Betty en NY Tuesday 2/26/19 #15

Armando and Ricky are at the poolside bar of their hotel, checking out the women walking by and giving them ratings. They’re not being at all subtle about it. (News flash: if you do this, your own rating is automatically ZERO.) They finally see someone they both agree is, like super-hot and Armando says he’d marry that woman.

It’s Marcela. Ricky denies he thought she was hot. Because she’s like a sister to him…or a distant cousin.

Betty’s setting up the delivery of the dud collection to the Dart stores. Mariana’s advice–tell them to be there an hour before she needs them. They always tend to get lost.

And then she asks about Betty’s meeting with Marcela. Betty completely downplays it as work stuff.

Mariana likes that about her–she’s prudent and loyal. Mariana knows Marcela can be sweet, but when she gets her planets crossed she can be cruel.

Nicolas. Bad kids. Bar. I don’t know how long they’ve been drinking, but Nicolas is struggling to remain vertical. Seriously, dude, just take off and stick them with the check…

Oh no, they did it first.

Armando and Marcela are talking old times and snogging while Ricky’s the third wheel. A passing server gets his interest and he orders another martini…as dirty as she can make it. “Cindy” lures him out to the driveway and suggests they move on to the after party.

And Ricky tries…he tries, I tell you…to behave himself and not forget he’s got a meeting tomorrow, but what’s a guy to do. He gets into the little convertible with Cindy and her friends.

Nicolas. Bar. Bill. Big bill.

Ricky’s date drugs him at the after party. It’s all flashing lights and loud music and dancing.

Betty gets home and scolds Nicolas for spending a month’s salary in one night. He says he thought the Bad Kids invited him for his “other attributes.” And for once, he wasn’t trailing behind. But he promises from now on anything to do with BAR is top secret.

Betty asks if he at least had fun dancing.

Um, no, he stayed behind to take care of everyone’s wallets.

Marcela’s enjoying her time with Armando. She assumes this is what it will be like when they’re married. Armando jokes that he thought she’d have him doing laundry and ironing while she does nothing. He wants to talk about the wedding, but they end up snogging again.

Betty writes in her diary. She feels like she’s in a fairy tale since she heard Armando say that Marcela’s not the love of his life. She knows Armando believes in her. He’s defended her from everyone and for that she’s going to be loyal to him. And also because she luuuuurves him.

Ricky wakes up on the floor. Where, I don’t think either of us knows. Cindy is nowhere in sight and Ricky says he can’t open his left eye. He’s missed a bunch of calls from Armando.

Betty’s rushing off to work and her dad’s on his way to a job interview. Abuela’s on Skype again and says she’ll light a veladora.

Marcela’s pissed that Ricky hasn’t shown up. He texts Armando to go ahead without him and he’ll meet them at Anderson’s office.

Betty gets to work and Mariana immediately gets her attention to tell her Dart is returning their shipment. The drivers are on their way back to V&M.

Ricky slides into the lobby just in time for the meeting…that they’re not having with Anderson after all. The receptionist shows them into the board room where they’re meeting with Anderson’s daughter instead. That would be Cindy, Ricky’s date from last night.

Betty and Mariana are trying to reach Armando and Ricky and having no luck. Mariana suggests they try Marcela…? Betty’s sure Marcela would also be unavailable if they’re all in the meeting.

Cindy Anderson explains that she’ll be taking them to her father’s yacht for the meeting.

Ricky’s like “Nope. Can’t. We’re busy.”

Cindy questions whether he doesn’t ever mix business with pleasure. He must have been awake all night last night for some other reason. The mosquitoes can be brutal this time of year.

Ricky adjusts his collar to cover the not-mosquito bite on his neck.

Back at the hotel, Marcela goes upstairs to start packing. Armando’s complaining about not wanting to be away from the office. If he were complaining, I think Ricky would be complaining that his head is turning itself inside out and the last thing he wants to do is get on a moving vehicle with last night’s date’s dad.

