Betty en NY Thursday 3/7/19 #22

Betty stands at her office door listening to Marcela telling Armando that he should have invited her along and he looked great in drag.

And Armando’s like “That’s why I love you! You’re with me in good times and bad.” Sad Betty face. I mentally kick Armando in the shin.

Marcela says they owe her sister a get-together. She’s got a present for them. And then it’s back to loud smooching and Betty goes back to her desk.

Jenny thanks Smith for I don’t even want to know what. He tells Berta to get her paperwork pushed through TODAY. Sofia tries to get a look, but Berta refuses to hand it over. It goes against her professional ethics!

Now, if she just happened to drop it and someone just happened to see it then that wouldn’t be her fault.

Jenny’s getting paid twice as much as Sofia. Sofia says that’ll help pay for her double funeral, ’cause first she’s gonna kill her and then she’s gonna strangle her.

Hugo’s going to put a down payment on the apartment later. He got a loan to do it, which Inés thinks is strange, because Hugo usually plans ahead for this sort of thing. And does he really have to put the apartment in both their names? Isn’t the car enough?

OK, he’s sure Inés has something to say about Fabio.

Inés tells Hugo that Fabio was seen kissing a female employee in the copy room. Not that she saw it. But she heard.

Berta’s trying to talk Sofia down. “Think of the kids!”

Jenny slimes over and asks what’s up with Sofia–menopause? Because she hopes that can be…well, not friends, but coworkers. Mr. Smith told her to report any attacks to him.

Sofia vows revenge and all Berta’s got is “Think of the kids!”

Inés refuses to tell Hugo who told her. She apologizes for bringing up something that hurt him, but she feels protective of him. He tells her to go on home or go break some hearts out there.

Fabio gets home and Hugo’s playing the piano and thinking about his designs. Fabi suggests dinner out and Hugo asks if he’s paying.

Sure…Fabi just wants a shower first.

Hugo gets up from the piano with his glass of champagne and tells Fabio he’s not going to turn him in circles. Who is it?!

Maria Lucía did astral charts for Marcela and Armando using her new app. It uses information from NASA to tell her the exact position of the constellations at the times of their births and calculate the percentage of compatibility.

Armando mocks it, but Marcela says Maria Lucía’s always right.

Except the app is telling her they’re only 0.17% compatible. They shouldn’t be together in any way–friends, romantic partners, married, neighbors.

Now Armando really has grounds for ignoring it. Marce goes to get more wine.

Hugo confronts Fabio about the woman he snogged in the office. EVERYBODY knows about it. Inés told him. Well, OK, she didn’t see it with her own eyes. And he’d better watch what he says about Inés!

OK, fine. So maybe Inés didn’t just make it up, but someone else did and told Inés so Inés would tell Hugo. Someone wants to separate them! They used Inesita!

Betty tells her diary she’s tired of things always ending up the same. Armando would never notice someone like her. He has a perfect life, a woman who loves him and who will do anything for him.

Betty opens her music box and remembers being rejected by her ballet teacher.

She tells Cuquito some people are made to shine and others are meant to watch from the balcony.

Fabi’s still insisting Inés was duped. By Betty. She said something mean a few days ago when he was comforting Carol. She insisted they had something going on.

Hugo says her soul is rotten–no wonder she’s ugly.

Well, Fabi didn’t come to him and tell him because Hugo’s been so stressed out. He tried to ignore Betty, but he can see she’s trying to destroy Hugo by separating them.

Ricardo found a broker who can get them the fabrics and deliver them. But he’s in Miami.

Armando decides they shouldn’t tell anyone he changed his flight to Miami and if they do go with this broker, they’ll keep it just between themselves. And Betty.

Berta’s showing off a coat her husband bought her in Chicago and Pati just HAS to come over and say it’s ugly and hey she’s just trying to educate them because they have no class and no style.

Sofia says at least they’re not wearing the same outfits all the time. Like that blazer last week. And that little black dress. And the low cut blouse that screams “I need a husband!”

Berta points out that she’s got someone to dress her…and undress her.

And what does Pati come back with? “You’re fat.”

They all recognize Pati’s just a hater.

