Entre Dos Amores Thursday 2/28/19 #81

When Cihan comes to pick Fahriye up from Neriman’s house, he wants to know what Macit did with Sinasi.

Sinasi is busy angrily remembering his fight with Macit.

The next day, Nezahat wants to know where Sinasi has been all night. Sinasi says he was just out walking around. Zehra has been worried about going to jail and now Sinasi. Sinasi thinks it’s good to be afraid, but the way he said it I’m asking myself if he meant Zehra specifically or that it’s good to be afraid sometimes in general.

Kerim arrives in the office to the news that Selim’s lawyers are there. Selim is dissolving their partnership.

Inci is freaking out calling Macit. She can’t locate him. She’s tried all the places he goes, including the finca. Ösgür comes in and Inci questions him. He says the last time he talked to Macit, Macit said he was going to Neriman’s neighborhood.

Neriman is also worried about Macit. She’s been calling. Gulter wants to know where Neriman was last night. Neriman says she’ll the the one making decisions about her future and no one else. She love Macit y punto. Gulter is sure Neriman is going to suffer because of Macit. Neriman walks out.

Macit is tied up to a rolling chair…which cracks me up for some reason.

Sinasi is in the school office talking to some guy. Fahriye eavesdrops. Sinasi has already paid half (for something) and he’ll pay the rest later so stop pressuring him. The person on the other end can keep the car and Sinasi won’t forget what a help they were. When he hangs up Fahriye asks for help with the applicants for the teacher position. Sinasi tells her to talk to Rüya.

Fahriye finds the perfect applicant: Yigit Kocaman. New character? New love interest for Fahriye? Overthinking recapper?

Inci talks to Faiz. She knows that Macit and Neriman had a relationship. Maybe Neriman and Macit spent the evening together? She needs to find her son. Faiz takes offense. They are decent people. Neriman was home all night.

Outside Cihan talks to Ösgür. Cihan wants to know if they lost Macit. Ösgür thinks Cihan knows where Macit is.

Inci runs into Neriman. Neriman says she’s worried about Macit too. She’s been calling him all morning. Didn’t look to me like Inci believed her. Inci leaves with Ösgür. Fahriye calls Neriman. She told her that the family would come after her. All Neriman cares about right now in Macit. She’s really worried!

Inci wants to go to the police.

Neriman is at the school talking to Fahriye about Macit. Sinasi comes in to gloat. Is Macit not answering her calls? If she yelled at Macit the way she yelled at Sinasi for fighting of course Macit isn’t going to call back. Neriman fights back and tells Sinasi Tú orillaste a Macit a pelear (You dragged Macit into fighting) by always pursuing her. She tells Sinasi in no uncertain terms that she does not want Sinasi’s love, she doesn’t love him and that it’s Macit she loves. She walks out. Sinasi flings things around. Rüya tries to talk to him and he yells at her. It’s not the time to talk. He could hurt her. Newsflash: he already has hurt her.

Outside Fahriye asks if Neriman is ok. Neriman can’t be “fine” until she finds Macit.

Kerim whines to Pelin about Selim’s lawyers. He swears Macit will pay the loans. Inci come in freaking out. She updates Pelin about Macit’s disappearance. They went to the police. Ösgür suspects Sinasi.

Cihan is asking Sinasi where he was last night. Sinasi is still saying he was just out walking. The police show up.

Kader wants Emre to get a good lawyer. Ismail tells her to forget it and let it go. Kader insists they send Zehra to jail. Look! Look what she did! That woman deserves to go to jail! Ismail blames Kader for always stirring up drama crap. He leaves in disgust. Emre says he’ll make sure Asli gets what she deserves as soon as the baby is born. They’ll take the baby and Emre will divorce Asli. No court would let a baby live with that family. Excuse me while I seethe with rage.

Asim tries to return the engagement things to Nezahat. He doesn’t want them to break up just because Kader said ridiculous things. HIs mother sent the stuff back without him knowing. The nosy neighbor comes up and starts yammering to Nezahat about the fight Zehra and Kader had. Then she barges in to see Zehra.

Sinasi is at the police station. He thinks it’s about Zehra’s fight with Kader. Nope. The officer wants to know where Macit is.

Sinasi did not do anything to Macit, even though the show tried to make us think that. Turns out it’s the dude that’s threatening Kerim (Sr. Erdinç?) Sr. Erdinç wants his 10 million dollars.

Kerim checks in with Ösgür. Sinasi still ain’t talking, but they found Macit’s phone near Neriman’s house. When Cihan shows up at the station Ösgür wants to know if Cihan helped Sinasi.

Macit wanders around the warehouse where he’s being kept, looking for a way out.

Feyza comes to the office. She sees Kerim, Inci, Selim and Pelin together and wants to know when Inci and Kerim will finally be out of their hair. Inci goes off. As far as Inci is concerned, Feyza can have everything, the money, the company…all of it. What kind of mother is Feyza. Just a week ago her daughter was on the brink of death and now all Feyza can think about is money. Macit is missing! Feyza suggests they go look at Neriman’s.

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Gracias, Sara! I had the same thought about the new teacher and if he’s not showing up to be Fahriye’s love interest I’m going to be annoyed. It’s about time Fahriye got to have her own love life, as much as I love her rapport with Macit. Ditto on the ridiculousness of tying Macit up in a rolling chair. I feel like the shady dude is lacking in common sense all around. First mistake–loaning money to Kerim. Second mistake–thinking Kerim cares enough about Macit that he’d pay for his safe return. Third mistake–thinking that somehow NOW Kerim would be able… Read more »