begs Marcela to come with him and build their own company…but she can’t.

Well, then, she knows how Hugo feels.

Inés re-emerges when Marcela leaves and Hugo says he’s going to throw himself in the Hudson river in cement shoes. She convinces him to cry it out instead.

Sandra comes into Ricardo’s office with fabric samples and an invitation to that thing he wanted to go to.

Pati snatches it right out of Sandra’s hand and coos about it being a runway show, with a cocktail party and everything.

Betty’s really excited about how much money Nicolas is making, especially now that V&M could use some capital.

Whoa, there! They can’t just go throwing good money after bad!

Betty says Armando just has bad luck.

Nico disagrees–Armando does things without thinking. He wouldn’t trust him with so much as an ice cream cart. He begs Betty to give him time. If she takes all the money to give to V&M both companies will go bankrupt and he’ll never make anything for all his work.

Betty tells him not to take too long. And she won’t mention this to Armando. They Be-Ni promise on it, touching their glasses together.

Pati’s begging Ricky to take her to the runway show. She promises a big reward.

Ricky says he can’t take her. The invitation is for him. She knows how these events work.

Pati starts complaining about how they practically want a passport and a visa to let you in and they’ve got everybody on a list like they were showing up to rob the place. Pati would rather go to an event where everyone knows who she is.

Ricky and Armando are looking at their resources and they’re basically out of money. The bank won’t give them another loan, but they need the capital.

Ricky suggests there might be an investor at this fabric thing tonight. Sure, it’s just a social event, but if nothing else, it’ll look like they’re doing so well they have time to just hang out.

Armando gripes that image is the last thing they have left.

Armando tries to ask Marcela to go with him, but she’s still dealing with their Hugo crisis. She hopes Inesita can talk him into coming back. Marcela admits she told him the whole thing was their fault for not being reachable. She suggests he take Betty.

Betty gets back with his new cell phone and Armando tells her to get ready–they’ve got a thing to go to tonight.

Giovas comes to Aura Maria’s desk to ostentatiously announce that it’s supposed to rain and offer her a ride home. Aura Maria takes him up on it so she won’t be late picking up the kid. Giovas goes downstairs to wait for her.

Pati’s still begging Marcela to tell her what happened with Ricardo in Miami. He’s being all weird and now and he didn’t want to take her to this show ’cause he said it was a personalized invite.

Marce’s disgusted. She gives Pati her invitation since she’s not going. As long as Pati spies on Armando all night.

Pati can’t believe Marce’s letting Armando loose for tonight. Marce says he’s going with a date–Betty.

Aura Maria and Ricky are both in the lobby at the same time. She tries to take him up on that offer to drive her home, but he’s got this thing…that he suddenly decides he doesn’t have to go to.

Wilson watched them flirting. When Giovas comes downstairs, he says Aura Maria stood him up again.

Pati’s at the party, drinking champagne and looking for Ricky. She sees Armando with Betty, talking to a magazine editor. Well, flirting with a magazine editor. Might as well call it.

Priscila and Armando are talking about old times. Betty steps on Armando’s foot accidentally-on-purpose. He tries to get her to go get a drink…

“I don’t drink.”

Or something to eat…

“I’m not hungry.”

Well, OK then, she might as well go home since they’re not going to do any business tonight.

Pati takes pictures of Armando and Priscila.

Aura Maria takes Ricky to some bar where they drink tequila and she teaches him to dance. Well, she tells him to hold on tight and let himself be led.

They end up at a hotel. Aura Maria makes a big deal about not being “easy.” She’s only doing this because he’s “special.” And he’s a “respectful” man. (Seriously, just have the sex. He doesn’t need the ego boost.)

Priscila’s gotta go home earlyish. She’s got an interview with someone from China tomorrow, not that she speaks great Mandarin, but she’s practicing.

Armando offers her a ride home, maybe with a stop to get another drink on the way? She basically warns him that if they go out they’ll be seen, but he doesn’t care.

Pati keeps noshing on appetizers and taking pictures.