Pati goes to complain to Marcela that the Pelotón are such mean meanies and they pick on her all the time and she never messes with them. And also they said she’s wearing the same outfits all the time and they’re right and she needs clothes, but she doesn’t have money.

Marcela suggests she buy the stuff from Hugo’s latest collection.

And set foot inside Mogollon’s Market?!

Mariana comes in with something Marcela asked for and gives Pati a look before she leaves. Pati dramatically re-enacts The Look, but Marcela didn’t see it.

She thinks Pati should go to Mogollon’s Market, get all the clothes she wants, and Marcela will pay for it.

But…couldn’t they do that at a nicer store on 5th Avenue?

“Are you listening to yourself? I don’t buy entire collections to refresh my wardrobe, and I certainly don’t buy them on 5th Avenue!” She’s trying to help, but Pati won’t let her, and she shouldn’t get “picky” because it is what it is.

Mariana finds Berta crying in the bathroom and eating a sandwich. She figured Berta took what Pati said pretty hard.

Berta says Pati’s right. No matter how many diets she does, she’ll never be able to lose even a gram. And if Pati wanted to steal her husband, she could do it. She’s tall and thin and she wears nice clothes.

Mariana tells Berta what she just heard in Marcela’s office. It seems like Pati took their remarks about wearing the same clothes to heart. Marcela told her to go to Mogollon’s Market and buy Hugo’s collection.

Berta says that pelos de elote‘s gonna pay!

Hugo comes to Betty’s office to tell her he’s on to her, spreading gossip about his fiancé. Well, he might have believed it 24 hours ago but now he knows what kind of disgusting rat she is. He’s going to make sure she stays locked up in a tiny dark office. She’s a terrible person!

He and Fabio are in love and they’re getting married and nobody is going to stop them. She messed with the two people he loves most–Fabio and Inés. And he’s not gonna let her do that!

Armando comes in and asks what’s going on. Hugo says his…disgusting thing, his assistant or whatever, thinks she’s going to get far…right, Beatriz?

Betty squeaks out that she saw something she shouldn’t have seen and it’s all her fault.

Armando tells Hugo to let them get back to work.

Hugo says he’s just getting started and calls Betty a reptile.

He leaves and Betty blinks away the tears. Armando goes right into “We found a broker in Miami and no one knows but us.” He’ll give her the details later.

Hugo goes back to the workroom demanding Inesita get him his Bach Flower essences. He’s just put that reptile in her place! He doesn’t think Inés should even say hello to her.

Uh huh, like she’s gonna let him tell her who to acknowledge or not, at her age.

Hugo says she’s a reptile! She’s feeding on their fear and hate and chaos!

Inés goes to Betty’s office and explains that she didn’t tell Hugo. It was Fabio. They know Hugo’s never going to change his mind. Inés says he has a big heart, but he’s been hurt.

Betty’s like “He said horrible things to me!”

Inés apologizes for dragging her into this.

Pati meets Daniel in his car and tells him to quit looking at her legs. They’re not gonna be doing THAT again unless she’s had three bottles of wine.

Anyway…Ricardo’s going to LA to meet a new fabric supplier.


And that’s it.

Daniel still tries to turn it into an opportunity for sex, but Pati whacks his hand and gets out of the car. Daniel tells her to find out the name of the supplier.

Betty sits at the lunch table, listening to Sandra explain what she means by “fight somebody with your own muscle mass.”

Betty remembers Marcela saying this is her office and Armando is hers…and Hugo talking about sticking her in a dark tiny office.

Giovas is flirting with Jenny and beating the vending machine to get it to give Jenny the drink she paid for.

Aura Maria complains about Giovas and Sofia laughs at her, saying they’re made for each other. Jenny and Giovas?

In Armando’s office, he and Ricky were looking at women in bikinis on Instagram. Betty comes in to this pile of arms and legs giggling on the couch and interrupts them to talk about the broker. She looked online and didn’t find a lot of information. They seem to be a new company.

Ricardo says that’s what the broker told him on the phone. He was working for a larger company and split off. They know the other people he works with. He has a diverse portfolio and a good reputation online.

OK, but numbers are important and she could find out anything about assets or tax returns or ownership of any property, which she thinks is odd.

