Betty en NY Friday 3/1/19 #18

Mariana and Betty inventory pretty much everything in the office. She reports to Armando that they might be able to save a little money cutting back on supplies the employees don’t use up. And this whole austeridad thing would apply to everyone. Like…no more fancy lunches. And fewer business trips, two people max, no five star hotels, flying tourist class.

And as for the design department….

Armando says they have to let Hugo have what he wants. They’ve already seen what happens when they don’t.

Right, but he hires high-fashion models to be his fit models. They could save money by saving the high-fashion models for the big runway shows and hiring fit models, and fewer of them, to do fittings.

Aura Maria sneers at Pati’s lunch. Then she calls Pati a magic trick–nothing going on in front, nothing going on in back. She’s off to deliver Ricardo’s mail.

Aura Maria. Ricky. Flirting. She tells him she locked the door. I note that even with the blinds lowered halfway, there would be plenty of room to see what they’re up to at desk level.

Oh, and the door? Not locked. As Pati discovers.

Betty goes to her internship site to talk to Mr. Kauffman, uh Harold, about a loan V&M has with the bank. She explains they’re a fashion company with a lot of income, primarily online sales, and they’re looking into expanding to brick-and-mortar.

Also she wants to open an account for her company BAR. Drink jokes ensue. Anyway, her business is worth $8M.

Pati comes into Ricky’s office and gets an eyeful. Ricky tells her to leave before a fight can start. He tells off Aura Maria for not locking the door–she’d better get back to her desk and never come near him again.

Armando asks Pati if she’s called their new supplier of cierres and she screams at him to call himself or get his assistant to call them. If he wants to know why she’s upset he can go ask his buddy Ricky…but he’d better knock first!

Pati tries calling Marcela on her way to the bathroom, where Aura Maria is crying her mascara off. Blah blah blah, Ricardo’s out of your zip code, he had fun in my zip code last night, you should be swinging from a pole instead of behind a desk, FIGHT!

The Pelotón all come in and so does Smith, the HR guy. Pati basically goes with “the Pelotón always bully me and Aura Maria was doing a striptease for Ricardo in his office.”

“I was only kissing him.” That’s not quite the best defense, Aura Maria. She and Smith head for his office.

Pati keeps screeching at everyone else and Inesita gives her what for. She needs to chill and watch her language, because none of them are vagas, celestinas, or alcahuetas. The next punch will be coming from her (Inesita) because she’s worthy of respect, just like everyone else, and just like the company.

Armando is upset at Ricardo. This is why you don’t screw the employees! Aura Maria has a kid to support. She can’t end up without a job!

Ricky’s like “But she threw herself at meeeee!”

Armando tells him he’s acting like an idiot. There are so many single women but he hooks up with Cindy in Miami and now this? All he’s doing is pushing Pati into Daniel’s arms. He’s going to have to apologize to her!

Ricky says he’ll do it, but only because Armando is right. But he’s NOT going to keep going out with her. He can’t stand her.

In HR, Aura Maria gets a scolding for attacking a coworker. There are going to be serious consequences.

Aura Maria sobs and says she can’t lose her job. She’s her son’s only support.

“You should have thought about that before.” He sends her back to her desk to wait for “bad news.” What the hell was that smile?

Betty gets back to the office and tells Armando she talked to the bank manager at World Trade Bank and he cut the interest rate on their loan back to 4%. She also has a plan for getting V&M to a breakeven point before the next collection comes out.

Armando says she’s the best employee ever, the woman he needs by his side, his angel! *hug* She’s the love of his life. Does she still have his shoe? He still has the first report she gave him. She’s not just smart, she’s the only one who understands him!

Betty says she’d do anything for him. His business plan is risky, but together they can do it!

Armando says he has…feelings for her.

Betty has feelings for him too….

But all or part of that was in Betty’s imagination. A call from Mariana snaps her out of it–they have an emergency Pelotón meeting in the bathroom.

Nicolas has bought a new computer and rolling chair for his “office” in Betty’s bedroom. He tells Demetrio they were necessary business expenses. Nicolas shows him how he’s monitoring multiple markets.

And what about tax reporting?

