La Mujer del Vendaval #127

Marcela talks to her dead father. Al spies on her.
She grabs some dirt from the grave in her fist, and just then a rider comes to tell her Eulogio is up at the house and needs to talk to her.
Al thinks she was trying to dig up the necklace to pay him with. He’ll have to get that kid to watch the place again.

Roman has a visitor. Its Linda’s dad here to try to kick him to death. Luckily the guards stop him after he gets a couple kicks in.
Roman tells Mateo about Linda’s dad. At least his crazy behavior will help Roman and Linda’s case.

Amadeo has his hands full at the bakery, but his mom and Linda arrive to rescue him. Amadeo says of course Linda’s welcome to stay. The gaggle of gals in the bakery are jealous of Linda.
Linda and Ilse can stay with Amadeo and help out in the bakery. Linda is happy to help, but Ilse would rather pay part of the household expenses than work in the bakery, she doesn’t want to get in Amadeo’s way.  (maybe she just thinks it would be really awkward for Amadeo to make time with all those girls with his mom around? ) Amadeo doesn’t think she could get in his way, but he’ll accept money from her if that’s how she wants it.

Alba is cleaning in Mateo’s room and knocks over and breaks the crock Severo hid his bullets in.( and just in time too.) She asks her mom what they go to, cause as far as she knows Mateo doesn’t have a gun, and they don’t go to Marcela’s shotgun, and Sagrario has the other pistol put away and the bullets with it.  Sagrario doesn’t know what they go to, but she’ll hang on to them till they figure it out. She slips them into her pocket as Rosa comes to tell them Eulogio is there and asking for them.

Eulogio makes several attempts to tell the Morales family why he’s there, but keeps getting amusingly interrupted
Eventually he tells them that a mysterious voice from beyond told Don T to check Mateo’s room for evidence that he killed Mike. ML is intrigued. Sagrario puts her hand protectively over the bullets in her pocket.
Of course Eulogio doesn’t believe Mateo did it, but if he doesn’t obey Don T he’ll be killed so may he please search Mateo’s room? Marcela says no. Come back when yo get a warrant. Al thinks they have nothing to hide, but Marcela has spoken and her decision is final

Rosa tells Severo what’s going on in the main house.

Luc tells Cami he can stay and try to win Nisa back. He doesn’t particularly like Cami but he does like the positive changes in Nisa’s behavior since she’s dated Cami. He’s got a week to patch things up

Gordo and Nisa lunch RPC
Gordo gets pretty firmly friendzoned.

Cami is wondering how he will get Nisa back, when Cuchi buttonholes him for a meeting. They make an agreement, eventually, that tey will compete straight out and whoever can win Nisa back, gets to keep her.

Ilse tells Val about her recent adventures and btw does Emil need a receptionist? Ilse needs a job. Nope sorry, Val’s already got it covered now that she’s staying so she can seduce Al. Hearing the ongoing saga of Marcela and Al from Val makes Ilse want to get her life straightened out and repair the damage she’s done, so she says goodbye to Val.

Al tells Marcela she should have let Eulogio look, she can’t always be looking at the world like everybody’s out to get her. Marcela says not everybody, just people who’ve proved she can’t trust them, looking at him significantly. He doesn’t get why him tryin to help out has disappointed her so much, she doesn’t understand his intentions. Marcela says it doesn’t really matter, cause she’s gonna pay him back with interest, she doesn’t really believe in his good intentions, but says ok then, we’ll make the ranch successful and you’ll recoup your investment and happy days will be here again.
Als says that sounds great, but in order to make it happen, they’ll have to consider moving into new markets.

Alba interrupts before he can say what new markets.

She takes Marcela to Sagrario and together they explain about finding the bullets. Marcela is sure someone planted them to incriminate Mateo, but who? Alba thinks its the guards, Marcela suspects Eulogio, but they’d better hide the bullets well and check Mateo’s room and the whole house to makes sure whoevver it was didn’t plant anything else.

