Tenías Que Ser Tú Tuesday 1/22/19 #7

What happened?

Santi lobbies for prayer. If Nicole prays to the Virgen, then maybe la Morenita can help them find Nicole’s father. Santi knows where a big Virgen is. He and his family have gone to pray to her. She’s always answered his prayers. They should go visit Her and pray. Surely Nicole can find her dad! Lucy must have picked up a vibe because she flings off one of her shoes and asks Santi to retrieve it. Then she flings off the other shoe. Triangle in the making? Please show….don’t make Lucy a tween villana.

Ezequiel tries to cheer up Lesly. Tino is not worth her tears. Her heart may hurt, but it has to get ready for the next battle: finding the right person. Brayan likes this sentiment. He’s going to use that line. He tells the family he’s got a love interest and this time it’s different.

Bruno calls Lesly, presumably about tutoring. She tells him they can talk on Monday. He suggests all kinds of things they could do, but she rejects all suggestions. Bruno will have to wait until Monday. Lesly looks a little swoony though.

Marisa calls Marcelo. She needs to speak to him. They meet at a restaurant and she goes through several iterations of what happened that summer. They all equal: I was in love, I found out you were engaged, I was devastated. She confesses that Miky is not her boyfriend. He isn’t Nicole’s dad either. Nicole’s dad left her. Marisa is right at the point of telling Marcelo she was pregnant when her phone rings and I take a moment to curse loudly at the TV. It’s Nena. Nicole is having nightmares. Can Marisa come home. Of course she can. We have to drag this reveal out a little more.

Jeny goes to see Miky. The jig is up. She knows Marcelo is Marisa’s boss…because Marisa called and said so. Miky tells Jeny about pretending to be Marisa’s boyfriend and Nicole’s boyfriend. Jeny wants to know if he likes Marisa even a little bit. He denies it. Jeny gets frustrated and leaves.

Brayan takes Jaqui for her despedida dinner. She’s sure she’s going to make it big on the reality. Brayan will take her to the casting on Monday.

Miky mopes about Jeny being mad at him. He tells Tino women don’t like being lied to. Tino disagrees. He never lied to Lesly and she still dumped him (women don’t like jealous controllers either, dude.) Marisa calls Miky to warn him that she accidentally told Jeny about Marcelo, but Marcelo knows the truth now. Miky is off the hook.

The next morning, Miky goes to see Jeny. Their conversation is interrupted by a call from Nicole. She needs a ride to the Basilica de Guadalupe and wants to know how much that would cost. Miky tells her that he can’t take them because he’s in the middle of something important. He hangs up. Jeny wants him to stop all contact with Marisa. That includes not driving Nicole anymore. Miky argues that Marisa has already paid for the month. Eventually he agrees to stop driving Nicole at the end of the month.
Brayan’s truck breaks down so Jaqui is late to the casting and just misses getting in

Marisa tells Lorenza she told the truth about Miky to Marcelo. Then she asks if Lorenza knows a lawyer.

Marisa is showing a house. Her phone rings and the client waits in the garden. It’s Miky. He’s got two things he needs to talk to her about. First, he says he can’t take Nicole and her friends to the Basilica either. Marisa doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The other thing he needs to tell her in person. They can talk when he drops off Nicole. The client comes back. He’ll take the house! Marisa made a sale! Yay!

Bruno and Lesly are super friendly and kinda flirty at school. Which is driving Pau crazy. She saunters over to ask Bruno if he told Lesly about their “kiss” at the movies the other night. Lesly gets angry and walks off. Bruno is thrilled! Pau just did him the biggest favor ever! Lesly is mad. That means she’s jealous! That didn’t quite work the way Pau planned.

Like I can’t even with the lawyer visit. The lawyer says her case is “delicado.” Everything depends on the father when he finds out. The lawyer needs to study the case more, but Marisa could lose her daughter. The lawyer advises her to tell Marcelo cuanto antes. The longer she waits, the worse it could be for Marisa.

Tino wants to see Lesly at the school. Ezequiel is having none of it. Lesly has goals. Leave his daughter alone. Tino doesn’t think going to the university is that important. Ezequiel wonders if Tino plans to get rich selling paletas (lollipops.)

Bruno tries to explain that Pau kissed him. Bruno doesn’t like Pau. He likes Lesly. Lesly is upset. She just broke up with Tino. Now she thinks he was right. Bruno isn’t interested in classes, just flirting with her. Bruno really wants the tutoring though. He promises no more declarations of love. Pau watches from the balcony and decides to cut Simona out of her social life. Pau needs a new, academic image and Simona is not part of that.

Tadeo sucks at driving so the taxi career is not going well. Nena calls him for a pick up…to the tracks.

Lorenza complains about Tadeo. She may have said she was going to give him a second chance if he got a job, but he’s a terrible driver (we know.) This job won’t last two days and he’ll end up losing money. Lorenza says she need to get in touch with Requeno Plano (?), who I assume is a lawyer. Tadeo always said if they ever separated, the kids were going with him. Marisa looks sick. Marcelo walks up and Marisa quickly makes an excuse to avoid him, dragging Lorenza with her.

At the tracks, Nena talks Tadeo into betting on Bendita Pata. She has some inside info so keep that hush-hush. Bendita Pata wins! Yay! Instead of getting his winnings and calling it a day, Tadeo wants to bet again. Groan. Nena may have created a monster.
After school, Nicole asks Miky again to take her to the Basilica. She wants to pray to the Virgen to find her dad. Miky will do it only if their parents give him permission.

Tino waits for Lesly. She asks Bruno to wait in the Mikymóbil. Tino wants to know if Bruno is the reason Lesly broke up with him.

Jaqui is back to work at Marisa’s. The reality will be sorry though. They just let the Diva of High Ratings get away! Nena isn’t so sure. Marisa tells her mom not to be so mean to Jaqui. Nena is just trying to give Jaqui a reality check (Ha!) Marisa needs to stop encouraging this reality business. They move on to Marcelo. Marisa has to tell Marcelo. Marisa knows that, but she’s afraid.

What did people say?
  • pagar el pato – is paying the price for something you didn’t do; Miky says that about Nicole when Jeny asks him to stop driving her to school.
  • ver moros con tranchetes – imagining things, it’s all in one’s head; What Miky says Jeny is doing with him and Marisa
  • arrastrada – vile, horrid; Said by Simona about Lesly
  • la grúa – tow truck; What Brayan wants Jaqui to wait for when his van breaks down
  • La Villa – What everyone calls the Basilica de Guadalupe
  • apellido y palancas – the right name and influence; Tino cynically says this is what you need to get ahead, not a degree.
  • echar los perros – to flirt; What Lesly says is the only Bruno is interested in doing with her. Miky used the same term in episode 5.
  • abollar – dent; what Jaqui says Brayan wants to do to her dreams.
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