Betty en NY Wednesday 3/6/19 #21

Wilson’s panicking that he has no way to defend himself if this woman gets inside.

Armando calls Ricky, but he’s busy being tied up and gagged. The taller woman grabs his phone and tells Armando Ricky’s not available right now because he was trying to pasarse de listo with her. And then she and her girlfriend/partner/accomplice take Ricky’s wallet. And his watch.

Armando’s watching from the safety of a pile of garbage bags as Wilson takes two cops inside to show them the security video of the huge, super-ugly woman trying to beat the door down.

And of course, he calls Betty. And tells her to come to the office right away. Is she sleeping?

Yep, she’s dreaming she’s talking to him.

Armando orders her to wake up and get to the office right away.

Wilson and the cops check the video and Wilson can’t believe it was a “travesti” (Drag queen, damnit, drag queen!). He’s known uglier women and they’re married (*glare*).

One cop says she’s part of a group of revoltosas they tangled with earlier, who started a fight in a night club. Wilson should call them if she comes back. She could be dangerous.

Betty’s cab pulls up in front of the building and Armando jumps in and says she’s gotta help him! This is the weirdest night of his life!

Betty can imagine…actually no, she can’t imagine. She keeps giggling.

Anyway, he can’t go home because Marcela’s there with Daniel. So could she maybe take him home and lend him some of her dad’s clothes?

But they don’t even have the same style. Or size!

Armando says all he needs right now is something man-style. He tells the taxi driver to take them to Jackson Heights while Betty giggles some more.

Daniel’s ready to call it a night. Pati’s sloshed, so Marce takes away her car keys. Daniel says he’ll pay for her valet parking–since he’s been cursed with money.

Betty sneaks Armando into the house…and Julia’s still awake. And wondering who this woman…er, Don Armando?

Betty says he was just at a costume party and she was going to lend him some of her dad’s clothes.

Uh huh. Well, Julia doesn’t know if anything will fit, but they might as well try.

In the parking garage, Pati can’t find her keys. Daniel takes advantage of her being drunk and liking men–because in the absence of one of those two conditions, she wouldn’t be shagging him in the back seat of his car.

Marce insists on washing dishes while she keeps talking to Maria Lucía. Maria Lucía says they’ve always been different, ever since they were kids. Marce wanted to be a housewife and Maria Lucía wanted to be a flight attendant so she could travel the world.

Marce kind of wishes she could be a little more like Maria Lucía….

Well, they’ve got the money. She can do it. Is she sure she wants to marry Armando? She’s got this whole metaphor about two tree trunks floating down a river together and “You can’t hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to.”

Marce’s been sure about marrying Armando since they were teenagers. They’re going to get married and float down the river together.

Julia sneaks some clothes out of the closet, but Demetrio wakes up. And then there’s a noise coming from Betty’s room so he’s sure there’s a burglar. He grabs his trusty baseball bat and ignores Julia as she tells him not to overreact.

In Betty’s bedroom, she and Armando are picking up a broken lamp. She tells Armando to turn around, but Demetrio doesn’t care who’s in Betty’s room, he wants her out!

Julia whispers to him that it’s Don Armando, Betty’s boss.

Oh. In that case, would he like some coffee?

Armando turns him down and does the obligatory “I’m not really like this.” Betty adds that he was just at a costume party. And Julia says he got mugged near here so he came over to get some clothes.

It’s all cool with Demetrio now. He kisses Armando on the hand, jajaja, and Julia tosses Betty the clothes.

Daniel’s driving Pati home and telling her not to fall asleep. She wants to keep partying. She calls him “mi amor”  and Daniel’s all “When did you become all cheesy like that?” All she’s supposed to do is keep him informed about what Armando’s up to.

And what about Pati?! What about her needs?!

OK…what does she need.

A man. A real man. Daniel could be that man, but he doesn’t want to. And she doesn’t get why not ’cause she’s super pretty. And she did those three semesters of finance at TUI. She’d make a great wife. And they’d have cute kids.

Uh huh, but now she’s home and she needs to get out of his car because she’s drunk and bitter.

Pati agrees. She hates everyone. Him especially.

Armando’s gone through nearly an entire packet of makeup wipes. The only shoes Betty could find to fit him were flip-flops. But he does look kind of cute in Demetrio’s shirt and argyle vest and khakis.

When he gets home, Marcela notices his eyes are two different colors. And what’s with his clothes? And he smells like alcohol!

Armando tries to tell her about his weird night, but she refuses to talk to him until he quits treating her like she’s stupid.

Julia comes back to Betty’s room once Demetrio goes back to sleep. She wants to know what was up with Armando. Why was he dressed like a woman? Is he…medio rarito?

Betty says he made a deal with their designer.

But what strikes Julia as really weird is–why did he call Betty? Doesn’t he have other employees? Is there something going on?

Betty says he just called her because she was close by. Their relationship is strictly employer-employee. But he trusts her and she trusts him and they respect each other and now she’s really gotta go back to sleep. Julia’s face: “Oh yeah, I’m totally getting a yerno.”

Armando complains to Hugo about nearly getting arrested last night and how his little “joke” made Armando miss a dinner with Marcela and her siblings.

Eh, Hugo will explain to Marcela. He hands over a portfolio with all the line sheets. He’ll figure out what to say to Marcela and Armando will never lie to him again. But hey, he was the best last night. All Hugo’s friends wanted his number.

Armando laughs and then stops.

Hugo says he gave it to them. Now it’s Hugo’s turn to laugh.

Efrain drops Jenny off at work. Sofia and Berta are on their way in at the same time. Do I even need to tell you what happened? Berta manages to keep Sofia from killing Jenny…for now.

Hugo said he wouldn’t tell Marcela the truth, but does it count if he shows her the video?