Armando agrees that’s a good point and they can get better prices from a newer vendor, but it might be too risky for the company.

And that’s why Ricky’s going to go check them out and make sure they’re a solid company.

Betty is relieved.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón have a meeting. Sofia lays out her plan–she’ll get Efrain to catch Jenny with another guy and he’ll dump her!

Sandra’s not so sure–she thinks if she caught someone cheating on her, she’d kill them.

Sofia says there’s no way. He can’t even kill a mosquito. Charlie’s the one who has to handle infestations. So Sofia thinks Giovas is the perfect bait!!

Aura Maria does NOT want “her”  Giovas getting involved in this. Because he’s her friend. Not because she’s interested in him. Because she’s totally not.

Nobody’s buying that. They put it to a vote and “Sofia gets her revenge through Giovas” wins.

Marcela and Betty bump into each other in front of Armando’s office ’cause they’re both looking at their phones.

Marcela tells Betty to watch it and NFTG!Betty asks what’s wrong. Did she hurt Little Red Riding Hood? Maybe Marcela thinks she’s the only one who can mock people, but Betty can do it too.

“Oh, Armando! Where are you?! I’m so insecure! Where are you?! What time are you getting back?! Who are you with?!”

Pati runs right over to ask what’s going on.

Betty tells her to shut up and calls her a broom with silicone. Or what? Is she going to steal another report. “Just try it! FEAtricia!”

Damn. She was just imagining it. She apologizes for bumping into Marcela and then bumps into her again right away.

Sofia begs Giovas to just go with his instincts and respond to Jenny’s animal magnetism. She’s sure Jenny’s totally into him. Just take her out to dinner somewhere with a lot of room where Efrain will walk in and see them.

And if Efrain decides to kill him?

“Don’t be a coward! I’m serious. She’s ruining my life. I’m going crazy. Efrain’s a dirty old man and he’s having a midlife crisis…but you, look at you, you’re delectable.” So will he do it? They’ll all be happy. I think Giovas looks like he’s more interested in going out with Sofia.

Pati stops by Ricky’s office to chat about his trip to LA. She’s wondering who he’s gonna meet with because she knows a lot of people in LA….

Ricky says he’s got a long list of suppliers and she should focus on answering the phones.

Betty looks at the Polaroid of her and Armando. Armando comes in all giddy about Ricky’s secret trip to Miami and asks if she can stay late to go over the projections for next month.

Betty remembers Marcela and the loud smooching and says she can’t. She’s got a family obligation.

And Armando acts like a lot of people do when someone starts setting boundaries. Come on, we’ve all been there. He’s all surprised and defensive and “is everything ok?”

Betty says she’s just running late is all.

She makes it to the elevator, but Mariana catches up to her. She can tell Betty’s been crying and it’s not allergies. Betty sobs that she’s going to die alone.

Mariana asks if it’s someone in the company. Or Nicolas? Everyone goes through it. It’s nothing time and a good Puerto Rican dessert can’t fix. They’re going right now to this Puerto Rican place she knows where once she tastes a Puerto Rican tembleque she’ll realize it’s not as bad as it seems. (I just looked it up and that was a bad search to do hungry!)

Pati goes on her shopping spree. Berta spies on her and snaps pictures.

Cindy’s waiting for Ricky in his hotel room? They weren’t supposed to meet until tomorrow, but Cindy brought him “room service.”

Two days later…

The broker seems OK at first. He’s got an office, with people in it…and then he tells Ricky he has to have 100% payment sent directly to his bank account and they’ll ship all the fabrics to New York.

While he goes off to take a call from “Japan” Ricky calls Armando. Supposedly Cindy heard her dad talk about this guy, but now she’s all “I dunno” when Ricky asks if they’ve done business together.

Armando is really not feeling good about this 100%. He wants to go 50% up front and 50% on delivery. Ricky has some blah blah blah about this is how brokers work and Armando says he’ll get it done.

Which means calling Betty and telling her to make the transfer.

Betty doesn’t like this. Is he sure?

What did people say?
  • Picky (en inglés) – the captions said “difícil”; what Marcela tells Pati not to be
  • Pelos de elote – cornsilk hair; what Berta calls Pati
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