By the time Armando and Priscila get outside, Betty’s cab has arrived and some jerk yanks her out of the way to steal the cab. Priscila thinks they’ll have to have that drink later. She grabs the next taxi as Armando’s telling Betty he’ll drive her home.

Pati complains to Marce that she’s a lousy spy. There was a journalist stuck to Armando all night, but he went home with someone else. She’ll send pictures.

Yep, Beatriz. She’ll have to disinfect the car tomorrow. Pati hands a plate of appetizers to the valet and announces that’s his tip.

Marce says Armando thinks Betty’s so perfect, but she’s going to show him Betty’s not as perfect as he thinks.

Armando’s annoyed that Betty’s treating him like he’s angry. He keeps trying to insist he’s not, but he’s yelling at her. So much for that.

Betty gets it. She got in the way of him doing something he wanted to do.

No, it’s more like she saved him from something he wanted to do but shouldn’t. Men are sinners, Priscila’s a sin he didn’t commit, and tonight Betty was his guardian angel, protecting him from all evil.

Jenny and Efrain go to Bread Pitts in the company van. Sofia’s working the drive-thru.

Well, screw it–Sofia starts pelting them with food (which I don’t approve of) and then showers them with ketchup and mustard (which I do).

After, Aura Maria’s still keeping up the “I don’t have a lot of experience” act and telling Ricky she only did this because he’s special.

Betty gets home and Nicolas sneaks up to her in the living room. He was waiting up for her and now that he’s seen her he knows she is TOTALLY and stupidly in love with her boss.

Sofia gets home, kicks off her shoes, and sniffles. She tries not to cry, but one of her sons catches her (hey! It’s Charlie!). She says she got something in her eye.

Did she fight with dad again? She’s got that look on her face.

They go to the kitchen to get the other kid and Sofia announces that she got them honey chicken and fried rice. So they’ll go wash their hands and she’ll set the table and she’ll check out their homework after they eat.

This gives her a minute to try to get herself together. (The line to kick Efrain in the shins…or the groin…starts here.)

Aura Maria and Ricky get to work in the same outfits they were in last night. They pretend they weren’t together, but you know Wilson knows.

In his office, Ricardo starts changing into a spare shirt and jacket. Armando catches him changing. Didn’t sleep at home, huh? Who was the unfortunate victim.

Ricky says he was! He got no sleep last night. He was with…an old classmate.

Armando says he was waiting for him at the show.

“What, did you miss me?”

Nope. He’s traded Ricky in for Betty.

Ricky’s all, “ooh, ick!”

Armando laughs. And then he announces he’s figured out what to do–they’ll just borrow the money from BAR.

Ricky’s all serious now.  It was one thing when this was just a plan, but if he seriously signs an IOU to Betty he’ll be handing over V&M on a silver platter.

Sofia’s dropping the boys off at soccer, but she has to talk to the coach about the payments….

He shows her on his tablet that they don’t owe anything. Someone paid yesterday. The kid who was previously Charlie is sure it was “dad.”

Armando shows Betty the promissory note and asks her to sign it. She thinks it’s weird to lend him money that’s already his, but OK. Armando says he trusts her. And after this, he’s in her hands.

Betty wants to confirm that he understands that if BAR has to collect on this note, that would make them the legal owners of V&M.

Oh, Armando knows. But the new collection is going to go well and they’ll be able to pay off all their debts. And once that’s done he wants the company to have a savings plan. He thanks Betty for all her help and rubs her arm through the sweater she’s never going to wash again.

Betty calls Mariana to ask for her help. While she’s waiting, she thinks back to Nicolas telling her she’s in love with Armando. Betty objects to “stupidly.” She likes him a little. He’s cute. She admires him.

Nico knows how this goes–first she admires him, then she loves him, then she ends up crying and cutting everything including her veins. (Uh, does he mean that literally?) A guy like Armando can only hurt her and Nico doesn’t want to see her crying.

Betty promises she won’t let this grow. She’ll get Armando out of her head and her heart. Be-Ni promise.

Mariana interrupts her remembering. Betty explains they’re going to try to cut costs, so she needs a list of all the “fixed cost” expenses the company has.