Ummm, he tries.

Demetrio wants to see what he’s got so far.

Nico tells him to hold on and not have a heart attack as he pulls up a spreadsheet. From the doorway, Julia’s been listening in and she starts looking worried.

Betty comes into the bathroom and asks what’s going on. Mariana gives her the short version–Aura Maria was snogging Ricky, Pati caught them, Smith heard the fuss.

Berta says there’s nothing Pati has that Aura Maria doesn’t, but Pati’s friends with an owner of the company.

Inés asks if THIS was the guy Aura Maria was talking about.

Sandra says Aura Maria has terrible aim! Ricky changes girlfriends more frequently than underwear.

Aura Maria sobs that she just wanted a father for her son.

But as Mariana says, en inglés, he’s not husband material.

Aura Maria says all she wants right now is not to lose her job.

Betty says she’ll talk to Armando, but she’s not making any promises.

Ricardo apologizes to Pati. She’s had it with him and she’s getting her stuff out of his apartment.

Cool. And they’re still friends, right?

Marcela’s back from her salon visit. As she heads upstairs, Wilson tells Giovas that Aura Maria got hauled into HR….

Marce’s barely back in her office before Patricia comes in shrieking about Aura Maria snogging Ricky and attacking her in the bathroom. And that’s exactly how it happened, Pati doesn’t exaggerate and Marce knows it!

Giovas comes upstairs to find Aura Maria sobbing at the reception desk. She sobs about not being able to support her son. Giovas says she’s got him. And if he has to, he’ll talk to Armando.

Betty comes to Armando’s office with the employee ethics guide. Aura Maria wasn’t the only one kissing and Ricardo’s done this kind of thing before…she’s not judging! But the only person paying for this shouldn’t be the receptionist. And according to the guide it’s clear that you have to deal with ALL parties involved.

Marce marches in with Patricia and asks what Armando’s going to do.

Fire Aura Maria, like company policy dictates. The problem is, he’ll also have to fire Ricky and Patricia, since she was involved. She has been snogging Ricardo all over the office, right? And they have  a relationship? And she moved into his apartment?

Pati starts screaming that she can’t be fired! She’s Ricky’s official girlfriend! Aura Maria’s just a teibolera in a receptionist costume!

Marce tells Pati to shut up, but no. Because Marce and Armando are having a relationship too and snogging all  over the office. And they’re getting married. And she’s marrying Ricardo.

Armando, Betty, and Marce all laugh and Pati can’t understand why.

Anyway, Armando’s going to talk to Smith. He asks Betty to set up a meeting. Marce pulls Pati out of his office.

Smith tells Armando he was planning to fire Aura Maria.

But that would mean Ricardo and Pati would also be fired.

Well, he was going to ask Armando to make an exception because Aura Maria’s supporting a child.

Mariana interrupts to tell Armando that Marcela’s ready and she’s waiting for him in his office.

Armando’s glad he and Smith are on the same wavelength. He tells Smith to give them all a serious warning, but they’re not fired.

Armando heads off to his office and Smith tells Berta to send Aura Maria into his office immediately. And then he smiles. Aw, crap.

Armando and Marcela are giving an interview. They’re talking about when their relationship officially started (once Marcela graduated college) and how they’ve known each other since they were kids and she chased him around on her bicycle and he chased her around for a kiss. So yeah, they’ve been together for a while and now they’re getting married. Marcela says Armando is her first and only love.

Smith tells Aura Maria he doesn’t know how she can keep her job. But maybe if they went somewhere private they could come up with an idea. He hands her a card for someplace they can meet and tells her to be discreet.

The Pelotón are in the conference room watching Armando and Marcela’s interview. They’re still talking about how Aura Maria couldn’t possibly think Ricky would settle down with someone like her. Or at all!

And aren’t Armando and Marcela cute, they’re made for each other. Sad Betty face.

Sandra jokes that if her boss ever gets married, they’d all better brace themselves because a volcano’s going to erupt or they’ll have a maremoto.

Sofia says men are all alike. Either they do something awful in the beginning or at the end.

And that’s our cue for a Jenny-Efrain scene.

