Betty en NY Wednesday 2/27/19 #16

Daniel has taken over V&M. Armando packed up his stuff already. Betty says she was just trying to do what was best for the company!

Armando says it’s his fault. He shouldn’t have trusted her. Marcela sails in and says she told Betty the clothes could never end up at Mogollon’s Market. Daniel thanks her for handing him the company. Round and round they go until Betty wakes up from this horrible dream in her own bed.

Julia brings in breakfast. Betty said she just had a nightmare. Probably it was just stress.

Julia says she’s sure Betty’s the right person to take on this responsibility at work. Also…chilaquiles.

Armando finally calls Betty and doesn’t listen to her explanations. And she can’t cancel the contract because Mogollon has already paid and he has the collection.

Hugo. Pati, Fabio. Breakfast. Saying horrible things about Betty and Mogollon’s market.

Well, Anderson’s sorry he can’t take them back to Florida, but they should be able to catch a flight from Nassau. He calls for one last toast before they go.

Betty and Nico walk into Mogollon’s market to see what the deal is with the collection. The public is receiving it well. Mogollon’s on a speaker talking about having this collection from V&M.

Fabio. Internet. Saying horrible things about Mogollon’s market. And New Jersey. Hugo’s gotta check it out (the market, not NJ) and he insists Pati’s coming with them.

Charlie pulls into the drive-thru at a juice place. Sofia’s the cashier. She’s gotta pay the bills, you know?

When Charlie hands over the order to Efrain, Charlie tells him his WIFE was working the drive-thru. Efrain just doesn’t seem to care. He’s like “Oh. Maybe she got fired from V&M. What? It’s her problem if she wants to work more.”

Charlie gives up on trying to get Efrain to act human and says Efrain had better not come to him later whining about that tragamonedas when Charlie tried to warn him. Damn, Charlie used to like Efrain, but now he’s just…a puppet.

Mogollon’s still going on about the low, low prices. Hugo, Pati, and Fabio go get a closer look. Hugo rips a dress out of a customer’s hands saying he didn’t design this for someone like her. Pati points out Betty and Hugo goes right over to her, spouting his usual crap about Betty being the death of fashion, etc., and asks if she’s trying to ruin his career.

He expects Betty to turn her back on him so he can’t see her face while he continues to insult her. Betty makes a run for it. Hugo decides they should go as well, since it “Smells like minimum wage.”

Pepe Mogollon tries to point out Hugo, but they’re busy fleeing the store.

Betty gets off the elevator and finds Sandra, Berta, and Mariana waiting for her. Armando called and he’s furious.

Betty says that’s not the worst–Hugo found out the collection is at Mogollon’s market. He wants to kill her.

Berta says they’ve gotta head for a safe zone to continue discussing this.

Efrain thinks Jenny’s spending too much (of his) money on frequent mani-pedis IN HER HOUSE. She also has a masseur visiting. She’s gotta get those knots out of her back, right?

OK, so the bathroom is the safe zone. Betty says Hugo didn’t even want to listen to her. Sandra doesn’t see the big deal–they’ve all shopped at Mogollon’s. They’re practically advertising the place. Bertha can’t wait to go after work and buy one of Hugo’s fantastic dresses.

Betty says Marcela wants to protect the company’s image and Hugo wants to protect his own. She’ll probably get fired today. Mariana agrees she will too.

And Sandra suddenly wonders why the four of them are sitting here in the bathroom in this church pew. Are they waiting for something to happen?

They all try to get up at the same time and get stuck. Betty says they’ll go one at a time. Berta goes first. She sliiides down in her seat until her feet touch the floor and then gets up. It was one of those little moments that didn’t exactly need to be there, but it was so hilarious how could you not? Also, you know, at 5ft tall and generously proportioned, #YoSoyBerta in this situation.

Armando and Ricky are stuck in the back of a taxi with Marcela and her “I told you so!” rant. The taxi driver has a fake smile pasted on his face. Even when Marcela tells him to drive faster.

At Hugo’s house, he’s still complaining about his designs being sold in a “flea market.” Pati throws another log on the fire, saying it’s obvious that V&M don’t think he makes art. Fabi suggests Hugo go work for the competition.

But the competition are savages.

Um, ok, well…Fabi’s gotta go do a photo shoot. Pati tries to leave too, but Hugo says she’ll stay here and take care of him. Like a mother. What does she want to go back to work for? So they can keep treating her badly? Oh, no, she and he were made for better things.

In the elevator, Marcela and Armando argue about who gets to talk to Betty first. Armando says Marcela can’t go in all “shoot first and ask questions later.” He wants to hear Betty’s explanation.