Marce gets a kick out of it. Now she gets why Armando didn’t want to tell her where he was.

Hugo says this was his revenge for Armando selling his collection in a cheap store. She should tell him she knows, but she shouldn’t make fun of him.

Marcela has another laugh attack.

Hugo says Armando’s a gentleman and he keeps his word…but he still tells Marce to take care of his collection.

Betty comes in and Armando asks how her dad’s doing.

Oh, he’s fine. He thought Armando was nice.

Is that it?

Well…her mom said he had a nice butt.

Armando’s done with the jokes. They need to go to the bank to talk about the loan. Ricardo should be going with them, but Armando can’t get him to answer his phone.

Ricky somehow freed himself and got back to his apartment, dressed only in his boxers and a short robe.

Wilson, Giovas, Aura Maria, Sandra, and Mariana are checking out the surveillance video of last night’s mystery woman. Jenny comes in. The guys drool. The women split.

So, BAR got the loan and the money will be in the account in a couple of hours. Kauffman sounds like a fond uncle, talking about how he’d do anything for Betty and she did great work with them and he regrets letting her go. She’s got her own company and she’s financing V&M. She should be proud of herself.

And Armando sounds like a suitor, saying he’s glad Kauffman didn’t hire her. He can’t imagine his life without Betty.

Jenny walks past Sofia in the assistants area and Sofia tells Berta there was a look. I didn’t see a look, but Sofia says there was one.

Berta really wishes Sofia would be grateful to Jenny for taking Efrain off her hands. He’s not a good man!

Sofia says good men don’t exist, but Efrain was HER man and she doesn’t deserve to have to put up with Jenny! Her only consolation is that Jenny’s just working freelance.

Uh…no…she’s on the payroll.

Sofia can’t take this! How much is she making?

Berta doesn’t tell her, she just strokes Sofia’s hair to try to calm her down.

Armando takes Betty out for meatballs at the Italian place. They talk about how great the next collection’s going to be. The owner comes over to take a more recent picture of Armando and he insists on Betty being in the picture. He takes one more for them to keep and Armando says Betty should have it, to remember the moment when V&M got ahead, thanks to her. The two of them giggle over the photo.

At lunch, Sofia’s having a bread roll. Everybody else starts handing over their food, ’cause they’re friends and that’s what friends do. Sandra says something about not feeding Berta and Berta says she’s a woman of faith and she believes food shouldn’t go to waste. So she never wastes.

Sofia’s all weepy. Mariana says the angels will take care of her. Aura Maria says at the very least, they’ll find some guy named Ángel to take care of them.

Pati’s barely showing up to work after lunch. And she’s still hung over. And she thinks Marce should be grateful she showed up at all.

The Pelotón pass by on their way back to work and stop to marvel at Pati’s breath. Pati makes some stupid excuse about how being beautiful is part of her job as the face of the company, so she wasn’t coming in late, she was doing her job.

Hugo gets a call. Some surprise he has for Fabio just arrived. He makes Fabio close his eyes and tells Inesita to come with them.

Marce has the video playing on her work computer. And she’s showing it to Patricia. Patricia’s convinced that is NOT Armando and Armando must have been doing something really hideous that Hugo’s helping him cover up.

Nope, Marce trusts Hugo. And she’s going to stop not trusting Armando. She has a plan. She’s going to make Armando fall more and more in love with her.

Ricky gets in to work and tells Sandra to get him a new cell phone, cancel all his credit cards, and get him the latest transactions.

Armando comes into his office and Ricky says he knows it was wrong of him to ditch Armando, but it really wasn’t his fault! There were two attractive women who wanted him for a ménage à trois and how could he turn them down?!

But he’s already gotten his punishment. They tied him up, took his stuff, and he didn’t get out until someone came to clean the room.

And Armando had better not laugh at him because Cookie Glam has gone viral.

Armando tells Ricky about getting chased all over New York in that dress and hair and those heels and nobody would open the door to the building and the only one he could ask for help was Betty!

Ricky’s been giggling, but he gets serious now. Did Armando take her to his apartment?

No, because Marcela and her siblings were there! Betty took him to her house and her dad had to lend him clothes.

Ricky thinks that sounds great–he’s met his in-laws!

Yep. Met them. Dressed like a woman.

Ricky’s said it before and he’ll say it again–Betty’s not just the ideal assistant, she’s the perfect woman for him.

Hugo’s surprise for Fabio is a Hummer. Inesita says it’s very…pretty…and expensive. Hugo asks Inesita to take a photo.

Ricky and Armando get around to talking fabric. There was this fabric show in LA a few years ago and Roberto thought the fabric was too expensive, but Ricky thinks going this year would be an opportunity for them to get what they need at a lower price.

Well, Armando can’t go. It would just be Ricky. He’d have to do everything perfectly and not waste any of BAR’s money because they can’t bankrupt the company that’s going to save them.

“You’re talking like you don’t even know me!” OK, he’ll take care of Betty’s money with his life, if he has to.

Jenny stops by Smith’s office to talk about her salary.

Betty’s looking at the Polaroid of her and Armando. She’s about to leave when she hears Marcela coming into Armando’s office.

She’s wearing a wig and glasses and wants to play “Armando and Betty.” She’ll be the best assistant ever. She’ll create a report for the board of directors….

And Betty realizes she’s not getting out of her cloffice.

What did people say?
  • Pasarse de listo – take advantage; what the taller thief said Ricky tried to do
  • Revoltosas – troublemakers; how the cops referred to the women they were chasing earlier
  • Medio rarito – kind of gay; what Julia wonders if Daniel is
  • Yes, OG Armando did dress up as a drag queen, but his drag queen name was Princess Lili. And I don’t remember him singing.
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