Armando can’t believe Ricky would show up looking like that! In front of Anderson’s daughter!

Ricky’s like “That’s who made the marks.” He gives Armando the tl;dr about last night.

Armando warns him not even to look at her in front of her father.

Ricky gripes at Armando for scolding him and reminds him that he was the one who was all “I’m not sure about getting married, blah blah blah.”

Armando says they may have grown apart, but he does love Marcela and maybe she’s the love of his life.

Nicolas. Garage. Bad Kids. They deny bringing him along last night just to pay the bill. When he won’t believe him, they taunt him about not being anywhere near Wall Street. Nicolas says he’ll have the last laugh when their little garage here is doing jobs for his Wall Street firm.

At the dock, Armando’s still bugging Ricky not to be alone with Cindy ’cause her dad’s a major distributor. Cindy and Marcela saunter up and Cindy suggests they have a drink on the yacht while they wait for her dad.

It’s lunchtime at V&M and Pati’s having reheated broth from a cup, it looks like. Yes, the Pelotón are mean to her, but they’re serious about inviting her to sit down with them and share their lunch.

Pati refuses, ’cause she’s not one of them. And they’d better behave themselves or she’ll tell Marce. Or HR.

They all get a laugh out of that, except for Inesita, who warns them again not to mess with Pati.

Mariana and Betty are still trying to figure out what to do about Dart returning the collection. Betty even starts scolding Armando’s chair about how HE should be here to make this important decision. They can’t lose! They at least have to break even or he’ll never make his goals!

Mariana skips over the “Betty why are you talking to Armando’s chair?” and goes right to “What goals?”

Betty will tell her, but she has to keep it secret. Mariana’s like “I’m not Marcela’s secretary for nothing.” But instead of telling her, Betty caves and calls Marcela.

Who IGNORES her call. Just like Ricky ignores multiple calls from Patricia.

Cindy notices, but Ricky says he’s very single and very cautious. Anderson shows up….

Hugo comes looking for Armando and freaks out to see Betty sitting at his desk. He asks Mariana if she’s the one who let Betty out of her “cave.”

When Mariana explains that Armando, Marcela, and Ricky are in Miami, he quits.

Anderson’s not a complete eccentric, but he does like doing unconventional things. This yacht trip, however, was Cindy’s idea.

Hey, he’s the one who taught her that before making a deal you’ve gotta know your partners.

As they all toast and have a seat at the table, Marcela sees a text begging her to call the office.

Hugo’s still insisting on leaving because he’s tired of running into Betty, she’s so ugly, etc, etc.

When Marcela calls Pati, Pati has assumed that Betty has been trying to reach Marcela to complain that Hugo’s being his usual insulting self. They agree, Betty can deal with him on her own.

Marcela explains they’ve been busy and now they’re on Anderson’s yacht.

Pati pouts. They’ve left her behind like a human sacrifice!

Marcela tells her to chill. And everything’s going great with Armando. She’s going to shut off her phone now so Betty doesn’t ruin her plans.

Anderson’s showing Armando how to drive the boat. Marcela steals Armando’s phone and throws it overboard.

Betty and Mariana have been calling the list of smaller stores Ricky suggested and no one’s interested.

Except that Mariana went ahead and called Pepe Mogollon and he wants to come over in person to talk. Betty remembers what Marcela said about Mogollon’s Market in the meeting.

And this is how you know Betty’s a better person than I am ’cause I wouldn’t have hesitated to do something that’s going to piss off Marcela. But Betty says there’s just no way, Marcela was very clear.

Well…they’re the only ones interested and Betty didn’t want the collection to go to waste, right…?

Marcela keeps talking about how great it is that she and Armando are out here, disconnected from the world. Except that Armando wants his phone so he can check on the company. He borrows Marcela’s, but there’s no signal. Oh, well. They get back to sucking face.