The pop out of the elevator and Marcela asks where Betty is.

Armando starts moving so he can get to Betty first and tell her to come to his office.

Armando asks what happened with Dart? It was a done deal.

Betty says she doesn’t know, but he sent the whole collection back and didn’t want to talk to her about why.

Well, why didn’t she call him?!

Uh, she did. A bunch of times. Not just him but Ricardo and Marcela. And so did Sandra and Mariana. She hands him her phone to prove it.

Armando grumbles that they didn’t have a signal. And he lost his phone. But still! She should have waited and she shouldn’t have made this decision on her own!

Betty says there were too many decisions to be made! They don’t have room for so much merchandise and they couldn’t afford a loss. And then Pepe Mogollon showed up.

So now Armando yells at Betty about that, after what Marcela said she picked Mogollon and practically gave the collection away.

Betty says it was the best option. Nobody else would buy it. Mogollon pressured her–he said if she wouldn’t sell it to him immediately, he wouldn’t buy.

Armando picks up the phone and tells Ricky to meet him at the door–they’re going to go talk to Aristizabal. Something here isn’t right. He tells Betty to stay in the office and talk to no one.

Mariana is also showing Marcela her phone to prove she tried to get in touch with her. Marcela says they didn’t have a signal.

But why did Mariana go along with what Betty did when she knew how Marcela would feel about it?

Mariana says Betty was worried about the loss.

Marcela suddenly realizes Hugo’s going to hate this! She’d better tell him in person.

Mariana says he hasn’t come in today.

Pati calls to tell her to come over to Hugo’s and talk to him.

Aristizabal allegedly can’t meet with Armando and Ricky. He’s in a meeting. All afternoon.

So Armando crashes the non-meeting to demand an explanation. Aristizabal lies and says he got a better deal. Not that he’ll give Armando details. It’s just business.

Armando says V&M isn’t “just business” to him. It’s very personal. He calls Aristizabal a coward.

Lunchtime. Betty’s lost her appetite. She doesn’t know if she’s fired or not. Sofia advises Betty to start looking for a new job. What? She’s just trying to be helpful.

Hugo’s in bed. Pati says he cried himself to sleep.

Except he’s not asleep. Marce swears she never would have agreed. Hugo tells her to get out and take Pati with her. Inesita’s the only one he trusts now.

On the way back to the office, Armando says they’re cursed. First the uniform deal with Parker, now this. And Parker never said who he made the deal with. Aristizabal seemed terrified. It’s like the curse is too big…or the coincidence is too big….


Daniel’s currently on the phone to Pati, trying to find out what happened to Hugo’s collection. She gives him the short version and he blandly complains about “his” family’s clothes at a place like Mogollon.

Pati hangs up when Marcela comes out of Hugo’s room and says there’s no point trying to talk to him today. She wants to get back to the office to deal with Betty.

Marcela gets back to the office and fires Betty.

Armando and Ricky are sure Daniel is trying to sabotage them, but they have no proof. Ricky says Betty definitely sabotaged them.

Armando says she kept them from having to rent a warehouse. The collection’s out of their hands and they didn’t lose too much.

Ricky says she may be unpresentable, but she’s efficient and thinks fast. He’s sure they would have come to the same decision.

Well, they’ll never know. And now Armando needs to call his parents before Daniel does. Ricky reminds him to keep his poker face on around Daniel. He can’t find out their situation.

When Armando gets back to the office, Betty’s still packing up her stuff while Marcela gripes at her to work faster.

Oh, hell no! Betty’s not getting fired! Armando says he and Marcela have to talk and yells at Betty to get out of the office. Cave. Whatever.

Pati ends up in an elevator with Daniel.

Armando defends Beatriz by pointing out that if she hadn’t done this they’d have a collection in trucks parked who knows where. She was just trying to help and the deal wasn’t that bad.

Marcela says one of them is leaving–is he going to pick Betty or her?

Armando says it’s not a contest.

Then why does she always feel like they’re competing?

Armando says Betty did the right thing–Aristizabal ditched them. Someone tried to sabotage them.

Marcela complains again about Betty not talking to them first.

Right. And that was his fault and Marcela’s for not being available. Marcela: *shifty eyes*.

Armando says Mogollon’s really was their only option, like it or not.

Pati tells Daniel she’s tired of being his spy.

OK, then, Daniel will call his sister and tell her what kind of best friend she has.

Pati agrees she’ll keep spying, but Daniel’s not satisfied with the kind of information she’s been giving him.

Well, she has to be discreet! If she goes down, so does he!