Marcela’s talking about Armando, but Pati agrees with her that Ricky’s been distant, like he’s getting tired of her.

What? Of course she’s listening! It’s not her fault their lives are so similar.

Marcela says she and Armando are getting married. But Pati and Ricardo?

Pati’s sure he’s gonna fall, it’s just gonna take a little more work. She’s not the unluckiest woman in the world. Or the ugliest. (debatable)

She shows Marce Betty’s picture on her phone and they both go on about how horrible Betty looks and there’s just no help for her. Pati says she’s going to look at that picture whenever she has self-esteem  problems.

Hugo’s still moping. As dramatically as he possibly can. He complains that Fabio went to yoga and said Hugo’s mood was messing up his chakras.

Inés fixes him a tray with some fruits and meat and a croissant as Hugo complains that he’s nothing now. He’s just a mortal with no creativity.

Inés says time will give him greater ideas. The greatest triumphs come out of failure. No one makes it on the first try.

Hugo tells her to cut it out with the fortune cookie phrases. She won’t change his mind.

Inés says she’ll have to work with someone else, then. She has to keep working, whether it’s with him or the new designer at V&M.

The what where now?!

Marce chats with Armando about the event last night, as if she didn’t already know. She tells him Fashionista Magazine called her–they want the exclusive on the wedding.

Armando looks panicked, but he goes along with it. Later he tells Ricky it’s just to keep Marcela happy.

Ricky’s concerned that he’ll never get Armando back now.

Well, Daniel’s already all over them and if he called off the wedding? Forget it! He didn’t get anything from Daniel at their last meeting, but it does bother him that Daniel seems to know everything that’s going on.

So Ricky’s really gotta keep an eye on Pati, do whatever she wants, put it on the company card.

That’s easy for Armando to say. He’s not the one who has to put up with her! First she borrowed his toothbrush and now he’s got some mixed fruit deodorizer in his bathroom. His closet isn’t even his closet anymore–it’s full of underwear and lingerie!

Armando’s like seriously? That’s not suffering. Just keep her close.

How close? This close? He shoves his cell phone in Armando’s face with a selfie of Pati on it.

Marcela tells Mariana she’s off to get her hair done before this afternoon’s interview. Sofia comes in, practically floating and tells Berta and Mariana that Efrain paid the kids’ soccer fees. See, she knew he’d come around!

Berta says him doing something for the kids is not the same as doing something for her. She can’t forget about Jenny.

Sofia tells Berta not to wake her from her dream!

Giovas comes over to Aura Maria’s desk to bug her about wearing the same outfit. She spent the night at a friend’s? Would this friend be named “Party” the twin of “Rumba”?

Please, Aura Maria would never.

Pati comes over to complain that Aura Maria wasn’t answering the phone and now PATI has to go downstairs to retrieve her lunch. Then there’s some innuendo about grabbing something on her level and work is for working, not for flirting.

Aura Maria tries to throw some bad vibes at Pati as she gets on the elevator.

Giovas goes downstairs to ask Wilson if someone showed up to pick up Aura Maria last night. Wilson can’t tell him…but if he were Giovas he’d think that’s definitely what happened.

At lunch, Aura Maria’s gloating about this new hot guy she’s seeing who’s finally gonna drag her up out of poverty. Not that she can share his name.

Ugh, Sandra just hopes she’s not going to be all “intense” about it ’cause she’s had about enough of that with Pati. She’s actually moving into Ricardo’s apartment! This is the first time Sandra’s known him to let a girlfriend move in.

Inesita gets Hugo back to the workroom. Armando welcomes him, but Hugo says he’s not here for Armando. He’s here for Inesita and Marce and Pati and all the women of the company.

“Including Betty?”

Hugo tries to bail again. This is very serious to him! He can’t have Betty in his workroom.

OK and Armando can’t have him quitting like a diva every time they have a fight.

And Hugo can’t work with cheap fabrics.

And Armando doesn’t want to fight with him all the time. So do they have a deal? Hugo shakes  on it.

Oh, and…he’d be happy to design Armando’s outfit for the bachelor party.

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