Jenny’s working out with a trainer. She seems pretty wobbly considering he’s holding on to her. Efrain comes in, screams her name, and Jenny flounders and loses control of the weighted bar she’s holding.

Mariana asks the guy running sound if they can listen to the interview. The interviewer asks Armando to “steal” a kiss from Marcela like when they were kids.

Betty’s starting to cry. Ricky notices. Betty notices Ricky noticing and runs out of the room.

Jenny gives Efrain the excuse that her personal trainer here was just helping her protect her lumbares. (Um…with all that wobbling? No.)

Efrain starts screaming at the trainer and tells Jenny he’s not paying for this gym anymore…until she says she’ll get a job. Now, suddenly he says he’ll pay, but he’s still whining that she spends too much.

Smith tells his wife he’ll be home late. There have been a bunch of salary changes and he’s having a hard time with payroll.

Berta listens to him saying he won’t be home until midnight. He spritzes himself with eau de sexual harassment and Berta coughs.

Spying? No. She was just waiting for him to end his call so she could get his signature on these amonestaciones.

He starts screaming at her about being discreet and no one needs to know about what documents are coming out of this office. He shoos her out of his office and re-spritzes

The last question of the interview is what date is the wedding.

Armando says “December” but he won’t be any more specific.

Once the cameras are off, the reporter says they were great and he’s looking forward to getting his wedding invitation. Marcela teases Armando about not having the actual date yet.

Betty’s in the break room looking at pictures of Armando at red carpet events. Ricardo sits down and asks what’s going on. She had a weird look on her face.

Betty jokes that that’s just her face, jaja.

Um, no, what he means is…was she crying?

Why would she be crying?

Well, that’s why he’s asking. Is something going on?

Betty says it’s conjunctivitis. And she really needs to get back to this thing Armando has her working on.

Ricky walks out. Sad Betty face.

Giovas thinks this whole meeting with the HR director alone thing is shady. Aura Maria tells him this is her JOB so if the HR director says she needs to meet with him in private, then that’s what she’s going to do. And she won’t have Giovas coming with her–whatever happens she can deal with it on her own.

He makes her promise to send a text when she gets there so he knows she’s OK.

From the lobby of the HOTEL she ends up at, Aura Maria sends her location to Giovas…and her phone shuts off.

Aura Maria freaks out to Smith about this being a hotel and not a café.

Well, they’re having their coffee in the bar…or is she insinuating that the manager of HR invited her to a hotel?


Did he force her to come here?


In that case they should talk about how they’re going to settle this little issue.

Ricardo’s mocking Armando for the interview.

Armando says at least Marcela’s happy.

Ricardo says he’s really put the noose around his neck this time, from coast to coast.

Armando asks about Pati.

Ricky says she doesn’t want to forgive him and he doesn’t care because he’s had it with her underwear and her stuff in the bathroom. And she’s messy! And her voice…he imitates Pati while holding his nose.

Betty comes out of her office and tells Armando she’s outtie unless he needs anything else. Or Ricardo…?

Once she’s gone, he tells Armando he found out Betty’s secret…she’s in love.

Simultaneously, Armando asks “Who’s the victim?” while Ricky says “with you!”

What did people say?
  • Austeridad – frugality, attempts to lower spending; what Armando wants Betty’s help implementing
  • Rata maldita de alcantarilla cretino infeliz maldito – damn sewer rat stupid vile cursed (person); what Pati calls Ricardo
  • Cierres – zippers, fasteners, closures; what the company has a new supplier of
  • Zorra – slut; what Pati calls Aura Maria
  • Vagas – lazy, good-for-nothings; what Pati calls the Pelotón
  • Celestinas – relationship facilitators; what Pati calls the Pelotón
  • Alcahuetas – accomplices; what Pati calls the Pelotón
  • Buho – owl; what Armando says Betty’s looking at him like
  • Teibolera – table dancer; what Pati says Aura Maria is
  • Maremoto – tsunami; what Sandra says will happen if Ricky ever gets married
  • Lumbares – lumbar spine, lower back; what the trainer was allegedly helping Jenny protect
  • Amonestaciones – warnings; what Berta needs Smith’s signature for
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