Betty en NY Tuesday 3/5/19 #20

Armando seriously thinks he can get out of holding up his end of the bargain, but now Hugo threatens to burn his line sheets if Armando doesn’t do it.

Marcela and Ricky come in while they’re arguing and Armando distracts them by showing them the new collection. Which everybody agrees is fabulous.

Hugo interrupts the Sofia-Jenny fight and I think Sofia might have gotten him to ditch Jenny if she’d just told him the story, but then she DEMANDED he not hire her. And nobody tells Hugo what to do. He tells Jenny to show him her stuff and she does some hodgepodge of walking and poses and he’s like “Great! You’re hired!”

Demetrio’s not letting up with the ethics lesson. Rich people do all kinds of stuff to hide their money. Is she sure BAR isn’t a shell company? What’s the relationship between BAR and V&M?

Betty insists V&M invested in BAR and Armando just wants to keep it quiet, that’s all.

Fabio tries to pretend the model he was just snogging was just an old friend he hasn’t seen in a while.

Right, ’cause models are so affectionate among themselves. But Inés doesn’t think Hugo would like that. And she loves Hugo like a son.

Fabio says he obviously loves  Hugo in his own way. He hopes Inesita will understand and stay out of it.

Nico’s freaking out that Betty brought her dad into BAR. Sooner or later he’s going to figure out what’s going on! Betty’s trusting Nico to hide it, like he hides not being able to hear well. Nico says he’ll try.

Berta comes to Smith’s office and assumes he’s got a gnarly hangover, but no, the glasses are hiding a black eye. He says he hit it on a door (the traditional excuse for “my SO hit me, but I’m not comfortable talking about it”) and starts trying to figure out who could have called his wife yesterday. Berta says they’re the only two who have access to that number. She’ll have security pull videos and find out if anyone snuck into his office….

He doesn’t want anyone finding out. He’ll do it himself and rip the offender’s head off and eat it.

(OK…well…his wife should not be abusing him and also he shouldn’t be sexually harassing women at work.)

Sofia’s sobbing in the bathroom with the rest of the Pelotón when Betty walks in. They explain that Hugo hired Jenny just to piss off Sofia. Can’t Betty talk to Armando and get him to not let Hugo hire her because of the new cost-cutting plan?

Betty says she’s sorry, but she can’t, not so soon after she talked to him about Aura Maria.

Smith calls Aura Maria into his office to explain to her what happened. She invited him to a bar so he could help her with her work situation. And thanks to him, she’s keeping her job.

Um, no, Don Armando made that decision before he asked her out.

The worthless sleaze laughs and says “Oh, little girl,” en inglés, my head bursts into flames, and he says her employee record shows several relationships with workmates…and it’ll be her word against his.

Aura Maria says that’s not true!

Smith hands her the ONE she has now because of the Ricky incident.

Sofia ends up in Marcela’s office explaining who Jenny is and that all she wants is not to work in the same place as Jenny. She’s sure Marcela understands–she wouldn’t like it of Armando’s lover worked here. Can’t Armando forbid Hugo from hiring her?

Um, no, because that would just make him more stubborn about it. And he doesn’t hate Sofia, he’s just…temperamental. She’ll talk to Hugo and she wants Sofia to take the day off. After she dries her eyes so Jenny won’t know she’s been crying.

Jenny’s talking to Pati…who doesn’t like being called Pati. They’re forging their unholy alliance against those evil feas. Because Pati learned TONS about empowerment in her three semesters at TUI.

Marcela talks to Hugo about having hired “the other woman” just to get back at Sofia.

Well, duh! She tried to give him an order! And sure Jenny’s…common…and even a little gross…but she’s divine in her own way. Is he really going to have to get their PERMISSION to hire his model?

Marcela drops it. Hugo’s like “You love me!”

Ricky’s giggling over the sparkly dress and trying to come up with Armando’s drag name.

