Betty en NY Monday 3/4/19 #19

Ricky tells Armando Betty was sobbing over him while he was doing the interview, but Armando doesn’t think she has feelings for him.

Giovas plays the message from Aura Maria for Berta and tells her Smith told Aura Maria to meet him outside of work so they could figure out how to keep her from getting fired.

But Armando already decided she wasn’t getting fired and Smith knew that.

Giovas wonders what to do and Berta says she’d call Yolanda Smith and tell her where her husband was at. But then again, if she did that she’d be the one out of a job. But if someone who didn’t work for V&M just happened to be passing by her desk and saw Yolanda Smith’s number in the company directory and called her anonymously…YKWIM?

He doesn’t. So Berta breaks it down for him and then goes to the bathroom.

Betty gets home and Julia begs her to get her dad a job. It’s driving her nuts having him around 24/7. Oh sure, he’s trying to be helpful but he’s not! He tried to fix the washing machine and flooded the kitchen. Then he decided he was going to tell her how to make mole de olla because he saw a recipe on the Internet. The only peace she had all day was when he was talking to Nicolas.

Aura Maria’s definitely feeling the aprovechado vibe from Smith and refuses a drink. He tells her the situation doesn’t look good for her, but he’ll try to give her a hand.

Y, ¡PUM! Here comes Yolanda Smith demanding to know what he’s doing here with that woman!

Armando and Marcela are making dinner together. She keeps getting notifications on her phone from friends who saw the interview. Armando makes her put the phone away–they’re supposed to be “disconnecting.”

Marcela suggests they work on the wedding invite list tonight.

O rly? ‘Cause Armando could’ve sworn she’s had the list ready for years. He’s just inviting Betty…psych! OK, Betty and his parents.

Yolanda smacks Smith with her purse, then turns on Aura Maria, who for whatever reason says “This is a work meeting” rather than “Your skeevy husband lured me here under false pretenses.” Yolanda herds Smith out just before the bartender comes over with the bottle of whiskey Smith was supposed to pay for.

Betty’s miserable, but Nicolas is glad the inflation bubble that is Armando Mendoza has finally burst.

Now, Nico’s love for Patricia on the other hand–that’s possible. And he’s going to prove it to Betty. With time. And a few million dollars.

If Betty really wants to get Armando out of her heart, she can start by getting rid of his shoe. It’s antiséptico (antiseptic, I think he means something more like unhealthy or unhygienic).

Aura Maria begs the bartender not to charge her for the bottle. She didn’t even drink anything! He says he doesn’t want to lose his job.

Giovas shows up and suddenly it’s a bartender sammich as Giovas and Aura Maria talk right past him. Giovas is glad his plan worked… and Aura Maria dismisses the bartender. She bats her eyelashes at Giovas and tells him Smith stuck her with the check. Giovas’ eyes nearly fall out when he looks at it.

Pati’s done packing and Ricky had better not try to stop her. Because she’s done. Even if he asked her to marry him, she wouldn’t stay. He’d better not even think about it!

Oh, he’s not. He can’t change the past and her decision is made. Or does she have doubts.

Um…no. She doesn’t even know how she could have ever considered marrying him.

Ricky agrees–he wouldn’t marry a guy like him either. “See ya tomorrow at V&M.”

Aura Maria’s sobbing, because Giovas takes forever to tell her she’s not getting fired. It’s like she’s got an angel watching over her.

Is it him? Because he’s always there for her.


Nico helps Betty toss the shoe and all the Armando mementos and even the cute box in the trash. (No! Not the box!) And then I forgive him, because he says he’s proud of her  and he’s going  and they’ve both gotta rest to keep making millions tomorrow. And he kisses her on the forehead and says “I love you, Betty” and it’s completely not romantic and I wish everybody had a friend like that.

And yes, she rescues everything from the trash.

Giovas brings Aura Maria a rose in the morning. And he’s inviting her out after work to pick up arepas and then meet her family.

Aura Maria says last night was just her emotions running away with her, but they’re just friends, and she’s not ready for a serious relationship. Sad Giovas face.

She runs off to answer her phone. “Peter” is in town with a friend and he wants to party tonight, so he needs her to bring along a cute friend for his friend.

No worries, ’cause all her friends are cute.

Hugo shows his new apartment to Inesita. He wants her honest opinion. It’s a 3 bedroom, so he and Fabi will take the master, Hugo will turn one into his office, and the third one will be for the kids. (Hugo? With kids? Has he ever spent time with children?)

Aura Maria and Ricky end up on the same elevator. He gives her a completely unnecessary speech about not being the kind of guy she needs and not looking for anything serious. But they can still be friends.

Aura Maria says they’re co-workers.

On what planet did Efrain think Jenny would want to learn the extermination biz? Charlie’s just watching as she goes on and on about bugs’ right to live and she didn’t spend all her life trying to become a model to waste her time killing roaches.

Hugo just found out he can only have one fit model. Whose idea was this?!

He turns around and attacks Betty for setting fashion back ten years by pinching pennies.

Armando tells Hugo to blame it on him, but Hugo’s blaming them both. Are they about to tell him Betty’s his one model?

Betty giggles. Hugo doesn’t think it’s funny.

Armando promises he can have everything he wants once it’s time to present the collection, but right now the company’s gotta save money.

Hugo promises revenge on both of them…although he lost track off Betty and she snuck back to her office/closet…cloffice? Anyway…they’ll pay. And it’s gonna be a long time before he calls Armando “Armie” again.

Aura Maria reads the memo about cost-cutting to all the assistants. They’re cutting back on supplies that aren’t eco-friendly. Sofia’s worried they’ll be cutting salaries next, but Betty promises that’s the point of this–so they won’t have to cut salaries. And it’s only temporary. And the executives are having to do it too, not just them.