Al asks ML what she’ll do with her life now, go back to school? Naw, ML thinks she’s too dumb to study anything, but with a hot teacher like him she might be able to pay attention. Ok, then, he’ll be her teacher. She hugs him just in time for Marcela to walk by and see them.
Then Marcela gets a call from Val; she’s found a house to move into and wants Marcela to come look at it with her. Marcela agrees, but Al is suspicious its all a plot so Marcela can meet up with Emiliano. Marcela tells him to ask Val himself if he doesn’t believe her (even a broken clock is right twice a day)
Marcela’s lawyer calls her back, she sets a meeting with him for tomorrow.

Maria Laura tells her dad how weird it was that someone called Don T’s private cell phone to make an anonymous tip, since the only people who have that number are his buddies. Who could it have been? Must be someone who hates Mateo a lot. Her phone rings, its Octavia asking if ML put the thing in the place. ML says not, she must not realize that Marcela already saw the other copy she found. There’s some discussion and threats, anyway she’ll try to do the thing, kbyee. ML has another, not Octavia related, thing in mind now that could make her big bucks so she’s less eager to comply with Oct’s plans that she doesn’t even understand anyway.

Eulogio brings July a present to thank her for the wonderful time he had on their date. She opens the sparkly red box and pulls out a slinky dress. She loves it and hugs Eulogio and just then Timo returns and demands to know what they’ve been up to. Of course they tell Timo the dress is a present from the novio
Don T says the dress is scandalous and July is a sinner and furthermore all of this is Eulogio’s fault because he hasn’t found the novio yet.

Eulogio tells Don T that they wouldn’t let him search out at El V without a warrant. Don T says they’ll go back and search tomorrow and he’s sure they’ll find something incriminating.
Also big news! ~ trumpet fanfare~ He proposed to Oct and she accepted. Eulogio wonders how July will take it, after all all July’s ever wanted is to be Don T’s wife. Don T doesn’t care, July isn’t special enough to be his wife.
Eulogio has finally had enough, he tells Don T that its unfair not to set July free if he’s not gonna marry her! Don T says that’s why he’s the boss, so he can date all the wimmens. July will never marry that other guy, she’ll come running back to Timo.

Eulogio comes out of Don T’s office. July is sure Don T kept him so long in there cause he was jealous about the hug, right? Eulogio tells her that Don T is the wrong man for her, the plan isn’t working because Timo will never value her the way he should and that she deserves is a man who really loves her. A real life Florentino Grajales.
Where can I get one of those, she asks sadly. Eulogio sadly says he doesn’t know, but this isn’t the place, she deserves a man who will give her the only place in his heart, not second place. July asks why is he telling her all this and Eulogio is very emotional saying its all for her best good.

Marcela, Sagrario, and Alba search Mateo’s room and find nothing. Marcela will hide the bullets, and Sagrario will be in charge of searching the rest of the house, and they’ll all keep an eye on the guards from now on.

Record label guy tells Lencho that they’ll record a demo and then compare it with other up and coming artists to decide who gets a record. All Lencho has to do is pick a song for the demo. Lencho is enthused about the idea and starts thinking about all his songs.

Oct tells Mauro all her recent problems. He’s not very sympathetic and if she’s done complaining, he’s got other things to do. Oct asks why he doesn’t love her like he used to do, and he says he figured out that he didn’t mean anything to her and gave up. She doesn’t need him anyway.
But as soon as he leaves she checks to find out where Inez is, and hearing that’s she left for the day, but alone, Oct heads to the Toscana exit in time to see Mauro and Ines meet and leave together after Mauro gives Ines a kiss she’s worried someone will see.

Oct is pretty upset about it all so when Lencho gets back to her hotel room singing one of his songs she tears into him. Lencho doesn’t understand why she cares, after all she’s the one who broke up with Mauro, but Oct explains that once someone has belonged to her they are never allowed to move on, never allowed to be free again. Lencho looks justifiably worried to learn this.

Al tells Marcela bout the new crops he wants to plant. She agrees that it sounds good on paper, but they’ll have to see how it works out in real life. She’s willing to put some of the land in new crops, but doesn’t want to risk the whole harvest on something untried. He’s in agreement, but wants to look for investors to help fund the project. She just wants to use the profit from the last harvest. She’s tired of being in debt, and doesn’t want any partners. Al’s thinking of making money off the hot springs, but she says no a thousand times not, she’s already told him. She’s like a little kid putting her hands over her ears going lalala I can’t hear you, and he loves it.

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