Marcela interrupts. María Lucía’s in town and the siblings are getting together for dinner. She wants Armando to come along and try to make up with Daniel. Tonight.

Armando says he’s already got a thing tonight with Ricardo. It’s important.

Ricky decides it’s not that important, leaving Armando to scramble about how unpunctual Ricky is so he’s gotta go to the thing first and then he can join Marcela and her siblings for dinner.

Uh huh. He can do whatever he wants. But he’d better not be late.

Armando says Ricky’s going to drive him to the party and then drive him back to the office so he can change, and then drive him to the apartment.

Ricky can’t believe he’s getting a front-row seat.

Pati comes running to tell Marce about the Sofia-Jenny drama, but Marce already knows. She thinks it must be difficult to work with the woman who stole your husband. And especially when they’d been together so long and had kids. Marce doesn’t think they should work in the same place.

Pati’s all offended now because Marce and Armando didn’t care when Aura Maria came between her and Ricky!

Sofia goes to Efrain’s office to scream at him about Jenny. Efrain swears he didn’t know. Jenny’s a model. She’s just trying to earn some money. He swears he didn’t want to hurt Sofia, but she just has to accept that he doesn’t love her anymore and now he loves Jenny.

Jenny blah blah blahs to Hugo about how she always knew this is where she’d end up. She seems to think this job involves being on the runway, but Hugo says she’s just a fit model. She’ll be like a hanger. She can talk and move, but she’s a clothes hanger. She lacks the glamour to wear his clothes on a runway. And also she needs to get rid of that furry vest because she looks like an ostrich.

Sofia cries on Charlie’s shoulder. She thought Efrain had paid for the kids’ soccer fees, but now she sees he only has eyes for Jenny. Although now she can’t figure out who did pay them…it was Charlie, wasn’t it? Why?

Because…he’s their godfather and he wanted to give them a Christmas present.

“You already gave them toys!”

Well, maybe the reyes magos were late this year. He gets right up in Sofia’s face and says “I did it because I felt like it.” That was kinda hot.

V&M doesn’t have enough money for fabric for the new collection. And Ricky and Armando aren’t going to make the same mistake they did last time. Betty says she could squeak another 5% out of the budget, but that still wouldn’t be enough.

Armando suggests BAR could help.

Um, no, not with the initial investment nor with the earnings from the stock market.

What he means is, BAR has a good relationship with the bank. And THEY could borrow the money and give it to V&M.

But…if anything went wrong, Betty is the one who’d be on the hook for it because she’s BAR’s legal representative.

If anything happens, Armando swears he’ll be there to support her.

But…Betty’s just not ready to make this kind of commitment! She needs space! She runs into the cloffice and reviews her hugs with Armando and him promoting her during the board meeting….

She marches back out and says she’ll do it. Because she trusts Armando and she’s not going to let him down.

It’s quittin’ time at V&M. Armando calls the elevator for Marce and says he and Ricky need to review the budget and then go to that thing, and then he’ll meet her at the restaurant.

And now that the office is mostly empty it’s time for Armando’s big transformation. Armando’s having second thoughts. He complains that the dress is kind of…Tinkerbell.

Excuse you! That’s haute couture! Hugo tells “Daddy,” the makeup artist, to give Armando a dramatic look. (But really, how could he not?)

Now Armando’s freaked out about wearing makeup.

Hugo’s like “Do you think drag queens just wake up like that?!”

Armando whines that he’s never worn makeup and he’s not starting now!

Hold up there–Hugo’s not gonna let him disrespect drag. Either he does it right, or the deal is over. They have one more stupid argument about not wanting to do it at the office, but not wanting Daddy to come over to his house. Hugo leaves them to get to work.

Demetrio doesn’t like not knowing what some really big withdrawals from BAR are about. Actually, it feels like he does know, but he really doesn’t want to believe it, so he’s trying to get Nico and Betty to give him a reasonable explanation.

Armando gets made up and gets some fake nails and silver glitter shoes and a corset and some padding and a wig.