Hugo complains to Inesita that Betty’s trying to kill V&M.

Betty tells Armando that BAR Fashion has earnings. And it’s getting to the point where they need an accountant, because she and Nicolas can’t manage it alone. And her dad’s an accountant…but he wouldn’t charge them an arm and a leg or anything.

Armando’s OK with bringing Betty’s dad in, if she trusts him. But he doesn’t want anyone else to know about the loan to V&M. That’ll be just between them. Betty’s super excited about having a secret with Armando.

Ricky saunters past Pati’s desk and casually says “hi.” She tries to get his attention, pretending to be on the phone with someone setting up a date, but Ricky ignores her. She begs the universe to send her the man of her dreams already!

In the lunchroom, Aura Maria tries to beg one of the other assistants to go out with her tonight. But Mariana doesn’t go out during the week, Sandra’s got training, Berta’s husband is sick, and Sofia passes. Maybe she could take Betty?

Aura Maria says she promised her guy that all the women she works with are pretty. Berta breaks the awkward silence and asks if anyone’s got salt.

Betty runs into Fabio. He accuses her of messing with Hugo, only letting  him have one fit model.

Betty’s like “Excuse you! You’re the one who’s going to marry him when I saw you in the copy room with someone else!”

Fabio threatens her again not to say anything or she’ll have a problem bigger than Hugo and her bosses combined. “Vos a mi no me conocés.” He’s ruined more talented and more ambitious women than her.

Inesita sees them and wonders what she just interrupted. Fabio says he was just telling Betty how nice her perfume is today.

Inés doesn’t believe that. And she doesn’t like Fabio and she loves Hugo and she doesn’t like the idea of Hugo marrying him, so is there a reason she should be worried? If she’s going to help Betty and Hugo she needs to know what’s going on.

So Betty tells her about Fabio snogging a woman in the copy room. She begs Inesita not to tell Hugo she said it, because he’d never believe her.

Sofia’s leading the soccer parents in a cheer while the kids play soccer.

Charlie shows up. With popcorn. Without Efrain. Charlie keeps up what I’m sure is the lie that Efrain paid the soccer fees and he…sent Charlie in his place. Because he was busy.

Sofia goes along with it and gets Charlie running up and down the sideline cheering with her. (Oh yeah, it’s on!)

Aura Maria begs Betty to go out with her tonight. To thank her for talking Armando out of firing her. And because friends should go out together with hot guys. And if she doesn’t go then Aura Maria will lose her date too.

Betty says she’s got a lot of work to do tonight and she’s gotta get up early for tomorrow and…she remembers Nico saying she’s got no chance with Armando and agrees to go out.

Inesita gets ready to tell Hugo something…but Fabio comes in. So she says royal blue’s the trend for spring.

Hugo runs off to call La McCartney and tell her it’s lemon yellow.

Aura Maria tries to put some makeup on Betty…or style her hair…or change her look. Betty refuses. She likes this Betty even if no one else does. Aura Maria agrees somewhere out there is a guy who will love Betty just the way she is, but she has to believe in that and show herself off a little. Betty says she might scare them off if she shows any more!

Sofia. Efrain. Jenny. The kids won their tournament. Jenny’s upset that Efrain paid for soccer, but wouldn’t pay for her pole dance lessons. Except he didn’t pay for soccer. Sofia tries to beat Efrain to death with the soccer trophy.

Aura Maria and Betty get to the bar where Aura Maria’s friend’s friend, Jaime, is so disappointed in Betty he thinks the friend was trying to get revenge on him for something that happened in Philadelphia. He only sticks around because the friend says he’ll pick up the check tonight.

Jaime keeps watching Aura Maria dancing with his friend. Betty tries to start a conversation. He says he’s a driver, so she mentions the transportation market’s up 33% something something something. And is he single, married? He says he’s getting married next week. And then he gets up to get another drink.

Betty tries to sneak out, but Aura Maria catches her. She’s sorry–she didn’t know Jaime was going to be an ass.

Betty says this is why she doesn’t go out at night. So she doesn’t scare anybody. Aura Maria tells her not to talk like that. There are beautiful things about her.

Betty says she’ll see her tomorrow at work. And Aura Maria goes running back to her date.

At home, Betty tells her mom she met this great guy and he asked for her number…no, not really. She did talk to her boss about hiring her dad and it looks like that’s a go.

Julia goes to light another candle to San Judas Tadeo and Betty pulls out the Armando box for comfort.

Jenny’s applying for the fit model job. Won’t that be fun.

Demetrio’s suspicious about a multi-million dollar company being run out of a bedroom in a house in Jackson Heights. Betty says they’re just keeping a low profile, like Don Armando wanted.

Is she sure this isn’t another thing about her “friend” from work, the one who was offered a bribe…?

Sofia comes looking for Inesita and finds Jenny instead. People gather around to watch the drama as Jenny insists she’s going to be a model and Sofia’s like “not at MY workplace, you’re not!”

Fabio’s trying to get some quid pro quo from one of the prospective models. Inesita catches them kissing. And asks Fabio what this means.

Hugo’s done with the new collection, his bachelor party is tonight, and he plans to saunter in with Armando on his arm, dressed as a drag queen. He’s made the dress to his measurements and he’ll have the perfect little waist. And it’ll bring out the feminine in him. This is gonna be an unforgettable night…Armanda.

What did people say?
  • Antes viuda que cornuda – I’ll be a widow before I’ll be cheated on; what Yolanda says to Smith
  • Sotisficada – how Jenny describes herself
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