Ricky’s trying to use the bathroom when Cindy barges in on him. Because she’s Cindy. And He’s Ricky. He’s just starting to get into it when they hear Anderson calling Cindy.

(OK, so first we’ve got Marcela and Armando snogging all over the place like it’s their pre-honeymoon on their own yacht. Now we’ve got Cindy trying to get frisky with Ricky. It just seems kind of…rude for everyone else to be getting it on and Anderson’s just hanging out alone when he was supposed to be getting to know the V&M peeps.)

Pati’s disgusted to see Pepe Mogollon in Armando’s office, but Betty and Mariana shoo her away and get the meeting started. Betty explains she’s temporarily in charge of V&M.

Pepe gets right to it–he’s heard from his friends they’re trying to unload a bad collection. And while he thinks it’s high-risk, he wants to be the first one to have a V&M collection in his stores.

He’s prepared a proposal that…is less than what they agreed on.

But Pepe will pay it right away and take care of transportation. And he wants the entire collection. Maybe his stores aren’t the prettiest, but they’re solid.

Betty says they’re interested, but she wants until tomorrow to decide.

No can do. If Pepe walks out of here without a signed contract, they can forget it.

She just wants a few hours to confirm with Armando.

He complains that it sounds like she’s not really in charge and he’s insulted that they had HER meet with him. He’s out!

In the lobby he screams about not wanting to meet with just anyone. Betty swears she’s the one in charge, and she’s authorized to make a deal. They go back into Armando’s office.

Ricky. Cindy. Bathroom. We’ve moved on to sexual harassment. If Ricky won’t have sex with her now, he owes her for later.

Armando still can’t find his phone. Marcela keeps saying it’s great to be disconnected. They giggle about last year’s vacation and then make with the snogging again.

Pati calls Marcela again and leaves a panicky message about how some Mogollon guy is there and he’s meeting with Betty and it looks like they’re doing business.

Berta catches Sofia looking at employment ads. Of course Sofia’s not thinking of quitting V&M, but she needs some way to pay for the kids’ activities since Efrain moved out.

Berta wants Sofia to sue him. And their company was all Sofia’s idea.

Sofia’s not going to bother. The business doesn’t bring in that much and they do have a business partner, Charlie.

Berta really doesn’t want Sofia working herself into the ground, but Sofia’s determined to support the kids on her own. And she’s not going to humiliate herself in front of “those two” again.

Charlie’s noticed $1000 is missing from petty cash. Efrain tries to deny it, but eventually admits that he just “remembered” he took the money because he was in a hurry and he’ll pay it back.

Charlie’s going to be keeping a closer eye on the money from now on. This isn’t just Efrain’s business, it’s Charlie’s and Sofia’s too. Because Efrain’s still married to her and she’s still the mother of his children.

Betty gets home, exhausted. She skips out on dinner, saying she got something on the way out of work. Demetrio says he didn’t have any luck finding a job–he can’t get hired as an accountant because he doesn’t know how to use the new software.

Yacht. Ricky. Cindy sneaks into his room to cash in that IOU Ricky didn’t make. “Kiss me or I’ll scream.” Not cool, Cindy. Not cool.

The yacht arrives in Nassau, Bahamas and suddenly they’ve all got cell coverage again. Marcela starts shrieking about Betty destroying V&M.

Betty gets in and finds Daniel behind Armando’s desk, saying he’s the one in charge now.

What did people say?
  • Veladora – votive candle; what Abuela says she’ll light for Demetrio’s job interview
  • Romeria – wild party?; what Pati says the office has turned into without Marcela
  • Covacha – hellhole, crap shack; how Marcela described Mogollon’s Market
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Thanks Kat! It really bothered me that Marcela was blaming Betty when Marcela was the one ignoring the calls from work AND stopping Armando from checking too. That doesn’t seem like something a business exec would do. Technically they were not on vacation. It was a business trip.