Daniel says it’s his word against hers. And who are they going to believe? (Um, Pati, if she had the guts to tell Marcela RIGHT NOW.)

Marcela thinks the other stores are going to be upset when they find out there’s a V&M line at Mogollon’s.

Well, they’ll deal with that if they need to, but for now Armando doesn’t want anybody finding out what happened. They’ll act like the Mogollon’s deal was planned, to get into a different market. She wants to tell the board? His dad would call his entire presidency into question and Daniel would celebrate.

Marce says it was just an accident.

But it was Armando’s decision to leave when the company was in crisis.

Well, Marce’s not going to lie for him.

Well, if she doesn’t support him, then the wedding is off. He’s not going to marry a woman who doesn’t trust him and doesn’t support his plans. (OK, fair enough–why would she want to marry a man she doesn’t trust and doesn’t support?)

Betty’s still waiting outside Armando’s office when Marcela walks by, ignoring her.

Daniel and Pati have arrived and Pati asks what Beatriz is doing with that box. Did she get fired again? Daniel says if she’d come to work for him this wouldn’t be happening.

Betty’s left sitting outside again while Armando deals with Daniel. Funny how Daniel knows about the deal with Aristizabal falling through. Supposedly “everybody” knows what happened and they’re all saying Armando’s failure is the worst in the history of New York fashion.

Pati encourages Betty to go turn in her badge to HR already and cut her suffering short. Mariana comes over to take Betty somewhere that’s not right in front of Pati’s desk.

Armando insists they sold the collection to Mogollon’s because he wants V&M to branch out into other markets. More arguing ensues, Armando kicks Daniel out of his office. Daniel smarms that at the next board meeting everybody’s going to know Armando’s a liar and Marcela won’t want to marry him. He thinks Armando should quit now, before he does more damage.

Betty sobs to Mariana about how she shouldn’t have sold the collection to Mogollon’s. Mariana says she really did do the best she could.

But Marcela hates her!

Mariana says she can be explosive, but she’ll come around. In about 500 years.

Pati’s oozing all over Ricky. She notices the hickey just when Daniel comes around the corner and sees them. What? They’re in love, ok? Daniel tells them to send him a wedding invitation. Ricky runs off without continuing the conversation he’d been having with Pati about missed calls and cell phone coverage.

Pati goes to Marcela’s office to ask if Ricky was with someone else in Miami. Marcela doesn’t even want to think about Ricky or any other man right now because Betty isn’t getting fired. Now it’s all “their ” fault she couldn’t reach them. She tells Pati to get back to her desk. And now she’s off to convince Armando there’s no reason to postpone the wedding.

Armando finally talks to Betty about what happened. She explains that Aristizabal refused their delivery, she tried to get another buyer, but Mogollon was the only one who was interested. She looked at the numbers and it was better for them to sell the collection at 1/3 the price than to completely lose the investment.

She’s even got a report showing probably what she just said, but with numbers.

Armando agrees she did the right thing.

Betty tells him to keep in mind that they’re still losing money. Armando mentions getting another bank loan to buy fabric for the next collection, but Betty wouldn’t recommend it, the state they’re in.

Armando tells her to put her box back in her office–she’s not fired. And he wants her to get him another cell phone.

Sofia has fallen asleep at her desk. When Berta wakes her up she says “Two with fries and I’ll download those reports!” It’s the second job, it’s doing her in.

Berta tells her to quit already, before the bosses notice and fire her! They’re supposed to be working on the nomina. Sofia says she’ll get used to this.

Marcela goes back to Hugo’s where Inés says he’s closed all his social media accounts. She thinks he’s asleep, but no. Hugo comes in and Marcela begs him to come back to life already. Ignore the tweets from the haters.

Hugo blames it all on Betty.

Marcela actually says it wasn’t Betty’s fault what happened. It was Armando’s and hers.

Betty has Nicolas come with her to get Armando’s new cell phone. He’s complaining that she hasn’t talked to Armando about a salary yet and he’s really grown that money. He hands Betty his cell phone and she’s impressed.

Marcela says Beatriz was trying to reach them and she kept insisting that she and Armando be unplugged during the trip. Beatriz had to make a decision and she couldn’t wait. She did what she could.

Marcela promises that next time–

Oh, no, there won’t be an next time. They may be best friends, but Hugo’s not stupid. He begs her to come with him and quit V&M.

What did people say?
  • Tragamonedas – slot machine (’cause it eats up your coins); what Charlie calls Jenny
  • La nomina – payroll; what Berta tells Sofia they need to work on.
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