Betty tells her dad the money’s in an investment fund…that V&M is managing…because that’s how Don Armando wants it.

Jenny gets home talking a mile a minute at Efrain who seems like he’s just exhausted with the whole thing. If she’s so worried that Sofia’s gonna kill her one of these days maybe she shouldn’t work there! But no, Jenny won’t give up being a super top model or whatever.

Nico know Betty’s dad was going to get suspicious. If he finds out for sure what they’re doing, they’re going straight to hell.

Betty insists he won’t find out. And Nico doesn’t even know the worst of it yet…V&M doesn’t have the money to get supplies for the new collection and Armando asked her to take out a loan as BAR. Armando promised he’d be there for them if anything happened….

Nico can’t believe Betty’s acting like a woman in love instead of a stone cold finance nerd. Or something like that.

Armando’s ready to ditch Hugo’s party, but oh no…if he’s doing this, he’s doing it right! Hugo wants a song. Or there’s no deal.

Hugo takes the mic…the GOLD GLITTER MIC…to thank the assembled ladies, gentlemen, and top drag queens of New York for being here. And tonight they’ll witness the debut of Cookie Glam, who’s been Hugo’s friend forever and one of his wedding madrinas.

The Valencia family dinner + Pati is going about as well/badly as could be expected. Daniel’s a jerk about not wanting to make peace with Armando. He picks on Pati for not letting Maria Lucía’s dessert go to waste.

Maria Lucía suggests they just go on to Armando’s apartment, where they can be comfortable. Marce agrees. As Daniel calls for the check, Pati says she’s going to the bathroom. What? She’s not trying to get out of paying the check! She’ll be right back.

Daniel tells her not to worry about it, he wouldn’t want her electricity to get cut off again. Marce tells Pati to go and she and Maria Lucía are like “Damn, Danny! Why do you have to be such a jerk!”

I don’t recognize Cookie Glam’s song, but Hugo’s happy with the performance and that’s all that matters.

Ricardo gets hit on by a couple of hot lesbians looking for a threesome and forgets all about Armando. Tsk, tsk, Ricky–Queens before…sex scenes? I’ll work on that.

Cookie Glam finishes her song in a rain of glitter.

Hugo tells Armando it means so much to him that even though he’s a big macho, he kept his word. And Hugo will keep his word and they’ll do fabulous things at V&M.

At Armando’s apartment, Daniel tells Pati it would be easy enough for her to live a life of luxury. He could introduce her to some of his friends who are older and have lots of money and who would love to be her sugar daddy. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that? If it’s a mutually agreed upon relationship? Daniel just manages to make everything sound dirty.) Pati says she’s going to pretend she didn’t hear that.

In the kitchen, Maria Lucía’s asking about the wedding date, so she can check her calendar.

Danny the jerk asks what for–all she does is yoga and Reiki.

Hey, it’s not as easy as it sounds! She bets Daniel couldn’t quiet his mind for even a minute.

Nope, probably not. But he bets it’s easy for Pati.

Marcela changes the subject, saying maybe tonight they can convince Armando to set the date.

Daniel asks Marcela if she even knows where Armando is.

He’s outside the venue, trying to get Ricardo to answer his phone. Marce calls and he says he’s on his way to the restaurant, but she explains they’ve moved on to his apartment.

Behind him, a cop has a drag queen by the arm for whatever reason, and she hits him with a glass bottle. And for some reason, that motivates another drag queen nearby AND Armando to start running.

Marcela tells Daniel his phone must have run out of battery. “Uh huh, who knows who he’s with.”

Marcela tells Daniel to quit “metiendo cizaña” (trying to stir up trouble). Armando will come through that door any minute now.

Maria Lucía thinks there’s a bad vibe in the apartment. Everyone’s chakras are blocked. Good thing she brought some crystals.

Armando makes it to the front door of the V&M building, but Wilson panics and tells 911 there’s a “crazy lady” trying to break down the office building’s door. He asks them to send a patrol.

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